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  • Posted by theolduser
    Side View.

  • Posted by hcrider
    This is my new glass pipe

  • Posted by navajo

  • Posted by oDin
    has a flattened mouthpiece and a carb on the end of the bowl. nice and heavy.

  • Posted by cypresshill420
    double blown, alot of design, my 4th pipe in 2 months, i cant seem to hold on to mine

  • Posted by Azure Sky
    A hinged all wood (except the brass pin), capped pipe, made by me out of cherry, purpleheart and lignum vitae. It's subtle contours don't show well in the photo.

  • Posted by Stick_E._Budz
    Hits like A Champ Perfect portable size

  • Posted by sii
    A practical pipe for easy transportation, powerful and intense hits, and esthetically above average. Purchased at Hemp Fest Boston 2005.

  • Posted by Azure Sky
    A hinged purpleheart hinged pipe made on commission for friends. Sweet pipe.

  • Posted by basement
    • 5.00

    This guy's seen a lot of miles in his day and I hope he sees many more. shotgun's on the left.

  • Posted by PHYCHOTRON
    Dan's early work

  • Posted by PHYCHOTRON
    some of dan's and phychotron's early work in this compiliation

  • Posted by PHYCHOTRON
    my first day at inside out, just fumed, i was impressed by the quality i got from it, this was the 4-6th try...

  • Posted by onepointfive
    [one.5]{Becky} This is one.5's first pipe ever. Has undergone massive color-changing and has a beautiful metallic look. A fine pipe.

  • Posted by onepointfive
    [one.5]{Anna}A short little pipe with a huge carb. It's like a miniature sherlock pipe with a big bowl and a bulging mouthpiece.

  • Posted by Mr. Indica
    50$ triple-blown glass pipe. Nice little pipe considering me and my girl traded it for a hat that took her a half hour to crochet.

  • Posted by budslide
    This is a bowl I've had for over two years... Its got some cool twists and such... and numero uno its thick and tough... I've dropped it on concert from a few feet up more than once...

  • Posted by FlusH
    These are my two glass pieces. They have served me quite well :)

  • Posted by fadedline
    Bluey with Red Dots. Wicked Hitta! Awesome pipe. It is blown with clear glass, and an inner shaft with color changing glass. Awesome find for $10!

  • Posted by Acidic_Sloth
    my first pipe ever. mum got it for me for my 16th birfday. it's long gone now. friend took it and i'll never see it again. it had sparklez in it too. :(

  • Posted by canaana
    my friends pipe, named bart as it has a little picture of barts head in one of the beads

  • Posted by HabitualHitter
    Her names Wanduh, hits fat as fuck and only cost me $40. She's beautiful.

  • Posted by stellblunt55
    My pride and joy of my pipes big with thick glass

  • Posted by huds420
    Its not my pipe its my girlfriends, but i bought it for her

  • Posted by Messbu
    My small glass pipe. Simple design but serves me well.

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