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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862262 - 12/28/23 09:31 AM (6 months, 20 days ago)

I relax recline rewind and shine like a diamond
Mine is the climax that time tax off Grass
I got the Ganja wax with the bomb shrooms on the gun there it dooms guns
For fun people like to run up and stun with a gun
I don’t think guns are fun so I don’t lick it number one
I don’t trip it I thick in it with the riches
Ganja gets me down
Downtown with the crown holder much bolder than frown or smile
I go the extra mile to mind style
I file in past the piles of Cash seen it stash
I got a Gold rash for Soldier fast to hold yours dash across
For no loss in the cost of being all eyes seeing
I mind in this to T and I shock it crisp I’m on the list
Of Caps that pro am go to jams and throw up and ran thangs
I handle swings of axe straight out the backs like sacked up
I spit a rap buck and the track is too tough
I be as such stony on Weed and hush that ass free to cut class
I Soldier task as map off the datas to scatter
I flipped it fatter on Ganja
I’m magical bomber in the armchair my alarm scare
Away anyone who dare come and play in my way I walk stoney

You Ice rise
Got Ice in the cut on eyes
Sent that try as they might I take flight when I’m white as chalk
I talk Ice Hawk blind as they come with my kind
I spit a diamond I did it fine then I signed it and send
They find it in the end
I end it on credit to set it
They fled hits seen that Ice on the necklace to check this
I clock a wreck shop with the Tech clips inserted hurt it to work it further in
I search light begin to take flight as a kite
I write a right I tight in it might begin to unwind in a bind but I’m glazed
As Haze
Not meaning Ganja Haze but Haze as a crazy of Adrenaline stays up like Veteran
I better than Excedrin tablets but I lab tested approved flexed with the groove
Met this ups to sooth metroplex dust as I smooth I touch this
Bust this I must crisp up and get phat with a gat so I sat with my cap
Off the map now
You got to see it BLAUGH!

I don’t really like the Meth head for bled so I fled the country
To serve what?  Guess what I greet with the heat with?
I’m a beatnik on the freak ticket to kick it
Peace to Trip

I roll
Make all 900 and stroll
Catch a cold off sold
Bold to told as crews fold up
I hit it rolled up Spliff in the aqueduct
I lock and struck I got a gut so I’m rolling Fast in control of the task
I Soldier mass
As class hits the gas I like this baseball bats
As matted straw as law
As like this crawl
I struck by Ganja on it the calming sauna effect
I solar plexus in the neck to Gold for your respect
I’m getting old
I seen it done it and run shit
Off the map I got the stats for traps in fact
I max
Man I ran so much I crush
You don’t see me rolling up with a G be
In the ski right now
Murder like POW!
I flipped a cow and Tripped it allow I sipped it
Rhymes I rip it too quick to stick with
I iced out soldier lifted
My wiring got me firing on all cylinders
I Golden ability as tours
I hit the skewers
I Shish Kebab Pot as onslaught
Fools got caught

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862265 - 12/28/23 04:51 PM (6 months, 19 days ago)

We’re Worldwide Herbalists
We hit Chinese a lot
Got a bag of the extra hot to snag with some Pot
I fold one up to shock strung like a rock with a gun
I got a lot of the numb
I don’t sum
I just one
As they strum the chords like swords
Flipped the floors out of gas pedals like metals
I settle with a boiling kettle
Herb teas pass that shit over please
It’s like a disease I got
I tried so many styles my soul smiles
I kept files in my mind styles
I piled on extra step through
Best the crew got was drew legal all see through
I speed pull up a beat down to come around like clockwork
My stock jerk fools off I cough
Lead it on into gone with the boss
We cast lots to see
I topple the wibble wobble G
Clock and you see trees
Like lightning on skis
Top this with a pop this
Hot crisp
Type to risk to I slip drew into the flip fools
These drugs are cheap so peep this
I sleep through a fist and hit Weed the best
I got my chest abreast rolling manifest
With the soul in the Wings I like this like singing hits

I need my beats screwed and chopped
So I could take up at least one block
I further stock the private reserve and swerve
Hit the nerve strike it I mic it up and ripen buds in the Sun to make Guns
Or just kick it take a walk and flip it
I mix it up
You never find me behind me I rock a rhyme and G
I’m on time all the time I climb to new heights as flights
I take off
Hit the bake off sift the place for the Ganja Extract it takes
To place with faith you got grace
I lit the space up
I take up space but I make up with the taste of product
Everyone likes to smoke my such and such as topic
I drop hits in Compton then head to the bedrock
I said stock is dead in the flock
You could top that tops of Ganja in the Sun they stun
I like a ton with the One gelled as rebel
I sell hella
Like jelly I rip rock and fell with the speed I clock
Spots up the shotgun drawn with the sung song
Off rotgut torn as shock waves soar
Like Nuclear Bombs I stay calm in my palm I got a weapon
They step into crews and don’t fuse
These Gong Fu Masters strike in twos deuces
All loose fit

Who wants to puff free cash?
We handing out skills with dollar bills
And rock down chilly off a Philly Blunt
Someone stunted and fronted on me
They ruined it G
Now I clock the tune in it
I spoon of shit makes the difference
I get lit in this Trip Psychedelic
I’m too intelligent to get caught bellin’ it
I swell up and gel
I cold fell spot that L on top of product rock cut
To spot one done in the Sun I got a lung for it
I score it to make more hits
Flakes off shit and skate while baked
Lit the light take on Water to corner the market
Stark in it
Alive and thrive with no dark begin it live
I time and time again rock this then I can’t top it
Cash is the show stop with lens
Gold Platinum
I scatter some brains and hum
On airplanes I from the lanes they take off and land
On my brand I got on one hand ten grand
On the other I got a mil kids kill for
I sit with steel at the door
So to control who enters and then some splendid
I defended the place with my Ace

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (12/28/23 07:55 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862291 - 12/28/23 09:00 PM (6 months, 19 days ago)

I blast
With the Water Fasted Closed Casket
Mask with the back twitch that savage
No baggage handling at the brand link outstanding ink
I got kinked with the wink I stink of Ganja
I like to bomb so calm I fully up in one on
I got dawn past the lawn grown all shown flown in lights glowing
I know one thing and that’s the platinum Ring
I cycle the Wing my name is Michael N.
I like to tend to spend a day lay back
Fillin’ up sacks with wax or water
Either way I play I relay and never caught yo
I sniff blow Cocaine Nose Job
Fully corn on the cob to lit it rob banks with shanks
Proceed to smoke dank at the tank we sank
Into the lanky Sativa shape I take place at night
Skate with a knife
Twist of might and you light I in sight and in tight
Trip the heights off brights
I might strong and long I used to make glass bongs
You can laugh long as Long John
Or Clockwork Orange
Through as my core Blue I born with drew weapon
Each crew is kept in a little shell in hell
I’m the rebel so I rebel
Might as well

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862323 - 12/29/23 09:38 PM (6 months, 18 days ago)

We got a brown spot loaded
Everyone else exploded
And didn’t even notice
We put a ho on notice
We coat this medicine
Goin’ down
Rollin’ crowns we got to get down sound funky now
Mumble pull heat and POW!
How you like that fat cat
Soldier stat with a baseball bat
Knock a fool’s hat off
We hit the trap install
I lack law is all we scrawl on wall
Count down backwards
5-4-3-2-1 Masters sum each gun
We one away we done this day
Ripe rich stitch and RIP
We light the lead so you could speed up
We hit the Weed tucked in between big butts
I cycle in the cuts
On the dance floor
We command and control
Hype this in the roll on some MDMA
Every single grey day we party display
Hit some hay
Yo funk moves this to the groove with it
We sooth the rough mix
And light up the wrist

We got a Fast bird in this like word up
Waterlogged in the cut
I rifle hit Michael N.
That’s me and I get high that’s the plan design Y
I wingspan release as suntan and drink up man
Sunk you in the trashcan
All trash release the beast in this
Heading East chewing licorice root
All fruit got us screwing on tracks
Now we new in
The class
Like this tools in
A fool spin I release a shoot ya’ll grin
Cycle within
Michael N.
My mic lit up to begin
I the thug type who win
I sublime on knife strikes
Hit with pipes and bats and shit lights the cats up
I smoke a sack struck the intact cut
Max a track that wrap around but
I sound so strut down the blow with Gold I’m
Sold rhyme I fold 9s up
Just recline in the cut

I need an LSD lab in the mountains
A Peyote sun splash
And an Ayahuasca flash
To make a dash with class
Yo!  Light up the hash!
Sniff a little blow
All little bro get hit up
Toe to toe we fit cuts
Extreme measures that bend fenders
We enter yours to the core with floor space
Spit on my Ace and you die
Y I psych a ripe type up with ice struck
I lift in the fuck that
We handle tracks fat with the whiplash
I mean to bash heads in
To dead spin the center I enter
The inventor of the cut that render buck fools off
Competitors we leave dead at doors
Everyone hit the floor when we on tour with this War
We been tortured
I scorch Earth
Sort through course as brew first stew
In the you know what
I just muck and murk
All rhyme styles they hurt
Make a smile one day
With no delay the alarm chirp

All broke through
Soak the money coat drew
Cleaning bills as filler for the still birds
Word as we hit up the 33rd
I write this nerve to bite this
I’m off white with this my height limit in digits
Is a whole bunch of stench the wrench
Cast your lots for park bench
You homeless
I shown just as the bone ignite to dust
We smoke Pot a lot and throw your hands up

It’s all soul in the cut and hold that thought to blot up
I got a little wad up
Nothing major no vocal sky pager
The age limit here you gimme that gimmick
I gonna run some crews here to the limit
Space the place out to the inhibited face value
All down with crews drew blood is fools
With tools everyone at school cool
I lit the fool up
I got tools in the truck
But I rule and like this I duel
Ice is this mic is ripe but
I twice struck the murder pluck
As further gut the industry
All that’s in with me begin to key up
I Tree up the kind that squeeze and bust

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862324 - 12/30/23 04:24 AM (6 months, 18 days ago)

Looking for Shrooms
Dilate and skate all around scanning the ground
First we hit the books and music
About Shrooms we groove right into it
We fit
Fame tight and Trip
When I strike the mic the mic I hit
I tight knit in the Shroom Circles
I’m Purple Hearted and darted around seeking the song of all day long
I miss hitting the bong
What’s right is now wrong to prolong
I soak in and on and on
Light this dawn
To strike with we hype
Twist around the list on the ground I found a pound of shrooms in the moonlight
I sit up uptight
We gotta pick and make a flight from here
Steer clear of the fuzz that was
I like these Shrooms I tomb in stew in it
I ruined a kid’s digits
Talking frigid
I got a little one with something from the Sun going on
I’m soaking long in the on it the long Trips I take make me wake
I written up blatant how I fade hits
I rewrite the script and tight with the fit I ice crisp up

I dipped into a spice jar
A lot of spices I like this in my car like ice is on the farm
For a darn I give I rock this live
In the city now how a lit G how I kick it see
I every day be willing to chill in town like ice grill and
Hundred dollar bills cycle through hands until
They collected by the rich
My microphone rips every sip I take of spice tea
All iced out I’m G with the mics down
I wear the crown holder
With the pistola I colder than file folder green
Soldier with the Cream and
I triple beam so it seem like a dream
I rock this shot Trips all alarm ring
I been armed with the sting
I license to charm will it wing slice in the mix nice in the Sun and gleam
Bust what you mean is to dust to rein I trust
The sequence thrust all the beacon of hope for dope
You get dope?
You broke with no coat and icicle I float
My dice rolled jolt I splice into nights like night flights
I try to skip it but I rip it hit the Trip up with slick cuts on the mixed nuts

Let’s all move to Amsterdam!
We walk around to try different coffee shops for coffee grounds
We slip rounds into fools with tre pound clicks
No I’m just playing
We smoke Ganja Lift
Strong like Spliff DING DONG!
With the bong prolonged grip
Sight this lawn mown
Grass grown
Rifle showin’ on the Boeing
I strip slight sewing seeds of Weed
All around town with the speed I be down to light pounds of Ganja not Ice
They triple the price when I shot dice and sold Coke
I broke up a smoke out down to round cut crown joke about it
You could shout it out loud but you sounded raw pounded the floor
With life like this War on Drugs back home
With the Stone we smoke Bones I got a Jones
I started cut clones for indoor grown shown
I clone the phone I got for hot shot to slice up and twice cut the ripe buds
With slugs plugs rifle into the winning crew sip brew and fin to screw
Down Soldier bound to round the corner sound like foreigner
I tore it to shreds with the head fed
I like to cop different kinds of Pot
The Kind makes me Dot
I’m binded bound to the King throwing down in the ring

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (12/30/23 07:20 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862326 - 12/30/23 05:33 PM (6 months, 17 days ago)

The name is cat
Skat a bat off
Relapse the caps raw for the Nike Airs draw law down
Circle crews around the fountain
Spittin’ mountains of words that rhyme and bout then
I rip a round in
I’m counted as Soldier
For taking heavy fire colder than ice your older bro
Soldier tore
I score flip the fours with crowns
I lit now let’s see how many down?
I Trip a round in a fool like this to like it like school
I pipe the topic to stop bitches pop them with the lock spent often
I soften rip a raw jam
It’s who I am to slam
I got a model hot to stop that program not a land
I brand see in the plan the scan radar fade hard
My blade in the Yard Soldier scarred so I barred
A fool on the farm who out of dodge robber
Don’t slobber for the mob there
You like this in air
The type trip I height whip
The tight slip for fight trick
My mic ignite when I drip
I’m polite from the farm town
Small Country sound a dunk heat in the doughnuts
I flow cuts sho’ nuff

Balling is a lot of fun
Every Sun wants the lung to get hung up on Pot Smoke
You could take tokes Gold Coat
Rip a throat clip the mode with explode
I write this rode flight hits they dice Trips up
Don’t slip up
It’s a mix up
You could get your dick sucked or fist fuck
I rip a duck out of luck to struck
I rupture to cut core as one more for the soar ass
I folded fast last gasp grasp the fact is you need whizz
I breeze over knees with the skis
Let’s get stoned Yo
So we could flip a phone cold negro
I speed slow with the feeding hole
Breeding Gold
All over and all told
I got a real Gun and Ball for fun
You like it Platinum with a Coat you gotta soak in it
To begin it you wingtip busted flips
Tight is the light crisp
Might hitch a ride to glide
I suicide I hide my scars
Bars cars to dance with the stars
My cold hard I got it ajar now
So Ball down to town to slip a round out the pounds
And flight out of sight see the light
Fire roads cleared in the backs of minds seared

Caught the ice as crushed crystal from the Dutch
I busted missiles coming through
All rules summing fools up
I cool in the cut when I heat it up
I lead it up
I speed it such as the breeded
I indeed slid the skidded
Raps ridden
The maps get in the back with the hatch you slippin’
I Trip in the weapon I step with
Reppin’ the head dress I left in
Crept it with the bats slept with the dash
Max a task with the math for swimming laps
It’s just facts
I got a soft batch cookies
All rookies too heat as sweet gun beat the thump in the Street
A lump of meat
Cold as hold onto the sweet they fold
I Golden rolled in extreme cold and I freeze
After Walls sock the scenes is locked
I popped a little kid like extremely middle of the freeway
You get hit by traffic speed slay

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 25 minutes, 10 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862335 - 12/31/23 12:26 AM (6 months, 17 days ago)

Rolled Gold
It’s nice
I split the splice trick dice in this to heights the limit I through it as bent went
The crew invent the red cent penny payment
The day went smooth until the pain crept
Up and as black smoke a sack still intact
With the flavor major with the Sage your ways of War Vision you in Prison
All decision was the ridge in the fiend out the bleed cold called seed
I like this type to hype up a mic stitch
I dug my own ditch and twitch bug like thug without the rug pull from under
Like thunder I strike mic up the lightning bolts
Volts shock as colt blocks I hold with the Royalties
I’ll never see a penny without head heat up the melody
Friendly with the deadly stylists I profile smile in this while I get frisked
I risked the sickness to wick this I just get friction just as I dismissed the twist
Is in this biz like that shiv up the mic track I give it back to the hood for stood
Wood grain in the hood blood stain like this I light this too tight in it flight step
I infect the Set with wreck rep a connect I flexed from as checks strung me
I done deal on wheels cold peel back the seal
Stacks of cash are nice but a bash like Ice I mask the dice rolled controlled
Max as mic static the rap addict magnetic attraction with the dope sacks in

Heavy Traffic
Foot sweep as reap
Trucks run over creep you wonder peep this
I split a sheet stitch the heat rich
I got a bitch back in the sack intact like spazz

I liken to drags
The dragon flag then
I speed around tag men
In the ground for pounds I drop lounge I lock Ganja
Been on top steel in armchair
I like this flair ripe as glare on the honeydew
All liken this till it strike with slick into the screw I lick
Dice up mix the ice up herbs in the cut that’s word up
We know about drugs
Thugs and plugged raps that slug back
Fiend intact off the map with caps
Feed it black I seeded redid the heated on tracks defeated
Perhaps you need it I smoke Weed to it
Right through it I new fit like ludicrous
I fluid in this right through in this
I’m Buddhist I flip the tunes ruin the twist fumes
I just do it crew in two with it split

Most people don’t want to see it
I Trip a P with the hit that seed effect the Mexican Connect
In check I in full effect
I’m half past the thread as fed
I section red mention bled infect the head
Mic in this until you dead
Right what’s instead hype back with the threads stacked
You spread clacked up I got a snack cut in fact but
I rip a rap struck the sacks up
We got all types of drugs in the past with plugs
I in fact wish I could smoke nugs
The most popular flat as thugs unstoppable
It’s probable that a lot of bullshit went off
The head soft I coughed
Raw as the saw that bomb track on black as fully stacked
Fold up the map
I need drugs for damage plugs like bandage
I ran cabbage down the front don’t stunt
Beat the brunt I cycle as funk
The hype pull up punk the type full
I pull back and cap a fool impact with the rule in school
Some fool brought a gun as a tool
I get the cruel World all hurled up
I’ve been sober too long
Over two decades and rap blades

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862345 - 12/31/23 06:19 PM (6 months, 16 days ago)

Popped that
Ripped a rock back slick as talk gats thick with progress licked
Mobsters with fedora hats back quick with straps
Lean in max they stack it
Any way every day every haze that blaze and stays lit
My tre split I split a day’s with the rain check as flame rep
I inspect the chain Tech as brain drain left hand turn and burn
I lift and learned the system sticks in the mix and
I ripe as Wisdom type as mic strike the dead end
We could defend the spot lend the lot a thread as dot
I clock shots and smoke Pot when I on top I wreck shop and drop
The sheets peel on steel that’s real you could feel it yo
The only real in control in the field bro
I real slow movement as soon as sweat the gun threat I run the Tech
I kept the AK for every day usage I shoot a loose fit trick
I seen as thick with spread that head dead instead I rap recommend
Facts that end lives like knives I clock dives back as chives
I moccasin rides on the insides I hide I rob a collide with the set
Infect check the step with the best I Mexican on it and flex again
Gone step the dance checks dead as rock cocaine explained
I flow and grow show the score to core for War as more and more
I door to door go as sure as the Sun in the four winds blown and roll in
The hold it then I sold it tend to cold strip rolled Techs my Mexican Connect

I’m gonna blaze a J
Of the Craze Insane
Killer with the blood stain on the iller
All park filler
My mic’s for real yo
I keel over slow
I peel fold in the wielding woe
I seal so as the be all frenzy tends to heat
Buck down the Street as Street deep
I creep all I dream is I scheme
To beam mixes the drugs up seen
I got it keen to pop it stock Trips
Rock a OZ in the kilos
I feel for the poor for real War
I scored clipped the Florida Connect
With respect I’m handed the check I wreck
Mob Business
Get in with this you fiend and less
I beat my chest impressed by no man
Except a Veteran
Or Torture Victim still I friction
I get it licks then I spend
Ends like it or not I be it in the plot
To feel it hot burn the steel cold
Roll in it blood so you could mix mud
I like the drugs

A Specter in the Spectrum
All colors of light reflect of time
I shine
I diamond mine with the signed
I fiend to mind up
To climb up the function
Each dunk in it makes me think different
I skin it
Wing it
The thing Trip
A scheme and lean off a hit I beam
I lit the Cream up
And still I got stuck
I need a truck rope
Dope and float
All like that antidote
But strike back
Mic attack it
I baggage to tag it
Maximize damage
To flag set the hang in check
Gangbang for the X mark shark as stang in the dark
Extra smart to pop it
OZ of shrooms shock it
Into growth the slow poke choke
I’m dope I wrote Trip
I cope with stick
In the mix
Like this

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862365 - 12/31/23 09:19 PM (6 months, 16 days ago)

I get flagged down
For flippin’ a rag around
Black rag with the toe tag
I got it in the bag
I’m mad crazy glad I got in with rag
Like a snag I drag it damn if my Sun flipped a dip
My rag is thick bloody
Money with it muddy up creeks
Each week I seek a freak
For tea scream as should they scheme
I lean on a dream I got
To set the plot
Fiend in one shot forgot and got caught
I like it raw I’m jaw
I lack law and flaw with the draw I stall
I brawl with the God I rod and staff
Whiplash kill the class like bitch ass
I field the master
Cast your bid for Acid I flipped
Ripped it skipped it in the mix
A dickhead red for federal
All head will pull up several days ahead
Of blaze with the ashtrays I got stone gaze
I hit the maze and made it out amazed
I scream and shout
About Sun Rays
One poke through stays on As
I rap Gray Aliens
State in it weight for fin to blade up
I just lay in the shade and got it made yo

We squash squads in the log
Got you bogged down like a fog molecule
You can’t see through
I just need to lamp on brews
Pack more Weed
Become a Drug lord indeed
Fuck with Coke Straws
I Candy up the nose for flows
I stay on my toes propose a toast
To the most high Jah Rastafari
I got my throat dry
I need a note to supply
Pick a shipment a boatload of some Trip with it to mix up drinks
I sink into the leather interior
Crews sound inferior I tearin’ up to queers that run a gun
All Sun like that like it’s from the done black
Steel is fact I real intact in fact with the clack
I got some stacks but no La
The joint swallow all a yah
I rob the drugs from the thugs
I caught a dub just now and tugged
I plugged a fool
I roughed up his whole crew

A kilo of Blue Meth
The steel toe boots I step
Makes the Tech blaze for days
With the hype craze
Movin’ in and out the blaze
A thug stays lit
I’m the shit
The phone you better answer it
It’s cancer risk
The Stank you frisked for dank to bank
I shank up fools as cool is
They tool slid
All up and down my crown I been around
I flipped a round
I got the Key for personal use I free bird
Release word hit the dirt for thirst
To burst one clip is drip
I light it lit
The tight with the money mix in the fix
This shit made a difference in trip
Blaze the tight with the bright I blades
I match and phase with the Sun Rays
I light it crazed with the play in it this way I came with
I stain the Trip with blood
A thug dug his grave
I nightshade with the ripe grade A Blue Meth I slay
Dragons and all the bags in to tag then

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862366 - 12/31/23 11:17 PM (6 months, 16 days ago)

I got a Ganja Grow
Where the Trees breeze legally
Everyone needs Trees the breeze blew through that ski and lamp on posts
To amp as coast to coast I vampire
I admire the Jah Rastafari
Hard eye softened
I cost in the drug game lost when you aim
I came with flames and saved the day my blaze is Gray
I light it Hay ignite the craze
With blades everyone packs a gun
Jewels in the safe
Master of the fade
I got the sprayed weapon fully auto AK-47
I rock to Heaven like a step in the right direction
You caught a Section of the fate
As the way it came blood stain
That Bud isn’t the only way in
I fray the ends of rope as dope
Broke into the coat room and choke on the moonscape
It takes shape
Grade A is the only game we play
We got a pace that sets the state of grace
Like naked we have to bake it and take it in the game we play
Ball games sorted into names I got the aim and blast
Martially tasked from the past with the last laugh
I sight a gasp and crash class with the flash I tight dash
Burn Ganja down to ash

A stock itch
Lock Dreads twitch
Nuff said with red dust as fed
The head bust people edited
I got extra spread
Deadhead with the medical
I threat it pull up wet you full of stuff
It’s not enough I seen tough guy’s eyes
I electrify
I set it in sign by design
Get what’s mine but I look out for the shook down Street
Anyone Street with me is Key
I lightning to a T
From A to Z
I fresh clean
With the dead at the scene
Extra cream fresh as beam
Credit to the itch that fed it broke I said it
Take tokes as people joke I cold head it up
The benchmark as stark
Arc off the park in the dark
I overdose as chose I froze
Flipped in rows that grows
I bros with the close knit
Dragon Family
No one better challenge me
I got talons see
I valiant camp on talent
I challenge anyone to come up run
I got the Gun and Sun so easy
People call me breezy

I locked Sun
All one
Begun to climb rungs of ladder
Gold Platinum
I back some Gold Cold
I rolled in the Soul to begin with
I ate a big Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Dish
I’m with the crisp grip on the sticks
I flip when I hear a mix in step
I got the rep bet that Im fresh back in the game wet that
Just the same as threat black
On any murder track I run in through the back
I set stacks ablaze for days this rap pays
I’m like the old school fades
I got it made with the braids
Chillin’ with Satan
Late then
I skate when I’m on Ice
I lock it tight nice with the Glock clips
I talk shit about murderers drug slips and servin’ yah
Heard of the blood that rub
I club hit with this
I risk
The trick in the game came to aim
So I lit up in flame and got brain
Every single day in
The way it’s vacation
It just keeps raining and I’m draining straight down
I take a look around and seen the clock Pounds with the stock rounds

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862367 - 01/01/24 01:36 AM (6 months, 16 days ago)

Called Operation Pocket Money
Nothing funny with Gun Heat
Every beat relax you in deed title
My rival homicidal
I clock idols that fight ya’ll brawl
I install the phone call
The dial tone with the shown microphone I rip blown
In the whip I’ve seen it shade tinted windows
Roll up real slow on the foe
Release the blow
Aim the Gun like you the only Sun
Done the Ace and jet from the place
Man that taste I lead in need it increase the peace and fetus breeded
Space Suit in the loot I tight shook as crook look I book
I got a murder hurt the certain
I’m first in to burst then
On men I expend the pen to send into orbit with more hits spread
We half dead and rap red
As blood you cold cut it up
Shut up don’t front on that run something numb from the stung bee
Rung G
I speak in tongues plea insanity
I brandish heat across the Street
The whole fleet competed to see who read it
I cross the gloss and beat it
White sheet it murder heated

This is a red route
Tongue down
In a small country town
Where everyone is punk heat up the gun sweet
I done the sheet
I run the Street like a track meet the pistol pops sweet
I tough in the reach
With Sun that breach
A lung like Ganja hung
Your bomb there from
The Sum of the tons
I like drugs
Dope flows and coats
Slip in the C Notes and chill folks
From the city
Beat with me truck a little rope and heat the place free
I like this key that sum up see
I got a ton of drugs in the past like last long
I blast a song on rap wrong
Wrong is strong to latch on
I hit the bong one day again
Gun play threaten your stay with men
I reach the end
I’m bent
Pack heat and seat went for the invent
In my country residence
Toss the heat over the fence

I just want to be a chilly old
Gold Old Soul
On type as roll I right in
The tight with the fight ends might tend to overstep with my rep
I keep The Shit in Check
The after effect of wreck is much more than I expected
When it comes to stacks I bless it
Murderers with the lex in burned curves that’s turned
I spur of the moment don’t itch I type to flip light switch
I could tight hitch myself to the post and gross millions
I chill in the section kick back no reflection
Still I into the Set trend trouble and it end
Double and I cancel that trick step scratch and sniff on the riff
I light Spliff
I’m the type to twist an arm on some pharmaceuticals
I get brutal in Cold World
I circled and turned and twisted
Circulate Chi get lifted
I mix in with blades trade fades and this train the brain
Or you could get slain lay in blood stain
Leaking out seeping out life roll the dice

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862927 - 01/02/24 03:40 PM (6 months, 14 days ago)

It’s dangerous
With the nickel plate bust
They came with us
Rearrange on Red Dust
Trust that tree bark that arc
I parked it in the dark and sparked
I cruise like a shark about to heart
On a cool dude who rip too
I sip on Blue
Exit the fuel and you can’t rule
I chance tools in romance
Bullets like to dance
I pull it back and cap
Seen the fullest on lamp
That’s bullshit you amp
I like a damp cloth
That wipes shit off
Relate straight with the boss
I score weight
Hit it up with the sauce
Fools vacate
When they seen it straight
The coin tossed
In the fountain
Count backwards then sank about 10
The Ace in the place
All the crews about face
I keep my brain laced
The dragon

I’m an ice block
Can’t walk a rhythm
I give em hell
I’m the rebel
Several kids passed levels
The bevel
I got bass and treble
I face the devil
Every day
My murder decay into Genocide
I rip it inside tight
I fight the power
Hour after hour I tower
Above when I rub
I get it snubbed
Victory for glory all born in heat
So sweet to reach out
I teach bout it
Round downtown found it
I scrounge got hit bounded
Flip while grounded I sip
The potion
All commotion serves like Ocean
I base the flotation in space
I trace back to the early days
With the Sun Rays coming like Grays
I fully fade
Anyone blade
I kick it in the shade
WIth a made mind
I see dollar signs and blind

Welcome to Hell
You in the War with four four
At my core I went Martial
To get a heart full of Soul
All coiled on a roll I foiled
The plot to stop Pot
I shocked a fool in school
Shot some pool I plot
To dot in this my rock
Means business I witness
The strategic withdrawal
I crawl all law
Microdot saw
I in the flaw seen
I dream of beams
Ice Cream and mics gleam
Roll dice seem like nice guy
But lean in the ice why I seen
Twice Three times
I rhyme about the bind bound
You in for it now like a cow
I got shot and answer the lost and found
Rocked the place the ground shakes
I made a mistake once and don’t front
I learned and burned turned the spot
Solder got caught
I caught the World Spin mop
The floor in this War I been in

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862928 - 01/02/24 05:40 PM (6 months, 14 days ago)

Some people act funny
I run 1 Sun beat off some Gun Heat
I don’t compete because what was it does like that come back and flip tracks
I sip sacks
I mix match with stacks that lack
I seen a cool kid get ruled in it waxed
A fool did in school like rule skid off the duel
They cruel kids who Soldier bids off the hold there enter the scare
They tear heat some people afraid of
So I got bladed and fade in the cuts
100% I spent my days slaving for rent that sprays all over the place
That thing you got
It isn’t coming from the Pot
We scheme and plot to foil all oil caught Royal
I’m not a kid’s play toy I sit in B Boy stance
An avalanche by chance took out the hands and brand labels
I stay stable
I pay people to such as sequel a creek drew a sleep through the week
I speak on the beat and max most in the fleet
I’m not sweet
I bust a drum beat

It’s just chill party science
I formed an alliance with the giants in command
I got spirits that make tears drip
I’m the only fan on the program who scanned the land
I got the whole sand bag
For flag down
The around town crown holder
I folder
For school work from jerk I do search and rescue ops
I pull up shocks
My party rocks around the clock
I got the Glock
I fully stocked
You can’t drop a hand that talks
I stand in command
I branded
Just with the sandwich I found rich
In the cut with the strut
I lean in shut the door
I seen that beam before
I keen on tour
WIth the bleed in the score
Ripped it tore
Crips drew War from the tap
I scanned all over the map
And swam laps after stacks

Fool drew his mark from the dark whirling pool
I stay cool
I chill all in school and ill
I bill the real in the zone
On the phone I clipped clones
They got grown
I lit it well known to get it
I set it
I sped hit them
Bled lift men offa dead
I deadhead with the red blown
All show to known
All clock stop that I hock spit up wreck that shop
I blocked the goods from entrance for national defense
It’s finished I got a Glock that talk
I ripped Hawks off the stalk
They perch in Trees
I seen Trees with Hawks and keen
On the steam they ease in
I freeze then and seize them
I known to short off the court with Wars in the born
I flipped it Californian
From the Laurel Canyon
Hollywood Hills
We known to instill fear
The place is laced with the skip and pick up the pace
You catch a taste and defaced in the wasteland

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862934 - 01/02/24 09:23 PM (6 months, 14 days ago)

My name is fire
I retired from walking the streets because I desire the steel
They kneel pass the speedway
All skis spray anyway
I never thought I’d see the day
Come to pass
And make Grass legal
My mind is see through
I bag in this brown
All down
I clip the cows in the deep country
We get it funky and stumps from trees for development
They never stop sellin’ it
My mind ignites on lights blink as I fire
I got higher on fire than the drugs
I light in plugs up
I dub a scrub back
Unless I chillin’ in sacks I got it intact
I fill with the max
I write raps that ill and kill caps
I frighten all those with my height and I write then
I fill it in the ill children need skill then
Herbal Remedies
I have a tendency
To get my patients high
It’s like that can’t deny
The existence of herbals
I smack the hell out with Ls
The neon lights go down on broadway

The Wu Tang Clan doesn’t write you back
I wrote them with a strap
Float in the trap cope with
The maximum
Heavy stung
Meat slicer leather apron and double butcher knives in the game
I come came with flames
I lit brains
Still I chill in lanes where fools drill
What the hell you drillin’ for?
We will in War torn
Skip the morning round I night shift clock pounds
Of Ganja down
I’m on one Sun from that
Plus the baseball bat
I weigh tall cats in the stay on the map spray displayed rap
I field it to wield it
Most crews steel drew and flew
I like that in my mic check
One Fifty to six feet deep I creep
I count sheep jumping the fence
Found snakes and dragons whence
I nearly became insane
I lifted lanes up
In the name cut
I saw the light and it rained some
I aim to stun
With both lungs filled
I make Guns with the skilled

You could catch a gel tab
Ring bell and it’s standard I landed
I scanned it ran hits up the back end I send
Microphone code red techniques that speak
Talk walk the raw hit off it
I soften
People get lost in the thought end it rough credit the medic
I set it bet it head hit the lens in front that tends to stunt
I wet you some with some funk
I gunk up the exit to stretch it
Cold wreck it
Soldier detected
Why I clip sunk that ship
Golden flask on my hip for the task I mega blast
I several years past the autograph
I lighting in a flash
Cold mash
Catch a rash and you had it get mag with the clip to rip
I heat it strip down to the crown
I lit a round
Went through like a pound of Pot I got
I sometimes get shot at
But I mainly reflex on God’s Contact
WIth the bomb strapped
Around my neck
I calm and don’t flex unless my cash wrecks that
Bet that
I sweat a fat rope to cope with the Ganja Smoke

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862937 - 01/02/24 11:36 PM (6 months, 14 days ago)

Get High 24/7
Let Guns fly in the eye
Or you Beddy Bye
I lit it set it Y
I mix minds up to spread it
I’m infected with kickin’ it Bud Tokes
All day and night as gun smokes later for the fade there
I grew up on airwaves
Stay in sprays will guns Ace?
I got a Great Taste in my mouth
My place smells like fine spice I rang a ring around and shout
Drugs is what I’m talking’ about
Dead routes in the head up the mountain
Count backwards from ten then expend
The lesson of Bud is fresh in the plug
Everyone wants to rub
I sold it scrub bug back as lug
A thug' snug hat
Molded maximum with done raps caps in them
I still relax in the Street
I stroll complete chill and release a hot million
With the skill in
I see little children
Bangin’ on each other
I Set my Hits in rubber with the Mexican Connection

I peddle Ganja Products
Up shop kept to snuff heads
Ganja bred for me has tendency to make me wanna smoke Weed indeed
Up here they call it Bud
Seattle Area Thug
Go battle what is it within it?
I spin it on Meth and Ls
All raps styles gelled like Sex with the Expert
You caught a flex jerk
For left work come next
I best to burst Gun and Sun up
I done up with the front in the cut you want some Gun?
I seen numb kids just rung and too intelligent I hung
Strung with the bell and sellin’ hits
Right now of some High Power Ganja Shower
You could get lit like a tower
I like all flavors sweet to sour, spicy nice be the herbology
That entice with key
I splice up lead Y at junction function one Sum up the cut as dungeon
Torture chambers for flames further as you came eat hamburger
Kids murder I seen them flex much further I take steps
To chill and curve yah
Serve your Set breed confidence in fold there checks like Soldier respect
I roll boulders

Cannabis Medicine
The healing herb
I spit a verb out like action word come down
I sound hard edge as a blade intended to kill with
But I light a Spliff
I lock a dripping brain
Will in the blood stain I chill and remain under the Sun as One
I got two guns
Where’s the funds yo?
Chill in flow heel to toe I bill it to bro
Kill it real slow I pump thugs up like blow a Gun round in Pounds of Ganja
I got straight on yah
I had to bust a comma I vomit when I spit the bomb head that’s spread
I Veteran of the Dragon Crane Set I set in flames with blades bet
As Rain came Black chill the impact still got me rapped in the Kill
Bomb Sticky Herb I say word
It heals in so many ways
You can tell the shock stays lit
I like to aim with it to entertain with a Spliff
I chain till I stiff dead in the head bind as Wed to the Blind Mind it’s been said
Time and Time Again
I likeness with the hype spread Gun Shy will they die?
I can’t understand why Guns come with funds
It’s like drug running from the government
They run my shit like I run they shit back
I come to state the Facts and that’s that
Get your head a sack yo!

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #862942 - 01/03/24 03:22 PM (6 months, 13 days ago)

We out to mix potions
I hit a drug game up with the flames cut
I aim and busted I trusted that a cat would come to see the G
In some ski poles or manifolds
Damage untold in the Cold World
All turned in and set bet that I rep the Cap
I read a bread back as bled cat seen intact with the strap
I medically set it free the head it be flew flown flowin’
I need to grow in the gas to aim and control all the flame
Just the same as my name
But I mix potions
I Gold Platinum chains life this like this blood stains
Murder is priceless in the Ice lift
I seen it double twist the head crack back
And they fiend for the smack
Beam in this track that scheme
I got the dream
The hookup
Everyone shook up
Took a look up the phone book so you could cook
Look at that!
A baseball bat serving gats around the stat at it again
I Psychedelics end to intelligent recommended
I mix potions in the medicinal benefits of Cannabis
Man it’s a long road since the accredited school the deadhead the let us be friends
I mic up the type cut with the ends I set trends and styles
I compile the files with a smile

Kegs of the fluid get down to it
I ruined my career by steering clear
I light this fear up
The ear struck by buck sound cluck the rounds shot off
The ground turned soft
Into loft high I will inside try to ride on high again
I cycle with my friend with the intent to get bent
Not on Meth but the Soldier’s last step
Release the breath
Each head left
Kegs of the fluid get down to it
Don’t screw it up
You flew in just enough product to rock it
Now that I seen fluid topic I stop it
All the War as seen been there before I gleam
On the same team we dream of the triple beams
LSD cream
The jealousy seem a rein the scheme then
I eat for my ends some blotter
Lit the dot there to spot on air
That’s how we rock it payer
Careful for your flair to stare down
I wear the crown
I seen the sounds and lit the lights
Ignite with the gun fights

You want the organic
All plan it god damn it
To hit the beast release the feast
With elbow grease at least the chemicals
Leave you in a sketch condition
On a mission to save the six
And I break bread with hicks
It’s no magic trick it’s organic
All the static left them tragic
In the back exit to flex it with
Dead through trip as grip
Save that fit made for shit
Release increase the peace at the feast
With elbow grease at least the chemicals
Several federal charges on you
The barn drew alarm through there right
Take night flights trip and splice wires
I hit higher than fire rise up
Disguise buck the eyes off soft I come inside shut
The front up you could run up and gun up
I lit the sum up
A dump truck
Feed you fucks
To pluck from the muck
Organic no need to panic

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #863065 - 01/04/24 06:36 AM (6 months, 13 days ago)

We hit crystal Meth at the party
It start heat make you smart to the beat
Tops charts with the whole fleet
I’m downtown with the sound
I like it to type pop
The swipe got the stop
My gun rings Glock
All tight shop as flight stops
I release the droptop as mop
Clocked nonstop I sharp to hawk on
We love Ganja born as torn
Flip the form out the norm
All scorn rip roarin’ I soar in it
Begin it to win it hit different
My shit so bent I invent the stretch on X
Flex for sex after party wrecks Mex
I triple step twist the set wrist in the glow
At shows I top flows off the rock as snow
Tight as they talk I saw that on that fat cat
Roll maps incomplete Soul to Soul caps
Now heat that and ski with a bat
You gotta be raw as they saw after law
Class with an ass out
The last downtown I lit the sound up
To pounds up in a round cut

I dropped a drug cocktail
Of the IDs
Illegal Drugs all fetal plugs
I light it rubs back
Murder on a sack that murk your shit clack it back
I react with a strap
When I see some shit happen I stop rappin’
I’m Captain Pilot on assignment
My line went through blind lent the diamonds
I tryin’ to spend my time unwindin’ the blend of drugs
All like this not unlike thugs I rub back dub sacks
We cop weight for free as the blade it be
Raining blood all puddle in the mud muddy your waters
Thought verbs as raw swords to cores
Flipped it on fours I announce Wars
I slightest tore with the core
You can chill and what’s more
You can’t ill kick down the door
I’ve heard it all before as I soar on Sativa
I like the Ganja head
Gonna spread be with you fully until I’m dead

Reviving thugs with diamonds eyes bend
Sit back kick it till the tax collect mine is red
I paid in blood instead rocked the head up
I red cut in the strut
I got it
Got it to fuck shit up
I’m stalwart I hard to hurt
Curtains pack a burst in the tracks for thirst
No man is an Island
I just signed it send the fine detail as prevail the blind enter the center
For adventure
You could kick it in the center for the mention of her
All fence did blur I’m convinced ever since the head this up third rail
Jail way I pay I flail my arms and charm as Glock darn
I hit the top again
Shock this send perplexed with the intense pill pop
All feed stop as ill thought I relieve spots that hot
I will in this with the caught still
Serve a mil I foot the bill and steel for real
You could peel that I feel black
All intact with the real on the map that’s pay all sacks up
To the rap duck as cluck
Chicken what?
Heal the butt that ass that trashcan with the master in it damn
I thread the needle all fetal pull a Weed toke Ganja heat spoke
The broke smoke it
Choke on it then float past the conference
On some bomber shit

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #863222 - 01/04/24 05:42 PM (6 months, 12 days ago)

A lot of crews don’t flow on shoes
With two step bomb as precept calm my heat stress fracture
Attack tore crews through as they lose
I don’t choose who to fuck up I just use my shit duck out
Lit the stuck out they plucked
Motherfucked with the ruckus bout it backs buck bend this track toward
The swords I scored with
Whore did hit sit in shit till it bit
I lit
Just like it to strike with the dyke a cinch
I mic up the stitch with the cliffhanger banger with the crisp you in danger
I strange there to bare the flame air it out
I don’t care what you talkin’ about I throw it route
Seen and heard a bird I like this recurred ice is the price
You could shoot dice
I blaze trails of dead mics when I perform I shot twice
Lean in splice the cable up now I’m on my way to cluck heads
Buck fifty instead I chucky cheese with the thrifty
I’m nifty with the sip heat
I defeat almost everyone no matter what gun I got a bigger one
Figure I done did it pull the trigger and invent
The cold difference
Crews got shit in this I rock a fifth top a Glock necklace around my neck
Necklace for the flex then
I smoke some Mexican from the connect then

Bad Trip
Score a War as core
Flipped it more than Methamphetamine ripped it
I got tickets to peaceful living
All chilling in forgiving the imprisoned
Minds of all the times
My Zen practice climbs to the summit
Others plummet when they see a Gun Hit
The murder threat you bet
A Green Planet
With the barcode scan on the plan most people understand
The brand I land is that wingspan in the woods with shook
Foot feet down the Street I walk a beat complete unseat
The fools who ain’t cool
My Ganja checks all the hard drugs the school is fuel for thugs
Lightning bugs most people
Or slow moving equal
I sequel to the prequel as I spread evil thought seeing see through
All crews bleed to
You could read through the documents
I adopted nonviolence ever since I seen the silence rinse
A wild style mixed with mild bits and pieces of the Genius
I between us just trust a kid who tuck in his or her bid
I slid

Bent true as they sent through the crew invent new
Highs in the eyes breeding cannabis guys and girls love it
While we on the subject I rub the rest in the flesh with dub steps
I rep the drug bet as thug mug shot clock it to top with
I drop it and progress on the Ganja success with the bomb on it
No less I don’t stress drugs or drinking thinking I’m pink elephants
I gel and just bell
What’s relevant is hell and you been through it as well
I’m intelligent with a few gun clips as murder the 6
I seen a grip of cash rinsed my stash
Grimace behavior change stranger as crazed diminished the flavor
This Ganja major I got the behavior of the savior I daze your
Crazy haze with the bad grades as Soldier made
Soldier of fortune blades in this unfortunate as I’m scorchin’ it
It’s proportionate how distortion we the Set
Done heads with spread intend to bled that red fat with slacks
My gas to the max making gold chains platinum and blades
I further crazed in the Purple Haze lickin’ disgrace off the face of the Earth
For search further to curve murder
I serve your fervor with word up
I done struck the oil and it boil I tell the tale toil over open flame
Ganja I remain loyal as coiled dragon
I flag in this business so you could witness the shit intense
Learn self defense
With blades and nerve strikes all pertains to burn your hype fades
For mellow days

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #863224 - 01/05/24 04:22 AM (6 months, 12 days ago)

Gettin’ lit off gun toke with one hit
We done split the scene for Green
Bud and no thug can rub like me
Methamphetamine lean
With the cream and some Ganja fleeing MCs with the steamboat
Trip float this vote this fool out
I rule a mountain of stash countin’ cash
Bountiful fast
As Ash
I got 5 black sashes on my ass kiss as black Christmas
The difference is I’m bladed
Faded the hey you did that!
Yes I did and sprayed gats
I taste tracks I’m on smoke a bong
On long John I vote shit for a song to float with
I tote crisp bills and hope this blood spills
Off the most Trip?
I flip a dope sick motherfucker who choke on it
A goner to dawn your motive
I on one like gone Gun
The Sun Sets as from sweats I Gun threat still and I kill like done Mexican
No stress we from
We pack the Gats and flatten kids who skid row flip blow tippy toe
Hit you up for mo reppin’ the show we crept low
While you sped slow I lifted toe up to blow up
We show up on tracks with the motor wax on the coat for caps
I hold it the gats with Mushroom blast
I like to smoke crack

We OD on Shrooms
I lit some spoons flipped
To the tune of Good Trip
Smooth with the cool I school
I written with the get in that with a baseball bat
I licensed with the gat from way back
30 years of bloody tears shed
As your rear end dead
I lightning spread all over fighting the right wing
I tight swing and King crown a clown who goin’ down
I slipped the noun
The verb was word up
I served a punk who fronted
Off the Gun blunted
Some of us come from it to stomach
The plot to get shot
My shit gets hot so I step off and cool kept soft in school I tool with it
Rule different my gimmick is I let every crew lift it theyself
As wealth creep up health
I sell
I don’t buy or even try even
I reinvent the steel and I wield it
I real deadhead with spread fashion smashin’
Just dash in the stats and with whiplash I smoked your whole bag of grass
You one hitter quitter I lift your litter up
Do the jitterbug and give it a tug
Let’s see what Set you from

The mob murks
As bomb works through the system
I was in prison all day and gay with the vision
I got the incision in my gift then
I lift men
WIth the twisted Js displays as trick ends to means
I was on the scene with heavy Green over 3 years as a teen
I busted Cream with the beam
I trust to bust clean
I rupture spleen
Every time I hit a Tree I breed disease in diseased kilos of bleed
I reinvent indeed the bent this cent
I sent extra bent with the spent
I circumvent the end
I just tend to bust it blend the cuss words with good English
To extinguish this I bring to tricks the minimum steps to take
With it bake the head
Brain’s been fed
I’m way past dead in the red with spread that head she gave me crazy
I display heat on the Street when I set off a track meet
I blast keep the task complete
Until indeed I fed the breed a seed to plant
I dance by chance I lance a fool
Past bedtime and school tomorrow
For sorrow you borrow a car slow drive by blow guns
You make people die with your thugs you cry
And run the blood dry with the snug fit gun clip

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (01/05/24 06:18 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
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Posts: 2,320
Loc: Seattle
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #863225 - 01/05/24 06:49 AM (6 months, 12 days ago)

I’m the demon with the glass hand
I brand pipes smoke Ganja and practice bombin’ on thugs
I right to use drugs but I swipe clubs that thugs like
I mustered the type flustered with hype
I dusted then with the extended clip lens
I bends light insight I take flights
I write on right on bong smoke and roll joints on point
I high anointed I did the ointment on the head for brain
Lift in the lane I exclaim this cash is insane
I lit the stash
I came to task with aim with a flask maimed
Myself my mental health was called into question
Stealth mission in position I cause friction through the sticks and blades
Trade blood for fade rub
I dub a hit backwards a sack served me back heard like murder
Much further I split the burner I turn a trick into thickness
With quickness I rich adjust the bitch thrusted
I busted back and lust with the strap to rap
I cold cap I tack a man tragic then handle the woman magic
I bag it
WIth the swagger they call it but I brawl hits up different I rinse money
Gun Heat on the Street you can’t compete
Unless you cold feet with the skis or something
My jams are bumping

I crafted an Ace in the hole bastard
With plastic legs on powder kegs
Blow up legs and peg legs later skater
I dated the air so beware if you stare too long at my bong
You want me to fill it all day long
I got your song
So you could soar to the core
Gas to the floor it
I scored hits for more rinse ever since I was equipped I skipped
Grew and flew dice up nice slices little just as good as ice is
I rice crispy treat compete
Busted Gun Heat on the Street
Everyone in the fleet add up they drugs
Let’s see what stats we got hot
I scheme and plot to rein the game for a lot
I claim fame as the one to blame when it gets slain
My brain maintain I lift the exclaim the Sun Ray
I blade fade hit the Hades in the Mercedes
I get all the ladies square as fair made these bare
I ingest the DARE program and vomit on my bomb bet
I storm in warm to the core then I swarm on men or women
Whoever needs it plus I speed hit with herbs you could read it
Verbs and that’s word like penis

Trust out his beat
To bust out his sheet
To dust out his fleet
With Coca called Space Base
I smoke up
No joke loc up
I broke up
Nope I does the rope chain
Broken maintain as I claim Set
Frame it bet
Entertainment?  Yep
I crept
Swept up broom
That dead from the Gong Fu
I lock crews
I drop fools
Who clock tools
Rifle in the psychiatrist’s
I license with fifths
Commit murder in it fits
I servin’ hits straight
From the date this Acid plate
Glass pipe your fate
Till you shelf later
I fade there
I break and tear

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (01/05/24 08:35 AM)

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