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Artist, taoist, student

Registered: 11/08/23
Posts: 188
Loc: PNW
President Genesis
    #861259 - 11/09/23 02:35 AM (1 month, 1 day ago)

Boy, there is a lot of work to do isn’t there.

First, I would hire every professional I could find. The people that know how to make everything that I need come to fruition. A lot of scientists, worker’s, & a lot of unions.

Everyone is registered to vote.
When you vote you get five bucks.

Make it illegal for anyone to request to talk to your landlord when you’re requesting financial assistance of any kind.

Make it not required for government incentive programs to be installed with landlords permission. I’m talking about the solar panels.

Make it super easy for the EPA to sue businesses that break the rules.

Make much better offers to people when we need to use some of their property for construction.
When a solitary individual refuses to allow some of their property to be used by the government, for the benefit of thousands of people. That property will be seized.
I was thinking of that very specific man that refused to let powerlines go across his property because it didn’t benefit him at all. But it would’ve brought power to tens of thousands of people.
That selfish dickhead behavior is illegal now.

Groundwater pumping limitations are strongly implemented

Illegalize any foreign countries pumping our water and sending it to a different country.

Force the construction and cosmetics industries to stop using destructive chemicals. And use the more expensive safer alternatives that already exist.

Make legislation that slap lawsuits are illegal.
They would have to pay the person they tried to slap.

Way more public transportation.

Make law illegalizing the selling of personal data.

Make it required that all paper be made from hemp.
Unless it is completely inappropriate for that application.

More childrens rights.
Any one can bring forth the article of emancipation.
It would need to still undergo evaluation.

Make it much easier to get social security card.

Allow people to be paid without having a physical address. They can just get a physical check.

Make all police networks connect to share all information more easily.

Complete separation of church and state in all instances. This applies to homeschooling.
“ we are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi, and by homeschooling we’re going to get that done.”
Quoted from Amerikaner podcast

Homeschooling is enshrined as a right.
Because it is now held to the federal education standard.
This is done through checks. They need to prove that their curriculum works. If they’ve been accredited, they get to teach for a year.

Those people are going to jail.
We’re coming down hard on racists in this administration.
Anyone caught trying to make anyone a Nazi.
Will be tried as an extremist.

Make it easier to apply for citizenship.

Harsher penalty for animal abuse. Jail in some cases.

The dollar bill is now back on gold standard.
for those that don’t know. You’re supposed to be able to bring a dollar bill into a bank and exchange it for one dollars worth of gold. Nixon removed that requirement.
As is. It’s only worth what people want it to be. That makes it worth nothing. It’s just paper.

Cut back on the inflated costs of coming to code. This will reduce the cost of construction and maintenance exponentially. For example. There’s red tape that you need to use to complete a job at some point. But to come to code. You need to buy “this” tape.
It’s identical in every way. Except it has a very special watermark seal that only they can produce. It cost twice as much. For no reason. That is illegal now.

Cut back inflated cost of unions

Price gouging during an emergency. Is prosecutable under federal law.

Lying should be illegal again. I’m talking about false advertising. It’s gone…

Healthcare is free.

All the good drugs are legal
If it’s from nature. You shouldn’t get in trouble for using it.

Still Criminalize completely destructive compounds.
Krokodyle and fentanyl being prime examples.

Make it almost impossible to import the chemicals used to produce some deadly poisons.

Expand the list of forbidden imports.
Mostly dangerous compounds & asbestos

Stem cell research is happening. I want us to be able to 3-D print an Organ. I wanna machine that pumps out blood. So nobody ever hast to go to a blood donation ever again. Because we wouldn’t need any more blood.

Prisoners are now in Therapy
They also need to attend school. Imagine going to the bank. But the guy behind the wall is giving a lecture. Instead of handing you your money through that wall.
He can teach you how to be a better person. Or how to make your dreams come true.

Supreme court justices need to be reelected every four years. Their salary is normal. Not mansion level.

Put in CEO pay limits, set by economic bracket.

Raise minimum wage to living wage.

Make federal minimum wage.

We’re actually gonna go and do the upkeep that we’ve been supposed to be doing on all of our electrical infrastructure. It is as easy as just swapping out a chain-link on a lot of them. So that we don’t have a $1400 explosion happen.

Childcare is free

Four day work week

We’re going to tax billionaires now….
Do you know what the best part is?
As much as they wish they could run away. They can’t.
If you wanna be as rich as possible, you need to do business here. So those scumbags are gonna come here and they’re gonna pay our bills.

There is now an active effort to protect the ocean by our Coast Guard.

All boats are now equipped with rigid sales when they deliver freight.

Abolish the bail system.

Civil forfeiture doesn’t exist anymore.
People that haven’t committed crimes, have come home to looted homes.
It was all stolen and sold at an auction apparently. How is that not already illegal?

There is no seafood to be eaten for the next 10 years in my country. This is for the sea to have populations recover. You need to import that shit.
My country takes such a big bite out of the ocean. It would make a huge difference. It would be amazing if China would just back up for a bit. But it’s fine.

Be more honest with other countries government.
Like Russia…

Ukraine gets a permanent salary. Literally. Like I would buy that country if they would let me. We’re going to build bases there. We’re gonna be best friends with that country. We’re going to support that country until they win the war.

We’re going to take Sirius stock of AI.

We’re going to actually pay people for the work they are doing. So I’m talking about painters, actors, musicians.
Where is their goddamn money?
Oh here it is.
Being held by pieces of shit, that don’t pay taxes.

Everyone pays 9% taxes.
I don’t give a fuck what excuse you have. Pay the money. Or leave.

Gas and oil will be fined heavily.

Controlled burns, will be required. Carefully done to prevent future enormous forest fires.

There is going to be a huge vehicle buyback program
We will pay you to get an electric car.
You’ll get more money if you use a hydrogen car

If we can remove all of the guns, that would be incredible. Here’s my plan. Buy the guns from those people.
Again, just a government buyback program. Super simple pay a fat bounty on AR 15s in particular. That is the white whale.

We need deep, hard background checks on people when they try and get guns.
Gun shows are no different anymore. They are still held to the exact same standards.
If you’re standing on a street and you say “hey, do you wanna buy my gun.” Papers need to be signed, then it can be signed over. I honestly think if we just kept track of our guns better, a lot of this shit wouldn’t happen.
I mean, we do have numbers on them.
Let’s actually use those for once.

If you have ever struck a family member or spouse. You cannot buy a firearm. ever. Again buy it somewhere else.
Also, guess what.

If you print a gun on a 3-D printer, manufactured in my country. Your location is made known to a special unit, that will find out why.

If you import gun parts. When you’re not a registered seller of guns. You are treated the same way as if you imported a gun.

If you import any guns, and you are not registered seller of weapons. You are sent to jail.
You will be prosecuted as a hostile element selling illegal, hard munitions. I’ll charge you the same way the people in Africa charge American contractors selling missiles to people.

I think I’m gonna step up punishment for certain crimes.
Because if you just pay a bill, it doesn’t feel like it actually has the impact that it needs to have.
If you’re a convicted rapist. We’ve tried our best to give you therapy and you can’t be fixed. If you get out you’re going to rape people. You need to be put down. You’re a sick animal and you need to go to sleep.

Make a law that prevents people from transferring assets to escape legal judgements & restitution.

Filibuster got fucked.
As the president I would make a physical doll of the filibuster. And then I would physically fuck it to death.

Gerrymandering. It’s illegal now.
Our country now does actual voting. Gone is the electoral system. It is racist trash after all. It belongs in the trash.

I’m not gonna go crazy with it. But every African-American in my country just got 200 bucks. Period
Thanks for sticking with us. Sorry.

Native Americans are going to get great property. Instead of trash. All the reservations are gonna get moved onto the property that was stolen from them. They’re gonna get back their land. Or at least get to live on it again.

Racism is a crime now. You will be sent to jail.
If you actively do a hate crime. With the intention of hurting or killing people. You will be harshly punished.

Education is getting an overhaul. Why is my school a jail? They are getting redesigned to feel more safe, more open, and less like a death trap.

Why are there so many kids coming in here with guns? It would be easiest if it was just like the airport. They just had the x-ray machine with a person watching it. Super simple. Just implement that at all the schools. I am tired of all the school shootings.
Anyone that does a shooting is going to really hate what I’m gonna roll out next. This will be for at least the next decade. Until school shootings are incredibly rare again. Then this can be rolled back.

Anyone that shoots people in my country. Will have every single trace of them eradicated. I’ll have bots go into the Internet and delete every single mention of you that has ever existed. you will never be known, you are nothing. You have a number.
That is your entire existence now. They aren’t given names anymore. They are just numbers. That’s all they are. Wait your turn to be executed.
The executions are publicly available. For all those grieving people. They can watch those pieces of shit die. It’s a channel that you can flip onto in the Internet. It’s not for everyone. But it is available. I think if the harshness of these executions permeates into the mentality of people. We won’t see any more shootings happen. People won’t think they’re gonna be famous. They won’t want to do it.
We’re also going to use a mechanical method. The big bear claw thing. It’s gonna be horrible…

Torture is completely illegal

Pet insurance is mandatory. In fact, it’s paid for by the government.

I’m going to purge a lot of senators. Lotta congressman.
We’ve been just ignoring the shit they do. We know how criminal they are. Those garbage human beings are all gone.

People that hold political office are paid a normal income. They don’t get to live in a mansion.

You can only own three properties.

So Blackstone is now illegal…

Everyone who rents right now. Now owns. I don’t really care what the landlords have to say. I don’t give a fuck what they have to say in fact. They’re already making bundles of money off of hurting people.

Being a bad landlord is illegal now. With much harsher penalties.
Also, the amount of things that fall under the umbrella of they don’t need to pay rent this month. Is expanded. This now covers heat and cooling.

Every house is getting an air conditioning unit. We’ve baked this earth. We’re all going to die in fire. The least we can do is have a nice cold house until then.

Record companies are seriously changed. Maybe illegalized. Artists need to be able to make money. Not scumbags.

Everyone who wants. Has access to a free therapist or psychiatrist.

Educations is already free. The government will pay you to learn how to become a therapist and psychiatrist.

Fracking is completely illegal. It’s never gonna happen here again.

Lead pipes are illegal.

Force the FDA to classify more things as being carcinogenic.
This can be achieved by having much more studying done of what is carcinogenic.

Make it completely illegal to not disclose when something is harmful to humans. Make it much easier to prosecute. People found doing this. People found doing this will be sent to jail with much harsher penalties from now on.

Recycling just became for everything. They have more money than they know what to do with Now.

Not recycling and separating into the containers. Just putting it in the garbage. The fine keeps getting bigger every time you do it…

Recycling is mandatory.

We are illegalizing the other types of plastic that cannot be recycled from being produced, manufactured, or imported into this country.

People found using one and done plastics unless it is the only type this usage has applicable. Will be heavily fined.

FBI group. Will be formed to just search out abuse in churches. Anyone found will be held accountable for their crimes. They don’t get to just switch churches anymore.

The caste system is completely illegal. Anyone found enforcing it will be held liable. Then they will serve a prison sentence.

Affordable housing everywhere.
Safe needle exchanges.
Free counseling is available at safe use facilities
Did I just fix the homelessness? You can’t fix poverty. But you can try. I don’t feel like my country is right now.

Insane asylums exist again. I don’t know where they went. I don’t know where they are. There needs to be more of them…

Completely separating all of the different phone calls that cops respond to.
You will be transferred. To the correct phone number. If somebody has problems with animals. They get transfered straight to animal control. Every single police officer will have access to that ability. To just immediately push a button on your phone to transfer them to the correct thing they were trying to call.

Police are funded. Gone is all that frivolous ticketing

Firemen are funded.

Teachers are funded.

Education is getting a ton of money.

Book burnings are completely illegal. You’ll be sent to jail. I don’t care what it is. Accidents do happen and would not be prosecuted. No one has my permission to burn knowledge.

Florida’s education system is gone. It now is held to the federal standard.

Education is held to the federal standard now.

Establish the federal standard of education.

Tipping is illegal.
If you desperately want to give money to somebody because they did an excellent job. That’s just a gift now.

All of those people that were relying on tips for their wage. Are now making actual money. They’re not getting paid “maybe” money.

Health standards are checked monthly.
That goes for everything. There’s a whole commission that I made of inspectors. Hospitals, asylums, power plants, recycling centers, water filtration plants.

Nuclear power plants. Are not allowed to turn away any inspector. If one of my inspectors is turned away. They can push the button on their necklace.
Then a helicopter will land in front of that building. And force them to open it.

I just missile struck every illegal nuclear enrichment facility on earth…
What the fuck are they gonna do?
Tattle on me?

Shoplifting. Is now heavily penalized. I mean at this point everyone’s making enough money that the only people doing that are organized retail theft people. This would be all that is pursued. ORCs will be sent to a hard prison. To serve hard time.

Every bank, store, and pharmacy. Has the button that they can push to notify police. I don’t know why that is not already required. It is now.

I think we need to actively hack back.
I’m gonna make an entire room of hackers just dedicated to destroying China the way they’re doing it to us.
We will steal as many assets from North Korea as possible.
We’re going to give as many viruses and Trojans to Russian scammers as we physically are capable.

There’s an active task force right now. They just hunt down sex networks. Their funding just doubled.
If you’re wondering where all the money came from. We’re taxing the shit out of the rich now remember.

Every bracket of income, you go up, you need to pay more taxes. This contradicts the 9%. But I’m talking about multibillionaires. They need to pay a lot more. How about 20%. That’s what Elon musk and Amazon should pay.

Elon musk was just served his papers for insider trading. He’s going to court. (The day after I wrote this he was served papers by Grimes.)😂

Property taxes no longer exist. They don’t need to anymore because we have plenty of money.

The government doesn’t take a bite out of winnings. Or inheritance. In fact that’s illegal. The dude who won a truck had to buy it. Not anymore though.

Cutting down trees is heavily fined.
You need to justify yourself in court for cutting down trees.

I can’t make businesses operate exactly how I want. But I can definitely incentivize them.
They won’t need to pay as much taxes for every person that’s remote. Boy, I just fixed the whole return to the workplace debate.

Office buildings are now gone. Because all those people work remotely. They never needed to be there. In fact, it’s illegal to force people to commute and do work that they could do from a remote location.

All those office buildings are going to become parks
Safe needle exchanges. Therapy offices. Hospitals. Actually important things. Not wastes of my time, effort, and money.

We’re going to make flying cars. I think we already can. We’re just scared of the implications. I don’t care. We’re moving forward.

Anyone who protests at a graveyard.
Is going to jail.

There is an entire task force created to hunt down racist bigots on all of the social medias.

All those bots on all the dating sites are gone.
That falls under the false advertising. It’s illegal now. If you find anyone who is in fact a bot, you can easily report them to the government and have them taken down.

All facilities that release smoke are required to have scrubbers installed. At their cost. If you aren’t to standard. You will be so heavily penalized. You might as well just go to jail.

Burning coal is illegal.

All mining is ceased right now.
All the miners are given new jobs by me in the government. By doing some bullshit tangent thing that is related to what they did. I don’t care I’ll pay for their education to do anything else. They can’t do that anymore.

All offshore drilling is illegal. You’re not allowed to do it here. If I find somebody who set up some drilling facility, they’re going to jail. All of those oil derricks are going to be torn down.

We’re actually going to protect all of our historic landmarks and natural places. We’re going to punish people the way the Italians do. If you’re caught defacing stuff. Fat fine and jail.

Put in a bunch of laws that make it incredibly difficult for people to try to form an authoritarian regime of some kind. Put in a bunch of safe checks. Put in a bunch of term limits.

Make it illegal to accept bribes. By expanding the prosecutably definitions.

Make public defense lawyers much better.
Through offering a much better education.

Close a bunch of legal loopholes used to avoid paying taxes, Protecting workers. And protecting customers.

Make much harsher penalties for using chemicals in the production process of commonly used products & materials. That cause cancer.
The tire industry is an incredible example.

Make a law. That sets a budget that can never be lowered. For cancer research until it is curable in all instances. We can vote once a year on whether to expand the funding.

Right as I’m leaving office.
Ranked choice voting.


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GenesisCorrupted for President

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That Guy

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Re: President Genesis [Re: GenesisCorrupted]
    #861267 - 11/09/23 08:41 PM (1 month, 16 hours ago)


“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” -NDT

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