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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 225
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859641 - 11/21/22 05:08 AM (14 days, 4 hours ago)

I just can’t harness
The fully rap game carnage
The rap game is tarnished by my name
50 Cent took aim at me so I shot him in the knees
Now he walks extra funny
He is working at the zoo doing upkeep
I don’t want to hear a peep about violence
If you violent then go fuck yourself in Isle 3
I mile struttin’ the tiles be cuttin’
It up and
I just send funky murder rap that touchin’
The subject out and rub it
Take this as my club hit
I murder the rep you sent
I get bent and have to vent before I went

It’s all about the quality of your methamphetamine
People who aren’t on meth can’t survive
They get clocked with knives and guns
Everyone know now that murder stuns the crowd
Out loud you could hear the gunshot sound
You spin around to catch a glimpse
Blimps fly overhead
Advertising hot lead that you offend with
I’m your dentist checkin’ your teeth you get headless
I cut into your mouth and give you Southern Hospitality
My Nationality is Greek
I run 3 Sororities
I score a key of meth every week
For the freaks who always want to be on that shit
You can’t quit
Murder writtin’ in the bitten’ subject
The ruckus spittin’ The subject was kitten

I taught this guy martial arts
He got impartial and dealt justice to everybody
He studied all my martial arts
He cut farts once and got Smart Aleck
He acted with Malice toward the Fallacy
He walked the Balance Beam
He went full steam like the dream machine
He was on the team
He busted the cement brick with his head

The new guy shot up his rock city rock dust
Trust his product was hot stuff for top notch
He got off on the dust
Shut people’s mouths up
His city talk was so offensive
He laughed like a little bitch about violence
He sprayed the lead all over and talked real loud
Each sound coming out his mouth

I shoved a mushroom down this gangster’s throat
I took his Oakland Raiders coat
I sent him floating into the know nothing stop frontin’
He shut up his lid so fast when he crashed
He was fully cashed out

It’s murder
You sure did

I learned the ultimate martial arts lesson from this gangster
He went Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
Just like you’d learn from a Vietnam Veteran

Bring The Sativa!
To my party
I want to have a party
Where everyone is in love with life and each other

The mushroom
Never forget the taste
Fresh and Dried
Picked them wild
Bought Cubensis variety
In Santa Cruz the Magic City

Mass Shootings
Polluted waters
All hail the Master
He gets it to kick in the reflex exit
I’m outta here
Lightning fear it striking
It’s hype to wing finger tip strike someone in the eye
Leave them blind as Master

Good shit
Makes a fluid hit
All the tools you lit
Do it on the zone
People pray on the stone
Smoking reefer will teach yah
All this means I roll spliff
Bombers stay calmer
Than a bomber pilot
After he lands at home base

Drinking Ceylon Tea
As the tea brews
You can hear the kids playing outside
Wondering why I drink tea
Fond of tea
My favorite drink

Formed the executioner squad
To do the job like Dodge City
Everyone concealed carry
Guns fire bullets
Bullets kill

I get straight Laurel Canyon with it
Where I grew up in the Hollywood Hills
You gotta pay bills
Fortunes turned
MC burned up in the brush fire
A wildfire destroying people’s lives
I burn like the Canyon on fire
I turn more Psychedelic every day
My Psychedelic Experience Mushroomed
Every day I used to play at Wonderland Avenue School
I was happy when I played ball
When I went to school in Mid City
It was the end of my dream
I wanted an Education
But not in violence
Don’t join a gang
Ask your mom if you can grow pot!

Murder was spread to do the head true as glue
Catch federal charges
My margin is thin
I slim in it to bring the digits
Up with bucks made
Stayed laid in the shade with my blades
I get paid every time I slayed
Anyone stayed up late
On Meth roll to death
Catch your movie in step fresh like Scooby
I blew a cold breath out
Your death route was with head clout
Instead of about face
You stepped in and aced
How murder should taste

I drop the O.Z.
To turn the key to freedom
All of us be men in the end of the lesson
Stop guessin’ and going to bed with sin
Release your inhibition
Go on the mission
You listen close
Don’t propose marriage
You get carried off and lost on the ride
Inside you eyed the death you saw
All got it under law
The product
Was the more in it chill what is this?
It’s business
You get dissed if you ain’t syndicate
Ripped up into bits
Murdered with trips

Edited by Solid Log (11/21/22 12:56 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 225
Last seen: 2 hours, 19 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859642 - 11/23/22 03:05 AM (12 days, 6 hours ago)

I got the Army Special
The Relish on your Hot Dog
Pull your brain out the fog
Turning cogs
Learning Burning and Earning bread
Fully wed to the bullet
Come pull it
You catch a Soldier Vet
Bolder Yet Still
I kill and ill then chill
Service until
The joint closes
I proposes a toast
To this Army shit
Murder equipped
With the amps on the brink
Of spilling over into the clink
What you think?
It was drugged training again
Familiar from Wu Tang
This is part of my Wu Tang style now
Service with a smile how
We could take it downtown
I walked miles down the roads
With the punches until I froze
On meth I rose from the ashes
To outlast this

All these folks in pain laying in bed all day
Crippled still it’s simple
But they won’t let me smoke the Ganja
I stay on it I long to hit a cigarette
I don’t sweat but I’m wetted up
And still out of luck
But they won’t let me smoke the Ganja
I wish I didn’t belong here
But I’m crippled a little bit is all I can get up and shit
This old chick serves a fit every day
Screaming and cussing out her brain
But still they won’t let us smoke Ganja
It’s the only medicine I can think of
Not a blink about the dust
You could trust the heavy THC to free
But still they won’t let me smoke Ganja
All of it kickin’ back remembering the stack I made
Bladed all crazy in a Haze with the phased out
My lead out is to murder dead clout
But still the won’t let me smoke Ganja
I promise yah it’s the it just a herb
That’s benign I like it every time I smoke
I choke sometimes my rhymes are crimes
But still they won’t let me smoke Ganja

Affordable gunfire expire sending bullets
The fullest like guts of the glutton
I summon the powers of towers above with love
I fit like a glove I rub a dub out
It’s trouble for the sold out bubble bout
To burst
The worst everyone cursed I made it first
Unrehearsed I lurch forward when I hit hash oil
I love the smell and taste what a waste
Some people aced it up to lace it struck
The face get stuck in a grimace
Take it past the limits it’s a gimmick
Gimme it to get lit shit..
I run a trip city flippin’ easy breeze disease cured
Pure is the fluid to screw it up you have to truck
Rope heavy steadily I medly spittin’ resin hittin’
Sittin’ in the kitchen I missin’ the days
Of plays and earn all As on the honor roll 4 point O
Drink some cups of Joe
That’s all I got and I need emergency Pot!

The whole World needs a Ganja bud
Really bad
They had it up to here with beer
They fear the queer
They steer into the rear
They don’t come near a Lesbian
In the sexual Heaven sent
They pay the rent
They vent their fuming anger
They a stranger to fun
They just begun to have sung a song
They a long time wrong rhymin’
I stop on a dime when I see
One of them free
They kind of should be locked up
I know it sucks but we need Ganja Prison!
Just listen
I wishin’ for the buds
It’s simple just grow tons
Make it cheap
We don’t hear a peep out of them
Ever again

Set it straight did it hit it?
I get it up to shit fitted
I written diagram on slam
Jam cause I am lamp
I vampire I retire on admire
For the fire never wire again
Get it then until then
Service mend the work in this
Jerk some shit
Murder fit into swerve with the kit
Fin to explode with the mode
I get it on the road
I just hold on
Golden Dawn
Folded fawns like young
It’s the song I sung
I brung the lyrics rung
I get the stun
I murder one
Gun running I summing without one
What you about to come like
I hype to swipe you off
Get tossed like trash
Burned down to ash
Pot smoke again at last!

I smoke all the cannabinoids
I been employed by the void
I got toyed with to boil stitch
Fizz dizzy bitch it’s a cinch to Lynch
This ni@@a benched
For the rest of the game
Aim is plain
Murder till you insane
Reach the left lane
Get off the highway
The fly way
Say goodbye stay up late
I demonstrate what fate is
Been replaced with a makeshift
Space lift to make haste to ship off
I rip raw sauce it to the law
All you saw was my brah it’s all
I service fall further involved with the phonecall
Burners brawl and off the wall
It’s called violence
Scientific swordsman swing blades
Whirled chopped you up blood get sprayed
That’s how we do it since back in the day
Anyway don’t play around with that shit
You need to quit

Crisp rolls with fistfuls of cash I make the dash
Serve your ass with the grass stash in back
Laughed hasta gas off blast like rocket
Talk it to stalk hits involved solved the riddle
In the middle revolved just a little
Got kids?  You’ll be dead before the end
My service tend to extend the hand
And brand like cow plow through the town
Drew blood cut you up into pieces
It’s the easiest and beast itch the Jesus
My thesis is I at least as rich as they snitch on me
For dealin’ drugs G and that’s the real me
Fortified with the weed inside speed on my ride
No need to hide I bide my time in line
I smoke a dime I got rhymes I define it’s mine
Got to commit crime to resign you’re inclined to spot
The shot for I smoke pot I haf tah rock the bells
Dwells in hell with magic spell it’s just as well

My Taiji Sword was scientifically designed for the award
For artistry it’s smart to be black and not a hack
When it comes to rap I got it in the sack
But anyway I love to play
I grow further every day
One day I can practice all day
I like to practice on Cannabis
Ganja on the list of the best
I undressed my self until you saw me on the shelf
Brand label with the capable way I pull
You in to begin I win it’s a sin to fight
It’s alright to dance I take a chance and advance
I got this shit like the answer for word up serve a duck
I truck heavy steady with the ever ready I’m deadly
Fortified I got ride for the times my mind is made up
It’s the way I tuck a pistol my wrist glow
Fist for show
Hits under control all folded up golden
You get rolled in combat

Edited by Solid Log (11/23/22 11:49 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 225
Last seen: 2 hours, 19 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859646 - 11/24/22 07:58 PM (10 days, 13 hours ago)

My name is Mike from cap flow where its at
You could have it in your lap the gat
So it’s like that
Be right back
I strike crack attack
Master the blasted out the last kick to skid
Servin’ bid flow with this what you did?
Crews they all slid
Swervin’ like Mervin I learning to do shit instead
Of dead I got the head in this rap’s finished
I diminished the rap limits my crack inhibits
The sick I flick for the knowledge get lit
Dropped out of college to join Wu Tang
I got the whole crew hang back
Fully not whack
Hold us in the back you get sapped
I rhyme to this click clack
Murder is a fact when you nap
You wake up to the gun in your face my ace is 25
Still strive to stay alive

Be studious before you bust
Make sure you trust in some kind of dust white powder
Out louder
Proud around the M.I.C. grabber
Your shit had to stink
Platinum links
A sucka think he clinked up
Cause I rip truck I flip a buck and get stuck
Your rhyme is out of luck
I can’t get it to sweat it enough
Life is rough
Call your bluff
Suffer from wounds too soon is your spoon of coke
Float on some dope to choke on
I soak long I broke strong for the coat past dawn
Rolling Gray Meth
Half to death in every love sandwich
You could brandish a gun
For fun you stun just begun to reach number one spot
So don’t get shot

Get your service like a Holiday Blessing
Murder stressing you out
Cause the gun ring out loud
You stand proud of all your killings
Collect Shillings in England
Been big wig
Bust a sprig of pot for why not?
I flow to get hot
Just please don’t murder me
I ease in the cut like G
A server flee of the murder C
Bust as we adjust to the microclimate
My rhyme I climb it back up
For the stack truck
You could lack buck and still not get enough
Life is tough I call your bluff
And murder you right back for a stack

This place is awful
Get a jaw full
Of Torture Murder Rape
Animals raised in cages
For low wages we get slaves dig
The herb Ganja can release
All it’s benefits are at least as good as Gold
I like Diamonds out the mold
For bold it’s foretold of my coming summing the game
With straight aim I got to remain in the top spot
Blowing pot Smoking all I got till my lungs stop up
The smoke make you choke
I the kind of folk who toke all day and wrote rhymes
The hard way I vote times is clear as day
Anyone in the way I kindly nudge them in the ray of sun
They soak my shit up a murder duck
Gangster cluck with a watch and some chalk
To mark up bodies in the dark
I make murder art
It’s not smart to start some shit and bit

All junkies are naturally afraid of needles
They get spunky when shooting up receipt
Said he died on a 20 sack of jive record in 2 seconds
Left with shit to stick up his wrist glow
Fist show this hiss on patrol for you get old you sold
That shit right in equipment was a rig to get bent
Get clean needles for free all good deed goes with ease
A sucka catch disease anyway
You turn gay and have to cast you away
Get a play every day anyway you can
It’s the plan you understand?
Got the brand that’s top rank
Your shit stank
I smelled it and belled off the residual shit
I got addicted
I’m sick with it
Murder fix all that shit
I got beef to chew with teeth
A sucka relief is grief off that chief substance

You have to mix your drugs creatively
To skate on G
Get them free hell no that’s why I be gellin’
A pellet of Mescaline refreshing
No second guessing learn your lesson
Jettin’ to the soundtrack wettin’ step
Recline in each mind you find the infinite
My rhyme gets invalid
I rip shit like love ballad
I got the talent
I challenge any rapper from Shaolin
This Wu
All crews get screwed with the gun
For fun in the sun on the beach
I pull heat and shoot a chick in a swimsuit
For loot
Collect her booty then scoot to the next floozie
My uzi weigh a ton

The magic happens when you eat right fight
Blow out your brains and ignite
It’s out of sight
I like a glass of water
I bought a lot
I like to smoke pot
Don’t pass me any shit it’s like a sucka thought
I get caught tripping
My mind dipping into flipping
Homies be crippin’ and bloods and hustlers
My mustard is the trusted for flustered
It’s such a bad word it’s absurd
Fucking shit
You know you got to quit
I down a fifth of the dripping brain holy name
The stuff that love gets enough when you done
I go on a run and stun
My mind is containing guns
I need pot to chill my ill
Change my shirt until I flow smooth
A light body illuminati that groove

Now that I rep cap I make it happen
The main Gangster in charge I’m large
Full of hardcore been hard more
To the core I’m sore I was born
I got torn and worn thin I remember
Vietnam Veterans
I set some shit in prints
I whince at even more pain my brain
Barely handles it I dismantle trip
Break it down and flip
Take another sip to reverse the Earth tip
Get the clip for the thick of it
Run through knick of time dime piece
Rhyme beast my mind east coast
I don’t brag or boast
Who else wants to have a toast to the most fat?
The roll rats that’s gold cats with the stats up!

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 225
Last seen: 2 hours, 19 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859647 - 11/26/22 02:22 AM (9 days, 6 hours ago)

Get the moratorium on the War with your men
With the punch for more then
Score plenty
Money is nothing if you front on it
I dish and scrub riddance to shit
I lift a disk shaped saucer and take off your World
I act like a girl think the real men
I take off when I send this World rendered
It’s splendor to tend to the fields of Ganja
And seeds of Psychedelic fruitful multiply
And shoot airborne down from the sky
You can’t deny why I eye the girls
I like to shoot off and World revolves around
A pound for a sound I say bump it loud
In your system don’t miss them pounds now!

God made me turn a blind eye to violence
With a wound from attempting to kill
It was everyone until I just chilled
And watch them get high on pill of violence
I was forced into homelessness
My all alone go and dish up a plate of hate
For violence
Now I’m blind to violence
It doesn’t bother me and I ignore it
So you can pour more and more of that shit
I don’t fucking care anyway beware my sting
And my stare as I glare down those now frozen
Running adrenaline they chosen ones to draw
Down guns on me they DOA
That’s Dead On Arrival no title I hold is bold enough
To describe how rough life is for these bitches
The mixture of lack of fixture and piss poor training
Leaves all the bullet holes and blood stained men

Leaning on a crescent moon ain’t going to sleep soon
You busted meth
Can’t hold your breath long enough to save chest
Off the Tech
Your intellect wants you to stop before you pop out
Run the Route
What it’s about is shout out loud and proud to get down
Movie Action
Run in fact send the ends off lend tossed coin in the employ
I’m a little boy
I got a toy gun one for fun and one that stun I’m number one
All of it shunned
By the Cannabis Community I claim immunity from soon to see
Fruits that be
Rooted to a T murder G off the lead on this speed hold up
Now I just want to smoke weed get a feed on the terminal
Squirming Worm
Like a germ the effect is permanent you get further sent up

I want to be a professional cocaine snorter
So I take over every fort in the Andes
Man these lines get the times square
I dare you to air through you scared dude
Bad attitude and food that make you sick
You pull trick fix a thick hick off shit
I leap a jeep and run on the roof with my feet
I got neat tricks that feel slow fix
I roll in six o’clock on my jock bitches clock
My game all the same for the flame I get it insane
I cold claim how ray came from the sun to blaze bun
Now it’s murder one
Serve you from the hum for the stun that gun created
I set it straight did your fate big swig some shit and written
This heart is torn apart I’m too smart to start shit
I fully trip and act a bully on thick tits and ass
I smoke grass

You get your head tossed at red cross
Pull up the boss lost you on that one
Murder spun all across like lumber build timber field
The limber steal the show when they rhyme slow
Dig in toe to toe you a criminal lifestyle liver
Shiver when I think of the liver and onions
My bunions I pick a trick so quick to stick a chick
I roll rip equip the ticket to sick it up and lift some buck
Off of luck for you truck rope cope float note to propose
Flows like it shows my murder grows each nose like Pinocchio
I choke you slowly to death with your last gasp you scream violence
I silence you challenge you to flow fluid when you do it
I screw up on bitch 33rd and cool heads prevail often fail to nail
To the cross the lost folks who choke on tokes when they smoke
I don’t joke about my Sativa I bring it in smuggling professional
You keep guessing how I do it and right now I fin to blew hits out

God I miss smoking pot!
The meth got my head rot in a chill spot
I fill hot bust a pill until I swap War Stories
Born of glory to see more G
I tore for free of the key
Servin’ Platinum for raps that run a spree
Murder fee off the dust you must try to understand high
I deny it I supply it I feel fly cinch the steel eye real
I peel lie for kneel and die decapitated
Quick fate did it straight bid
I hate kids my straight wins
Busted eight bids off of skate for sins
I must admit my shit is right on
But I need to smoke a lot of bongs
To finish this song and not prolong the agony
Rag tag and a landing strip for the Sativa to come through thick
With enough weight fill big cargo planes
So everyone can play and not stay up late on the methamphetamine
But gleam on Green and Purple Herb
It serve the purpose of Cap and I roll intact real fat and heavy steady

The military promised they’d air drop Sativa pot for me
To set up shop!  YES!!!
I gonna be so fresh I can’t rest I’m excited
I hope the Russians don’t shoot down my supply in mid air
I care about the the fate of humanity
And hard drugs are bad
Just go ask any ex addict and they tell it
I shell shocked bit from the meth salt
It’s all meth’s fault
My shop was successful because I had great pull with the Cannabis
From Wu Tang class
Plus the shrooms
Shrooms and Pot conquer all head problems
I solve em with martial art
I’m about to start teaching when I’m reeking of Ganja!

It’s like a thug crawling down a razor blade
What you made it?
No way did it!
I sittin’ kickin’ back waiting for the War to End
Defend my position at all costs
Yet in a peaceful manner
The banner I wave has a ganja leaf and I brave
In the midst of gunshots
I got shot and rot in my grave before I a slave to corporations
They control my way of life want me to behave like
A robot
I sure enough got pot to blow but I forgot a soldier taught me once
How to love another brother
My made mother wax poetic on each other
I like a sucka I feel
Going to deal with the man
In this case the plan failed
I can’t get away from the way the bid slid
I did the best I could
I swing wood sticks instead of blades

Inhuman Insane Not even animals live like that
How low can you step?
Can you squat and roll Silat?
I clock big deep shock in my sleep
Cheek to Cheek I danced with the devil
The rebel killed several men
Then faded the blade did it
Shed the hated culture like vulture swoop
Chicken Coop with your root
The fruit it conquers your conscience
The mushroom, Peyote stuff like that that’s known free
Everyone be tripping for medicine
Smoke the ganja and bled then plenty of tears
For fears to overcome beer won’t get you spun
You’ve got to think gun violence
And silence for the file folders of Heaven

How many times you been inside the building?
You chill for real when you deal with the team
I clock cream and water
All hot your shot got the watts to complete the job
Fully slow on the wreck
Murder check the files of styles
Smiles all around
The sound of leaves under feet
The enemy heard you coming
Now they gunning for you

It was ODB that wrecked my shop
Got a lump and a knot
Why not?
My poetry rot in the grave to a slave
I seek freedom
Be men and end up brave
Got your behavior in check
From the Cash that wrecked shop

Edited by Solid Log (11/27/22 11:21 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 225
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859665 - 11/27/22 11:45 AM (7 days, 21 hours ago)

I’ve got coronavirus
I just made my first clean dollar bill now I’m chill
I illin’ on water psychedelic all heated up irrelevant
The trip checks your flip
What’s dip without hip hop?
Rhymes flip flop
Stay tip top
I rip rock when I shock
I fully talk
I don’t want to squawk and hawk a sucka
What a foolish motherfucker
To fuck with me
I hate to serve a G
I tried it once and that was plenty
Now all I’m about is money
Clockin’ big figures
All triggers pulled when full up
Pull up and shot your saloon up
Old West mood tucked pistol in the holster
Ride shotgun so yo I told you
Don’t fuck with the Wu Tang Crew
I thought you knew!
Boo!  Did I scare you?

Black thought
Get all your Black caught
In Tombstone to the bone
Black rot like cement dent but adventure went more to pour dust
I bust on raps I trust
I cussed out a slut who couldn’t keep her mouth shut
I killed a guy who didn’t know why
I serve a fool dry
On this eye I can’t deny
I been in a piece of the pie
I just can’t lie
I deny any relation to the fresh station that play shit all day when
I spend bread
Nuff said
You better tend to black or you murder whack
Hurt a fool stack bricks of gold
All hold on that purchase my black works this

Your Cap released once you bust heat
You can’t defeat Cap
Cap raps up struck the stuck shit you quit
Caps written facts bitten all this shit gettin’
Set then with Caps real Caps raps black
Fully stacked with crack and cannabis
Fact you get rinsed ever since
Caps grimace the women you get it’s no sweat
Cap never forgets how the bets off you let tossed up
Caps raw ruckus buck this shit off like lip gloss
Cap got it off for you cough they the boss
When it comes to cost Cap fully strapped
You get tossed so it cost you your life
Real Cap isn’t afraid of knife for your likeness
I might strike one up like psychic and run type
Of method you don’t expect and Cap renders
You helpless that was selfish to pull a blade
On Cap rap flow shit slayed displayed
Elfish qualities when you swallow these

All house is home
On the G rap clone
I answer the phone
Say What Up?  Want to get stoned?
I employ all the heads to get them fed
I like a Dead Head
I like the blood red spread
I tend to root for the martial artist
But other art like music hit the mark in this
Rap Shit!
The sky darkens gets thick with clouds
The rain could come down
You could drown in G
Let me see…
Can it be that we all live high and free
Knot a knee up and read struck
From the book that took the look off your face
I got an ace in the hole

Cannibalized parts for your martial arts
In whole or in part
This martial art can not be copied
With any authorization
Get it space station
Takes off in spaceship to replace fifth
Of crew what you do
It takes two to tango they say
But in my style and with no delay
I smile at decay of play with the array
Of techniques straight the lick cut split
You duck shit and don’t quit when I lit
I strong fit the thickness into shit
I hear bitch quick
I’m too much to deal with
So I stay peaceful and recluse
What’s the use of fighting anyway?
To hurt people and cause more dismay
I meditate

I’m just an artist from the furthest out reaches
Who could manage Jesus
My name is Mike
I like to make a thesis
And wager meager amounts that counts
My art is bountiful a presence in essence of life lessons
I’m not guessing my profession is to take the guess out
I rep downtown thugs plugged from the brothas
My mother is cool
My father was Buell
I have a sis who I also really dig
All of us are artists
Blessed with the genius
I’m not mean to kids beating them up for bucks
I chuck a duck sucka off and raps raw cough up lungs
And practice my Tai Chi
I don’t fuck up G for slippin’
If not I be rippin’ all types of motherfuckas

You got Azurescens?
If not you pass to next in line all the time
Homies recline and drop dime on mine
For committing the crime
Of not being there or be square
I dare you to try Azurescens
It’s like taking an ounce of Cubensis
Now I don’t know about you but I know Psilocybin Shrooms
I know the tombstone
I like to talk on the phone
To hot chicks I want to bone
I get stoned and take LSD tabs
People thought Azurescens was just a fad
But I drop the radical hits to fits in with the lesson
You get test in so stop guessin’
And murder in this rap profession
Kill for the ill to get nil
Drop a bill and still until
Dawn press on with a long song
Life is a trip so take a dip

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859685 - 12/02/22 07:19 AM (3 days, 1 hour ago)

Ruthless all rap at your radio station
I get debated with
On the clips I spit I written spotlight in it to win it
I begin with trip
Get stoned
Prone on this rap phone call to win the freestyle championship
I slam it thick with hits rhymes times like dick in it
I slick won it like who done it?
My #1 hit stock plummet if I ain’t warmed up
I smoke a few joints get on point
Call up the station spit my shit
And won the piece of cake with the rose on it at the celebration
They loved my freestyle so much
I’m pretty much the king of wingin’ it with swing
I bring the shit that stuck in your head
You said damn! That ni@@a bled bloody like money

I smoke The Lawn Shavings
The greatest strain ever
A Sativa with G tah release you to freedom like cement
Except better we went to the center of high in the sky
With this strain that bred to make you die if you try
You can’t you too fly and I got rants and raves
About my bravery in tilting getting brain you be
So behave like children get killed when they toke all day
That’s me
I die in the eye smoking all types by I want the Sativa
God Damn It!
I know I can slam it with the variety so don’t lie to me
You know you want it too
Don’t insult my Kung Fu either
Or you gets neither nine lives or thrive for
The live more in store I was born to kill
On this microphone until the hype in the zone
Is getting me prone to drop heavyweight on any date
With any skate off any plate A sucker suffer destiny
His fate it was meant to be
Get Ganja for smoke all day

No dangerous drugs at the party
When you get lit I tried it
Hit vitals
Burned stomachs
Numb Twitches off bug
Suffer blood
Get too high and twist up like fly until you die almost
I came close too many times
I know my rhyme’s ill
I top bill with the fill for I drill
I clock mil
I bust until the sun come up
Run some stuck shits
Solid Log
For the fog in your head clear you steer
Right into trouble

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859686 - 12/02/22 10:45 PM (2 days, 10 hours ago)


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Re: poem [Re: Jenny]
    #859687 - 12/02/22 11:44 PM (2 days, 9 hours ago)

You have a responsibility with your ability
To chill a G out
No doubt no fighting about it
My raps writing facts for black stack
And grey all the day that I stay in it
To win it begin it splendid
My rendering hid the sent you thing you bid high
Slid until you die trying
I’m not lying there’s no denying it
I’m fly to hit it up quick
I stick quick with the stick
I rip sessions for lessons
To the tricks they keep guessin’
Just want to hit you like in Professional Boxing
I stop their thing dead
I’m a dead head
I bled for the cause
And broke laws and all that

I’m sealin’ heat off receipt the bomb cypher dreadlock
Stop that shit you dead
You fled get reded up
You stuck with shiv
A murder quiz
Who’s the whiz?
I handle biz
I mark my words I’m 33rd I curve the nerve!
I swerve on tracks and damage facts with untruths
I sold you the cutest rude boy toy that
Got to do with your convoy of toys
I employed
My raps avoid the lesson I test in
I get bless when I profess to end the violence
All silence break loose after my deuce deuce spit
I’m the shit
Be writin’ it
I excite for four fifth
I got the glass handed War with four four
Blowing you pipes for raw cash bucks
You get struck with the puzzle hands

I rebelled against Shaolin and killed the abbot
Took his bad habit prostitutes and loot then scoot
I murder pollute I root in the Earth
Worse than that I ran over you flat
I got to get the gat cause it’s like that
Your murder whack
Mine is highly advanced I murder answer the call with brawl
Ten feet tall I be killin’ all a ya’ll
Then ball
Proceed to wall off with speed
A sucka need to bleed
Before he receives the goods
I wish you would
I murder you good
The killings are chilling
I’m willing to go the extra mile it takes
To break off Peruvian flakes and aches in my dick
From stickin’ your chick
I hit a cop with his night stick
I right quick in his squad car to drive by with
The little homie riding shotgun
We shot suns up and make a ruckus
Bring the motherfuckin’ ruckus!

My Kung Fu was a stew of Silat and Escrima
Runnin’ up on you until I learned Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi
Now I chill in the cut
Watch dumb sluts make the cut
I slated up in my butt
I tuck a cut for the razor
It stays heard out the word for miles
Ignite styles of filings that wild thing
My smile bring untold stealth missions in position
Just listen you get in the fit end
I send you the lended crew to do what you need to
Mafia tight
All night is how I fight I killed a bellhop in a hotel
Just so it’s my murder but you can’t tell
I fell off a ten story building once
And proceeded to front on this chick for giving me lip
I blood stained her quick
Stuck my dick in her shit
Then split to smoke a spliff and talk shit
About the Politicians and the hit jobs on us

Blowin’ up the whole thing with the tree
Grow the tree so you can see for free
We need trees growin’ for trees blowin’
Shaolin flow then
Wu Tang hang back
Fill a sack trash bag
Never lag behind you blind
I curse the rewind
Back in the dark ages they had flavors
Now they give major league danger
Stranger to the custom I don’t trust them
We did crazy shit for trees like please bitch
I switch on you to jack for sacks come unglued
Society don’t lie to me on the corner slangin’ a key
In small sacks black was the exit for you flex hit it up
I did it up truck with my connect
I wreck destroy sound way murder why?
Heard of it you die this curve on this high as a kite
I ignite the light up the Ganja

On this Wu Tang sword some rappers won the award
For born again
Torn in the head red it up bleded Suckas for motherfuckas dick they stuck
In shit you can’t quit murder hit up the sector
Lecture the fresher speak bleak for the reek of Coca smoka
I soak up flavor from my neighbor I put in danger
In the major leagues My fatigues are standard issue
Blow on a tissue so bless you
My reps Kung Fu
I got a stew of hits off written
I sit in the twitch for I get hitched I flip flex
I got the AK and the Tech
I want A Mac spit the facts rap is black
Had a sucka whack cause he attacked me for no reason
Now it’s the season for violence ain’t no file found
On this ground I pound I get around to get down
I murder clown I don’t frown
I bled blood a sucka shut up
I rupture nuts for the big butts
And strut my stuff

I took out the military when they least expect it
Expect to wrecks like chicks on X fucking
Stuck in the thing to wing man
Here’s the plan
Get the Suntan and then BLAM!!!
Murder on command get the land
Brand it to fan hit
The slammin’ shit
You bit a sucka get with the trip real quick
Overdosing lip provoking close in scoping
Hoping you die come down and stop the fry
I murder why?
Hear of third eye I behind the times on crimes
For dimes to drop on a crooked cop
I served his shit and left him the rot in the sewer
My motive pure
Clean up the force of this manure
I got the cure and fewer and fewer lure
You into the woods to snatch all your goods
And leave you stood on one foot crippled

Light up a Coca stick for the Primo trip on your lick
You get thick steady ready to head heat up
Grow Coca
To soak in flavor you labor and toil
Boil it Royal get it wet the scene you set
Don’t fret but don’t die
You could get it in the eye
You heard of high
You get high
No denying
You go flying
On the Wild Thing
The style bring
The first place ace for creativity
Envision see the everything the Coca bring
Your wing tips a trip
Get it thick the technique
Fuck with blades for the tech speak
Coca reek so sweet it’s delicious to smoke
I like it to vote for Coca I smoke up tons of rocks
I like it with Ganja it’s tops

I let the Tech 9 settle blind
The Tech 9 with the sickness
Kids think it’s the shit it isn’t
It gives you gross motion
When you move it you dilate like hell
You need to be a master to tell the difference
Meth is in the adrenal family a death chemical
So let’s settle the bull
Buds are better
I want Coca to the letter T

If you get caught in the woods with the goods
You shouldn’t
If you do what you couldn’t that’s better
Scratch the letter you wrote
I vote to coat the kid with THC
Set him free and let him be
Ain’t no one gotta murder me
I further seed the planet
With the banned substance cannabis
I land with this hit once again
I expend energy to tell it G
I cleverly disguise my eye so please don’t be shy
You wonder why I high I try
I lie in the sun I burn buns and rip off some rays
For days and nights bottled sunshine light
I don’t fight I run away
Some people don’t understand cause they ain’t master
I hasta prove it constantly
Some fucking let me be

As a leader of the gang and graffiti
I beat street
I beach seat the sat
I got the haps on shit
I don’t quit
I persevere severely
I sear on the grill for I bill I’m ill
I got Chinese I like chili peppers
Red hot
Some people can’t handle the Mexican joint around the corner
They put on extra for me
I got a car seat that wobbles
I have a throttle not a gas pedal
I’m made of metal
My tech settles the threat
My AK is Eagle with the mushrooms it went crazy on me
My brainchild
I smiled at the city
It was pretty nice
In Santa Cruz my advice
Is to hit the books
Get that look off your face
Behave proper
You could be mining copper in Angola
Remember I told yah

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859690 - 12/05/22 06:27 AM (2 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Frolicking through the forest I met the poorest drug dealer
He said fool!  Let me peel your cap!
I knew he was right and exact so I pulled my gun
And let it clap
He fired back both guns hissed to pop fixed us in the head
We should have both been dead
But instead each one of us bled
I got it further in the red
As I ran away he threw grenades
The explosions were a reminder
Of how blind you are to violence
Until you hear the break in the silence
Both of us survived as cripples

I like sticks and blades
Your crew fade off until you were made boss
Toss in another venom
You get your head spun
Number one teacher
Of close in to reach yah
I seek for combat until I’m jacked
And messed up
I bless the tuck in weapon
Until I get one pulled on me
I like to keep it clean and drug free

Edited by Solid Log (12/05/22 06:51 AM)

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