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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864031 - 01/30/24 04:00 AM (1 month, 2 days ago)

I caught an ill rude
Off plates of food in the nude
With no Gong Fu I move slow
Still I tag the toe and let it flow
Over the cypher beyond control
My mic pull magnetic
Don’t sweat it yo you gonna head up bro
Sis just like this I strike it rich
The double ditch dug as thug decease

From the East I bust in peace
With grease I release on Water
Imagine that?  Drug raps as Soldier stat
With the mic I brought back
I got a license to jack smoke a little Crack
All Bold as Gold with the hold on

The stroll on the block I found shocked
Dead on the ground from a round bullet
I Soldier fullest cold herb blown birds
This one’s served as Crisis burned
I mic itch to the turn in your weapon
Spread Eagle the Veteran
Of writing letters and
I better than most people
In a Gun Fight or get Evil and run right
Down the middle of the sequel
I shot machine Blue as heat drew
Some off bleed out the skull
And brains drained in lanes down gutters
Changed it up for butters
All I do is mutter magic
As I bag it
You on the rag there bitch

Root it out
All shout down the mountain
We got a Hemp Yell and Gel
Like Tab we fab
Lift the program as roll jams off the label stable
Still will in the cables fat
Release backs like dat I mic intact
I trapped a kid with skid marks
In the dark charted hardest hitter fit there
I bit the wares off they careless
I dare fresh as bare chest
I marry the test as stare down left
With the glare as stench
I got a wrench in my casket
Bask in it as back spin it
I ran digits down digital Crown
I lounge on that yo
Like a death blow I crept up slow
With the Gung Ho like a Veteran
I remember all the Veterans
Believe me like cheese freeze
I breeze through as they all want to meet my crew
I cycle through brews as I mic pull in deuce
On the loose I got a cooked goose
Like juice
I flew in lucid dream on cream
Lettin’ off steam I beam steady from my Set it free
Medically I’m fucked I stuck a truck up
I tuck one Sun run guns and sum done
I stun a kid with the numb that split
Some tight shit
I love to eat the grits

I’m high now
So I can run the tons of drugs down the Crown Way
Ski in free through the freeway
Smuggler’s Highway I rob a load and get fly spray
They die any day they play with Gun or Blade
Or fucking Grenade or anything like that slayed
I’m an A in the hood
I stood up and rolled up Fission then got dissed in prison
With the list in I plan to Fuse All G and you lose
I bump and bruise on the shoes I got shot back as hot ones
I shotguns run down a Trip like no one flip
I get shit sick with the hazard mix the Track Savage
I pay dues to Ghostface from Wu Tang
My whole crew bang as I drew slang from they fluid
Ring right to it I got Blue Blood
Son of David and Moses for instance
I got all 12 Crowns of Israel at my head
Shit gets blood red on the feds I track lead through they stuck drew Guns
On who got Suns like a Ton
I wax jobs for fun on the rerun I return to planet
Scan it bar code just waiting to get old and sold
Soul on the roll with no Folds I’m Gold Platinum
All in a sack is Sun with Ball Cap weighs a ton
I get so Stung On it I Bomb Chronic  repeated Calm Heat Grip the steps
I got are fresh deceased Left hand with some Grease up the brand
I land hits like fools wish for Christmas

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864032 - 01/30/24 08:01 AM (1 month, 1 day ago)

Poison Tip Hollows
Gun talk
All that follows is numb
A Gun from the sum of parts as artistic
I hard to risk it from
I got a ton
I busted lungs and shot up on Product
That powder crushed crystal for the fistful of Cash later cast
I made the master task the rapture with blast furnace
Learned it’s the word you sweat through as you drew
Guess Who?
AK-47 from the freshness for breath lift
I run a dress clip as I left with the remnants of fragments
My back bent over as I colder
I rock it Polar
I got solar radiation
Comes through all over the station on vacation from Sun Rays then
I phased in with the craze when
I playpen in the mayhem I brain lens Gray fend off the delay
In Gun Spray murder any day
Every way you play you mean to say that shit
Words hit hard when the man down and guard against with defense
To shoot back at this rap tragic you an addict
A savage with bandages for chopped off limbs you sin
I begin
I only just begun and thumbs busted drums like that
I sum it right back up with the cast truck
I made them bucks in Oil
All Golden Girls are spoiled
I mixed with Soil and grow a cop to stop that cat as Glock rap
My Gun is intact still I filled the map up with caps up

We drenched in Sun
With one Gun no front with that Gat I seen it attack
Out of control with no soul from the old school with rules
I know how the fuel is
I rule in this against multiple armed opponents
Unskilled I fill the killers up with iller structure might puncture
The punks tore off
I seen a War gloss over the core as I soar
I need Sativa the breed of Tropical
All Pot pull off pops nonstop like Icicle but I get colder not your folder
I Gold dirty as the 7:30 are lurks in true form
With brews warm
I cycled to swarm with the unborn as sworn
I see you in the morning with no warning I’m touring Europe
To get the burn up I churn up some cream to make the butter lean in gutters
I shut curse that rap with a burst Gat
Why I murder on tracks kids heard of the max
I tack that ass when I fly past
Gangster Rap
I seen a kid jack as Gold drew back
Into the cold I older than sold that
I mold fat with the map I trap rodents
On this broken bones with the switch they twitch
And ain’t ready for shit

We on a search for the function
Of new drugs we tried some kinds as bind bound contract
Got it down pat
I lack in the hard drug tact as capped
I got the black and gray flames stacks as layback
I got paid for my tracks as I came master that
Until attacks cease I grease and cut the cheese
In the breeze under the keys I shock that
I got some bomb rap from the Sun
I Gun jack
Come from the swamp and right back as Gun Contact
I Soldier strapped to the max
I fill in stacks as raps track
I fact not fiction in my jurisdiction you see the 6 in
I stick it sickening end the difference is readily apparent
Transparent I airlift the supplies to get high with into my sector
I check for the Set score as flex four fours
I kick down doors hardly ever
I’m too clever to get lead stuck in my head
Forever I rap for Dead
I’m a Deadhead with the full spread lead to red spray blood stain rain
Down the drain most kids complain and scratch off their name
So I late in flame and make my name as Game
I Set it to get extra heavy flex fed heat the Gun Speak
I’m Ghost with the white sheet over coast through the country

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (01/30/24 09:10 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864033 - 01/30/24 03:56 PM (1 month, 1 day ago)

We about to heat up on drug connects
Reflex in check with specters I lecture
As I censored I bent entrance to the pathway as class slay you
I grew Grass Grade A through you
All Blue too we new to cool as spool of the license with Ice and
I slice in the method of wrecking mics from rock to sand
Flames to ashes I cashes this one out
As I stand down I flipped a round
The fight went to the ground
So I sound like an expert with flex jerk the network
As came and left work
I make your head jerk
To the beat we too Street you can’t compete
I come clean with crews that mean business gleam as shit hits the fan
I blow up and like Soldier Man I hold you understand?
I got Golden Grams as I ram I suntan and plan to roll crews ran
With Gun in hand I take a stand like Soldier slammed
On the ass real fast wounded in battle rattle sabers
All that’s left is ill flavors I crept
To mics that major in one breath
I torch take the course with force to contort the spot I got shot at
I dock a rat’s ass as progress to pop flat your tires
I ever expire with desire I lit them higher and retired then

The fully enhanced CD
The beat skips off heat Trips
I twice in this
Diced up the mic cuts as function
Punk someone Gun from it like my lung itch
I switch up
Get the fist fuck
I been tucked one as you gone
Blow you off to Forest Lawn
I got the Dawn I prolong through fog and quick bog
In the swamp fools did stomp like your mom you stay calm
I got the music on to drop bombs
Like this I mic this strong and flight lifeless with the type twitch live
I signed to a dive I thrive
Got to stay alive I got the soap knives
Bullets ride on me so I signed to pay a fee
So deadly steadily crept up with bucks on a ten speed you duck
I don’t give a fuck as I tuck one
Some like this someone glitch
I fully stitch up the wrists cut as bitch but
I nip tuck
Fiend for bucks as heat dust you
Trusted that you slapped up in rap
I take that back and damage it
Man I hit with the slice of the pie I eyeball fifths
Of Shrooms I rock in rooms
I got the Gong Fu
True Blue with the rip crews with Dragon Boxing
I handle blades in the detention center you enter

I get on my knees and beg
For a Keg of Rum
I sung about bottles on my last track
I got the mastery of the foreign heat on the Street
Busted Guns with Ganja Weed
As I bombed off of Speed
I don’t need no more of that shit
I get the last hit I plead
For the 33
That’s me as I hold you fold you be bold crews who lead
I follow hollow as I spit swallow
Get the all yo called Gold as I fold you be bold crews
I hit snooze
Swim in the pool
Winning is cool
But I get high In school
I went to High School as a Gun Tool
I learned the function
I dropped college to hype up my strikes
Beat them dead with pipes
I get five mics for this
I type to twist reefer
As each seen as peachy keen
I bust a beam
I lean on your gleam gone crew
As old drew the brew
I’m telling you
I want a Keg of Rum
As bleed from my tongue
I monolingual speak English
And peak with the physique

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (01/30/24 05:40 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864034 - 01/30/24 06:26 PM (1 month, 1 day ago)

Break your legs
Thug pegged in the spot for dot
I like to roll thoughts into clouds
As the clouds come down into thick fog
I Crown
Soldier with the frown
As cold drew to bare in the air
I lit it stare that fit it with it to skip mix the pick up sticks with friction
Each kick in the teeth was for beef
I like this teach suckers nothing like beach sand through the fingers
I linger on hinge serve as copy
You get shot with heat on the Street
I like this cold come with the Ice Meth and rung
I stung I function from the lung
As I sung I wing it to number one
I bring it
Thing I’m the king in it except different
I Drag and don’t Mag out I bag down with my Crown
With the Crown Royal all to a boil
I foil the plan just like Sun Scan the sky for clouds in Eye
Relax get high I service shy of murk hits
I burned to bits all the flips in this with Trips
It’s something like Gun tricks they fronting
I Gun Ring people the enemy
I got the lens with heat
And substitute screech for black leaf on the Gold as Cold Reefer
The thirst quenching starter for the art to develop as hard hearted
Steel intelligent Martial Wizard with digits frigid
Blue Dragon

Banned from the Sector
As I check your reflex for War
I got a Tech 9 that tore through the kind of crime I see as blind diseased key
I find the time G to rewind and copy
Stop heat threat with the G in crept as release
Extra diseased with no Trips, Ganja or skips
I busted dips on the hits they got
Man!  No Pot!  Imagine that on a bike that’s fat in combat
I bring the mics straight back as I calm cats
I roll with baseball bats and stats as program flats
I Mic in this jack the type on tracks slice the act in half
I recede and laugh as I stack to new heights
Flip it seen the sights as a rip through break the Ice
I’m too nice to people feeble as I key ball smoke Weed all day
And copy as I slay the topic is dead meat so saw heat
Mic this to the beat as Drums keep through sums so sweet
I got the numb on the Street type to ripen to hype in
With the stripes in the Hype Ring
I double dice roll with Wing command bring the thing bright
Likeness to Sun might shine I bound down in the town
I seen a fool frown for what’s going down
I lit this like the witness I 6 success Heat Blessed
By each fresh bar I spit in the text I get flexed on
In the guard and that’s hit I type that scarred I rip it hard

I smoked all that shit
Made the hit records hit
I reflex with the Lit text
I Crip to the test with Bloods in the Thugs give it a rest on some drugs
I like this with the Mic twisted up in my grip
I tons of slips and dips
For the drips I flip the script

I licensed to lift ever since I hit ganja Spliff
I rewind and top Chris
This mic is it on the styles profiles with the file folders as cold air
I get cold stares from the Stoner Crowd with the microphone up loud
I serve it downtown
All I need now is Ganja Again
I cycle with the AHEM!
I busted them rusted them trusted them with nothing BLAM!
The heater just busted out the two seater to eat up crews who bottom feeder
I smoke Weed here
That’s all there is and Mexican Beer
I been in fear of no Ganja since the drought out loud I type to rock down
On mics I tear up Hypes with the list of gripes complaints ain’t a Saint feint
I get America Great Again
Without the Orange Spray On Tan
I got the contraband they don’t want me to hand off
I Damn soft in my martial approach I busted roach clips to toast the rest of the Reefer
I seen a heat seeking missile creep up and dis you
I got a fistful of Cash
I light the stash up as I flash cuts

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864035 - 01/31/24 06:09 AM (1 month, 1 day ago)

I cop by the Kilos
A Kilo slow you flow up to hold on
You gone when I cycle with it strong
I prolong Street except we meet up with weight
Skate on date we down that shit great
Cop a little sniff
As tight as rip I might just split the atom
Or Fuse down to bruise mics in this groove real smooth
I tight grip the mic and move bricks
We rude as tricks until we cop the Kilos
All Steel below the feel Yo
I real slow moving on Ganja
As psych as mic move up belong here
No fear we hit up in the rear of the building
We all chill in
I drill and and will end this top bill with my friends get killed in
The drug game reflex all put to shame
As fill in the flame
We got the Cocaine now as service BLAUGH!
I on the mic allow steam to escape as rape busted hate crime
Relate while I date I’m not gun shy I just busted in the eye
Trusted that we rollin’ fat cat
Everyone loves weight the Kilos inflate the steel toes
Like this with flows as real slow flow
We hype this on the mic with the glow
On top of it hold the Oxygen with weight
Kilos by the date as peel old as hate racial
I spatially aware as I stare and feel great
I got a top skate mind boxing just waiting for the stalk to send up
Fruits like these roots I type to do it fluid
Don’t ruin it we can tell you’re new at this kid

We all need the megadose Shrooms
As tight as light looms in the darkness
To park this up
We never park or shark we hark the Herald Angels Sing
We bring this with Wings
Tight in the stings?
We flight as might brings the type of flights that mics light up
We rearrange the Set
Bet that Wet up we head up
All steel in the peel
Everything else is bullshit for real
We conceal weapon
All threaten as we jet in the left end
Burn blow turbo relax real cold as wax
Steel below and we relax
I peel back the E L ement
I sent as spent came back and went
This shit drops your cent as I bent
In the type as I swipe a mic device I rock it twice
Roll the dice we the King of rolling on ice
I hold through the slice
Kill mic up to type struck as mics bust and
I just got back will intact not the amp
As cold cap
The start peels real slow as old in the Gold for fold
I crisis as old as mics diced up folded up mics shut the mic shut
Like Yo! What’s up?

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Registered: 01/20/24
Posts: 493
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864040 - 01/31/24 06:57 AM (1 month, 23 hours ago)


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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Versicolour]
    #864041 - 01/31/24 07:35 AM (1 month, 22 hours ago)

Spin it at the limit
It’s a gimmick?  Then gimme it
I shimmy shake down and break ground
We lounge
In the ground the guns buried down
I light the Crown and rock this town now
I bound to sound drowned out in the count
For the mountain to spit up at the fountain
I shall rock then and talons sunk in
The slam dunk the punks that chump bumps
I license to thump as cycle hums
The rifle comes with the title I got the rival sect
As seen infect the dream
Like ice cream I seem on the team busted like Cream
We mic up this dream as Ice that gleam
A Soldier beam and float in the reinvented wrote that coated in blood
The thug does the rub back as stack
This trap in fact mics come back and I strapped so I rap
I fiend to cold cap release this track it’s steel intact
Peel that as real fat I scatter the matter I’m much fatter
On a platter is served the rank stank as shank like I thank the light
As white as sheet greet the meet the defeat the cycle complete

We baseball bat as I trip rip scatter
In the honey grip as money flip
We got all the bids is hidden in plain sight
All will in the flight until I mic up the baseball bat
A baseball bat of a Master as Soldier burst hasta
Shirt come off work as done cough and spurt
You type to first degree murder
I curve a serve on the lead with Meth and proceeds
In the flesh I get this def we bleed in the mics turned left
I burn at three hundred degrees I clock a sucka Gs shock
As feed the stock on the shotgun
I rock run a ton flip the tongue
Buns hang out and rang out all will about the rain comes down
I clown as I baseball bat the noun
You could hit the ground duck down
I’m licensed with a round I got the pounds now of Ganja
We got the soccer mom bomb with the calm palms
We lit it strong up to fit it
Yo we did it!
Hid kids up at the Ganja spot on the dot I cycle plot
I chill with the sought after caught fracture bastard will in it mastered
Bill like I hasta drill and hype as I blast with skill I type
To peel that real fat quick
All you need is licks and you thick with a baseball bat

I Ball it
Fat as a wallet
We make major Cash and call it Gold
Type to light you up struck by such as duck too much
All fiends they hush
I write up a white out to flight route
I’m on Water dug out the slaughter
I hit the card you’re carrying
I’m burying the where it ring thing swing
I tear it down King with the Crown I sing to get down
I Wing
I such as the thing is a rush to truck town in the lounge
I flipped a round
Tripped it now who flipped it?
Trip shit is lit when I’m in it thick
For business
We distance from the witness
Forgiveness for those who missed it Yo!
I fiend to blow slow
Love the Ganja show how I bomb back roll
I sight in the patrol to hold Gold cold
I cycle in the mode
We don’t like to explode but we puff
Show and it gets rough to toe tag all enough
I don’t brag I just Dragon
In the bag with the swag I never lag
I got the rags that sag pants man I dance
Come up on a chance for advanced
I like to land shots as onslaught yo that’s why we flow hot
Someone here is not my friend
So I turn it into bend
I murder intend to shake further like Earthquake
Peel it down and bake types that take rhymes I skate on tracks
All like this light this up Yo!

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864051 - 01/31/24 02:26 PM (1 month, 15 hours ago)

Hit the deep rich Organic Juices
All fruit loop tricks no deuces We Trip on loose fit
New clothes suppose kids get ruthless I chose
The roof hit I blows off the roof and case closed
We light up Water flows
I seen a Faster who blast off fully
Needs Meth but yo we got that full Speed as breath
I rewrite the check as next
I top flex to shock it to death
We rock it no half step I talk shit and moccasin hit the socks off
I write it shock raw as lockjaw
I tight in it saw the draw as hip hop claw off the cost
As raw
We tight this light this up before
We rock it to shock hit the lock did it
I top skidded around the corner as foreigner
I torn in yah coroner
To born whip the Wizard Sorcerer
I sport to full up fully
I pull heat across the Street as done beat
I run the Street with done creep in my sleep
I heard a peep so I served that fool’s fleet
Hurt his crew up I do stuff like shoe
Rule as in school mic this up to type twitch lose they cool
Service on fuel we duel
We need Organic Raw and lots of Water law

Kids want Drug Raps
Flows that touch that
Like a dub sack
I rub Crack off so I saw it law dead jaw
I red raw as law and that’s instead I saw
I title claw all the rivals’ flaw
I speak it medical ya’ll
Beheaded wax and Set it I dread fits
As head splits naw
I dead flip the Trip you said that thick as flicked bic
I fully fix the medic up
That said it punk
I seen a chump kid with no lump
Sift his dunk for doughnuts
I flow cuts
Sho nuff
I blown up
Roll truck as I hold nuts
I bold in the strut they flow tuck one
One gun for sum as done one
I drop a ton on someone from somewhere as air
Caught the glare I Set Stare and flex
Behead bare as next to wreck checks that
Bled fat as red rap to edit the trap
Read it in the clap for tax
The flow as said wax
I’m dead last in the fleet to pop off
I said it sock on
We rock on
Show the shock gone
I pop it like popcorn
When I get flowin’ everyone know in
The Drug game
I float his flame
Unique for my drug experience
I spear the shit as a kid
I do a bid and still slid in
What you’re witnessing is different from Stress
Yo!  Smoke a lot of Ganja don’t flex

Thirst quench the bench
Enter the flex and center max
Rental stacks that bled through backs
As facts
Psychedelics is the medicine I spin
I siphon off the right end
I sight bend
I light they tend to act frightened when I drop
I bite in the box that show stops
I loaded Glocks we got shit to rock sift the top stitch
I rock a trick as off the Richter scale I beach a whale
To set sail I’m in jail
I never fail to prevail so the way I tell
The story all in more heat the Street to before beats eat it up sweet
They beat it up seat lead on flux that crux
I tighten trucks I light some stuff and ignite on bucks
You magnetic in the tucked one to set it
I fed hits to kids on credit they dead hit the head split
For tread on the shit I edit they Trip as led the fifth they plead
25 to Life indeed for rocking Speed
Meth as I creep up left
My breath handles that cut as sandals strut at the beach called flip flops each
Stops the reach for the Glock as the beast clock
I’m deceased chalk outline yo it’s about time
I bled hits this rhyme
It’s a crime

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (01/31/24 04:56 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 1,550
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864062 - 01/31/24 06:17 PM (1 month, 12 hours ago)

We bake off take off
The flakey crust as mistake cost a life
With a knife in the type of head that mic is up dead
We red mics bled on hype said edited they feds
Like this meds I type to truck meant that cent
For rent I spent back as lent jack for head crack
I seen a stack and max for facts as black jacks
Raps crack heads back as feds black out the whack down
I type to clown hype as a round shot from a Glock sound that stop
Pounds circulate on grounds with Ganja
All on there it belongs there
Believe me like Stevie I seen heat without the Ganja on the Street
Baseball Bats compete with the ski slow all below they heat up toes
As froze in rows at the show we flip the holes in the cold
We rolled lit it bold up to sit it up your head duck
From the medicine fuck that shit a Vietnam Veteran hit the excrement
Off the vent a boss heaven sent like floss
I represent the bent for a toss in the get your ass bent
I invent the Ganja Stench in my wrench
Psychedelics plus Pot I sell in it
Gunshots rang out about that hella shit you in is spin
I mic it up the type of truck that siphon off the cut
I bleed as truck release the Speed Meth yo
That for was for sure the Death Row
I peel the flow as said so in the lead grow until bullets roll out
I sold out the fold shout out loud on stage about the new dance craze
I handle blades

We only represent the bent
Every cent is lent
Trust me while I bust keys
Off in locks
To shops that make heads knock
I red rock to clock it on my Glock
Don’t stop it pop
The head check as talk for stalk in the raw
I saw all that law I claw the eyes
Offa strive get live
I got the knives
Gun down as thrives past Sun down
I got the vibes
I run town for influx that head sucks like a vacuum
I back soon to red spoon at dead noon
I got the head room as I write you too soon I ignite fights at full moon
I cycle through the gloom as I rhyme fool in it spool with it
Duel for the trick shots and Pot I smoke inhale till I broke or in jail
I never fail I stale cracker backer of the chapter
33rd the Master
I conduct perfect as I work it
Most Sets get they head checked like circuit
Of the hurt Trip that lit fully thick off the dipstick
I rip Trips off the list of law that fist
Up drawn down to my Crown I bit the rhyme I wrote of how I float and
Don’t show boat I flip your dope coat
As soak in the blood like mud you squish
Ruin Trips off the 6 I lick steady
Every head heat up even deadbeat in the truck

The ego dissolving
Solving Problems called men equal the sequel
To the people that see through you on Psychedelic crew true as bell
Rang and gel like the melon juice and fruit loops
I busted hoops troops that new to attack and scoot that shit back with loot
I do it the deed and proceed to bust on Weed
Everyone send the rhymes I recommend back cause they afraid of Crack Cocaine
Blades and Bullets cause blood stains and pull it
The fullest dull pain as Trip drip
The sucker slain and ripped up
I tipped up the Trip stuck on a loop to recoup
I shot it shoot offa the to boot loot as noose
I regroup the super soup squadron loop on Problems
Do it to revolve them evolved in like Solar Wind I bend
Recycle the ten spots I shot the Sheriff
I dare to lick tricks off the glare at a distance for beware of the misfits
For the dip tricks in 6 the fit sticks
I can’t fuck with it to truck hit the pedestrian
The lesbians are my friends so I shot a Dot from my Benz
I liken this to ends I make
I break a fool off site and tools cost a lot like Pot
I Soldier shot I cold as folded bold did it rolled
Under control I sold my soul to stroll through cold brew type illegal hold drew
Down as feeble man can’t understand the youth of today
While I kick back and slay

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864069 - 01/31/24 10:45 PM (1 month, 7 hours ago)

A Drug Euphoria!
Who’s scorin’ your drugs for you?  Crew?
I set up to slew in the game left aim like crept in the lane
I take suckers up as lame I rock in chains I light this like brains
You a flight risk
I tight twist all the Cannabis
Called Ganja we phone it in on the armchair as alarm bear witness
I ditch tricks in this fix Christmas with gift rap
I been smacked up and ducked out my luck ran down the drain as claim
I service the aim
I’m crippled yo
I flip you friend or foe to dip crews in slow mo
I toe to toe with the Death Row
I seen shit blow yo you get it old as a Gold tooth smile I child of pain style proclaim
Aim the dot as a lot of Pot blown in the zone
We hook up Shrooms
We like this nice like the dice lift I twice tricked the Ice on flip
Read the text back as fresh lack in dap you whack and can’t come back
I recede on track
Like blacks I’m discriminated against
Up against the fence until I chill with ladies and gents
My excrement is bent
I seen it in the toilet
I foil it the plan to see that screen for lean as pipe dream
I wipe clean
All the Dragon Ball Soldiers on the scene

The Meth has my suit crooked
Yo look it I shook it hook up stuff that cooks hit themselves
I rang bells on shit
Light this up in a Spliff and twice strike it all night trick
I mic up Weed I need to display readout
My computer feed down on clowns who renowned as brown freaks
I seek each key up the Ganja stuck as we pluck
Some people don’t give a fuck and truck rope around they neck a joke
In a sec
I deck of cards wreck on alarms check these farms garner respect for their crop
Ganja Tops leave you shocked
So I cocked back that tool once a fool wants to cycle through punks with a rifle
I strike height pull up the style I smile while I pile on rhymes child
Children get killed in the drug game maimed and illed up proclaim
How I go down the drain let me explain
I rock an Icy chain I got it in the famous
Rain adjust as flames crusted my outer layer
I’m a player and club bound to Dragon down with the Crown
I like this like how I dice tricks
I might fix I bite flips on tight Trips
The flight risk is in sight with the grip on mics
I double down and clown with lead pipes

People can’t think so I blink and sink them
I ink men up in the clink headed for bed with the links of Gold Chain
Hype this till the lights clipped remain
Priceless I mic up the fest as Ice rest in my brain
I Trip on it slain the way in came and bent the rain meant the A was spent
For lent a cent as I invent the entrance of the defense
Tai Chi plea I got to ski
Clock it G shock it rock it around the clock till the clock stop ticking
I’m not kicking shit I’m hitting flips
I rip the grips out of the 6 down lounge with the bound for drugs sound
I got shit to top spit the frowns reverse as I lift the curse
I burst with Genius between us I’m the meanest thus
I clean shit for the bucks who Trip
I lead a dick into thickness with quickness I lit this
Every bitch said switch so I Trip fix the glitter on your face as I Ace
About Face I give you the taste of how you laced
You a fucking disgrace so feel the bass
I written it makes the Trip complete
Rappers come out they seats with white sheets on drum beats with bass lines
How I taste test blind as I rewind I find diamonds
Lounge about time and I got the ground
For Pounds of Pot
Plus I smoke Crack Cocaine and lit the OZ doses of Psilocybin Shrooms

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864070 - 02/01/24 12:26 AM (1 month, 5 hours ago)

If I could choose one Herb it’s Pot
Except they roll up I get shot
Yo hold up!
Pot got me martial and not partial with a phat rope and hard pull on magnetic
Letter grade A Set it I play with the flowers and their powers
I’m hippy I Trip simply with the Grip of Cash, Ganja and Water Fast
I hold on to the blast that’s rolled on
I patrol long hours I soured I scour the Earth and towers lurk in the city
To get people high I lit heat and dry with swift Beat
I retreat and come right back with a sack of Pot
On the dot I hold plot for drugs rock the spot
We pull plugs on you not you who roll true but some fools
I hype this until I mic this up for schools
I twice to do it I Ice lit and price hit the slice bit
I mic up the punk ass trick
As I flip I dip down with crown that’s lit now
I bit how’s that?
Everyone want my rap and my guns
So I cycle from the night full of lungs full of Ganja Bud smoke
I take a lot of tokes enough to float
I clear my throat flip the Vote and coat it going down slow digits cold
Frigid bold I dig it sold I mix in the 6 then I’m Gold
An MC slips and murdered shit gets old

We need beer
We alcoholics and ball it check your wallet stolen with the fold in the rhythm
Golden how we livin’ in from the cold then
We bold men and women program the digits
To frigid I got to hit it then split it break it down
Mix it round the ground pound the walk stalk
I light this downtown with the sound
I bound to profound in the lounge strike a match and latch lift
The sack a Spliff now we smoke it get down
Focus on the hit sound we broke shit
Toke it bit clowns hope it don’t come smoke it
They provoke it so I lit rounds
I dose it in close with the toast and I poke your ribs
These tight jibs like this skids in the sight with the light gives
The at night frights
I got shot at heights you get red dotted spotted try a mind spotless
Kind and rock this with the 9
I drink the fine wines as I bind bound to release the town
See all that Crown Heights I lights up the flights I take
Make it bake it no mistake I take it and shake it
Rake it up place with the cut as they naked butt I break it off proper
So don’t stop your shit because of me and my skis
I shock on these Trees and lock bleeds the top see set relieved
As I breathe

Close down burn slow
Hit it in the roll to split it
Control all they cold with it get it live and take big hits and kill it at the end
That’s defend I be spent up a cent every day on sack display
Art as part of hit the pop charts I Soldier dart as martial art
I get this mark up the dark up the hard but I’m large in the charge then
I barge right in and roll you over with my car then
I darned to heck with the charm around my neck
As guarded respect for the farm I flex
I make checks and wreck each note I float is Ganja coated so you know I voted
For kids to smoke bags up as skids to tag with the rag hit the flames
All up in this like James I caught the luck and exist as a famous player
Dragon with the wagon as I tailor the bail or you core that’s stale at War
Never fail with my four four
I’m in jail hit up rails of Meth or inhale the smoke it’s death
As left trap come in dead last with your head crashed
I said Fast I blast on magic damage the chance as handed with the right
I take flight all night and light this
I’m one of the tightest with the Good I fight just as Ice bust
To twice dust as mics struck the fine wine sold on a dime I commit crime
I Soldier rhyme Gold on my neck as I chime
I rock it rhyme clock you for your sock drew a lot of who shot you?
I smoke Pot too
Don’t worry I’m through with Meth no hurry
I love a spicy curry I could use some Ganja to blur heat on the Street

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864083 - 02/01/24 04:55 PM (30 days, 13 hours ago)

The Ganja was my whole thing with Trip
Until I sprouted wingspan on Meth
Ganja gives you the Pigeon Wings and sings like crisp
The tight fist rewrites checks on flex as contact bet
That bomb back as lawn mowing tracks showing flowing context
We roll true as flex that’s bold drew into steps that hold crews
We sight the blues music as the shoes itch to do it
I through into ruin all the drew into the new ends
This crew spends time brewin’ flew into the rule change as strange
When you lit that blank page as sages age they play with Drugs
Licensed like things I got the plug shot up as law rap does trap
I saw that like a Ganja Strap as contact maximum
With Shrooms we relax and Sun
Tan with the plan to serve fools and we make the grands
Pull out strands from the gangs we rang tight this language
Frank as tank rolling control the soul and crews fold when
I hold ten I got Gold and Platinum Chains
With blood stains dice games and bullets rain down
Aware as stare at clowns who from down the way as round
I use an ashtray when I smoke bones loc
I flip a joke and Grow Sativa Smoke!
We choke on thick clouds as the burn turn and hold Crowns
Licensed to roll dice and I’m found with the Pounds
At any time any rhyme come crime with the digits High
I the type the live it Y I forgive hits as blips and dub sacks Trip
Run that back and flip rub raps out around the 6

I seared a sphere past a beer buzz
We into Water does as court ordered cause
We sorted through Drugs
We go endogenous
As lead bust as Tree did thus as seed must
I love getting High but Water is Y I came here
With the same peer through gem lens
As head clear
It sends the message that left itch
I dead twitch when I’m on Meth and Water
I stretch
I lightning breath exciting Right Wing
I love to ball a tight thing
With Gun Ring
The polite pulled a sting at night
The sight seeing
Being GP I lock up on Trees and clock skis
On Water
I got the shorts to contort the Trap as black
Max with the lack of sacks
I fiend for Platinum
We scatter atoms from the latter hung
I got the Data strung out
What it’s all about
Gun in the mouth like a Soldier downtown
I rip it colder the file folder bound
For round circularity
I tear into for free a kilo
Of Crack write you back as I snap
I lead the Cat as rhyme max with the straps
As fiends on the tax
Relapse in the tracks
With stacks
I flipped it in batches
Ripped it intact with back rubs on Ganja Buds

Round one up
You sound Gun Up Strut
Like the cut shut cases for Aces
Set taste it’s the place for makeshift
Waste clips
On taste that flips
Honey drips
Seen bees buzz like dub sack rubs
I Drug that as Gun clack
Murder impact the sacks you smoke
Poke on some blood for thug
I amplify the such as was does his mug
I licensed with the rope tug I choke
On broke some gone on to smoke
I wrote them back about Jack
Made the max with will impact
The scratch of a batch of Crystal Meth
Everyone seen that undress
Get left hand brand as Gun Rang
Me and the Sun hang
My buds I brang
Ganja dub sack Wing is
Such that they bust back
Seen the max as they flap wings
I got the rings around Uranus
To famous don’t blame us
We flame just as tight upward
As bird heard the cuss word
I dust verbs into trust that absurd
Murder black as furnished rap
Heard of stats that Caps
I fact as track max out the volume
I column of smoke as I broke
Into the Dope Ganja vote it on here
As belong here
They gone from fear
As fear steer clear of final tear
As the rearview seen as beam
That dream crew as lean
I got the Cream and steam brew

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864121 - 02/02/24 11:16 AM (29 days, 19 hours ago)

A Mystic
Master of the Internal Alchemy don’t twist it
I risk hits up the bitch butt
I kick ass cut that blast offa Water Fast
I drug it up to tug on the rope as choke for smoke
I hit it until it’s broke
I need to chill out and smoke Cannabis
I love Juice and Water and the Plan of the Cuts on Bomber
Makes you calmer we don’t like drama
So I shock off on and on here
And steer clear of squares
A Mystic got the air with no twist in it
Stare down they wear the Crown
As lounge in the drugs found the Pounds
I light this to round tight with the bound lounge
I flipped a round as I expound upon gunshots
Some shot up the place and fold Pot
We don’t need that shit in a million years
As they peer through gems and drink beers

Meth and Coke
Diagram choke the light in the plan is soaked
Into the flow as show for roll into Gold Platinum
I sat on some Ganja so I’d have sum for the ton I got to run the spot
I fold up dot
Cold as rolled in the shot mold that
As told as fact to release the Jack and shock Matt
Mathew had the last few pounds
So I clocked them
And wrote it off to keep stock then I broke some off
Rolled one as numb as a Gun
I get a Gun shoved in my face almost every day
I love the way folks display how they tote firearms
I notice all the alarms bells ring as swing
Dice it up twice and I’m the King of Cannabis
Peace to your whole crew I knew you planned to bust
I trust back and forth as rap to dust
Bank think the stink of the smoke is beautiful
You can tell a hit of Dank from flew around the whole World
I curled up my frame as I came
Back from a sack I smoked it black smoke as tacks blown up
I shown up on tracks as I float across the map
Cope with that as strapped
A Soldier tapped your ass with a Gat for folding flat
I got the max so I kick back smoke a sack
Got that to rock trap as done blast off on the numb
We strung as fuck and stuck
We shun Guns one as hum that Gun run something as one swing
In the Drug War bring that shit like Drug core as ripped
I just snore through it lift on Cannabis done with the War

Matter of fact
The Master cut that
Blue Birds dust that
Backwards as Guns heard
In the shots reverberated
Elevated on Drugs I’m dated
Unlike thugs I’m bladed with the mugshot of you on Tropical as I flew on Sativa
We love Ganja
Got something to bleed to
As recede through the Weed grew
All over like Rover buried like Soldier
I got the Motor and Vote a fascist out of office
I toss this top switch as cost off it
Run the blockage back as track done with that
I run this rap as Guns clap
Thunder from my Strap as Wonder
I number that thing you got and plot
I seen a fool all day as the tool they slay with
I arranged fist as bliss
I hit the fix in the Trips like wicked and kick it
I mix in the sickness as twisted
With the wrist cut bracelet and diamond necklace laced it
About faced it I could taste the spit from your weapon you steppin’ with
I remain to smoke a Spliff off on my own in the Zone
We light this prone to fight with the Ship sank and bank on that
I thank the Cat who manned up to stat as flack from airburst
As aware thirst for the cursed sword that won award
I move forward and drink Water
Tree Of Life with the Spice and I dance and practice Tai Chi

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864148 - 02/02/24 04:24 PM (29 days, 13 hours ago)

Cruise through
As all wheels turned gears they burned minds up
The blind tucked one as Gun
Not understanding Sum
I hum
I done as truck buck back as stuck Jack
Rap as Gun clap
Fact as they smash and grab and stab
Prefab with the Dope to broke as slab
Of Stone to the Bone I light this prone
All the flights lift I tight twist up the Reefer
Each teacher needs your signature as I Glisten more
As been through the core and hit you up like War
What’s in store for me is utter peace
I rock it up sheets
I block it up as my Ganja Reeks
I stop up bucks that struck as I Wash My Brain for Weeks
Drinking Water freaks of the modern World
Curled Twisted sacks I lifted straps that kiss kids back
As the Wisdom intact from a distance I sunk them with the Gat
They can’t handle that when you bust back
Warlock causes more shock and trauma as I bomb yah
You can’t handle yourself as comma
I strong arm like a calm simple
Pop you like a pimple
I stock bust within through to dust
As I ball trust that
I must rap as I smoke Crack Cocaine

I found a Qigong that makes you nuts
Wash the brains you make those cuts for days
I like to train martial arts
Especially Tai Chi
I rocked the Speed off as I meditate
I head it up late as I skate
I flipped a date and saw a kid’s fate
I ripped their hatred off as way too soft
I gloss over the loss of Rover
I hit in hangover I’m sober but I’m high
I’ve been washing my brains don’t even try to drive
A car you went too far! 
You gonna wreck all check
Seed this infect with disease crept up leaves respect bleached brains
Blood stains and dice games
I practice blades and respect life
I hit it up mic the type I’m talking about
This isn’t punching people in the face
It’s a complicated laced my Ace with the pace slow or fast
I rash to judge some Hashish
You got some Weed?
I’d love to smoke some as Sum as one from the Gun
I turn around spun
The exit wound as flex it soon
I left in the room
I spoon of Coke light it broke records in sectors that lecture
Keen to infect more as Psychedelic born
All worn through the corn grew in rows and it shows
As I blows away the Gold into Platinum

I was a Ganja Dead Kid
Serving bids since I was little
A little bit of martial skill and you chill
When I hit Trip I got lit up by God
I received the job as I rob sacks from out of dodge back at the cabin
I started a fire for warmth to get the desired effect I scorch
Infect like torch I bet you violent for sport
I reflect back on connect and I check
For drugs from thugs
I bug out and chug route
I done doubt as they come round
I got two Guns found on runs doing numbers
I clock lumber
I slumber Golden as cold in the wind
I store the relax slid into tax
Withdrawal and I scrawl on your wall all tall as I am I jam and slam
Rip up toes cram into shoes for blues
I reach the twos deuces as loose fit
I do it so my whole crew hit the true grit
I cycle through sift as I drew back and CRACK!
Smack the fuck out of a violent bitch ass
I’m martial with a Meth Twitch
I want a Ganja rinse
They won’t prescribe it medical so my head will pull
Reverse it and dull rehearsed Trip I Skull and Bones
With a Jones for Reefer
My favorite Herb right up there with Shrooms
I practice Gong Fu
And Fasted I drew as Bastard I’m plastic

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864167 - 02/02/24 07:13 PM (29 days, 11 hours ago)

Fools are Raw and Harsh
The Marsh Hawk sunk in talons as I C Walk
I read talk at the same time with the same rhyme I blow minds away like breeze
Delay the skeez on Trees I seize rapidly
My Capital be the master that for the Cash Ready
My head heat up flow steady as I dead beat dad the metal clad kids
I seek the skid row flow for I grow into toe ring
I float sting the coat it make me swing
I knock you out DING!
I bust a downtown reefer seat your ass down clown!
I speak with the noun
I got shit locked down
I tip the Crown
Grow in rows as star bound flows pound you up with deadly blows
I seen a crew Frozen
I slow wind blowing all the flows I sing
I open the Cocaine Nose
I ripen chose the Red stripe and I type to spend the weekend
On a park bench tripping off X
I reflex read back the text and heat check for flex
You didn’t eat anything you dumb ass
I kick you the fuck out of class
I’m a Classic Gong Fu Bastard
I got it cast you down to the ground and master you until the Cops come

You ask!
Mike knows that
Release your brains SPLAT!
As chains fat around necks I don’t flex
I seen the extra crispy head
I wreck you dead
Trip off the feds and bled
Mike pull up the hype fully
I got a full clip put some heat on thick
I retire mix the fire in with the Dragon
I hit the bag and magazine
I fan the dead at the scene ice cream
Clocked this cream
That block skidded the top heavy
With the steady stream
Something bump beans
Like obscene
I lock it into the the topic
I don’t stop I flip the Pot Leaf
I got lots of Reefer as a Teen
3+ years of heavy smoking
In the heavy guns that weigh tons
I grow my own drugs
I’m a retired thug who hit for hire
I just buyer beware scare the shit out be careful
Don’t you dare pull the OZ
I flip you into nose bleed seats
The way I reach I crush each
Recite the beef is over the hold it there
I saw you in the DARE program
Flowing like you scared
I rip the air skid as teeth sink in
I reach the limit of dimwitted
A Yo I Just Hit It!

I rock it rough and ready
To steady hit with dead heat
Bled the whole fleet crew as drew back
Dragon contact flag in the bomb back
I sight to jack as flights off the map
Outta sight all right I hit up white walls
I brawl with the all of em
Solve a Bikini revolve all between heat
Someone called so I answered
I cancerous growth as blow shit
Release the whole clip into your shit
I can’t stand you
Quit or I land you a visit
I stick shiv in as digit I big Trip and split
Down the middle the riddle
All crews hype with the fiddle with that
I cold on all the Gats I’m old with Straps
Bold as I drew up maps SOLD!
I Solid Log as wallet followed
I hollowed out a route that wall yo ass
In between classes I seek the stash in leak
Drastic measures bleak as pleasant
Smell the stench and wrench back as black
Seen the scent and now went underground
For the pounds I shock it to clockwork
Stocks jerk around the fog lurk on the ground
I Rifle round as a sight pull up the down
Knock it light I get to wear the Crown
I bit in lounge I scrounge up the Ganja
Suds as cuts that bomb yah strut
All calm here
Your mom drinks beer

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864172 - 02/03/24 12:43 AM (29 days, 5 hours ago)

I sold all my digits off
Acid wash with a tight rag cloth
That I sag with claiming Crip
And the drain I rip through clog
As fog came down as cloud you in
I like things to spin
I rewrite the Sin
I’m tight within
The bite light I outta sight on the M.I.C.
I bright in Trip to be with a tight clip like G
I psyche up
To ripen up with the stripes in cut
I serve that butt
Like nothing
A glutton for frontin’
On the one ten I curve and bend
All I swerve in I end that track
As flat tire scattered higher the facts I find make my raps
Mind the tack I Strap on whack to sack up Ganja Bud
I come tight as brain shut
Stroll through the lane and take a cut
Off this insane dropkick the cops flipped
When I gave them a speeding ticket
I lick it stamp as I amp
I receive the damp soft cough into raw
Shaw nuff I cycle rough into the truck
Crew as make bucks drew
A cup of brew

A punk was a chump
So I dunked his lump up
The structure of the function at core
I fight War and tight score
A fuel all tool in on the crew spin that
With max rap kickback dead with the Strap on Ganja Contact
With some Psychedelic
I hella lit and fell through Trip as brew hell stew in the two did
I true hid my rule as I bend and swerve curve off the ends
I lend a friend a buck fifty to get truck with heat
A Gun beats down all punks get clowned
I sunk a crew downward
As the bound bird in third heard of served
I struck the nerve flipped it like furs
I word as stroke cut the verb dope
What’s up as I smoke
I choke on thick clouds
I run the rap downtown
As the sound round the Pounds drop of Ganja Pot
I’m on one to Sun in the run into with the Police
I grease back and make them read my rap then jack they asses
I blast skid out the class bid
Makes sense I invent the tense way I spent the days smoking Hay
In the Sun Rays
All of this is a Worldwide Craze with today’s Youth!

I swim lyrical Dragons
Begin to bag up the kids especially with heat
I run the meet and greet
I beat a drum beat out the lean on me crew drew that sweet
Like Guns Blew I true as the fuel you use to Fuse with
I true to rip black and blue on snooze you loose
I got my shoes on and go on the long spray the Gun delays the relay
As I fade with a blade into Gray
I’m a Gray Alien I stay within the limits of the Earthly
I rehearse with heat as busted Streets off the custom white sheet cuss some
I Gun one up like Sun up I bring up to rung up with my Drugs up
I got a solid cut that wall to wall strut I from it punk the drunks up
I lump sum with a Gun I just spun
I rung climb the ladder of data I’m glad to scatter
Beat and batter fat as baseball bat CRACK!
Make tires flat with a Gat I’m fully Strapped
I beat with a hat on relax song that wax on and off
The soft cost Guns drawn as long rifle the heights pull off the sights dull
I light your skull up
I null up I pull up the full up with wool in the cut that you front on
With the Gun I’m gone on this song
We should all be smoking bongs

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864173 - 02/03/24 03:36 AM (29 days, 2 hours ago)

All the children’s blood spill in
The deal ends wheels turn as burn
The fact earn that map drawn as long Gun
Focus from the toke of Ganja Bud you broke up
In the ashtray the last stray J got a roach clip and lit
I tighten it to insight bring it Wing Hits the clack back
As max tax on the stacks I run raps down
In town with the Crown I got down to the Pound Click
They call it I ball it while I swallow hits
I follow lit to hollow bones bird heard as word to 33rd
I churned the cream as seem to make butter
Under each other rubber lover with the club your dub step back and track
Facts under the black rap I sacked up
I tack struck with bucks I chuck under the wonder once thunder
Clumps of dope soak in the wrote when the needle drop in the groove
The beat did make me spin and move
Music soothes
I got the right attitude I don’t get mad at you
Honestly you make me sad and blue
So my Gat I drew and capped that ass red blood comes from the wounds
I spoon fed a kid dead and bled
Right this in the white Trips I light Spliffs up
I used to make glass pipes so duck
Just my luck I caught the last truck rope under the approach
I fly coach and brag and boast cause I got the most
Ganja as a kid

I got caught
All swerved and served and bought my product
And I ain’t even rock cut
I shot up
I block dusts and powders as I crowd around do damage
I manage the vantage on the M.I.C. do brandish
A Gun for the sum I run hits
I done Trips up flipped up
Catch a Spliff you see as seen as head bust
Dead trust that bled cuts
I medical head’ll pull back and cap
Said as dead with the strap I head back
To the Casa I been a lot of proper stop yah up
I cop yah bucks as struck
I fiend in the cut for Ganja Herb but
I verb hit it word up they duck
I swerved in the truck as lead bust
I caught a head rush
Off some stuff
I loaded coated as I floated across the boss
I lean and floss as the Gold cost a lot
I Soldier shot fold your Pot up
But I recommend Pot a lot to bold bust that
With the fat low rider connect the hold checks
Bet that Platinum Diamonds on my necklace
I eat breakfast for lunch and skip dinner
Beginners hit the singer as Wing there
I fin to stare and careful
You get pulled by the hair and dragged
Across the bag across the flag
I wear the Soldier Rag

We got bricks of compressed Ganja and lift
All Soldier’s armor that Trip
Of getting shot at and shot back
Release the stacks as bleed backs and decease
Into the beast we roll East as the heat sits
I beat it quit the hit trick up to slip up
I written on the touch that’s into as such as hush
On my microphone I rush
Like I was smoking Cocaine
All jokes aside I came with the turned tides
I work it murder with rhymes as burst flips
The bombs blow up and stun you on
The cycle is gone the heights pull up on long
So who got it going on?
We Soldier from on the farm as I darned hardcore
I slice into the Ice and fight this War
As I roll dice all men and mice I Christ
Royal released as eyes as mics bleed
I got what you need and proceed
To blow Weed Ganja
All soaking alarm bear so crews stop and stare
I tear down all the wares round as ground pounded
I lounge in the cut as sounded I bound to pull
A head up as said trust that lead bust
You get cussed at I sold rap and hush that
On the map I roll tracks like busted tacks
I just flushed with the facts as murder tracks
All heard of slacks as contact I beam back
And truck rope intact I’m no joke
On my Water Fast I mastered Class
It’s classic with the back spit and skip the hat
That flip rounds on grounds to dismiss

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864213 - 02/03/24 06:27 PM (28 days, 11 hours ago)

I was looking for a New High!
I caught a guy snooping through my eye
I hit him die as I victim
I stick men for their Trips then
I flip them
Sick as a mix in the fix with witness
I lit this as a business
Yo!  What is this?
Is it like Christmas where you get gifts?
No.  I burned to earn
As I turn I churn in the learning
I’m furthering the server as King
Rewrite this swing as cycle the sting
I hit it bike pull up a type
I ripe to Trip as pipe I just that flight taking
Baking in the aching program
There’s no faking I with the whole jam
The plan is to roll scan the fold
I got that Gold Platinum
I rap and spun hum one off the rung
Sung as bolt for volt I jolt
Relax colt as they told to hold
Before they scold they release the old man
I can scan the area for terrorist
Beware of the fist lurking
Work in the murder bring the swing bat
I hit a rap up that max
I tack in the back bend that task
Relapse all heads cracked as steel black
Reveal the lack all day as they spray
With the AK-47

Back bled
A thistlehead
From rising said
My wrist all red
From deadheading the feds as meds come through
Pharmaceutical brew as slew
Drew in the Dragon
All tag as bag in the black flag
A Soldier stagger
As canned hang in there but beware
Of the boys
We light this like toys
I in sight with deployment
I Royal in the rent I foil all the spent
Bent entrance for defense I lent it spread intend
To end this
With the blend twist up the bag and lock
I pop it shock it on top with the stock
I fully loaded Glock I rock around the clock
As shock I might cock back and blast
A task mastered Faster with the megablast from Crack Cocaine
Roll in the flame as Gold proclaim what I sold as bold
I with the cold wind blew as drew that fluid impact and do it scratch
All who with the wrath as flash
Make a dash
Make some Cash and exit mask the text edited for said it skip heads
Recycle till I’m dead pull up the hype will in mics bled dry
Don’t ask me why

I imagine
Anyone from any Sun with any Gun
To run up in
They stuck in
Murder plucked in
The word curve what’s up in?
I strut in
To tuck in
Best buck when
I chuck the ten
Pluck some men
Truck rope
Scope all off they cope
I broke then
To cope men
Soak in
Ganja smoke and
I broke when?
I toke through the end of the night
On flights I light
Do it tight
I write lyrics
You steer it
I tear hit up the rear
Or exit the front of a punk
Some chump gets dunked
Just murder once
That’s all you got with Gun
Sun for fun
Weighs a ton
Just run
You get done
I imagine pluck this off of numb
What you’ve become
With this fight
This flight
Within sight

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864240 - 02/04/24 10:50 AM (27 days, 19 hours ago)

I ruptured
A nut sack
Bring it on back
That Gun Contact
Made exact
With rap
I got dap
Proceed to head CRACK!
Out the black
I seen the map
And flow sap
The trap
With the capped up
Slapped up
The Mac 10 dust on drugs
For thugs
Showin’ the whole roll and like nugs
Of Dank Buds
Ganja rubs back
I dub sack
Before I make tracks
In fact
With the strap
I relight it right back
With the max
I track on
The latch long to lift
Bong smoke
Gone like a riff job
And heart throb
All I see is slob
And like this roll mob

We’ve got wings!
We take advantage and fly with the eye open
Scope the whole thing with something to open the eye further
Murder was the case
We case the place
And written the taste the flavor Ace up the sleeve major
No danger no stranger thing that flavor the sing a song
Light a bong prolong the flows on
I hold on strong as I’m gone
Psychedelic on the head you bet it fed it edited the medicine made me
Key in the Trees with the skis I rock Gs off the top fleet
Sheet in the reap for they creep
I shot it up to bleep
I stock it to clock with they talk it and walk it
I stalk it rhyme often I raw soften the walls
All I called I balled ignite this follow all the hollow swallow the all flows Gold
We never fall mold the weather fall as all that

I rip it
Rock it up top
Hit the clockwork wrench
As Stench of Ganja hence the drama
From yo momma I got to jam on brah
I hit the comma
Cement bent invent the heat vent
I speed when it’s the flavor that layed back I trip a sack of Ganja contact
I flip a rap up
I slap up and back up over some plastic
I rap shit real drastic
Kids get spastic when they hear my shit blasted
Adults get their ass kicked by the Psychedelic
Intelligent with the relevance
In the 2024 I take it to War for the Core Hardcore Score as been on tour
I microphone bust as trust that more I’m in lust
I make MCs bit the dust and plush rush in the cuffs
I liken to such as crushed
I bum rush
Hush up MCs dunk them in my coffee
I hit up toffee candy coated Hashish in Amsterdam
I flow with the jam who I am
I got Iran to back up now
A brown cow allowed some milk to go down
I wear the crown
Don’t lit a frown
You got the Pot to shot up bound to the Product
I lock shut the top popped like Glock Bust
Blow you away like chalk dust

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (02/04/24 09:10 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #864277 - 02/04/24 10:02 PM (27 days, 8 hours ago)

I ripped the concrete Streets you locked in
I drop a Prison up the decision cut
Was all mine in the dime poison blind
Just frozen in time
We’re the chosen
Flip it flows and like rose
I lit the bros up
I Soldier cold cut
But much bolder I told yah
I roll as old squares get teared torn
Born in worn out
Surf the concrete no doubt
I word of mouth strike you out
I been on route to shed the town
I drop it down and pop it sound like hot grits
I clock fifths shock it like tricks boxed up
My Glock bust when the topic is to top it
I block switch up the limit with cold digits
You inhibited
Ribbit like frog in the fog I mastered Cogs Turning
Burning crews churning up fools
I light Crystal Meth cool as sweat
A fool don’t got a Tech so I inject
The rep with the pep
I sweat a Def cat that reflex flat
I got Mex Sack big ass
Kilo feel old when I shot up with real Gold
I hit it peel slow
Heel toe I flipped the flow
And seal the glow
You get rolled under control
On the bold you shoulder the load
My Mushrooms make crews Fold

Crack is the chillin’ stuff
When children rush they feel the stuff as such as bust that
I trust that Crack to come back
In the stacks I got I got flat for product
Sawed in half lock shut
Core as poor I lit it more for drama
I comment how my bomb sent the shock invented
Rented out a space with the taste for Crack Cocaine
Light a brain disdain for the flame of the torch
You could drive a Porsche
You sell that shit to scorch Rocks intelligent
I bell in a magnet
The fragment meant the fag meant to bent backward as each spent
I got coin I boy in the real ploy
I lit it like Soy for Vegans
Chillin’ with the heat spread
This rush will leave you dead
Bumrush the said as you bled
My lungs inhale tons like guns I love to wipe sums
My mic is thugged I pulled the plug on yours for starting Wars
I tripped it four four
Hit this more and slip through core
I invent the swore for the floor
I hit it and what’s more
I cinch for inches of every block with every hit I clock

Stacked Straps for when the fiends come and Cash Up
My last cut got me busted back but
I rusted out the Murder no doubt
I turn a spot rap hot like Soldier shot at
I got the Gat and raw product
I saw shut in the case in the Ace the law saw all of them defaced like brah
Tame that jaw busted came back
The way intact come with Max
I wax the backs off that ass to crash course rap with force
Sorted core that hoards of Warriors
More to the burn as earn as couriers of scorn
I light this down it torn till it’s lifeless
I mic adjust the height of plush tight like rush
Seen you in the cuffs all meals that served enough and rough
Cuss that flush cats down drains in lit lanes
Everyone blood stains
Will it remain the Murder claim to fame?
Got this main drag folded up toe tagged with bullets from the Glock
Shock all the crews off they all talk
I loaded my Gun and popped one kid
Real nervous slid into the furnace of death

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

Edited by Solid Log (02/04/24 11:46 PM)

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