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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859372 - 10/20/22 02:06 PM (7 months, 12 days ago)

Some rappers knew they couldn’t last
Herbal Blast!
The Herbs that make you say word up
Number one is some Ganja
The Blast Bomb Yah!
At last you the don of buds
Coming up with cuts every day
The DJ Slay
It causes tooth decay but that’s OK
Cause you drink juice
You never catch a deuce
It’s loose women prison and decisions
About the herbs
Word up causes all that heard to duck
Yo I don’t give a fuck
I smoke bud
And chew a little licorice root
With ginseng to boot
Herbal Blast collect the loot
It’s the shootout in the Old West
To see who’s the best gun slinger
I smoke buds and do it with two finger

The old spice route
How the spice is shipped
I dipped into spice
Like ice and clip
A murderer sip on some shit
I lit a joint
It’s the point to get it avoid
The deadly send heat up the creek
Speak each week about food for thought
All I bought was pot
I clocked a lot
It’s on my block dizzy
I whizz chief in the Indy circuit
I don’t work it it plays for days
And all that hay is amazing
I be blazing
My rap stays in command
Like desert sand I work on demand
I jerk the suntan is the gun’s plan
To go off and raw straw saw you all
Above the law
With awesomeness
I flow with softness the herb’s gift

I busted with the meth the tech
Saw crept up to leapt up
You better duck for luck
Run for cover before the meth
Smother your life
You beg for forgiveness on ice
With shakes and tremors
In a near death state
It’s really great
Cookin’ up some plate
The date was for buzz to rub off Cuz
Of soap Suds and slip I’m hip
To the grip money something funny
Like gun heat
I bust one two three times the rhymes
My mind is set I fret over debt
And the edge for the sledgehammer
Slam God damn my bammer flows heat
I got disease with fleas bitten
I’m smitten by the love of meth
Until one day I got hit in the chest
And the rest is history

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Old mate firebender
I'm a teapot

Registered: 09/08/15
Posts: 1,672
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859373 - 10/20/22 07:52 PM (7 months, 11 days ago)

I'm gonna use all your lyrics and become a millionaire :wonka:

Ban Lotto

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 339
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 38 minutes, 46 seconds
Re: poem [Re: spirit_shadow]
    #859374 - 10/20/22 08:22 PM (7 months, 11 days ago)

I lived all live to survive
Trying to legalize since 1999
I knew it
I grew up as the cool kid
On the block
All the girls on my jock
I didn’t murder Mr. Spock
I clocked mega buds
Buying quarter pounds
All warp your rounds
Come down with clouds of smoke
I toke joints
Most people haven’t smoked a joint
I toke expert and anoint
I used to roll up an ounce and hit the speed freak pad
Smoke everyone out and glad to do it
I run crew through hits and stay lit
I had speed dealers living above me
I had tried smoking crack so I fell for the gun heat
Now all I do is smoke weed or have a cup of coffee
I’m looking for a sheet of clean LSD

Shifting into the Modus Operendi
All Men die one day
Not everyone slayed
Some die slow from old age
Turn the page on Grandma
She saw seen a lot a human being
Experience the same thing
Take you under the wing to sing
Songs like Bongs hit
You just can’t quit tripping once you
Start dripping
All equipping kids with the tools for gifting
Kids be riffing on shit about to bit bite
I rhymes all night contemplating kids and what
They did it’s to rip roar
All kids tore
Like The Roaring Twenties there’s plenty of
I spank kids who Bang
They sang and I rang their heads with my sped
Up federal criminals essential licks

I got the Country Thang
Before bells rang I hang on the corner
There’s one or two corners in town
Town is downsized into small fries
Less than 2000 people
We all know each other like brother and sister
Your Mr. Martial was partial to the High School Football Team
I love the way Football be in the small farm town
Word gets around
I was afraid to cop a pound
Both dealers went down busted for dealing
Freewheeling speed freaks copped for me deceased
Was this one kid my friend who brought me 10s of meth
People into Meth in the rest of town too
It’s funny cause the money made to stay payed
I stayed up all night counting to get spray on
I lay long downtown to fray crown cable down
Yeah it’s like how it sound
No violent crime
Always with peace of mind a piece of my mind
I’m from LA Los Angeles in decay with gangs and drugs
Thugs all over you don’t want to hit the block it’s all over

Fast drugs lead to
Fast blood for Fast thugs
Plugs pulled
Dulled wood grain stain with blood
Servin cluck
Murder fuck if you should
Don’t blame you
Good to aim true
So many murder cases with empty faces
I aces with the place fixed it’s tasteless
The makeshift
Basepipe lit let’s get equipped
Smoke crack in the thick of smoke clouds
We get high and come down
I like to train around a way in the ground today
I drowned in Hay
Further I stay up late and debate
On the way plate spin decay sin for the play I win

I’m livestock beef thrive off vitamins that reefer creeper
Don’t be my teacher I can’t see each your way every day
I knock you the fuck out with no delay
You’re lucky I don’t poke your eye out
You fucking cow
If you a horse go pull a plow
I hit up Down South
They run their mouth all loud on liquor
I seen shit there
I fit stare at him on the air for flicks
With kung fu kicks to beat the shit out of their dicks
I rips tear My fist flair I the best you dare me?
I scare G beware of feed fed blood red Wu Tang
We serve and we bang on suckers who claim set
I got my aim bet it might seem strange to jet
But I head back to the pad
I’m always glad to be alone in my zone
I know some chill heads but still rare is the scary
Bury you pain through the roof with juice I shoot
Bids like slid smoke a lid and skid to a stop in bed
Fall asleep like I’m dead for the day all the way

I worship buds
The structure
Of the go fuck yourself punk ass bitch
What the fuck do you know about shit
Want me on alcohol and cigarettes
Tell you what I get you lit once
And you never forget
No sweat
It’s in the test
Or hit it to the chest
I mix the rest I suggest
Smoking a bean every now and then to clean
Out head
Relax you said you murder feds
The curvature
Like a chick’s tits
You murderer
You need trip
I won’t light you up cause you can’t handle it
Become a vandal and spit
Gangbang then quit and try some shrooms
LSD Peyote or DMT
Then you raps ethereally

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 339
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 38 minutes, 46 seconds
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859388 - 10/22/22 03:35 PM (7 months, 9 days ago)

I saw a fighter tighter than a rider
On an airplane with no radio play
Claiming set all day swaying
And saying how delay in his
Aim meant he came kept up
Leapt up to struck the passenger
Master work fast that jerk
Weapons with no fluidity
In the city pretty little be
Ditty Bop nonstop for the clock
Rock his shock like tick tock
On with hot shit
Lost hint on the soft dent
Perform form meant to the worn
Spent in the norm for reform
End the storm
A fighter is born

I killed a Cop during martial arts practice
I hatched the plot to still his shot after he got
Served I swerved on him and dog gone went
Plum loco no joke bro the cop got stoked so
I provoked ganja tokes in the audience
One chick let out a scream when full steam
I ran the Cop over and beam with some cream
On the gangster lean for a dream team
To take over now you see how I be in like soldier
I fold yours I golden doors into Heaven
I 7-11 I get brethren to set for several men to jet
Heck is wreck for sex to text message flex
Fully X off the rest for spot smoke pot why not?

To wank off to spank off to thank Hoffa Jimmy
Mafia Boss with the shimmy shine mind it’s time
To masturbate if you supercharge you don’t
Have to wait between orgasms you just come
And span the chasm it has em
Like ransom for grandson to brand buns
Land some from hand job come the man slobbered
On his chin to win solemn all tall when he solved
The problem and involved sin for following God
The steel rod beat him over and aver again

Mikey Neides is the truth I drank Old English to get a boost
Drunken technique each tiki torch lit on the path to split ass
Fast gash tearing wearing brain out with staring at anus
It’s famous you lame just claim to bust and trust lust
For fame I adjust the insane count 10+ earthquake
Richter scale break no mistake I wake up people and read
Them evil literature they blur and disappear with tear
I seer the meat no defeat I’m complete I eat the beetroot
And shoot street people like cute in the toot cocaine lane

I was spoiled for toiling in the Soil King thing
I oiled to bring hash oil to ease the sting of wingtip
That bring trip I sing Mick Jagger swagger I tagger
I fag your bag up to sag pant suck shit get stuck
For fuck I break truck and don’t duck I rupture the butt
I suck for the lust trust that bomb fat fold cat for gat
Sold data I at a party matter heart G don’t be smart
Cause I beaten over the head every day that way
I’m gay because I play with a guy’s thighs and disguise
My boner as loner stoner except I’m owner on loaner
With the Jones for store burst with the worst cursed items
I light em excite friend for tight end I’m right to spend money
It’s funny with gun heat to repeat defeat and unseat President Trump

I want to smoke hash oil with you
That’s how I jump you into my crew
We practice martial arts and take long walks
Through parks after dark even we ain’t scared
We well prepared to brawl disarm blade and call
Them names that’s all we trip take a nip of bud
And smother each other in love
Like hand in glove
That’s how the operation rubs off
We smoke dubs soft
Some of us smoke 20 dubs per day
No way could we go astray
I want to help you but God won’t let me
I’m set to teach martial arts to every stoner freak
I want to learn to speak Chinese
I meditate with Tai Chi and I don’t use amphetamine

I reinstitute the Constitution of the US after breaking the law
With a steel ball I threw at the tall Monument of Washington
I got the Compass With the G Masonry
I painted my windows white
It’s tight when I master the populace
I got all these Crips dripping on Trips and sipping Cactus
Don’t act up or you get smacked up
You lacked duck defense whence it came
The aim was accurate and match your head tilt back
You might get killed the attack was fact
A soldier all told your hold your hand
Cross the street you name brand

We made hash oil in the dorm kitchen
Everyone in college did a double take after toking get baked
They thought it was laced
I said nope it’s just concentrate
They thought it was great
It would have sold for $45 per gram
Full melt and everyone understand the bubble
I gave some to a homeless Vet who
Got me pounds of Mexican Pot
From over the hill we took the bus and head rushed
When we smoked the plush oil
It melts and boils and tastes so good!
Once I ate a huge amount with shrooms
And had the most powerful trip in the neighborhood
The clouds ignited and coiled and twisted like dragons

We rock the Sativa!
Got the Green and Brown shit look like ditch weed
They sold me on the Street the Dead kids in Santa Cruz
I’m not used to smoking that
We get Indica and Crosses mostly
No one imports Tropically Grown any more
We’d like to see floor to ceiling
Highs send you reeling
The feeling is great
Cerebral create the Cathedral Design for Mine
New Church on the Bird Perch
Getting the first come first serve is whack
We want it back
My mom smoked Dank Mexican Imports
Once my friend Ty found a roach on the Playground
When we were little kids
We sparked it up we did
It was the uplifting Tropical once again
I’m an Indica head from Hollywood
I think Global mixed with cultures from all over!

You clock a 9 up front never recline in the city
Too much pretty ass sipping rolling Fast
Causing blast bomb
I remain calm
Everyone else runs all over sounds the alarm
It’s the country charm
On the farm we don’t harm people
We all equal the sequel is to reach through
See needle in the haystack
All the crew always come back
The kids are whack
I love to hear a Brooklyn accent mixed in
With the country dialect begin
To sound hillbilly
All chilly
You still heat?
If you not from the city you don’t appreciate
The pretty trees and flowers
I want to grow ours
Our own of cut clone on the farm
Dry it in the barn
I smoke it like firearm in Compton

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 339
Loc: Seattle
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859394 - 10/23/22 07:34 AM (7 months, 9 days ago)

I turn bird on water word
I eat bird seed
All birds feed all day
Then drink Water instead of smoke hay
It’s nice to have grass and chill
But water fits the bill
I can still think of dreams I ink pen
All inside and then
I recommend water
I got a 45 day
I clicked heated up and saw the circle
I work fully through the Purple Heart
I got smart and planned my highs
Herbal in disguise I realize it’s to thrive and
Make the World nice
I quit ice
Cocaine is too dangerous
I like the head but I’d rather stay on water
You oughta try some
Put that gun away and turn into shroom brain all
To blame those who missed it
To get dissed and flipped
Water is trip it is shit

I’m the King of Birds
Fully Westside
I smoke the Left Side Herb
It chills at the spot and it rocks
I got Blue meth too
It unscrews you and opens you up to flew through
Time and space
The Blue was my ace
True to taste rare and I dare to find anyone else who come near
I’m nearly peerless
Royal Fam experience
I lift I got the gift but still hitch rides inside
I like to glide on some sweet
I smoke it eat broke fit for weeks
Toke and proceed to meet the needs
Of the people
This sequel is for the equal
I don’t have any big plans
Or demands only land to scope
And smoke the holy smokes

I’ll be happy when I plant my own trees and veggies
I’m an expert at horticulture growing ganja under light bulbs
Shit they put us through
I never forget your face
You got me in a tight place
I knew since I was young I did nothing wrong
I developed beyond all my friends
Who had behavioral difficulties
Total geeks speaking of violence
Some joined gangs
I turned a bunch of friends on to herb
And they turned cool sang the song
Got into mushrooms or LSD
Me I smoked pure weed until I turned 19
And hammered mushrooms
I really hit it made the move up the middle
Hitting eight balls
My weight made me tall
With all said and done
I just begun as a psychonaut
When I grow under the sun my life has just begun then
I start life anew when they let my crew out of the underground

The learning curve burning nerves out on stimulants
I smoke a joint and get chopped on a walk
Burned out on the raw route I cook and shook
The World with my know how
Now everyone say Wow!
I’m good at it and graze like cow
I don’t allow now and again bitches who pretend to love
To sneak into my club
I rub a dub off some thug
And snub out
They took the wrong route
I don’t shout out to them I’m sick of disaster with men
Who can’t comprehend the effects of violence
I stare in silence while in it’s shape and form
It gets to be normal the killer bees swarm
I perform for form that take shape I don’t rape or murder
Something you never heard uh fuel me see
I Shock Gs with my style
Flow miles with piles of jewels
I don’t need tools
I meditate people are fools

I smoke steroid to tear void telepathic air avoid the tragic
Stare down the wear town down with banging gangsters
You should thank yours for the shank for the flank in store
I gank a bitch more when they stank of the sure thing
It swing they bang and can’t stop like clockwork
My knot jerk some work come from the hurt done in one
Swing the thing it bring you could sing and still be crowned King
For the time being I’m seeing it straight to rap great and hate on
Punk asses who fast to dash in and clash with the rash judgement
They error tear your shit try to scare your wit I bit dare them to hit
I terrorize guys who bang they act hardcore until they know
They got an ass kicking in store
Poor little things
It sting and hurt to murder
My shirt is further evidence of the tense
Some never ate they crazy
I sways a G
To stay back and Platinum with some act in done

Smoke Sativa hum believe it’s from the equatorial region
Being it only grows there all year season
I breeze in the herb for word it serve curve with the head high
I can’t deny I’m hooked even on how the buds looked
I love a cross but pure Tropical is the boss
I could toss an indica out the window I smoked so much before
Sativa is so rare it’s beyond scarce no one dares smuggle it
Into the United States for fate is to bring business to the
Picturesque places like Jamaica Thailand or Hawaii
I like to be in the thick of the tree to taste it and make it
Face lift into smile I haven’t been high for so long G
I smoke bongs or joints roll a bomber to get calmer with the taste
I misplaced my mind and fell behind when I couldn’t have ganja time
To myself it suffered my mental health get depressed a bit
It’s nice to stay lit constantly I smoke responsibly
Sativa oil is why I toil for labor for the flavor and major head blazer

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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InvisibleSolar Nexus
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859398 - 10/24/22 09:56 AM (7 months, 8 days ago)

Will you write me a poem about peanut butter poopy?

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 339
Loc: Seattle
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Re: poem [Re: Solar Nexus] * 1
    #859400 - 10/24/22 02:12 PM (7 months, 8 days ago)

You want the organic
The soil is so dank you can’t manage chemical after the
Special Soul Glow of the Original intent on the bent for
How growing food went
I sent hate mail to Monsanto
They tried to kill me pronto
They were in for a big surprise
I shoved Ammonia Nitrate in their eyes
It’s all lies the pedal
About how you need the chemical
It’s dependence on it that help poison our environment
I don’t like toxic shit sprayed on my food
If it kills it’s ill
I wish I had the $100 bills to chill on Organic

Cocaine is good but not as good as meth
Meth is better than Cocaine, Heroin and PCP put together
I relax on plush leather after capping to sever off the head on meth
You dead lost in the end of times mine is grim biz I rhyme shit
And climb split the tree smoking Ganja for free
I love my Ganja is has bomb character
It gives you this incredible feeling that no other herb has the ceiling
You don’t worry about overdosing or even coming close and
The boast of men who tend the buds is large because they are in charge
They are the farmers we feel growing Ganja spin the wheels of time
This rhyme is to demonstrate how Ganja spins my plate
It helps me meditate
I’ve been practicing martial arts for almost 30 years
I used meth and cocaine and prefer Ganja cry tears of joy

Doctor Soupy writes the peanut butter poopy
Tons of scoops of feces goopy I stoop to take a taste
It’s Gourmet I play the guitar and sing of so far
As going to play at my friend’s house
He likes it when I untie his blouse
I killed a mouse in his house
It made an awful high pitched fart noise
I had to call the boys
They came and arrested my friend for letting a mouse in the house
I thought it was fitting
Ever since I’ve been fitting pipes
Until the Peanut Butter poopy Strikes!

The trip master with the faster hands to grab the acid tabs
I reach for jabs to ribs and kick the testes
I freeze my acid so it lasts long
I attack strong on the bong hits with tight grips
I fix a lip up my dick struck oil and makes water boil
I foiled the robbery
It’s my job to be slobbery in charge of retards G
I make a meal that I steal the ingredients for
I beach front more property by rising sea levels
I dishevels restful sleeping peeping Toms
I’m calm for the disarm of the homemade blade
In the shade I made grade people behave like evil
I peel in the back with the stack of cash
Giving bills with the chills with rap mastery
It has to be that way and gayness play

With the Azurescens handle Fireman’s Missions
Repeated overdoses of the closest thing to what bring
The unbelievable swing of the ringing bell to gel you
Through hell crew it’s nothing new for I do more
Damn it’s hellish you get put down and jealous
Of the chill head you ego dead
Relax kick back and said
I bled like it I’m type twitch Mike rich from Psilocybin trips
If you flip you might drip
I like it with hype
I ripe for another I smother the brother of each other
My rubber composition is the kitchen’s worst nightmare
I scare the butcher
I’m a good looker
I don’t see a hooker
I book her for chill
All is nil when you release and pop the pill of the East
You slide like grease
You deceased
Like slice of cheese
Bow down to you knees then hit the floor on all fours

Flowing with bird chirps the bird lurks in the sky
With an eye to swoop and kill
You might think that birds sound ill but Police are worse
They bust your ass and burst metal
They kettle boiling unsettling spoiling the place
With their Ganja Laws they need to be displaced
I hate a fucking Pig
They like to relax and take a swig of the hard liquor
Shoot their firearm stick their sticker
Once I called a cop a racial slur about the pork content
He came back with bomb meant to hurt me
But I worked his G over and left him sober bleeding on the ground
My teaching was profound
I’m one of the best fighters around
With hands or cold weapons
No way would I let a gay cop in the left end of the spectrum
Of my sect hum

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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InvisibleSolar Nexus
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859404 - 10/24/22 10:51 PM (7 months, 7 days ago)


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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solar Nexus]
    #859405 - 10/25/22 01:55 AM (7 months, 7 days ago)

Eating flesh death come up best you can guess the rest
Foul breath digest with less ammunition
Hold the position
Rappers get dissed in the ass
I break glass to ring the fire alarm
I armed
I charm a darn fucking little bitch plucking
Sucking ass in class with luck bring grass
Toke it to task
No need to ask if I kill it in one hit
I fill up with drum kit
On the ill stuff
Get live in it fry in the head
I set it
Never forget where you went to
My crew screw up the food truck
With smooth luck
I pluck a duck out the pond
I’m fond of duck meat
Cooked Cantonese
A delicacy

In my neighborhood banned the stranglehold
Realize how good I am BLAM!
A sucka damn caught luck when he ran
Not knowing who I am but sensing the tensing in himself
While I stay loose I roll stealth
I don’t show off I melt Psychedelic
I pop a relic to bell it with hits
Lit shit is the wick for the bomb
Blow up Like the Vietnam Draft
I laughed when I saw the task to ask me to kill
I said fuck you pay your own bill
I ain’t mafia so what’s stoppin’ yah from poppin’ some head?
Drillin’ till I’m dead until I fed it’s killer bread
And that said I further sped up to head off the truck
At the pass
I come up blast
Pulling out fast with the twin gats
I dash a sucka with bullet holes motherfucker

Lost Souls I tear your heart apart at the crossroads
I’m getting old to do hits at midnight
I write rhymes instead
I wish I was dead on the draw with the law with the cannon
I understand when people use the gun but I have no relation
I give the sensation of the way shit stain in the bloody rags
When I tags them
They dead men
I said friend,
Send me your last will
I kill still
Fit the bill for ill to drill and skill I left nil to those who fill up
Not carin’ about the past giving whiplash in head on collision
It’s precision work with weapons in the kitchen
Dish in the spit shine
I dissed mine my own
I’m a clone of the known styles of Gong Fu
Leave smiles on the few who go miles to see it
I be it
And free fit the hit
You seem like dick
So scram before I show you who I am

I’m glad I got time off from martial arts and glassblowing
I was a gangster and a killer
I clocked the iller trip
Taking more than sip I immersed
Quenching all thirst for head to turn dead red
I sped fed up later I skater
All cold hater my plate their
Spun wax like day care
I take care of kids
And slid right skids in tight to the space
My ace was some freebase
I did the chase for the cold case to taste
About faced
All the Freemasons
I’m great sin to get in with
I related all the spray I duck
On the Street good luck
No one can handle the Street Sweep
Who isn’t Wu Tang

The kill goes down
I’m not talking about a pound of weed
The serotonin make you bleed
The harmaline in the brain natural X-ray
Through train
Your lane is ill
Cappin’ fill
And wax still
Rip the drill for warfare
Scare all the kids
Startle adults
It’s an insult to be involved with a woman
What you fuck you want in the Game?
I’m the same as another bird who came
With the lyrics
They fear gone tear hit up the beer lit
I rear end clip dip sip and trip
Plus skip the hip
From grass
I did meth and all types of shit don’t ask

I have an excessive Yang Metallic energy from Meth and Steroid
I have a good Wood quality from the all I be shrooming and booming
The Pot I smoked is no joke and worth it for Fire and Earth
I need to get married for my Water
I slaughter you oughta step back to Fort Lauderdale
Shit pale in comparison the clock all the fate you stale just wait
You get impaled on the plate people don’t understand
The Brand Label Wu Tang and how it rules the Thang around town
Soldiers are also down
People who have been tortured shock me and leave me in awe
I saw a guy in the market once who had been tortured by the Germans
He somehow survived
I hope he thrived I know he cried and screamed and cursed and worse
Spit and shit you get tortured don’t commit you permanently lit
They hard to hang with!

I got a dead Valentine
Rose for the flows
She on her toes
How it goes?
She knows
Wu Tang always shows aim
To break down and claim set
Before jet and wet it
I bet shit get hectic
When I crept up
Your head duck
Like lead cluck
Struck for some motherfuck
It gets murder you heard uh
Word up
Everyone wants to murder
Curve and swerve into the nerve
Hit some bird in the 3rd eye
Crush that shit
With the Phoenix Eye Fist
My wrist twist when I slay
I don’t delay
I golden ray of Sun
I’m on some carrots I sprung
A lung smoking the fairest
Finest leave you with blindness
To bitches and their shit

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859408 - 10/26/22 07:45 AM (7 months, 6 days ago)

Meth is a dungeon drug
All pulled the plug in the sequence
Get your freaks wet in the deep stench
Of the reek went the teacher bent your head
Fully bled out you said route
For some head clout completely led down the corridor
Considering Florida for retirement
My tire went flat
Fat cat sat
Call it black
Witch’s broom too soon under a full moon
You could spoon some coke but you broke toke Ganja
Stay away from hypes and glass pipes for meth

Ganja is the Dragon
What was for your cuz is the head buzz you said was
The flavor all crave more than behave on beer
You a slave to the rear back room
Attack soon
You lack high noon
You flew down to Texas for one one day
It made you gay
So you decided to stay
It’s ill to get paid to slay
I murder every day
What the fuck you gotta say?
Don’t tell me about Satan
I’m blatant
Shame on you went to game roll through

I work on people
Like at the beach it gets evil
Sand in the ass crack
You can’t fool a black
They were enslaved then segregated
It’s fucked why black men demonstrated
They hated the white man to this day and
Spin the plate to DJ
Make the rap jams leeway
Allow for cow to graze in the maze
31 flavors
Aim yours at the sky and let one fly
I start to cry
How could I get thighs breasts and legs
I begs on the street for a keg of beer
Steer clear of the fear

I push shopping carts
It’s a bone fest in the homeless shelter
Helter Skelter
I felt your meth venom
I wear tight denim jeans
I mean smoke on green
You a has been rapper
I master you ass like the clapper
I sap your strength
Gank your length
Then spank you
No thank you
I don’t fuck anyone handsome
I rank son
For the handkerchief
I burn a spliff

Chillin’ with my gun fully auto won the lotto liquor gets you blotto
My pot elevates the consciousness to bomb makes sense
Stay calm I recommend ganja
All kick back in a lawn chair
Screaming at thin air
Is no way to to fair
You could squeeze glare fully care about the flare
Get some player up on lair
Dungeon if you smokin’ meth come some way there
I stay bare naked butt to cut strut stuff
I cut your cuts off
I tuck some gun for the shit gets done
I’d rather shoot you than scoot you
If you fuck with me I don’t give a fuck about you G

I set up the head busting trusting lusting
Fuck thing luck ring true
For something new I threw away the stew
And had KFC
You can’t disease me
I ease in for free
Knowing how glowing found the low thing down
I blow your house around the town world
It’s swirled like Ben and Jerry’s
I marries a pint of ice cream
It melted
I help bitches with their felt tip pens
I recommend sausage
I the boss of hostages
My rock and roll get you nauseous

Like Fred Astaire I dance on air
I don’t tear A Holes open
Most are all ready broken and spoken for
I take ten tokes and go to War
With the big dick fix a trick
Stick the click with the lick up
Oral sex hex you then dead soon
Like Lead do in the Fed two in the Red Zone
Fluid I ruin prospects for objects to ram thrust
Up the Ass I cancel class and burn glass
My Mastery is championship league
I never fatigue I clock a mean ad lib
Had Acid Dropped it tabs that trip lasted
I Blasted most off the map it’s
Rancid now and Thanks to ass plow
I ask how to do the dance downtown
I’m a Noun a Person Place Thing I ring

Mafia Don
Dish Soap

Head Straight
Sped Up

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859422 - 10/28/22 09:41 PM (7 months, 3 days ago)

I can’t see straight any more
My raps pour rain
I made a Zen contribution and
Got booted for my lens scope fluid
I threw shit at the Zen Master and Hasta do it
Cupid shot me with an arrow
Now I’m in love with a sparrow
The road is straight and narrow
I use the wheelbarrow
I dare you to glow
And show and prove
A sucka move ducks
I truck a lot of luck around with the new sound
I rap’s down
I clown a fool
He has a spool of duel strings and stings
I’m his King I gave him Swing Music plus Blues
Now he has Blue Suede Shoes

Smoke Sativa hum believe it’s from the equatorial region
Being it only grows there all year season
I breeze in the herb for word it serve curve with the head high
I can’t deny I’m hooked even on how the buds looked
I love a cross but pure Tropical is the boss
I could toss an indica out the window I smoked so much before
Sativa is so rare it’s beyond scarce no one dares smuggle it
Into the United States for fate is to bring business to the
Picturesque places like Jamaica Thailand or Hawaii
I like to be in the thick of the tree to taste it and make it
Face lift into smile I haven’t been high for so long G
I smoke bongs or joints roll a bomber to get calmer with the taste
I misplaced my mind and fell behind when I couldn’t have ganja time
To myself it suffered my mental health get depressed a bit
It’s nice to stay lit constantly I smoke responsibly
Sativa oil is why I toil for labor for the flavor and major head blazer

I wish a bud for everyone
Oh if you haven’t sung the song
You need bong hits a long time ago
I hit it stick up the tricks duck and dive
With my pot connection I thrive
I get it live now
Back then I was dead as a doornail my friend
I recommend pot for martial arts
You don’t amp or darts
Plus you off the charts with the physical
You might as well be invisible
If you plan residual effect
I check for ill and make specs for the kill it techs
I hit up meth
I’d rather smoke pot
Some people forgot but I grew up smoking and toking
I’m not joking serious weight as a teenager that’s great
Real pot seal stop the wielding weapon shot
But back to the snot free I recommend the tree
Can it be that we all sing the song G?
Legalize and realize the future
A place where you don’t need to taste the poison
Little boys in the game are toys and aim

I practice Tai Chi that’s me
Not hype to be amp and psych with my lamp
I like to G off and speed soft
I loft high on drugs and cry
By design my mind is inclined to flow
Just how I relax and blow stacks
I kick facts and jack up medicine
My style is better than hard styles
I go for miles with mind in file and while
I got the floor what’s in store is more
Before I was aggressive now with Tai Chi
I lost the secretive nature and hate your external
Hard infernal crazy nature of boxing
I locks thing up some get stuck but I shy it off
And inclined to stay soft
I circle and work fully
I pull heat and draw with the complete glow control
My soul loves the way I roll now
It’s like I found God and how I’m born again
I send the message to a friend
Try Tai Chi you’ll be surprised to see how
The practice can match any form of medicine
And put you in a state of deep relaxation

He’s Deadheaded
Straight up Psychedelic
With weapon tucked embedded
He set it with friendly clip
So zip the lip shut
You murder but you heard of peace
At least A lot of homies deceased
The beast took them
Shook men
All hook off stage and off the page when
You rookie in it look heated then it
Took the gun bended look he sended it
Lended hits to a friend the end
I recommend mushrooms
To the acid culture like vulture
They eaten dead like buzzards
Acid is harsh word
33rd and a purse full of money
Nothing funny like gun heat to some G
I like defeat and greet meet
Under the seat is your weapon
The cops searched now you headed to prison

I took my UFO into space
Everyone claims I’m a space race
To the sun I always show face
Where heat comes from
Plus I stun with the heat
I complete bust the gun underneath
The table
Leave you disabled and fucked up
I’m an alien so I have to keep one tucked
Or else it disrupt my day
I can’t be caught slayed
By an Earthling
The first thing I do when I leave Earth
Is burst out singing
I bring the flavor that all human behavior is based on
My taste was wrong for a song about humans
They don’t deserve shit they worthless
I hurt just as the rest of humanity lashes out
It’s insane to be a human
Doomin’ the human race to a wasteland
Is why I command to study the plan
To elevate the consciousness of man

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859442 - 11/01/22 02:26 AM (7 months, 11 hours ago)

I do the the dick move all smooth to lube up
My food truck sells Mexicans ducks
I buck a fuck off suck for the muck
Bottom we got em
Servin’ ni@@as with shotgun
My robot sung with me
I’m G
I clock a paste of coca so I taste
I get displaced by humanity
My planet G is in far off galaxy
I snack for the attack
And come back with fists
I get pissed and swing on
I bring long ding dong
I’m King Kong
No one smokes bong like me
Tightly rapped up you see
I giant lean defiant
Don’t try it
You get smoked and eye in it spoked
Poked pot get toked
All gangsters loced I thought provoke
Don’t choke now you hope how
Some smoke cloud come down
In your area the pot I Mary Jane
What you wearin’ you best explain
What’s your name and why you came
Is it gangster rap to blame
I serve with cane
Professional unquestionably to exclaim
All that shot got it aim
Draw down it’s law now
Smooth round sound you hit the ground

I want to go insane on cocaine
Lose track of reality
Reality of Nationality is from the Andes
My plan G is to P bust it smoke weed
Sniff blow not speed
Blow is psychedelic you know
I’m not familiar with the long term effects
But when I packed techs I liked herbal coca
I smoke a rock and stop the clock on my box
I clock some toxic dose close to death
For the last breath
Anyone left suggest how to do it
I smooth hit crack to come back
Sniff a line fluid and unwind trip out come from behind
With the route on cocaine
My brain ain’t the same
I got a new name
It’s plain white vanilla with a side of the thrilla
I’m a dope killer I smoke
I hang to bang on em
Relax and flow with facts of why I rock a gangster
And his whole block to death
I clear out sections
They interfere with my blow in the rear your ass show
You look like punk so I sunk you
Raps true with caps fluid on coke to do it
Through skid I drop LSD and Platinum P

Before I do coke loc
I’m buying a gas station with the Mary Jane Sensation
Of Sativa
I eat a oil capsule so I could rap Gold I sold all my guns
For fun I run the show once more
Tore an ass of a Gangster but that’s in the past
Gangsters don’t last
The class wipe them
Everyone ripen
For psyche some I Fast and press my luck
I get struck by lightning
Why I writin’ some raps
And repping for Cap
The gun clap is like thunder you wonder
MCs shudder who missed the AK-47 no blunder
From the sun here
I steer fearless
Through crowds of rejects
No one expects to see it
I’m used to checking marks the scene set
Everyone on edge now
Here’s the popping phenomena
I gots the mob to do the job on yah

I bought more than 300 small bottles of water from the store
I’m hard to the core
I realized that to devise the master plan
You have to understand the water and
I oughta slam on a long one again
With bong smoke done
Take calm tokes from the blunt
The stunt you pull is full of brilliance
When you into the illness of meat and cheese and eggs
I broke my legs and hit up kegs
For nuts drunkenness dollar bills for the pump in this
Adjust the Cashflow for the last born I storm
The stage in rage
Grab the mic and recite a page
I want to be Phoenix Rising
No disguise in the high thing it sing
Raps King for what bring the ding ring the bell
It’s just as well in hell to trip
So you could see it
Not be it

I shake and bake make no mistake
I rake it in dough like a ho
Just so you know I toe to toe
With anyone just for fun
I run games in this violence trip
I sip a drink and pink up a guy’s ass
Then red make it bled
He scream out in pain what’s my name?
I’m servin’ game
All word it’s all the same
My lame brain kid here skid on beer
And shed a tear at least he increased
His shout outs and clout run how bout it some?
I doubt that hung from the gun it talk
Walk with the stalk
Hit balk up black for attack
Murder the whack server in fact
You get the redacted document
You ain’t allowed to see that shit
I skip a brick on water I slaughter
I marauder is calmer now that bomber dropped bombs
I stay fully calm

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859472 - 11/05/22 11:51 PM (6 months, 26 days ago)

I chew on rawhide
Trip on suicide
My neck got the scars provided by the style
I smile and act cool while chillin’
I need to ill on Psilocybin mushrooms
Before that I want to attempt to smoke cannabis a lot
Trip is for the fatal shot
It’s ill you got hot for the pot
I rock the Glock cocked with tip top
Rip nonstop flip flop fully locked
End on top send you clocked out
No doubt I rap rate all about how bout it astounded by rounded
Tai Chi founded by me my own style
I like to practice G it’s good exercise and internalize
Martial techniques on the inside
You can tell by my hands stances and steps
That I never slept when I packed the Tech
I started of Weed true indeed the teacher that features
The chill stacks of neither lacking nor backing hardness
I learned to harm just as dust escaped platefuls
Of weight vegetables
I’m sensual I mention pull in the fully auto my skull
Is not a problem it’s revolving constantly I head spin my Chi
Is a medley of deadly technicality in this reality of Shaolin

LSD is my stepchild
Find behind in back of my mind intact style
I find the time to plug in and begin the lesson
And the lesson is great a warm plate or frying sizzle
Drizzle rain drips into colors
See Heaven and see yourself and know yourself in the mirror
It’s a sharp corner to steer here
Some think clear from LSD it’s pure
Fear isn’t coming from me my G is solidly grounded
And founded in violence my talent is blood red silence
I style in rhyme checked kicked back clack the stack
Of rap for another Gold record in a second I drop a tab
Of acid the trip lasted and casted me in a new movie to see
I on it and long to top it with frosting It’s costing me a lot
To not see periodically
I feel deep stress and a need to undress the mind
And find myself again
To see myself I’ve gone blind

I track with my rap like a bloodhound down
The sound of max decibel left you pulled out
Cocaine the dangerous rush route
See Hallucination change the station
Cocaine is a sacred smoke or sniff you get naked and riff
I bake it with my crisp intact hat
I’m that
I don’t pack a gat
I’d like to rap about wax instead of tax
On cocaine I relax maintain the knowledge of rush
You do the opposite of hush and start talking
See revolving heads walking
I stalking with the broom after smoking crack at high noon
Rock can stop your cock back
Provided you rapped Psychedelic
Cocaine is intelligent for understanding the Dopamine
And why they’re sellin’ it and your body chemically
Uses dopamine in your natural routine as well
As Serotonin and Anendine Methamphetamine is Noradrenaline

All I see is dead bodies
Hit up the guy with the shot ready to pop
You can’t make him stop
He inhales clips and trips on you
The stew you in is about to begin amping and lamping
Within’ you know it’s a sin taking pleasure from adrenaline
I kept my spin on life cannabis focused now I clock Nikes
I the types of split personalities that rallying cry is why
I see dead people
People release here with the least fear they East end steer
I like to sheer off the boss of the dearly departed
I was to do the shit when I started I understood
The part did clip tight like rip right intact
Fully act up to rap duck the slip in this trip on Meth
I left with the Tech smoking Steroid open by paranoid
I mean the focus is on the glare you avoid from shiny man

You never smoked pot G!  Your mind is rotten
Like funky Ice Cream
In a dream you seen pounds unlimited
Some livin’ shit for real
Always ready to peel and stack
Feel fact of the grown Ganja on blown
Lawn Chair kick back smoke a sack
Get attack on some rap spun number one
You could stun and have fun
Don’t reach for gun your sun wouldn’t want that
Like fat cat each rhyme is intact I’m
Gonna speak at a gathering of the masses
For classes I hit it down to ashes
At last it’s the Ganja that some snot over
Like four leaf clover I’m lucky to know yah
I’ve always been a stoner since I was little
I rap and fit you’ll get stuck in the middle

They gone just as fast as they came
I light brains
Blow brains out no doubt
From word out of mouth
You down South hang in your house
You about to get your brains blown out
You couldn’t manage this rap route
I do damage
And blow your brains out
I skeez a G sees me being easy
I heat trees and hit up Psilocybin
I blow your brains out when
I OD on trip it’s simple more than a sip
Removes wrinkle in time I’m
Stoppin’ on a dime it ain’t popular
So shout about it
When I blow your brains out and routed bullets
To the fullest
You could catch bullshit
Like when you wool hit
Your brains get lit
And blown out for sure fit
No doubt

I relinquished
With trip seemingly sipped out of a glass
You straight ass
Light up a chemical
And always remember pull
Disease let you flow with ease
Make cheese
And breeze through
Leads crew
To evil deed do
Lewd conduct
The bomb tucked
Your mom struck
Stuck you in the gut
In the family
Murder serve a G
Workin’ for free
Some do see me
I raps a Platinum attack
On sacks of liquid
I get with
The changing times
With changing rhymes
I flavor the blind you savor
And hit rewind
On your tape deck

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859489 - 11/07/22 06:52 PM (6 months, 24 days ago)

You gotta eat raw fruits and veggies
Or this happen to you
I don’t master kung fu
I don’t have a clue how to fight
At night I excite the babes
And catch the sun rays
I surf and catch waves
Your girl stays with me
She left you
Because you don’t master Kung Fu
All you want to do is act cool
I accuse you of drooling
It’s not a cool thing you do when you screw
The pooch and mooch broom stick
Wizard catch witch for the blizzard
I rap stitch and pack glitch
In the system
You could have missed them
I do it pronto so listen
All your crew is in a stew
Especially you
Cause you act a fool
And you think violence is cute when you shoot people

I smoke the sausage of awesomeness
You all talk in this Ganja Game so take a walk and fit
Game Tight for the night I raps write
I like to take flights
And ride bikes
And make wall
And call shots
I’m a baller and I’m on top
I’m also the guy with the sweet apple pie recipe
I let MCs cheese on their tracks until their backs turn
Then I make them learn
It takes a long time to burn like me
I get crucified and died on the cross
I lost blood before I tossed up and in my tomb
Which is my room I came back to life
And busted knife techniques
I freak each week for a Geek to make cheeks spread
You dead
You get hit in the head and said
Why my rap relish?  I like to eat Deli Sandwich
The bandwidth on my shit causes havoc
I’m magic and pour a glass of the savage attack shit potion
My fluid is in motion like the ocean

I’m the avocado expert
My lex work in the network
I turn into jerk
And perk up New York City
Avocados there are the best for the player
My major Avocado habit
I chew them like a rabbit
Then take a stab at it
I mad with trip on my lip
About to take a skip the class and ass out your ass with about it
Avocados I doubted since the beginning
Then it’s in the 9th inning and I’m winning the big prize
You don’t realize what happens to guys who eat too many of the alligator pears
I just stares at people who think eye of this needle is evil
I hit the exit and flex shit
I eat avocado for breakfast
My Tech twitch on the stuff you bumrush on
My mind is gone
I don’t have long to live
Why I kick this rap shit
And make avocados flip

My knife sharpen in the dark and
I spark flame
I blame fools who school is fueled by crap
I zap a MC who think he G
I cancel fee for class so you get to pass in and out no doubt
No chance your War you got tore
I performed as up to par and so far
I don’t see shit about you quit doubt fools
With the drool
I tool kit in the closet sit my market basket is ass kicking
I give a licking to the sickening sting you pull on bullshit old knit
I fold 5th
I trip on some shit
I’m not lying I want to be flying on Psychedelic
How the fuck would you feel you punk ass bitch?

I don’t flex
I smile from ear to ear and make checks
I got the best X
My next bet is to step to the let through crew that stew in it
My brew witch’s
I cinch in this
To flip shit
And stick hits the snitches
Shot them up
Rock in the cut
So now you know enough
Your girl is all slut
I got the front on it
Plus the back
I don’t jack
I pull it fast out
The last route I shredded I was headed for the bed dead
I Mex smoke the tokes
It’s no joke in life
My mic strikes
When I light up the type of stuff
That take one puff
I smoke enough to keep the doors shut
And the windows
My kinfolk all did smoke and shroom

Raw fruits and veggies have magic in it
It’s tragic when you handed shit
Turn your sponge to leather
I had the real leather apron with no cape on
Crusted with blood holding twin meat slicers
I roll dice your curb gets the word up for truck
I got the red teachers the T on the end of my tongue
My tongue sprung me
I don’t like guns be
Lay back
On the track
I never lack flows and it shows
Just how a style grows
When you throw lyrical grenades
We can tell you lost in the shade with no sun
MCs haven’t even begun to breeze
And they puffin’ trees
So do it with ease
And rise degrees
You best to make cheese
Or else you catch disease later on
Later on skater catch you later later on

Gold and Platinum records
You wreck sectors of the crept up Gs want to limit
And get all in it with weapons
Shoot you Stab you Fuck up all you do
You can’t chill in this ill spot
All the ill got caught
I brought it up so the law you could tuck in your pants
I dance and clock the answer is I rang the phone all day long
I don’t bone I clone Jones for the bones to smoke no joke
People didn’t toke from my feeble Gen X
I’m for real
You need it at a steal the price
My advice to government is to let people grow they be lovin’ it
Life no sweats no bets off no leapt loss no wreck to toss
You be your own boss and play it how you do
You could smoke with your whole crew
Like we used to as glassblowers
We rock and rollers we don’t charge tolls for Worlds to spin
That way you could begin to win not lose
You choose the weapon
If you crept in you best get to steppin’ then
We don’t let you in

I want to ignite pot on tracks
I like to take long walks and I talk with the hands
Like rubber bands
All planned as command with the Herb
It’s word
No one is heard a thing like it from the psychic even
I’m trained in remote viewing and magic
The Order is watching me all day
I’m used to it
I grew up in Hollywood and knew it as a kid
But back to the bids
Yeah ignite shit and get tripped
Flip martial arts styles all night with smiles
I like to roll the files and child is the children
Got kids running from the building
I killed in I chill then
I still hit the ceiling wielding weapons indoor
I practice weapons more than most
I toast to the Filipinos who got me in
My whole world is within the grasp of the fisherman
Of men
I clock ten out of ten when I smoke Ganja then
Convert you with one lesson all the old crispy fuckers who never toked

Meth walls make meth balls death calls
Each roll is an 8 hour or stroll you cold almost dead when you get home
I roam the back country roads I chose the flows of it
Because I heard it in public that pot heads get shot kids
I wouldn’t fuck with meth bids
It’s hard for me to speak on meth because my herb connect was fresh
I mastered 156 herbs and plastered words on my wall like phonecall
All types I fall off the ends of the Earth for what it’s worth
I work shit for the curse lit I surf bet the murkier the better
I wear sweat pants and sweater
I don’t let your teacher compete hear
I rock each gear and fall asleep hardly ever
I’m on the lever I treasure my flights but the insight I gained paled in comparison
With the Ganja there you in struggle a bubble pop I copped Eagle with shrooms
The sequel comes soon
Fuck meth and all that ruin my life and give strife
I almost lost my life and can’t be polite with meth heads
On their deathbeds

Meth heads in love with refined drugs and high dose
It’s easy to have a toast and snort the most
Weed you gotta smoke for 15 minutes before your fill is finished
I like edibles for narcotic pulls in the wools temperature sent your form
I bent them more in store to the core
Anyway yeah refined drugs just pour on the steam
If you don’t know what I mean smoke hash oil and gleam
All it seem like to me is hard hitting like lead pipe across the skull
Never a dull moment when you chose to enter the Dragon
The paddywagon gonna pick me up after this rap cut
I don’t strut my stuff
Some people think I bluff
I chill in the rough with ill mixture from cut
I serve a stunt when I truck
I don’t tuck a weapon
I step in and disarm all types weapons
You stepped in the House Of Flying Daggers
My apartment is dangerous with me in it on guard duty imminent doomsday
I truly live this shit

Everyone maintain with no need to explain to clock way in get brain
To stay in step freshness you bet shit def hit the flip trip
I get a grip and sip and swig and back shit for the attack spit actress
A heard for the last word and mastered the faster you blurb the duck honk
Wonked for stomped from Compton they bomb then
I’m from Hollywood I grew up serving good grass
But that’s in the past I suffer whiplash from that last accident crash
A sucker fast to pull gun he needs shrooms sooner than later
I don’t skate here I awake fear and bring it clear to high dose
Most afraid of it the ladies love it then you spoke and the track
Come back and change the subject I rub it the hex sunset
I text message I left leverage on the severed heads
Suckas fled from me you dead you see I’m too well trained
To kick it A on the test clicked with the professor off air
My softness scare people they used to seeing heat
I’m cold and old so I bold and get chosen for frozen even
Know the meaning

Wise bird all turd the 33rd up
But if you want I can front like I might get wet
I fight to stay in kept within to begin with it’s a sin
All for dinner I got it planned
Every man for himself
If you stealth you get in without letting anyone know
All raps show below
So come from slow and know it
You got to grow it
Ganja trees so you can ease into a mellow head instead
I like to trip
Trip rips you you get dipped crew
True that
I flew fat through the lewd stack of back issues
I twist fools off
No need to act the boss
I toss the employee lost
I frost up and cut
No one want to stunt the growth to runt too close
I broke the toaster and supposed to
I’m a roaster all roller coaster make the most of
Both slid extra skid marks darken
Charm in the game is the same where you spark in the lane
The trees blew like breeze

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859498 - 11/09/22 08:25 AM (6 months, 23 days ago)

All numb feeling with no ill
A euphoria
Born in torn to see yah worn out
I shout but no one cares about it
I route a 5th for crowded exit lift
The astounded
Grip the rounded pounded down
Wield weapons out of town for frown
I got it nouns and verbs
Words that serve I swerve poetically
I’m set to see all that heat up and reduction
The function serve as one kid hurt
On the schoolyard caught by jerk
And out of work
Ain’t it somethin’?
You bluffin’ and get rough in this
Learn the twist to doo wop and the head bob
Don’t nod out
You might found yourself dead in the end

About to head for the red zone
To cop a kilo of cocaine
All stay in your lane hard to explain
But I remain on top
I light up don’t stop
I got clocked shocking the rocking rolling
Toll slid out the bid and folding
Roll thing it’s cold swing
The thing is stinging now ringing how
I’m swinging bound to astound with Platinum crown
Out loud take it to town for pronoun
I hound dog the fog and smog
I shock the cold old told it big down
Sold around town as the profound but drowned in shit sit
In the itch you a cinch to bench press

Head out
See what everyone up to as run crew
Scooted down the block to shock the cops
I pops a cop
Scare the fuck out no doubt
They don’t have the clout for whereabouts
Get it loud
Turn up the sound
Till they found town as noun and verb
I serve a cop with murder nonstop
I’m a cop killer
I get iller and biller like chiller
I cap filler
Still it drill your shit till you can’t quit
I’m a hit job massacre faster than blast you’ll learn
I burn in the urn is my ashes
I trashes the set and lashes out at threat
I cold get wet

The land of the free all high for bein’ dry
You could re up to try to fly
Gone by airplanes in the sky
When you ask why
I gotta shotgun ridin’ for fun in the sun
Someone done it cold run hit
The job for slob to get till it odd
And mod I clobber a sucka
Who try to buck word
I heard about loud music down the block
Who choose it?
See if it’s a party don’t start me up
I always crash a party like duck
To seen for good luck I steam roll like truck
Out for a fast buck anyone chuck they Taylors
I whale on the beach all stale Trump got impeached

A Dragon Fist
All dragon twist a spiraling circle
Bring the thing don’t hurt fool
Like I King I sing the song
All day long and smoke a bong
I was wrong to shroom?
Fool I knock you out too soon for being rude
I got a good attitude when it comes to cute girls
My world got hurled by God
I got a job selling squad odds and ends
If you defend yourself it’s good for your health
I go stealth bomber
Stay calmer than no drama on the lips
Spinning sinking ships
On this drips mind LSD I find the time to ski
I just be that guy with the eyeball
I ride tall in the saddle and rattle snake tail
Without fail you might want to bail

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859552 - 11/10/22 10:32 PM (6 months, 21 days ago)

It’s hardcore to be a Wu Tang Master
Old Law gun Drawer
Saw yah at the club with a dub sack inhaled in your lungs
I smiled all the while Oh Ganja Child
The Ganja was for my file folder
I get older than light
Ignite on sight when I write
The plight of the Shroomer
Old school Boomer
Dead Tombstoner
All alone
Mind Fist Zoner
I clock the clone you’re seeking
For reeking of hard earned sweat
Don’t forget I’m a slave
Under the same system we all behave
I try to stay brave
Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Old mate firebender
I'm a teapot

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859557 - 11/11/22 11:04 AM (6 months, 21 days ago)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nobody posts at the growery
Except for me and you


Ban Lotto

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Re: poem [Re: spirit_shadow]
    #859576 - 11/13/22 05:38 PM (6 months, 18 days ago)

My ears don’t ring from gunshots
I’m a headbanger from the smoke pot
And plan your dope spot
For show hot
To the sure shot
And flow got
To stop
Pop it shoot up like rocket
I chalk screech
Gets everyone to freak
Each day of the week
A geek steps up to speak
Why I reek of crack cocaine smoke
No joke I maintain
A job and cock back rob the sack for it
Pour it into floor it the gas
It last a long time like my rhyme it’s a crime
So I’m
On crack for the lack of sackage of indica
I been with yah on the rollercoaster ride

I am ashamed that I used Meth
With each breath I am left with chest flex
I hex X tab poppers Molly gobstoppers
And rocker rollers
Dollar Bill folders
Over the shoulders
Hold your boulders
My life is colder from meth
I take 10 steps and snort more
Core is business with the lift
Euphoria off adrenaline
Gets more headspin than tilted
When I felt guilt
From it
I done it
It’s done
What I’ve become!

The whole thing makes me cry
I don’t fold one hold gun spun away then fly
I can’t deny the wounds shy of critical
I fit a fully up there bewares tearing blaring G music
The shoes fit you could get too wet
For a spoon I sweat goons
It’s high noon
Time for gun fight
It’s all right I’m an ace and flow the bass for a taste
Of the fatal shot
Blowing pot smoke and it’s all she wrote
I got demoted to master chef
In the clef of the tasteless my shit is makeshift

I can taste the warm embrace of a Sativa calling me!
It knows my name and shows no shame how I flame it up
I suck the smoke and choke
I take pokes until my nose glows
I rose to the occasion of Sativa
I gots to be with yah tropical
I popped the bubble
Of optical illusion
The protrusion coming out of my mouth is a Ganja stick
I could lick em up all day and stay that way and play music
Rap raps and do’s it
I choose it
The Sativa
Anyone who refuses it?
Wouldn’t want to be yah
The Sativa was a rare item for Gen X smokers
I was lucky I grew up with plenty of indica
It’s not funny when you talk about a straight
Deadweight loser bruiser violence chooser

Got your Johnson off floated launchin’
Staunch when the raunch tend
To extend to splendid lended edits
Radio credits me with sad story for the glory
I’m horny born to be porno star lead
Crew is seed through as feed blew
To the tune of mil kill and feel real ill
I chill at will bust a drill got still until
A cap I fill I fill it with the shit the kill it
Bitch you written on the list desist or I twist
I flip and twitch ill a cinch with the clips
For the wrench extend best blend until the end

I called 1-800 SUICIDE till I collided with rhyme and reason
What’s your season to skeeze in the Gs then to dent my head
Like I never bled I fed up with men that duck truck rope
Hangin’ dope smoke still slangin’ coke joke my wang is open
To get broken for I pokin’ my neck with blade bleed fade out
Made out with a chick once I front the stunt all I want is to die
I Suicide shy and fluid do it to it ruin my life and screw it up
Dice roll under control I fold hundred dollar bills like gold
I’m molded and told skid like cold did the facts jacks up stacks
I master the caper like blacks I’m called racial slur in this case
I blur words for murder myself

Me and my wife kick it rap about Wu Tang Dragons
What you baggin’?  It ain’t MMA get you head bashed in fully
Then neck snapped cause you a bully
You think fighting is the right thing
I light your ass up bring the light bulb to stuck up your ass
So everyone can see your ass coming
And know where you coming from and
You gunning no doubt running from odds
You pull jobs work at McDonald’s
I think your pay is way too low for a guy with a lighted ass bro
You should move in slow mo scared to go with the flow
Toe to Toe you lose for sho I grab your gold and jewels
I pack tools too I close the deal with your head on a skewer

Don’t start cryin’ now when you hit up Psilocybin how
Bad trips bugun you sung the song of all day long
One time
A crime is ready steady from the deadly mushroom
Too soon in the room you doomed I boomed it up a notch
And called the cops I sold them Ls I tell a bitch I dwell with twitch
Too much meth not enough trip still I drip
I catch peaks in the bathroom on my last broom sweep
I get down on all fours and creep to the toilet
The bathtub faucet flows death in the water closet
The boss tech says don’t slob it the job lit for I robbed and slit throat
I’m the GOAT when I promoted by shamans
To laymens I’m braindead steady with the ever ready
This medley of felonies I got stack up platinum
Been rappin’ some time in my head since I was OG
Still the punks try to slaughter me but I got them see
I clock any fuckin’ G

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859612 - 11/17/22 12:00 AM (6 months, 15 days ago)

I’m roasting on a water
Flashback to the slaughter
And everything
Mushrooms make your head spin to begin with
Then finish you off that’s the business plan man
I could feel the current of the Earth
My strong root in Gong Fu
I trip before or after training
People need to be explained to how to feel Their Mother
Earth is a wonder
It’s so Complex there’s so much to explore I read texts
About Horticulture I love to grow plants
I want to grow Peyote Cactus
People react to this violently
They don’t respect their Mother as I can see
I ain’t lyin’ to you G
Live Psychedelically
The rest will be History
No more Rape or Murder
It’s the shit you never heard uh then
I chill disabled in my den
Teaching folks a lesson

If you rap strapped it gonna come back
Not whack in the sack you got it if you shot it
You could take pot hits and lock fists
By design rhyme meant to undermine times in the gang
Hang with your crew all you do is violence
In silence I hang and don’t bang check my file it’s
A picture of me reluctant to be poppin’ firearms
I charm and don’t harm I work the farm and spin yarn
I get live in the barn I like to garnish puke up the Yohimbe
It gives me flight and insight into testosterone
You could fear it and leave it alone
I got in the Zone enough times to relax mind made up
After facts about the testes left these hefty sacks of weed
Up for speed meth Yang to death with no place left to run
I stun for some from the gun I come to sun up the sum
You run and duck when you see me on the street
Fully formed complete

I don’t run meth I cut the shit off like the boss did it
I rock crispy lyrics dis heat and beer itch
People fear this try to get near this
You could hear the hiss of snakes
Big mistakes made by the lake in the shade
With rhymes sprayed all over the place
I grace with gross motion dilated off the potion
I’m so open I’m broke in to the store and pour rain
Insane train in the lane all fluid to do it screw it
A fool I hit top tip knock socks off then led screech
Change directions hit the beach catch some waves
Smoke Ganja for days since I quit meth
The breath is death
Some leapt up to get dead struck
Spray lead duck they well fed and tucked in bed
Psychedelic is the real shit don’t relish
A cocaine rush either
I’m Mike Neidlinger

Mixed in the drug game is it really all the same?
I lock brain on water exclaim how I mother
The kids as a father figure flip lids
Cause the got your high bids to auction off lids of Ganja
I stay calm from years of heavy Ganja
I can drop bombs but I’m tryin’ to stay off yah back
In this drug game I don’t lack
I used to get high off the raps I made on drugs
Rapping about drugs, blood, thugs and big hugs
My murder was to reach out to teach downtown
About something round and circular
I get it to work your hurt in more
I’m sorry I got the top seat almost always in a fight
I can kill everyone in sight
I am so sick of your murder and violence
I stare in silence at my Buddhist Texts
Well read and I am lucky I am well fed
Like a sucka I’m dead already how my head hit the wall in the building
Really strong I got shell shock PTSD complex

I clock brains all the came with the same trip I must explain
Brain in your lane don’t get in mine
I stop on dime
When someone fucks with my trip
Why I rip trips to lick the Suckas out my head until I’m deadhead
Lightning skull a bunch of bull?
No!  Until you got some pull it’s all null and void
Toys I avoid I raps about the story boring to the born again toyed
With the section my reflection I see is hard to be a lesson for just me
Everyone has to be the Psychedelic
When the Platinum Bell ring all everyone sing
It rings true with Kings who sniff glue
It’s not a new song
But everyone sing along and dance I love romance
With the answer in the back pocket
Don’t stop it
You about to clock riches
It’s a cinch to stitch this up and flip

My plan hasn’t changed
People think I’m deranged wanting to smoke Sativa imports from the Tropics
I load up the program off my floppy disk
Old school Ganja is a tool for shooting off into space
My ace up my sleeve was always my childhood weed smoking
Toking learning how to hit it roll a joint make a pipe all fitted
For the occasion I stay blazin’ at the gas station
No relation to Petrol Companies
They poison the Earth and give birth to Satan
Chemical Plants Nuclear Reactors
Farmers driving tractors with tractor hats
Packing fat gats all gangster
Thanks to the stir in the blur I say word
You haven’t heard of shit like this with the twist
I need Ganja again
I like to take tokes through a bubbler I blew myself
Make a phat headpiece for me and you
I don’t want to charge you and screw you
I love crafting glass
It’s long in the past but I was high all the time
So it’s a special experience of mine

Bombed off the bong smoke
Take a toke choke it broke your lungs busting chugging coughing spastic
Raw hits off a spliff are nice
I don’t like a bong with ice
I like room temperature
My connect served me before earlier this day
Got a fat sack to practice my blades
I got a stay of execution from the institution
For causing the solution to fix the problem I solve em
Don’t get involved in it
Let the master fix the hitch
I flow off with drips brains
Stay shaking loose change
It might seem strange or funny
You need to have money to buy Ganja
It should be grown on every small organic farm for the charm
I worked a farm
Always had the green thumb
Some Suckas get dumb when they from the inner city
And never smoked a tree

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859629 - 11/18/22 01:42 PM (6 months, 13 days ago)

Spoken truths all Gold center
The entrance gets bent when you chill and relax
No drugs needed No speed did me anything like G did
I get it heated up and need to play for truck
Responsible is luck I stuck up a sucker at gunpoint
Told him to stop playing my joint
Get your own shit I told him as I took a hit
I stay lit
I get there
Wave smooth in thin air
Everyone stare at the glare coming from my soul
For Rock And Roll it’s all I hot music wise I disguise my music in disguise
No guy is going to put a finger on me musically
I fooled everyone see by being Shady like Slim
Even though the chances are Slim you could dim out
Get your rims to spin and show off your new sport car
I up to par got some tar heroin
I about to smoke it to go within
I don’t care if I vomit and get sick
Endorphins are a trip

A Rhesus Monkey got chunky
With his funky lump dunking something
Bring one thing to the table and that’s chicken wing
I farm poultry get smoldering heat
Beat up a Parakeet
I stay sweet
Ain’t no one going to defeat me either
Neither man woman or child can can ignite me with wounds
I spell doom for the Soviet Union
I fume like gas over Wars that War should be in the past
War doesn’t last for humanity blast thermonuclear
Students of War shoot each other when they brother even
I rein the game with some flame
Some Ganja to maintain my aim I exclaim
What a sucka came like?
I noticed it as a child
I was the civilized Ganja smoking kid
I shoot top bids now
How I slid how I milk the cow

Summoning the Buddhist Monks
We ain’t chumps
We fuck you up just like Buddha taught
I plan to rot before I snot tissue
The issue is I miss you
Please come back soon from the War
My family is tore
Some people ignore War
As if it wasn’t happening
It’s a slap in the face of all peace loving folk
Kids think Violence is a joke
Adults act like kids
With big wigs
They swig dig the shit in it
I flip a ticket on a cop
Like I was Mr. Spock
I rocked his shit past the limit
It’s a gimmick the martial arts
I fart and duck out to piss and take a shit
I miss the Violence I tell yah
I like to shoot em up in video games and on television

Mammoth Exercise and Robust Administration
-Dr. Subhash Cock

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