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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
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Re: poem [Re: spirit_shadow]
    #861327 - 11/14/23 01:46 PM (23 days, 22 hours ago)

Metal Crystal
My fist pull up a red dozen of bucks bent like a cent that went
Invent the spent like rent paid sprayed weapons
Techs in the misery to flip your keys
Death did bleed as we proceed
To rhyme on some Weed
We clocked it shocked it read the docket I sock in it to spin it
You can’t begin it I fin to hit spit the ridiculous
Trip that just head bust
Will in lust they flushed got the head rushes and flushes
I must bust as rusted metal kettle boil all toil in the waves that’s brave
I set it a slave like ice game come up slice claim
I roll the dice blame the why I came with flames
I written down names now I train Silat before you got shot
I will in to blow some more Pot
I love that number like eternal slumber chill and undertow bill
Like this chill like mics get ill I twice with the fill
Type to twitch in the steel people kneel when they see it
I be it with the Weed hits so I need not miss the trip for Record
I score it in a second I lecture folks who missed their Ganja
I’m the luckiest kid the bomb fair as bid
I mic up with the hype just as bust they type to trust Metal

Birds singing in the trees in the breeze
Lifted type ski this slope to cope broke method like broken record
I accept it as the hectic Tech twitch mic in seconds to stretch lectures
Reject course as force with the retort for sport I flip a morgue
I rip the cord out the socket to shock hits
Glock fits in the place like Ace of Bass lit the taste
Misplaced grace flip the microphone safe
Leaded to dead it the makeshift rain trips on plain thickheads
Will it fed and spread murder to the head the dome with bled I roam these streets
For beats I shock it fleets I mop up
Got the top shot as rocks cut to weight
Set it straight
Who could make this date get it great again
The plate did spin I type to win and invent the second lecture
Your sector was tore out the ass cause you ain’t passed Ganja Class
I soar for a task to hit more Acid I mastered
Water with a court order to sort through brew people drink
On the brink I licensed with the kitchen sink to think
Someone clink in the cell through a hell it rings a bell
Microphone gel in the type still blown the fell fallen
Off the wall and that’s progress with the steps to hell I’m ballin’
Relentless no second guess with the freshness on Water that caught you off guard
In the Yard smoking Meth hard

Hit a Sun Burst
5 Sun all up in the Gun
Water trips in stung that sickening
Lift the thing and sing the lingering fact is black
Steal the crack and wield the Gat
Fill in flat intact draw the map
Peel for the lack of Steel
All dreaming see in the ceiling fan the master plan
All beaming and at hand with the team got gleam
Flow roll steam cream for the ice I shot twice
I fold up and sold stuff like cold cuts
Shoulder what holder of the Gold there
So no one stare you best beware
The air is thick on a trip I seen it glitch
Microphone stitch
You wish you was this crisp as the mic since I list
Dice roll fist the might control the type to fold and sold then
Hold the ends to defend I liken this to the will I cold chill
To lecture the sector wreck shop with steel in the Glock
I sold Pot for the feeling you got I got a lot
I top it the topic to straw cut lock shit
You could even pop it with shrooms go boom
Lit until High Noon and not a moment too soon

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Artist, taoist, student

Registered: 11/08/23
Posts: 180
Loc: PNW
Re: poem [Re: spirit_shadow]
    #861330 - 11/14/23 11:41 PM (23 days, 12 hours ago)


GenesisCorrupted said:

I didn’t know this was already here. My bad.
These are the contents of the poetry thread I made.
This one was after I was killed with a car.
I called it


GenesisCorrupted said:
It’s slag it’s cracked
It’s lumps and bumps and metal chunks
Do you want to walk and talk?
Oh, that’ll just make you slip & trip.
You cannot look at the blue sky.
You have to watch as cars pass by.
If you don’t.
You could die.

The desert

The fools stand idly by.
Thinking nothing.
As people die.
Their money
Worn as cloaks around them
The planet earth can’t sustain us.
Money won’t matter.
When they come.
To smash in your doors and tear you to pieces.
You are now food.
Your hands filled with paper.
They will drag you outside.
They will take you all the way.
To the desert.
Your home.
The world you made for yourself.
Where you doomed us all to be.



GenesisCorrupted said:
I’m not you
I am me
You don’t like it
but cant you see?
An artist
Not a worker bee?


GenesisCorrupted said:
The thunder storm

It can be scary.
To hear someone having that much fun.
Especially when they’re so quiet most the time.
Their laughter can keep you up at night.
But Let them thrash.
Let them play.
The next day will be clean.
The air sweet and pure.
The plants battered.
Will grow more robust.
So let the night be rauceous sometimes.
It deserves to party too.


Buster_Brown said:
God is a Retard

God is retarded I know for a fact cuz the last will be first.

Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

Aya 16 (tripped into the sea)

GenesisCorrupted said:
Flowing, rippling, oceans, dinosaurs, ripping, eating, tearing.

Jellyfish in space
It has been digesting a planet for millennia.

The bone fish like a snake crawled across the ocean floor. Until it fell out into the sea that was space itself.

That poor creature fell into a black hole of its own, imagining that never existed again.

Solid black. Like a crystal. Intangible without form.

Where am I.

I try and get on my bed. Then I hit my head.


Everything swirling. Dancing whirling  in the sky

Diamonds rain down like fireworks.

I visited 1000 verandas.

I saw the moons Crestover a planet that will never exist

I am the leviathan.

My light is the sun in the abyss.
I exist. That is my artistic statement.

The light show that I produce doesn’t need to be viewed by anyone.

It also doesn’t make it any less incredible to see.

This is what I will be.
I will swim in the sea.
The leviathan will be me.


GenesisCorrupted said:
I’ve seen your land.
Your people are happy.
But blood is on your hand.
So tell me why someone as noble as you.
Makes blood sport look so grand?

The king did sigh,
His eyes closed as he began to stand.
Not a single person should have to die.
But before you cry. Let me tell you why.

If they did not die. A 1000 more in graves would lie.
It is a great burden I have upon my head.
But let them hate me. That is what I am for.
Now , please put this to bed.

The Strap in moonlight

GenesisCorrupted said:
You asked for a bed
You got a strap

You asked for more food.
You got a smack

Only babies cry
Grow up fast

If you need any help.
Well, that’s too bad

A circle of salt
Around a broken mirror

Your vision now could not be clearer

Snips and snails with puppy dog tails

Smoke can be bottled if you are quick

The last breath from a man thats sick

Buried under a Harvest Moon

The next morning wait for the loons croon

The nail from a coffin of an enemy

Anything to end this misery.

Once it is done.

The die has been cast.

Will  you finally rest at last?

She can’t, She is empty.

Hate took everything at mass.


Wanna play? I also offer free
Dream interpretation & Therapy
GenesisCorrupted for President

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: GenesisCorrupted]
    #861338 - 11/15/23 06:20 PM (22 days, 17 hours ago)

The method
Of the Sector
The Lecture
To Etch your Core Out
Run that mouth you could get clowned
Drowned in drugs by thugs
Will it tight hit on in flight shit that rubs
Back and stack react the contact
With 33rd and Jackson
I trap Suns in the humming
Gunning for something
Some swing and miss and get dissed
Later skater I hit the fader
We don’t play here
We killers for real
With real steel
I got the feel
Feel it a seal in the key ya’ll
All Ski Ball lit it follow law
To written ask the raw
What all ya’ll got and smoke Pot
That’s steel all the shots you could peel
I hit it to seen stall in the gleam
Lacks this seem intact trapped
React still on the map smoking Crack
Feed the max and the stacks high
I’m Soldier until I die

Mini Thins
All tracks run on the hinge
If you ain’t got it on I cringe
To seen the singe I like this to mix
Of fixes that bag of tricks consists of
You get the rub back and jack
Master the after effect by chance I dance
I roll on the mini thins advanced
In the past
Now I’m on Water class I sold you ash
Lit the class with mean to mass
My case is growing into trash
From an array the blast spray all with no delay
6 feet tall I stand as brand
My shirt is changing labeling all sand
Off limits and I got command
The shit hits the fan
I released the God Damn and lit it then quit it
Everyone wants a nice shirt
That’s comfy to work in all the shirt been
Up to the drugs movement plugs within trip
The soon to sweat
I rule in the check with Master of Tech 9
You could bet I blind behead the kind
I wish I had some Ganja to flow on there
It’s better than plain Water fare

I just want a drug to relax the mind
Open up unwind
I’ve been checking drugs synthetics
Party chemicals
Used to enhance the experience
Drugs can bring to tears
To quit the ill trip
I like a Trip to quick clean me
Make me gleam G
I like the team be on effort to check forward
Then back score a sack
It’s illegal
To open your consciousness I bleed to
All pay heed to this warning
My stock is soaring
I been on tour then
I was born to defend
The Crown I keep it down to downtown
Relax now
Lit that tracks that come back
So you react in fact like a master of
Matter of Fact the Wizard through a blizzard
What is it the digits?
I’m frigid cold right now
All allowable Soldier come down to drugs
Fold your thugs to the powerful drugs
I seen the Ice beam
I twisted rein it fist with the difference
Shit gets thick and hectic
I got plans to wreck trick

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861349 - 11/15/23 09:34 PM (22 days, 14 hours ago)

Gasoline dream of the fiends
They searching for lurking the cure for pure
Lit in lure the children with no skill then
To kill men and women it’s different
Several infants died in the crash
Yo let’s have a bash
Tip back your glass fill up to trillion dollar cut
Like Willy Wonka chocolate I stomp it’s improper
To give a kid fuel
I rule
On the party scene make my thoughts clean
I’m on Water I gleam hit the steam
Microphone reinvented sent it with speed
And bent it
If you party you hit the start of heat
On the street beat down the block
With money in the sock
All licensed to try some I high rung my mind spun
I got a gun and come from the street
Party defeat the hard to heat Soldier with defeat
I meet the party people with the free throw
All release glow and indeed I did flow
Head to toe I seen the Cream Blow
I lean out the window to send a mil a show
Elbow to tell the World I’m curled up
Into knots release shots
Fiend for plots you got to get the Gold
I’m righteous broke the mold
Like Isis they terrorize
And scheme on a pretty woman’s eyes
And creamy thighs

I caught a Hawk a lot
Smoking resin out of other people’s
All they squares get the fail I exit
To stress hits backward disturb
The track run in fact with a pistol
I got fistfuls of Buds
Ganja scrub me down Soul through the rounds
Of bold who wore Crowns?
Grow your own leave the dark markets alone
You could hit a phone call in a few puffs ya’ll
I seen people brawl and call it justice
All gangland bust this and trust in it
I know it sound different but relax chill
And bend the mind will in time you go blind
To the shots fired?
It’s required to smoke the Hawk shock
I loaded Glock after all this talk I still stalk
The enemy
I came down the chimney like Santa
I got a phantom follow me all swallow Platinum
Relax the Sun
Retract and hum the whack got spun
Just now
Like surgical it cut out the part where you don’t know art
I dart around the grounds front the Pounds I smoked and ate
I just came to set it straight as of late
I seen a fool masturbate on weight
Fit the plate rotate
Homies Bake
Smoke the Hawk and don’t hate
It’s my fate to smoke more and tour on
This record yo check it

I’m a Hawk with a Pigeon Wing
I wrote this thing
Cause I know the Ganja King
Master of my record to check it
WIth mushrooms I don’t head trip
Or dead slip up
I got it in the cut to hold you and help you burn through
Learn true
All praises due to Jah
Relaxation of the mind is all I saw
I gun bind I got it reclined and hit the sign with bong rips
I fold the tips up shut it
No cut with the subject
And don’t front it
I like to smoke a blunt and get it stitch
The weapon I steppin’ with makes me a Veteran I itch
Trigger finger linger but I’m kick back chill of a singer
Got your wing there
It’s hard to spare air
I tear off the boss with the cost low with go professional
Every session taught me a great lesson
I did it since I was a little kid
I bold through the didn’t it swing and make it ring?
Like bells I sell Ganja
Come up on one smoke some you broke the cut hanger hung
Your plastic fabric I take a jab at it and stab it
In the cut this is shut
I release the track
Want everyone in fact
To sample heavy medically cake for the fate of humanity

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861359 - 11/16/23 05:33 AM (22 days, 6 hours ago)

All tracks is chill
Relax Son
I’m going Platinum until I rub off
Least the hush talk
For smoke as walk I mock the drug War
Seen as score to drug more
Hit the plug soar
As lung tore
Smoking shit with one more hit
I tug of War
With the Drug Store
Flipped the fortress
To score lids of Ganja
I’m on and on shocking the stalk thing like King
I rub a ring of dope to smoke choke it to broke fit
The dopest smoke the coat just explode and bust
I turn to dust
All that trust cats
To service slug rats
That dove back
And love sacks of Ganja
I bomb and one fair I tear
Into thugs beware the money hugs
I done be loving my Sun then
I bust a bend and trust ends
To thug dens
I trouble to double the Bud lends me no trouble
On coin I employ the decoy on Reek annoy
The geeks and the players like it
To strike it rich
Everyone smokes bud and stitch
Like this crisp
I dusted the lips off trust kid that blips
On radar
Go to War and stay far back
You can find it all in a sack
But not murder track

High dose Psilocybin
Turning triple Platinum
Scoop up the troops relax and run
The sum
I got a gun from the ton I smoked and choked on Cannabis
I ran it since I did high dose shrooms at new moons
Sit in rooms
Meth talk
Still murder stalk in flock for chalk mark
I exit bark the Tech did arc
I go Platinum with fat pockets and I rap real strung out
On the shrooms run your mouth consumes
The drugs out
To smooth route with thug’s clout
I scream and shout
About the topic purple bud to stock twitch
Robbed the rich and gave to the pure for cure
Except no one wants shrooms picked straight from manure
The cure for ills
Chills like this trip
The type mix the mic and sip the flight is
The type business to run in this
And done tricks
I avoid thick heads with murder bled
To tore the room through instead
Of superglue defend
Everyone’s trip tend to suck
Unless they passed the buck
I truck rope reduction smoke on somethin’ choke
I got to have wrote down how it sound to broke down pounds of Pot
You get shot
I derived the plot to murder this
Top grade
Stayed in the shade
Shock displayed on tops I fade to grade twist
A psychic just mic up the lane twist and turn while people burn

Strapped with Cash
Mash the Stash up
To last but
I undone the sack tuck one on me
So I got the Bomb Tree
The kind that proceed to blow my mind
I got the Kind they call it so I ball it
Bounce off the wall with it
Yo that’s the ticket
Stick em up written just as Gun Sum
I hum a rung from the system thump and
The grands lit the lands with these hands
I can do damage kill and bag up the ill
Rifle until my wings are heavy
Truck Chevrolet
Each and every day I Cap
Cause it’s like that
I fiend for the Strap Gun
All licensed as the Ice in the mic up
I strike shut the type to cut mics off from life
Dead the type with the hype tricolor
Everyone duller
I pick the color red off of said
Flip some Dreads I got my lead
To the head I take it can’t fake it
No mistake I’m lit
Sunday Drivin’ shit up the creek
For seek the teacher
I just bust each more as weaker
Kick your speaker in to music the lesson
I’m professional
I’m the best with the pull
The Dragon

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861374 - 11/16/23 01:34 PM (21 days, 22 hours ago)

Bust a truck peg in the head to rewind
Be time to seen keen
Into dreams I beam
Like this twice rich as skip the trip
Mic into stitch I hitch up
The lift cut all will you want
To still as front
Release the grunt
Fill in it to ton of Sun
Guns come from the numb
Like this I write twitch the Sunset
Gun flex on checks
To rub the rest from the chest
I torn it and worn it
I born to hit the job turn cog
Mix the straw with all I got I saw
Like Chocolate I rock it top you twitch
Stock that glitch made me rich
I seen a cinch like this stench
Way past when I bleed a server need
For murder to breed and multiply
Fit it in the eye yo I seen people die
I lit and then fry I cold Y
Spliff did riff on it
Dog gone it I lost the wizard thing to fit
The gimmick in it I sent it
Dead Head the kin with the stint relationship
To the way I trip I just flip the squad
Release a job before you get robbed
All I seen through thick fog
To see the gleam on the shock
Wallet call it to ball it hit it yo

I make a full head
Rest to the chest I take it
You can’t fake it these drugs I take it
Break it off for sake it cost lost
I show you who is boss and toss your job on the slob
Corn on the cob steel in the cog turns
Burns learns and churns up the earned duct
For function assumption I want nuthin’ I head rush and
I flush then the toilet I boil it
Rip the record for enjoyment each second
You could flex hit
I Tech twitch seen it since I rinsed on Meth
I got the Death Head skull I pull on the extra kid who flow
From this head to toe I go below and trip it to the row
I flip it skip it all the shit get wicked
I sick in the federal pen to come back when 
I said I make records to Tech tore it in seconds
I reflect on the born saga of drama
Much calmer I lit the bomber
I got your mom your pops and all of them on shocks
Gleam glow like clocks I talk the drug talk I walk it
Stalk of Ganja Trees thick weaken knees and split
Heat them skis I lift tips the hit off
Written wrong on the song to rip off long the sip soft melody
I tell everybody drugs are your friend to the end I bend
I’m bent with the sent I invent the record for sector to check your word
Techs hit the bird
But I got an AK-47 that’s black in the Heavens my sack is a weapon
I spread them to intend to mend tracks I lift the sack back
And trap tap on the back and write rhyme sap at nighttime
Drugs are a crime because I’m on it time and time again

Just double the Venom and go
We all bag the flow and Veterans
At least my homies is
I don’t eat squid or porcupine
The Soldier is mine
Check from behind
I’m blind
I lit the find to psyche out the Human unwind
I split the find of treasure
Leather down Heather found my drug connect and flexed
I step with the best kept secret
To keep it and peep it I talked about the secret to bleep it
I steep in the flow like coffee below the soft me
I sew seeds and glow on Weed Ganja Leaf
I rock in brief I stalked the sheep and creep
I ate the meat with the fleet I got it to read on the chop shop
Will it ever stop forever Glocked I treasure the private stock
Of the measure for featherweight I sever the hate
Stay off the blade raw blood shedding the wedding
I’m reading the arm on the farm with my secret charm
Don’t ring the alarm

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861376 - 11/17/23 07:52 AM (21 days, 3 hours ago)

Yo flip the barn on yarn
For cutthroat to float a scapegoat
I crossed the moat of the Atlantic to cause panic in Europe
I stir up the stew of brew for witches
Which is a Christmas present like pheasant
I replenish all blend in
A sucka dim
Yo I’m not him I cough up phlegm
I serve a Soldier within I grin
Siphon the gas for cash and whiplash you caught
I’m sought after the master of the act your
Cap torn off I sure nuff stuff in the rough cut
Strut the want is front for bunt the ball
All I swallow is hollow I follow the tall grow like Molly on E
Cycle the swipe pull up the pipe twisted nights
I flipped the dyke and seen as psyche
I lit the mic and been in it to win it I’m different
I’m bent I invent the complexion of the section
With the reflection Psychedelic connection
Get your lead sworn as torn I been up since early morning
With no warning the troops are storming in

I’m hooking up my Water hookup to hookup
I took up sports reports of violence
I seen silence I chill and file down nails
Life prevails in these thinly veiled secrets
Everyone peeps this
I teach this to reach further with a burner
On Water I turner of the squadron
Military so scary to outreach and touch
As such I seen it hush a kid up as slid
Skid into ten then require ten brave men
I end the sentence at this at least repentance
I finish a sentence and then reflect back on
I got this track gong sing a sad song
Blues I choose as dues I pay I relay
Every day I play I stay sane that way
All tool the gat spray I fade into made for TV
I scene to see as beam

Reignite on the scene for the dream
My team makes Cream then Water
Ball that I Soldier fallen attack you warned there
I stolen airplay for radio waves I slave to brave
Recite this as I behave polite
I don’t entertain the might or right on flight song
Against the bong I smoke I choke on smoke
As a kid I hit it till my lungs broke I’m different
I victim of it to does it what wasn’t cousin?
I dozen back with the track stack I slap
The case out the place for taste zap
Make haste flip the map and rap I might tap
On the back of head I come right back instead
These rhymes bled but not dead so you brutally end
The Soldier said I told you I sold the truth to
The few who believe in stew Dragon in crew
I light this for who?
Tight makes might I right wing to sing I fight the thing
My mic it bring back and sack the hype I sting tack

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Posts: 765
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861377 - 11/17/23 11:49 PM (20 days, 11 hours ago)

I spread
A Globe
Of a Bullet
Back with loops
I took it all
Install the new software
Careful there
Don’t damage the CD player
I Player with the faded hair
My lair is unfadable
Stop and stare
At the way I pull
Dragons in the bag
I light this to sag pants
By chance I dance
Every day
I replay the movie
Soon to see it groovy
I flipped fools kicked
All crew heat
I beat meat faster
Than a master of Tai Chi
I liken my key
To the insight
Within heights
I been to right
I tripped you
Then seen you trip too
I mic piece on brew
What no one knew
Was the cauldron stew
I don’t deny my black magic practice
I seen static in a fake handshake
I make the earthquake

This is the intelligent song
Smoke a bong to it
Drew it flip the drum kit
As the bass kick
I seen it fit
I sit with the trick that sick
I light this right up make hype gun shy to try to run why?
I don’t feel like explaining to those remaining on stage then
I license to send lyrically tend to overwhelm the realm
Kids scream and yell when they hear the bass kick
But this is the intelligent song
I tripped it too long
I sipped drinks by the pool written tools that stickin’ out the chicken
I fricassee all that be
I light a Tree intelligently
The novice gets the bomb wet so I set
I rep with the step to enhance the dance murder crept up on meth
I slept shuteye
I busted a guy with the surgeon fly
I word in this to die to ends I bend
Like a Soldier I only defend
Some choose to use to use the tool to enforce the rule
And that ain’t cool in party school
We like to party
We hard with heat and barge in to defeat the whack MC

I Saturday the 3rd the word the bird
That chirped relaxed hurt little kids
With rhymes slid
Into the been through it to do it so screw it crew hit
I loose fit the tire set on whose guess?
I take them to the chest I bake a breast
I make a mess I intake the cess?
Never that just bomb like your mom
Yo it’s on I bout to calm the storm torn the unborn even with cement
I feed the rent check to they need the hex to protect
Magic stress the baggage bag as they lag trip
I mix a fix up to stick trucks in the muck
Get plucked stuck and out of luck
I such as handcuffed my man stuffed
A roll of hundred dollar bills in your mouth after blowing your brains out

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861378 - 11/18/23 05:42 PM (19 days, 18 hours ago)

I see paisley fractal image
Natural with Water Fast isn’t the stash limited?
You can only get so high then you die
A little kid needs to get high too
To hang with the Psychedelic Stoner Crew
Flip this Fuel with a tool
I did a lot of Meth and unscrew checks
Murder reflex with the server heat check the burner
At least fresh I turn on each step of the dance I crept with
I got the Tech, AK and stitch
I’m not reckless but I blow a head to fifth
This itch
I seen a dish they serve as word my head turned
Spun around from the ground I hit it whirlwind now
Cyclone all on the phone My license showing
Always I ball and stall install for days
The Sun Rays
Flipped the cage and hit it up sage
I went into a rage and showed my age
Turned a page and started to blaze again
Ganja every weekend and weekday
I split it down the bale of Hay with you
I want you to be crew too

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Old mate firebender
I'm a teapot

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log] * 2
    #861379 - 11/18/23 07:18 PM (19 days, 16 hours ago)

Enter the ban lotto :awehigh:

Ban Lotto

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Re: poem [Re: spirit_shadow]
    #861380 - 11/18/23 07:54 PM (19 days, 15 hours ago)

I'd have to post a lot.

Broke the leash and set off track meets
Platinum lens gets me wicked I intend to kick it sold gems
I ticket like a chicken wing you couldn’t bring flights
At night I seen tight as scheme
Bite the meme I dream of Genie
Bust a bikini bitch that cinch to ski with me
I got a pee and C a G with a freebie
All they speed to feed freely
I got away clean on the team with no penalty
For extra felony and Gel Tab be my LSD
Fraction with the satisfaction I run a tack Gun up the stack one
I got a black hum with rung sprung off a load like it mold
I flip it Fold Gold Platinum
I jack a ton to relax with the special someone the led my tongue
To get chill and spun yo it’s ill I rifle until might sight bill
I might still and come with the fill in it drum up the bill to click it
I stick my shit in the grin I got when I smoke pot on microdot
I sped with the shot to forgotten realms
On shelves they got product sells I shot a lot of bells
I rung and hell stung me with the pellet it’s irrelevant until I felt through twist
Them like it’s Christmas I kick this wicked with the ticket to stick it

Grown Buds
Pot spot maintains
Will in it aims?
Nothing like these brains in lanes
People act strange
Deranged with the page turned backwards
A sack further moved me into groovy
I soon to see the fluid get right to it
How we do it
I spoon fed my Cannabis the best nutrients
Organic with the intense phosphorous
For big flowers
Call it flower power by the hour minute and second
Still with the meth I wreck it
Check hits off the stitch
I did it it’s done with the gun I’m hung
Rifle stifle the mic pull
Ganja fully
I got the heat for the street to beat down the block
All in shock I got the Glock
I spotted crops
I top of the pops flowing
Growing my buds is fun and medicine
I let you sample some to chill with the amps you brung
I know you lamp real strung
The sample was ample
I got the cancel culture
To sample my own
Home grown Ganja

I spit a live round
I found to disarm the gun
You need the lucky charms
Lit this on Foster Farms
I inch towards major scores
Rip this pours the ticket soars in price
Dice up mice and men
High Dose psilocybin
I try them I sigh then
What must I expend to
Lend true as the head blew
So without further ado
I introduce to you the OZ
Lit them and be
Written up scribbled double wibble wobble
All the fog fully evaporate into hate and love
Like a glove I seen a rub
Dub that fat cat
I’m a Soldier rat with the lean on green
A Soldier seen like the to rein
The game what’s the name with flame
Why I came to release a blood stain
And remain with the aim
To disarm all fist farms
With lit charms it’s in the wrist
Barn doors close on flows that froze
In the grave slows it’s brave
Glow below is how people behave
I just flow like a slave freed
And smoke Weed

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861385 - 11/18/23 11:32 PM (19 days, 12 hours ago)

Food fed your head
Till you see how Gold dead
Taste that hit makes it great again
Laced with Trip
I’m in outer space and then
I come back to run back
Humming tracks with fat stacks
Murder raps from the back in the sack
Lighted crack cocaine
Switch lanes light these brains
For further remains I got it in flames
I don’t play games
Or read your names down the list
Roll call insist
On a personal level
Each shovel catches the devil on treble and bass
Chase the master race around in disgrace
I flipped an Ace tasted the face around the ground
Pace with the hound you I lounge
I’m dead and it’s like that spread
I got the Feds trapped and sacked up
Come back struck the map tucked
I’m fully plucked and you can see how you get stuck
With a blade throw in a shade
Made of grade A materials
How you fear the full up
Or don’t know get on the truck moving slow
Get with yah bro and sis yo!

A chair in the air
Caused to drop by pot with the spot
Dare program was no man’s land
In the sand I seen grands in the hands
Of rubber bands
Still it fill backwards master facts born of rapture
I capture the spirit
Distill it so you can hear it
You get a beer itch when you ain’t drink in seconds
Reflect on this and records
Albums like valve some shut in the cut
Man you caught it awful
I saw fully dry until my bone marrow turned backwards
Toward the dead head fully spread over fled from bullets
They pull heat on the street
And bull sheet
I got the feat of strength
A stoner bank on the lead the prank
Rasta smoke all day for meditation
I like a Rasta way been up to spray kin
Then display the pen to write make the ends
You seen it sight
In the play pen right
I remain real tight on the mic
Yeah Right!

I scratch records off the ill
Match until the cash still
I perhaps feel steel
Into a meal I peel
Be all of the end to call it wallet
Ball it install trip to follow hits
Licensed grits tight with shit
Ice that slip
Write that grip of mics that blip
Fight back trick method
In seconds with lectures I’m fresher
Gold out the mold applied pressure to and like that screw
I ripe to truce with crews hype until fights
Break out like the make out
I serve a bake out to take out the spirit so you could hear it
You can’t come near it numb and beer itch
On twitch I steer it the car go far out of gas fast
Light the class with mast I ask mask to task up
The last door shut in the face disgrace the car chase
Feel the freebase cocaine lit the space
Take a make and model trace to the wasteland
All seen the face and I taste bland
Race with the mason
I break from the baked bun
Call it sum number one
WIth the gun I hum
This gun come from the rung bells and gels
My microphone dwell in the heights that’s cloned to sell
I max a melon off the repeat felon to dwell in the land tellin’ how to handle
Yourself and your wealth for health I belt and swelter

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861390 - 11/19/23 03:15 AM (19 days, 8 hours ago)

I heat it up gnarly
In the Yard be heat react to the street
Like this defeat
With my neato style flow that speed slow as beat thump bleed low and behold
These rhymes sold like gold I cold with the told that I trapped maximum
Stacks of Sun that sum the wax come from the backs of tongue
Spoken words and sentences paragraphs and pages through the ages
These strange days in the flavors blend
Like this recommend it to a friend until they sign me make a record blind me
In a second I freshness check it with the cold wreck it in battle
I saddle up and rattle the truck like a snake sound fake and they duck
Can’t take it butt naked I flake into bits and piece
Recite grease like this thesis I’m the cheesiest
Easiest to work with to form a smooth trip to grip into
Latch attach what you gone through as cash
Manage mash up to dash feel the splash
I flash across a page in a rage to sage advice
Don’t count your lessons twice

I’m not ready for cash
To fill the stash with ash
Money fast
Leaves grasp tight chill and rhymes write themselves ill
I bill and chop with skill like I cop pills and drill
So I soak in until I provoked and gun broke out to smoke out
The choke down amateur fan of yours pours tore the chorus
I born just as thrust the floor the gas pedal to it to the core
I gone true hit the new shit
Like this I type twist the trip for a sip of the beverage for leverage
I sever head off the dead cost
Diamond ring cripple King of the middle squeak within crew
I bleep out what I been through a pin to a cushion
Nike Swoosh in the scoop bulletin I pull it in
Hold it then move it meet to sooth in the groove movie take two seat
The fluid reek of bullet creep to the peeps
Like this sweet
Knife makes it complete
Service as each swerve this compete
I chill with white sheet ill
Until then

The Ganja when it flowers
I spend hours with my Ganja plants’ powers
Allow it heard as the word up
Turn truck rope into gung ho with the flow so slow
I rip the tide roll into inside Gold I hide take a ride
On another one died from hard drugs
Take the Ganja into my lungs as scrubs
Rub a dub I tug on a rope of Hemp soap as kept it coated exempt
How I wrote it attempt to coat myself with Gold as I’m told
I offer it sold too bold for the cold into it fold with flew on true that
I hold onto rap and glue stacks of Ganja on my armchair for flare
I stare into the bare baggie
I need another to get it flag wave see I G
Into this Tree I like it to ski and don’t pay a fee for delivery
They just give it to me
I indeed sew seed with the breed Sativa
All be yah rhyme called Reefer
I teacher of the each born since the wee morn I’ve been smokin’
Broke in the open space laced the flow with pace toe to toe as the Ace?
No.  Never that of Spades I got these rhymes bladed though
I fade it slow into control of the fold for time is mold money
Scold with gun heat?
No.  Never that complete with flow take a seat and grow with my Reefer
The greatest teacher straight from Shiva

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861395 - 11/19/23 02:21 PM (18 days, 21 hours ago)

Living in Peace
In the order grew as deceased
All course through as it bleeds
Like this recedes into darkness
People try to park this
But I shark fins
And no one wins
I end it bent real strength
And go the length
Smoking Dank Buds
Thugs as rub toward the core of things
And this license I got brings the Pot cold chillin’
Everyone illin’
And rifle fit to split the bill and
Think of the women and children
Who get killed in the battle
As collateral damage
I can’t even manage or fathom the scope
Of choke on knots
Pull it up shot
Forgotten wounds of new moons
I chill and give out spoons of illness
To kill just as fill bust
Real cold crushed
The deal is hush money
Running gun heat
Through all the types of Streets
Compete set off track meets with pistol
Life is official

I wash my brain
And float in the remains of chains
I’m dope with explain
I cope with this flame heat
I got for the street you get shot
Popped and topped off
Like a boss shut
Cut the balls off
And so soft
I like to loft high and dry up
The fly stuff
I got my mind made up
The way I tuck a pistol
I got the risk full heat
Being deployed on me
I like this in the mic itch to free
The mind and cure the blind
I’ve been behind but not hard tryin’
I just eye in the why I came
For this name to exclaim
How righteous I blame the likes of
The impartial how I spill a heart full

I’ve got a ball mind
To see within be within blindness
Mean to attend the finest
I bind with the ends to recline it’s shit I send
When I mend up
I got a rental truck
To spend with bucks
My head real stuck
Out of luck with the tucked one
I gun up to run up on someone
My gun from the ball
All hype this till it fall
I might just will the wall
To seal the brawl
I feel real crawling
I’m balling
Caught you calling my name
Will in the flame that’s sprawling
All over I seen a Nova Star Soldier
The door is ajar I sold yah
A gram of the slam and jam
It’s who I am

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861407 - 11/20/23 03:30 PM (17 days, 20 hours ago)

My mind is an ice ball called call in
I don’t even try to slid
But I got a license I slip the trip up
To fit cuts that bit duck
I will and it want to sum one up
The gun up
To tore tons of truck
I buck with the struck trip
All up in the mix
I could give you a list
Someone gets dissed
I relax all fiend in the track
Coming back real crisp
All siphon what hype in
I’m Mike
Been up to type I spend
The cut chillin’ like ice
I made a slice cut
I need to ball again but
My mind is in a funk
Stumping chumps
With the pump
Yo isn’t that something?
The ball
Is all anyone ever want
Plus fighting skill that’s ill
We cold call it chill

I recommend Cannabis
And slow Tai Chi
Don’t ice it up speed a ball
You wall to wall ball
I follow the hollow core
With the trip sit in tour
The place Ace the case born
With rip torn
In the face space case
I tripped it dipped it
But nothing like rip it ball
All fiend into the crawl
My ball practice ya’ll
Can’t match this
I batches of fit off sit
To ball in and it crisp
Following a spliff
I practice a Tai Chi round
Root through the ground
I’m partial to martial arts
I chart will in smart to dart
All over lick the four leaf clover
Nice to know yah
Baller the Ganja call to yah

Everyone front
Until a punch in the face
Filled the place
I laced
Tripped the space man
For space jam
With the spacecraft
All the people laughed until I dashed across
The wasteland brand chill and slam
Too bill with the Kill Ganja
I bomb on and off I calm yah
Bonus alone is chill on the phone
I lit this prone to peel a drone
Attack Israel
I gotta bail
I sail way I wall I’m God
Install the pod I chill odd
I fill a clog up to fog up
The mind in behind
Everyone is blind until they find
The rewind analog all damaged in the job
I really rob the place of the taste
I bill in the makeshift
The place slipped up and is now shut
I know cause I sniff blow

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861419 - 11/20/23 05:53 PM (17 days, 17 hours ago)

All fill in control and high
We got the tricolor Colombian Cocaine Eyes
We split the dyes the colors
All sulfur spit the ulcer rip the culture
Fiend on it like a Vulture
All trillion in the walk
I make a kill then I chalk the body up
I light a lot of Sloppy Joe’s
With floppy froze the copy shows
All hot hit
Till it melts it’s felt I belt
Around the clock jock the job
I will in a cog in the machine that gleam
Snow on my team tricolor dream
We crystalline already
And done the herbal steady
All word glow and head heat
We run the street
No one can meet or match up
With the latch lifted I got this tripped it’s
The ticket the Psychedelic
I melt into the intelligence
Of the garden Zen

The spriggity Indica Buds
The Sativa Sticks
All mixed Genetics
But we grow it proper on top of your crop served
I served a lot of dock nerved up to rock it
I spread Ice but the topic is Pot hit the Lotto
I spray all patrol in disarray
The way to smoke Pot is to inhale through the lungs a lot
I got shot at
I’m a raw sewer rat with the scatter
Antimatter fill the flatter
You caught a disaster in that chapter without the Buds Master
Because I grip this mic I has to chug the drink
In this sink the links with the brink of
Kink the thing up and bill the cut I strut
Down the street with fleet
We each smoke Reefer
Or eat it the Hashish or some Kief
We split leaf teacher
Bust the feast when we scrub we dub
All heads to bed my head is well fed
Since I was a little kid
I took my medicine every cent I sprung on my Ganja Lung
That’s why I peddle some

I brawled off the wall
Split a bikini doll down the middle sprawl
All follow the shroom doctor doom
Lit the spoon tilted in rooms
Lifted the crew up
The stew cooked shut the place fluctuate
Lay it out straight and you see weight
Shroom sacks
All over the boom bap
Flipped the room map
All scuba we go into the
Underwater faulter never
We just too clever and sever head off
The boss costed too much so with throw him such
As vocal hooks rupture soulful food and food trucks
Lit the Dutch with the blood all call it shut
Smooth groove in the move to flip the counter clutch
All we do is sooth with music
We dune twitch the step
It was rude how they crept
I’m in the mood to half step into the fuel
They duel all trip the pool
Mushrooms is so cool

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861428 - 11/20/23 09:07 PM (17 days, 14 hours ago)

The super stoner
Since three in the morning
With no warning flip the light switch with the ripe crisp dried buds
Flow with suds
The beer shot for fear of butt plugs
I like this dug
The mix mic will it strike?
Half past the afterlife I light this dyke
I hype the twilight past midnight with the street fight
All fill it to chill it will until it?
I bill it to little kids who wriggle and skid and backpedal
Hit the metal up
Knife or gun from the tongue
Split it as sum
All the buns baked with Ganja
A cheesecake lifted the speed skate down the breakwater
All slaughter all caught your daughter flipping affordably
I sorta ski
But I tour with the bleep
All Soldier that sleep
Busted a peep smoke the reefer teacher that copy
All the top heat was ill in the street
I bill in defeat
At the track meet

From the took place on Hollywood and Vine
Or recline in the back seat
While we cruise for the Ganja Sacks
See that?
That’s called a gat
They pack them straps
I see maps to stars
All cars flipped in bars
There’s fake tits
A pearl necklace
I just get the best with the rest drip
I trip
I glitch in the mix for six
With no warning they storming in
I born again with the Soldier mend
I told you the entrance gets reflex
I sentence you to death
For no rest you seen the breast
I drill in the rest for extra fresh
Peel real eight steps
On the rain check
I blow your brains bet

Ripped it tight trip
With a Ice Twist
Lemonade beverage made fresh
Renegade on the blade make you step into the shade
A shade made the blade come out the hand like grandpaps
Was strapped in World War 2 against the Japs
I trillion taps the skilled in it maps
WIth the traction I Ice grip the fraction seen
In beams with disease I trip on skis and snowboards
All Like this to record it’s priceless on tour with a vice grip
I light the strip with the mic bitch
I might stitch in the cut with no front
What you want come from the gun with sum
Don’t run from to you shot in the from that strap
All likeness intact with the flap chit chat
Will the cat seen Bill the back
These children killed in this crack cocaine game
Light the flame to light the brain
WIth the Trippy chain
I come to entertain
Sliced up in the lane
Or alleyway
Any day
Come and play
You like Sun Rays
After you stay and one way
Burn your ass Soldier’s Task

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861433 - 11/21/23 02:23 AM (17 days, 9 hours ago)

I ate an overdose of Hashish on purpose
Some new to this can’t handle the first bet
They cause a scandal
And hand me a full charge against the cards in my hand
I slip off brand
Got the gang and the sun tan
For fans I plan of attack struck the map
I folded it up and cold smoked a bud
Lit this tug on the shit
Light it to strike it they hype with it and I don’t like it
Mix the type to stitch up
I’m Martial
Got the cars full of posse
I drop heat from the gun across the street
You don’t hear a peep in your sleep
Except gunshot will in the necks of woods
With no good hoods
Swerving through lanes
Burning remains of the earnings
My hard won shit
I don’t be the type to sit and take it
So I shake em down
I split town for the shit come back around
I tilled the ground for my Ganja Crop I smoke nonstop

WIth the homie craze in the haze
Take the white sheet off
See that corpse?
I flip with the warp twist
On my necklace I got thug drugs
But now all I do is some buds
I tripped too much
I lit a head rush off the Dutch
I feed as much as I can
With a plan to come through
While someone from some other crew
Wants to kill you
My steel blue
Exit the true
My list grew
I don’t get pissed
I just twist up a J
Speed away
Bleed away
I been hit
You don’t like it you can suck my dick on a tricycle
I just the skull
I fully full
Auto I shot slow
Thought so

The boogeyman jumped out of the closet with the twenty two automatic
With the starter hat
And the down Green Dragon Tats
He killed with raps from the first burst of the gat
It’s like that
All billed in tacks
Traps mastered with years of practice on the streets fast red from bloodshed
Murder tend to head up
The rental truck was parked by the eyeball in the sky fall
The wallet ball it
I tall to the maul your shit up
He got the gun back from his cat
Mixed and matched pieces
The easiest to reach was the shotgun
When they broke the door down
Don’t lock guns with the dude
From the Gong Fu few can match trips
He tacked crisp and flattened the six
All the fools got drenched in blood
Just a few more dead thugs looking for drug money heroin
A gangster shanks yah up on the boulevard
Iced up hard smoking Yard
Got scarred flipped a car
They never made it that far
It’s a drug game all peeled all the same that yield
That’s why I just smoke Green Bud

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861460 - 11/21/23 06:20 PM (16 days, 17 hours ago)

I’m an alcoholic
Held a Gold Cup and swallowed it
The hollow bone bird trip
That’s third fifth
Cold lift the strip up
Of the Vegas Crip cut
The mixed mutt
Hybrid puppy duck heat on the seat to touch me
I seen enough G
I licensed to tuck Speed and Weed
Proceed to flip I vice grip
I might check a Cold War Set with the Veteran on it then
You could reach to ten and still not answer men
The dancer dead
In the hands I made bread
Cold lead sprayed out the rain down
Drain the fountain count to ten backwards with a sack towards the flash forward
I max a sword
Flip more lids and skids the War is core
I been tore rich or poor I a cinch for the in store galore
Bit the floor when I got knocked out
A shock round the block found me dead

The hot nine seven Veteran
Bet the letter then to upend the proceeding lesson
You get fresh then
I stress in the left maximum
All I got I caught I fought and wrought iron flyin’
People was dyin’ tryin’ to turn on the siren
I shot a lot of the time
I cold crime in the blind rewind
I come from behind to shock a diamond in the find it
I signed it rewind the trip to the spine flipped from adrenaline
I got the better then investment sent in called rent for my head to spread
I shout out to the route I tend to sprout ideas
When I clock sheer size of the eyes I rock it dies the chop switch
In darkness I park this up in my marked space for the Ace
Enjoy the taste
I know I will and chill

Scratch that music
Link the sink up
Cocaine Freebase stink the place up
I caught a pace shut
The outer space strut
Astronaut dance that chance
Will in the plan I brain scan
Relief belief with the hands in the sand
I smoke a leaf and suntan
I gun banned from the land
I spit a brandlabel
Stable with the cable
I’m willing and able
It’s a fable myth that you cycle with the gift
I rifle with a Spliff my pic pull up a drink
I sink into think thought the ink the onslaught
I fill a chalk screech
Sold it hold heat down the street
Bust off at track meet I got the beat

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #861471 - 11/22/23 04:28 AM (16 days, 7 hours ago)

Meth makes the pop word up nonstop
You up all night with flights
I set it right to dead it mics bled
Will in the fight instead my mic this head
I bread money from the fleet with red meat
Got the beat for the shock street
I licensed to complete the ice then
In the heat of the night my flight was on speed
I twice with the dice roll icicle patrol
The dice slice up the cold
You could count on Meth control with the Gold
I sold it to rolled in it take a stroll and light shit
I type to spread it 6 the Mike Tyson of the slice when
I sign the deal make a meal I bite the feel
Real steel you wield got all that signed and sealed
It’s a peel for the healing with the wheels turning
Burning up in the furnace the learned just as
Mics I turn on the device

I’m totally down for the hood big time Holmes
I light bones
Got a Jones for THC
I light them free
I tight in the light I see bright some flee
It excites by mind to go unblind
I rewind on the find I make break the cake take it great
To relate
Combust the herb and thrust
You heard?
My license learned as the world turned I burned
Get it all crew to sweat it who in the heck pretended
To have defended the constitution
I rock straight through some with the new hum
I quit sniffing glue a ton
I got the iron lung
From smoking Ganja tongue

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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