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The Growery is proud to be sponsored by some of the best companies in the business. We perform background checks, place secret shopper orders, solicit for public feedback, and monitor the ongoing performance of our sponsors to ensure we can recommend them with pride. If you're in the market for a product which one of our sponsors provides, we strongly suggest that you look to them first. You'll be assured timely service at a reasonable price, and by supporting our sponsors you'll be helping to support the Growery as well.

Please note that the Growery also participates in other advertising arrangements, and we may receive compensation if you make purchases using various links on our site, but only the sponsors listed below have been vetted by our staff.

We aren't able to provide customer support for our sponsors, so if you have any questions or comments about an order, please address them to the appropriate contact from the list below.

If you're interested in becoming a Growery Sponsor, please contact us!

* Sporeworks
Sporeworks Sponsor for more than 16 years
Contact: pc@sporeworks.com
Shipping: Worldwide

* BarneysFarm
BarneysFarm Sponsor for more than 5 years
Contact: info@barneysfarm.com
Shipping: Worldwide excluding Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, USA

* High Mountain Gold Compost
High Mountain Gold Compost Sponsor for more than 7 years
Contact: highmountain@olypen.com
Shipping: USA

* Original Sensible Seeds
Original Sensible Seeds Sponsor for more than 7 years
Contact: support@originalseeds.zendesk.com
Shipping: Worldwide

* Everything Mushrooms
Sponsor for more than 13 years
Contact: info@everythingmushrooms.com
Shipping: Worldwide

* Original Seeds Store
Original Seeds Store Sponsor for more than 2 years
Contact: support@originalseeds.zendesk.com
Shipping: N/A

* World Seed Supply
World Seed Supply Sponsor for more than 14 years
Contact: WorldSeedSupply, info@worldseedsupply.net
Shipping: Worldwide

* Royal Queen Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds Sponsor for more than 8 years
Contact: alex@zamnesia.com
Shipping: Ireland, Mainland Europe, UK

* Avalon Magic Plants at the Growery
Avalon Magic Plants at the Growery Sponsor for more than 14 years
Contact: avalonmagicplants, info@avalonmagicplants.com
Shipping: Worldwide excluding Asia, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Middle East, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South America

* mindheal.com
Sponsor for more than 1 year
Contact: mindhealpro@gmail.com
Shipping: N/A
Cannabis Seeds - Original Sensible Seeds
Please support our sponsors.

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