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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 288
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 12 days, 15 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859765 - 01/02/23 12:04 AM (2 months, 20 days ago)

I hit up crews at the Psychedelic Junction
Your music can’t function any more when I tore and pour it on the floor
With the War now flats you sound hella scattered
What mattered was the mushroom it’s a custom to bust soon for those who don’t flows
On Psychedelic grows all I know is trip I blow up the hip even Steven with LSD treatment
I beat the defense of the offensive I rent out lease expensive extensively
It hurts to be G this New Year’s Eve happy 2023!

I love to play Psychedelic Blues, Jazz and Funk on Harmonica!  As long as it's Psychedelic.
I'm also Green Bud down with the Meth Cap with Herbs.

You could get an elephant tusk thrusted up your butt and still not make the cut
You could get stuck in a rut without Buddha Dharma to cause harm
You could charm the great snake all fake make a mistake and break
You could take out the trash smoke your stash and get whiplash
In a car accident relax you bent up to sent up
Flow free and see the pentatonic scale without fail
Play the rails and hurl vomit over the edge
Crack a skull with a sledgehammer or shoot someone with a bammer
Your grammar could suffer you got bad manner
So damn your soul to hell to rebel before you fell
I dwell in the realm between heaven and hell
I sell Ganja and bomb yah from beyond the grave like a slave
To a Ganja farmer you behave properly after you stop and see
To cop some free weed you need to bleed first and feel the thirst

I like Tai Chi
It has to be Chi guiding me
Backward they fast slurred speech to breach contract
I brought the bomb back and suffered the fact
Acted out latch on back it down
To lack long slow pain is to fail brain
You remain in hell to dwell
You bell ring change colors multiply duller shades of gray
You could fade in the shade
Relax and got it made
You get played
Played out on the ground by a pound
For screwing around
With the weapons I found
The 8 steps with the round circular fluidity
Of the Tai Chi that’s me
Deadly like Methamphetamine
I used to smoke Ganja on the scene

I like to smoke green bud
Answer your name in the cut
Get explained life all the aim bust but what’s up
I freestyle rap on green bud
After warming up
You can see on the green bud spirit G
I like to key in I don’t flee when I see violence
I just chill and laugh
You stupid bitch what the fuck do you think?
You cause a big stink
With your gangster lean
I love the gangster lean the most on green bud
I wear pimp clothes and my gold rope is used to choke the other sets
I flex
Just call my name next and I wrecks
Destroys microphones
I get stoned yo
Just leave me the fuck alone
I need to grow my own trees
Get down on my knees and pray
For good seeds
I see mushrooms in my dreams
I get excited thinking of lighting up
I drink water to order
It’s the best I can do I’m from the crew

I saw a Shaolin Moon
To consume the fire the flame the tree the brain
Come get it came something busting up munching on veggie
I bet heavy I steadily weed through your crew all speed drew the gun
I read true as I hum a tune I sum the gloom is for real with the steel
I wield real steel to feel you get the peel I G all I can be to seal
The tree in my heart it’s a start to get smart and Gangify
Don’t worry you can’t die from it I run hits up the squadron lit
Mix in the cauldron some shit I need to get out of this twisted existence

Poison Bubble Gum
That’s my code name
For my ho in flames
She does work on the avenue perk up
For slut
But you want it from something from thing stun to sing the gun it ring
I from the Kingdom
Where we wing dumb ass faggots who eat maggots off dead rats
I scat scittle scabobble won’t wobble on cobblestone
I get stoned in a prone position I’m on the mission
To get fixed in this game
With hot aim I proclaim myself the giant of buds
With bigger nugs than bigger thugs

Satan’s got the gun
I stung Satan’s lung with crack
I right back up the track cut
With evil lurking for Satan’s working to blame
My aim is to fuck you up
Dump on you like a pickup truck
You suck at something so I want you to know one thing
You like a tree stump
You get lumped with lumberjack damage
And can’t manage your own stock portfolio
I got you some polio vaccine
And mean green bud to smoke
So you could join the team

If you some shit
Then love it
Love yourself to death
Like scrub step in the place with ace for a taste of the magic trick
I magically skip the dance session
I taught a lesson to the professionals
Sets get pulled techs on stun
For the gun you some shit that love it
I bet you collect Social Security
For purity your fluoride in your toothpaste
Strengthen enamel
So you could ram the bull in the bullfight
With your teeth you bite

I did the dumbest thing two days ago
I lost my flow
I get it now it was a powerful blow
To my ego
My hopes are crushed
I got bumrushed at the crack spot
I got shot
I got tackled on top
I wrestled for the blood vessel
I nestled in close to a ho
In slow mo
To think better of myself bro
I am going to grow some weed
So I can feed the hungry with lunchmeat
Everyone loves to take a seat at my meetings
I give greetings to the Aliens
I get impaled with a big shiv and BBQd on a shish kebab
I slobber
I got clobbered again today
This time at the weed spot because I am gay
It was discrimination
I sold the National Geographic Magazine Subscriptions
I don’t listen to my global position navigator
I see you later after I fade out again hater

I’m Lester the Jester
The Molester with the best burn on the big bud stogie I blow freely
The cheese is disease in my easy plan
I get Iran nukes
I puke on fossil fuels
For fluid I ruin The freezer
I breezier than fleas are
I up to par
Like a jar of the Green Sticky Bomb Weed
I found a seed and planted it
Now I have an avalanche of buds
I suck it up
I love all drugs
I am like Mohammud Ali
I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

I roll you a secret L
A Ganja cigarette with the meth lacing for crusty ashes
My ass is big to swig the moonshine
I got in a bind and got behind
I defined a new generation’s sensation
I rode the inflation wave
With room to be brave
Like a slave I got a close shave
I behaved different after givin’ it up
And accepting my role in the cut
A call a white man master
Disaster came one day on the cotton plantation
We decided to grow indica
Ever since then I’ve been with yah bruh
I got pushed and shoved
And loved when Karma caught up and sawed you off raw cut

I squished a big bug on my new rug
It left a stain and I felt pain
For the bug and the drugs I was on were good
I stood wood in the butt for once
I shut up
I got it over with like four leaf clover luck
I didn’t give a fuck
I pressed you up against the wall
And started to ball
I want it all
I got in a brawl at the K Mart parking lot
By the slot machines
In Las Vegas Queens
I mean on the scene
I got a lot of green pot
And Purple Kush
I love when the tush gets mushed
I hope one day everyone grows their own pot
And experiments with breeding
It’s lots of fun
I’m #1

Edited by Solid Log (01/02/23 12:19 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 288
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 12 days, 15 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859769 - 01/05/23 10:39 PM (2 months, 16 days ago)

I had a fool run up on me
To stun I ignited lighted up
And righted wrongs
Heard this song before?
It’s War to the core
I born with the bong rips
Smoking as a little kid
I slid bid
Don’t know what sober is
I quit the biz
I stick shift the ace off of taste of venom
Some just end then but I just begin
I think it’s a sin
To not right wrongs after bongs
People run up in throngs
I got a song about it
I rounded up like herbicide
The cattle ride the inside
Of the loop I scoop
I shoot this trip down flew twist downtown
And all around I got the sound
Before I was grounded?
I got it now and then before I was ten years old
I sold on the sackage
I hate wack kids who lack this
All my friends jealous
I just bell and split
Safe to have seen shit
I hit hard on guard
For the carnage
That tarnish the scene
I smoke mean green

All tools
Get fueled by the bid to stay slid in
Just the beginning
Little children killing each other
Over colors and sets
With tennis shoes and baggy sweats
I jet up the block fluent in gangster talk
I walk what I talk so I don’t hawk
I chalk bodies I shot heat gun bleep
I done creep something seep in to win
That’s why murder is the worst sin one
Could end on this note to vote for
At War MCs get torn off

Life’s a trip
You could make money and get hitched
Some cinch it seem to the rich indeed
So pay heed to your poverty
And understand armed robbery
It causes problems see this money be
Runnin’ free through the pockets of the
Population on the station at the break when
They mistake and take it in like they begin
Money is a crime you won’t see a dime
All the time you click crime lick the popsicle
Tickle a little solve the riddle
Get stuck in the middle
Between the grill and the burners
You get to work further than you hurt
I got the shirt on my back
And further exact I got rap
I study Buddha
I stay true to the light I write at night late
Hoping I could wait for a little
I got to sleep hoping I could cope with the next day
The sun ray shine sometime
But more so in mind is the time it takes to make the break

Speaking to the cops on Ganja
Is like yo momma
Once I got flagged down walking on meth
Actually a few times
Mine is the walk of death
I rest after a sleepless night
I like walking on meth
It gets you hella lit
You can rap till you quit
And the neon lights go down on Broadway
I don’t play with meth
That trip is near lethal
Every time
With every rhyme
For every climb up to high heat
You ask for a receipt
And take your meth back
After near death
Most people were scared to roll meth
I know this kid who hurt himself
Serving bids
I recommend Ganja
It’s what I recommend

I’m a mushroom
I tried them and died then
I served the send and all that
I lost most of my friends
People are whack in the head
It gets splendid when I end up handcuffed for taking the stuff
I never did but this dealer on campus did
I figured out why they didn’t like the counterculture
Now I soar like a vulture
Swooping on dead meat
I can defeat any MC
Almost steadily
I’m ready for Platinum
I jack and some
Stacks get rinsed
Don’t chince on the sack
Take the eight ball or you whack
I saw a fool in the back on this one trip
He wanted to serve me rip
I said, What is your trip?
I had it in the mix
I separated from the non martial
I’m partial to a shroomhead though

Meth makes ball caps that wax
You done
Relax you stun
Tax you from
The face of the planet
Every time I balled I ran it
I jam it into your head
Leave you fed with meth
Suckas to death bleed
From my Tech with speed
Pay heed to these words
That I manifest when I suggest
You cap meth
It’s dangerous and you gonna die
So don’t even try to back out
With your sack black rounded
You get pounded into the ground
Out loud with the profound
I sound like a pusher
I shush yah in the bush the blur
From curved straight lines
Every time
I serve the sign to
Suckas with the dime piece
Get swords and win the awards
In life with no strife and some ice
I rolled the dice

$$$ is code for Tree Of Life
In Heaven I drink $$$ and eat Hashish
I blast leaves and fruits
I loot and suit tuck in the shirt
I work
WIth Hashish it spell complete relief and paradise
I spare a pair of eyes peeping me
Still sleeping I’m creeping into your dreams this weekend
I blend Hashish types I have to try to fly at some point
Light on fire
It’s the joint
I don’t like to smoke I point and eat Hashish with the soil grown Organic fully krypto
Don’t bitch at me below zero
I’m my own street hero
I peer below the scandal and I vandalize Heaven
With pee pee on the seven spirits
I locked out fear this
$$$ is the ash making no mistaking
I’m baking later on bro

I spot a whole block
Chalk up to rock dust Coca
Did Bill Clinton Inhale?
I get stale old on Coca grow mold
I might soak once to get bold and dopamine
Clever lean with the width and technique
Coca speak to me
Broken in reach to free be
The scene I lean on on lead strong
Release until dawn
I re on it I like to stay lit
I serve and fit the stick shift
Riff tricks off glitches and stitches
The Somewhat Psychedelic Coca
Is a rope your neck hope tah wear
You get scared if you a drug novice
My progress at the bomb fest
Relax and on stress I the best
At the music festival I burn hole through people
No sequel no equal nothing quite like it
I reach for the Coca as a psychic
Prepared for a hype Gong Fu flick

The Gold Breath Of Life
God has it perfected with no spikes
For max energy
The tendency to come to life is real nice
I like Gold cold anytime
I like vitamins in the plants
Rich with proteins the fans of these are vast
And far wide
Everyone who tried can’t deny
That God does it best
A Christmas Candy Cane
Down Gold Lane
Juice for the Gold leaf tre not deuce
You get so loose you loot out
And any other route you take
Just isn’t the same
Drugs, Water they all fall short
Of the Gold Breath Of Life
I might get too high
But don’t overdose
But come close
No spikes God helps you strike it rich to the max
Fully wrapped up in Gold just like I told you
Cash Rules Everything Around Me

When the axe falls down
We frown on those who don’t close and kill
You could be chill but still not warrior
I tore your heater out of your hand
Your brand is bland
My stable capable way I pull is unequalled
I freak fully I’m not a bully
I decapitate I like to lay them out straight
I fought many times
And my rhymes track closely how people whack
I got it in the sack for flak I react calm
My bomb drop unstoppable
Unless you at long range with a firearm to engage
I get everyone in close
Suppose we both locked and froze up?
I close up shop with the sure shot
I blow up spots
I hold fold at the caught holdout the pole with the blades on the end
Fully Military grade that I send

Edited by Solid Log (01/08/23 10:41 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 288
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 12 days, 15 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859778 - 01/11/23 12:01 PM (2 months, 10 days ago)

Mushrooms and buds
Cash and Waters to finish you up
You been to be fin up in the cut
Shake your butt
Your booty I scoot booty off the new scene
Gleam with this Mac cream you dissed
I twist one sun I brung from the demon lettuce
Let’s not forget it’s the wettest tax your head clips
Like reddit I edit I said it there
I tear up and within this shut out business
You left with no doubt
To begin this use Ganja
For a few years to calm your tears might flow and you grow so you know
Once you begin the mushrooms you start to see your tombs clearly
Dearly departed, we charted this chapter after the master lapse
To word tax and hung birds by the neck in check I reflect
On my decision to make incision I just listen to your shit
My shit is lit I stick it in the head murder dead said murder bled
You want to murder fools after shrooms all witness pack tools

Donald Trump catalyzed the end of the World
The Credit Bubble is unraveling after the Donald Trump Gala sing!
Donald Trump!  Donald Trump!
What a chump
What a punk ass
Hold him to task and he get blasted
He wouldn’t have lasted five seconds in the Bush in Vietnam
I stay calm because the bomb is dropping now
The World how it unfurled is like Wow!
I never imagined a credit bubble could stumble and fall
The wall is coming down
All the other MAGA around will make sure it happens
America First got shit crackin’
Cut us off from the World sure was happenin’
I’m a Globalist
I fully dissed Republican Mark Tricks
With the trick up the sleeve they deceive with economics
The bomb exists
Inflation will cause panic widespread
Famine among the poor, homelessness
Sure the bone thrown to the dog with no meat on it no feed in the dish
My COLA is unbelievable shit on my Welfare hit I trip off it

I drink a charge
Murder is farthest from my mind
You are blind and behind in rent
You owe me a cent
For every time you went over the line
That’s a dime times ten million
I be killin’ you in the pocket
You jock it the disease
I head your cheese off
You ain’t got no cheese and you soft
You lost in the wasteland
Understand it’s the brand
I lend a hand to some
But not if it’s holding a gun
Where it come from is the strands
Pulled together into fabric
Like magic a craftsman
With her hands
Is fantastic
I landed a job with the hazard squad
Pulling up in the fog and smog
To take a toke no joke
I get paid to get high
And study why I get paid
In my eye is the blade still to this day

Bird up word up
Bird comes from the Bird seeds
Bird breeds hatred
Some mistake for aching heart breaking apart
When you Bird up you dart
All across and far and wide to take scope of the land
Bird take command
Some say brand but I say in hand
Flap your wings and sing
Execute the fatal sting to ring true as Blue Bird
The 33rd is Blue
Gong Fu is fuel for the pool party
Might start me in the direction of broken down section
MCs reflection on Bird is a chirping sound working round
All hurt thing found in a stinging clinging state
Like air for the hook Bird look for worm
I squirm and know better some Bird bled your neck cries
In the eyes the Bird tries a Bird flies all the ties of family
Branded on the hand of the Bird
Bird is the word

Pumping it up up chump thing a run around
The flood come sound like tidal wave
Water behave for the oughta be brave going anywhere
And every hair on your neck stand up when water come
Like this water exist for the fist?
I think you missed the water point
A water joint is water anoint
High King the water make you ring a bring a dream
Just like it seem water and me are a team that gleam
Water and some cream on water I scream
All Water Got You Hachoo Sneeze
Water evaporates in the breeze
Water up to your knees
I got to water my trees they grow big buds know
I roll on buds for the patrol water fold up
I’m Gold and Platinum duck
I rappin’ some struck
The shucks G and be Country water freeze
Water make cheese in the flea size micron eyes
For water spies
This water never gets you higher?
You a liar you never seen water
My comrade and I are glad that water ended the dry
Spell at the end you bid water farewell

All helpless render you alive
To dealt with deal these wheels peel
Easy steel to feel impaling in your brain to say in
The game when I stain blood red
A murderer said he head out
Take the dead route
Get a head rush and shout
Clout comes from stun the hung sung song brung wrong
Off it you often soften loss in the game
A murderer’s flame remain lit sound it quit
I serve some shit
Further hit
Bust a budget to rub it in the club with the gun with extra clips
I take sips and flips I trip a rip off the hitch
Found in a ditch you a cinch
I got the wrench for the bolts
Folded colts sold your ammo volts to command slow
As halt it’s all your fault
I got the problem solved
Everyone involved agree I twist the job off

She was a Psychedelic Virgin
Her version of the World was strange
She failed class snitched and caught ass for days
I drop Acid and Play with Peyote
I smoke the co cheese
I play with disease too
Your diseased crew needs mushroom
I flew in the two seater
I beat your meat for you
I tore blew off the slew of cough from smoking bongs
Virgins in the thick fog
Bogged down in a swamp
I romper Room some spot some fool on the block with a tool
Drive by shooting
Looting Polluting all who the King?
I seen you on the swings at the playground
A Psychedelic Virgin can’t move the crowd
So where they at now?
They must be a square with an arrow through the skull
I hit it full
I shut up the gun up in your face for a taste of meth
I need to smoke weed to death
Every breath is a toke when you pack the party bowl
Pipes I blow I like to patrol the downtown section

Blood Ace Red Daggers
Caught this bag over your head
Kicked your ass instead of killing you
I be willing blue
Willing to sing the tune so soon
I consume the fuel I rule
I scoot you to boot you off stage
In a rage I come off on the page
I’m a sage
I murder for the ages
Your days been sliding by
I ripping while I’m dripping
I’m skipping class
Served an ass
Ask me how and I task you clown
I throw down
From all around the gun sound come loud
You could get hounded round did
The found kid dead in his spread
Instead of lead filled up
Hit his head and sped off in the truck

You can’t fuck with the big boys
Hit the toys like out of noise
Employs skid to do did it
No you didn’t!
You witness this the distance flips
Trips on the list to quit this
I bitch kiss a fist to you the bitch kid
From the crew
What else could you do I rule
I have a pool party
And start me up
I don’t duck a sucka off
I hip toss the cost is the sauce blend
I get it cost to end
I send this splendid
I recommend it
I defended the title
Successfully repeatedly and vital
For the rival to try suicidal
I can’t fight ya’ll
At city hall

Let’s get drunk!
I love a beer but Tequila makes me weird
I flashback not exact but I rap about trip I seen
I be in the party scene
To start me clean
Will and team with the lean on some cream
In a dream
It seem like the feeling is the real thing the latest hype
I swipe my debit card to pull it off hard
I scarred from alcohol
I down to brawl in the bar room saloon
I spoon a fuel cool into my drink
Yeah spike it I think with some shit
I don’t quit there
I light one up see the glare from the cherry
I scare with heat so take a seat
And watch the pros drink

Chinese Laundry
Scared you long weeks ago
You still haven’t recovered
I suffered existence
Thinking about plugging your head with lead
I know you gonna come back with the gun
I run shit like sun lit so I done hit your ass
I pulled up to the stash house
Where you got your stacks countin’ cash
I asked for you when you answered the door
Then plugged twenty two slugs into your core
It didn’t take any more to solve the problem
I’m a peaceful dude and you ruined the mood
Always fuckin’ up the party
You started me up
So it’s just your luck
To have fucked with a master
And owner of a Chinese Laundry

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OfflineSolid Log
Registered: 03/01/22
Posts: 288
Loc: Seattle
Last seen: 12 days, 15 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859787 - 01/18/23 02:08 AM (2 months, 4 days ago)

If happiness is a warm gun
Then I’m gonna warm one
Swarm on son
Shoot him in his head till he headless
I medically assist the medic
In chillin’ after the killin’ fields
Each yields
Wielding weapons gets you rep in
Jettin’ through section
You guessin’
I learned the lesson
I sex in the stress bend
Around to the ground
Caught a pound
Off of lounge
Chill relax
State the facts
My act is black
I got a stack
I Mac
I rap about caps and gunshots
I null spots until head rots from violence
And won’t stop till I hear silence

I like to rich up
With cash in the stash but
I hit water glut
Sucks to rub off on some brothas
Who suffer from theirs
They bare and too wearing and tearing
Staring people down with a frown and no clue
Not understanding themselves their mental health suffers
I shudder to think of the discovery on the brink
Of another be stinking reek of the skunk
I thunk about it
Run around it
Gun it sounded loud and thunder
Lightning stripe
I wipe my psych
I like to smoke pipe
I’m a hype and smoke freebase
But I chase the Cannabis plan with this
Do damage with the crisp
Hundred dollar bills people kills for
It’s a War!

All chill with wax spun
And sunk an 8 ball
Relax sun
You gonna brawl
For it’s facts done
So hum a tune so soon you be in doom
It’s no holds barred
Get scarred dead or in a coma with the medical diploma
I stone yah with the herb
But you fucked up and swerved on me
Get ready to get your degree
Let’s see you ski
You get a palm reading just for bottom feeding
I speeding on your seedling in the window
To kill slow you grow real old fast
I smoked up grass to the task to outlast
Servin’ cash business with this
I go the distance
So what’s it going to be G?
God as my witness

You gotta have one of these
Wu Sign I throw up mine
To define a generation
I’m sick of knife brawls and vacation with fist fights
It’s a sight to see you
Drinkin’ beer steerin’ queer
You die in fear and in the rear end
I send this
Tremendous punishment relentless
Leave you defenseless
You get shot
Rot your knot off
You got a knot and slaughtered
I bought you water here
But you tear for a beer
I love to kill you dearly
Real smooth fear me
When you run up you get done up
You something stuck on shit I mastered the hit

I just decided that I’m a weed smoker
I don’t fuck with hard drugs the loc stir
I blur a curve that’s unnerving to serving fiends
Gleams in eyes beams what you try and seed till you fry
On Psychedelic I hit up the OZ of mushrooms die in C
My rhyme’s G until I P you hit up flee
I mic these E on raps cap a fool slap him with his own tool
Know the golden rule
You drooling on tracks
I come back with fat sacks of Sativa
I believe yah when you tell me you smoke major weed sir
I like to concur fully with the bullies
I pull heaters out the Fullies with my AK I’m cool see
I rule B on a stool I seat you see defeat
Beat your meat and feats of strength
To gank the length
Before you spank

The Sativa
Hit it up feed the soaring weed of the breed
We have need for the tropics beyond just mango and coconut
They grow some of the best stuff
But it’s different than indica
I been with yah waiting no debating over if Sativa is a great thing
My debate swing back and forth of course for the portion
Into a portion of the handy sack my fanny pack can’t handle that weight
I set it straight Sativa is great
I get cerebral like no equal any bud is see through crystal clear no fear
HAHA!  You can OD on tree so smoke it free
It should be almost free
Don’t tax it is all I ask kid
My sack’s big to bigger I don’t pull the trigger

I need to smoke more Sativa.  I can't write a good Sativa song.

Hit it raw dog all out your cog is the wrong job for the tool
Look at the fool hangin’ cool by the Subway Exit trying to left switch
The hectic off check list I deck crisp met hits with Tech switch
Flip that fat cat and sat on the map for the cap it happens that
I scratch the record any second to check it I stone cold wreck it
Destroy it a toy with employment for enjoyment my coin wet up
Appetite right on sight I take flight and light through the night
And for the whole fight my might ignite the hype is on type of bong
Song sung it’s strong to begun the stinging sum hinging off bringing stun
With Ganja grown under the Sun

Do the Blue Sundance!
An avalanche of fun to the Sun I’m under
I wonder who doesn’t want it?
I from hits I done split
Become lit
I sum shit
Off of awful crippled existence
I’m the shit in this
I twist one so my fist grow
Lean on pro
No need for that to flow
I show and prove
I’m so stone groove
I light up to make the smooth move
Try all variety
I dyin’ to ski pole
Lead role in the school play
I get this every day
With cash money
Straight from the tree
It’s the gun in me
That comes out permanently
When I Sundance

I blaze the OD
You get stoned?
Let me see if you thrown down prone
On this cranium bust
Trust that you put down
Like a clown you smile
All the while liver bile active
I slap bitch up
Truck rope is no joke
I thought provoke
I toke clones of steady
I’m heady
I sing deadly melody
Just let me key
I be captivating
I straight in the weight hinge on
Binge drug addict for magic
It’s tragic to see you die
From overdose
I overdose why I comatose
Broke this joke
On the cope with smoke
I like to OD on Psilocybin G

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859794 - 01/20/23 10:25 PM (2 months, 1 day ago)

Conflict in the Fighting World Gong Fu
Over crews, brews and Shirleys
You could curl heat and still no compete
Fool drove a tank into rank and homie blew it up with bazooka
I loose leaf the kief off vacuum seal
Each appeal of the THC is unique
I’m a geek until it comes to fighting
Then I writing lyrics
I steering ships anchors away
Like I was in the Navy
I run a battleship up the crip city
Drip Gangsters off none pretty
You can’t git wit me

Red eyes red ties red lives off deadhead vibes
I trip
Sink a trip
Figure stink
Brink of it
Trip with kids?
Never this
I trip kids
I flip lids of grass to kids off of task
Master management
Damaged the structure of much more
I’m in prison
I envision the gridiron in football

I flip a city trip
With small farm town manner
Laughable grammar
Their accent is so thick
I can barely understand
What’s coming out of their lips
I stick a trick in the country
For something keying me
I’m the only one violent
The sucka crews remain silent
I trippin’ file in it to tip cows at night
Rows of corn
It’s hard to rap about more than that
I skittle skat off the bat roll fat and lump beef
Attack the whack
I sacked up so I back strut
The gun clap when I serving this flack

I’m an OG so I ski hit a tree
Break the tree off and keep skiing
The snow soft
I go snow blind trying to relax recline
When I get back to the cabin
I grab my brain on the mushroom train
This train roll down the track
It carry cargo
And I master the farther I go
I run slow
A fool function slow in combat
As soon as they promise the Lord
Their sword raise easier
They rap breezier
MCs sound cheesier
It’s a disease the punk ass
Folded up fast
Few can match this or outlast this
Gong Fu drama
I send a message to Yo Momma

I banged
A fool stang
Like nothing hype
Something might
Break like his face when I ace
Just a taste of the medicine
Foos I can’t let you into crews like dat
A fool dap so his jack is backslid
I cap kids for Mac bids on tricks
Sip a thick shake
Never make a mistake or you cake
Take up space on the planet
To ram it in
Begin to sin the devil grab you
Stab you and taxi cab you to the hospital
Where you die slow
Just so you know
You ain’t got flow
Let an MC show you
How it’s done
My crew just begun

Crab a pass all fast
A sun burst till it’s drab
Got a scab to tab up
I rap but I attack struck instead
People got thick head
Rappers bled
Servin’ Federal
This vegetable isn’t edible
It’s conventional
Sprayed with poison continual
Fertilized with death chemical
I sent you to full of life
So I strike three
I might be a ripe tree
I’m psychic with the hype split up
Divvy the treasure from the expedition
My mission is on condition’
It’s a War of attrition
So listen
Get your sift in the max security cell
Where I dwell by the Kitchen
I fixin’ a good meal
For real yo

I’m an organic hippy rapper
I snap a cracker in half
Faster than I do math
I solved the equation
It takes a hippy to trip me
I flip be in lost chemical hell
I rebel with the mask
I wear it on my ass
I pull up passed
The class to make the dash
You can’t outlast
I made a mistake
And dipped into the apple supply
It’s no wonder why I upset
The apples was sprayed with some death
It delayed my training and entertaining
I can’t concentrate on the main thing
I work under pressure
I can’t measure the test you endured
I hope you cured of the killin’ floor
All Rappers been poor once
No one fronts on a homie
Yo I’m lonely

I’m lost up a creek with PTSD
I can’t manage the hammer hit my head
And damage the brain
Murder explain the fact
On why I act
I sack of potatoes
With late dead flows
With my toes dig in
To the venom
I absorb shell shock
All shelled out the box that I dwell
You can tell if you talk to me
That I razor sharp I be
That MC who blackballed stalled and called names
I could burn up in flames
My brain is the lane dead
Murder instead you heard of brain dead
I had a wedding with a setting Sun
I brung up strung out
Fully routed I shouted out
Not about it but bout it bout it
I clout with fist
I can’t get pissed
It’s fully case dismissed

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859834 - 01/27/23 05:00 PM (1 month, 25 days ago)

Cousin Coca
Do you light it up to joke you cope with broad strokes
Of the weapon step in
You chill and anesthetic
Got prosthetic leg after powder kegs blew up
Do you screw in the duck?
Rule in the tough?
Through smooth and to the touch
All crews they stay buffed
Something such as the mood it influence
Rude kids to beware and stare at the white wall
I’m prone to brawl when I max ya’ll on bomb threat
I did meth suggested Coca
My smoke hit the Ganja Rope off
I broke soft crew is lewd as joke raw
The thing it ring coral a stinger with wing bat
Fold in stat for the black steady
Get ready
This one goes heavy
Crack Smoke
Short for the folk in the tokage
Smoke a broke kid out
For the reason
No doubt

I’m the blue bird stealing swords words wielding
More swords bleeding the feeling thing is believing
Is seeing I say hey there bro chill or you got to go
They move too slow so I cut the below the waist
They feel the taste it sound misplaced but gangsta
Is all over the place
You have to keep a gangsta laced I embraced
The sword culture from the moment my stoned style
Didn’t falter I rock of Gibralter I Walter Wheeling
Feeling the sting of a tip I’m wounded I soon did
The foo back exact with the sword rap award
I’m black and blue my crew is from the zoo
We practice to attack this defend hits and send the
Fit to the enemy whoever that may be
No way will I ever flee I like to see death
The feeling is a step of fielding the call
That wall to wall carnage is the hard fact
I brought the swords back to life

I wanted to do high dose shrooms more
But the War was on and the shrooms didn’t come up that year
I was drinking beers constantly
A teenage heart throb
I pulled a slob off his blow job to turn cog
The mind work I jerk
Like Johnny Dangerous I flame to adjust
On the gas range till my head bust
I got put down in the lounge
I scrounge up hits my bullet flips
I zip lips and pull it like crips
I trips
I’m sick I get a quick one
Sometime gun rhyme
Full of dust and the cussed out
I blushed out of rush route
My clout is shout out
Steady flow eddies of current
I murder bit serve a fit
You heard?
It’s thick

Caught out the window a flash bird
Grindin’ for furs and diamonds
Thrivin’ to stay live in the game
They caught a Wu Tang Blade
Fools had to get slayed
They get sun ray Play with skid
Do a bid shoot a lid off with no sauce
The cost was high hit a dry eye for code name Shy
Sly and the stone bought a bone out the zone round
The corner where foreigners played coroners slayed
Dismayed by how frayed and old the rope was
That shit broke cause a fool choked was dope because
Of the way the play was just on lay away
A fool stay away
Learned his lesson stop guessin’
Just cause you fresh in don’t mean you the best when
The black thought rappers distraught over
Caught you in a Range Rover

I need the Ganja euphoria
Way more than the corner store for brew
Your whole crew did Meth and didn’t knew know
Blow doesn’t solve like that so
My wibble wobble
Get job full
Of the smog smoke that you pull on
I like my Ganja gone in the kitchen
Servin’ a dish and my taste buds delight
It’s out of sight that Ganja
Your mom was the bomb on Ganja
And sung a song so long ago
She understands it so
The story go
Did you think you could flow on Methamphetamine alone?
I been in the zone testing spirits for ten years
My fear is the scream that murder seem out the window
So get your mind blown
Hook up with some of this smoke
It’s no joke
Top rank like soap you a skank
I bank on tank lyrics fresh and flow def

The spirits
Don’t tear drip shit up
The spirits
You was made to be filled
With the blade you can do amazing things on
The spirits
In Silat we got
The spirits
It’s traditional
To be possessed and pulled by
The spirits
People fear evil
You could hear it still don’t come near it
The spirits
Why you try to rear end
When you could send with
The spirits
Everyone cheer for
The spirits
In Tai Chi
We like to relax be filled with
The spirits
Small Circle Tai Chi and Bagua
Is the favored medicine and all but I like
The spirits
I’m filled with
The spirits

I saw a Gong Fu Flick
That was ill
It sent the chill up your ass until last night
You couldn’t write lyrics
Dissed you feel pissed
I experienced the Gong Fu
All true so to do this
You gotta be the rudest badass
With no fear of the class you pass
Busted task for the disgusted I mask
The odor of the dead all sewn up until the head
They lie prone on the ground
When I get around to it I’ll dispose of the corpses

The squadron was baller
At least six feet taller than a one foot midget
The digits can’t be calculated
I salutations on the visit
Let’s get down to business
We wish shit adjust but you bust on it
You long to sit still you ill
I gotta kill at least ten policemen a day
Every gay guy loves me
I don’t even give hugs for free
Except to chicks with big tits
I’ve got a death wish I said with my fist
On the last task threw a twisting double dragon
Now you in the body bag again

Walking the trails rings gold
Out the mold I hooked up Fission Bomb
It gets you all the way up until dawn the next day
Every Sun Ray Play for the way it is
I handle Biz I max for the practice on the last hit
I ask for quick speedy recovery from bleeding
Seeding stars from afar I broke this ajar on some
I made a gold guitar record with the step in it
I set to make different
Isn’t a bit up the fail for a rail to come up stale?
I bailed on fools I can’t act this with practice
Fully Functional you can’t match this
So git up and dance
While you got some hands

Leather caps still until
With better raps I fill
Statistics with met your heat to exist gun claps with
I mathematics I happen with the witness
From the bitch trigger happy who trick bitches with this
I went the distance and released fitness
Like quickness I sponge up
Smoke pot?  You straight lounge in the cut
I gut a strut for stuff
I got an old dirty speedy shirt I’m buffed
I rushed through class
Ask that your task flip the flask of gold
Straight until you old
Stay bold homie!

Slice em up with a smile
On the file from pile droppings
Copping lots swings the stop gap measure
Was a treasure for you
So your crew stewed up the brew
Got this new
Sound so true but in fact
I jack a sound off the Worldwide Bound
I clap a noun out the pound
For the ground I won
Sung song brung the hum along tune kids
Flew fits on the shit it’s some gift to
Strangle Mangle until you finish
I diminished the bitch in this with
Professional limit tested
Don’t flex kid

I seen an early meth tripper who isn’t Jack The Ripper
He dips there switch stare and who can compare with
The awesome Meth?
He started hitting up trips when he was 16
He doesn’t have the gleam in his eye
He plays guitar and is quite a cool guy
But he wants hard drugs!
I try to influence and pull the plugs on that shit
No one can resist the Meth
It so in step with Death you have to check it
Reflect back and wreck it sack with the rest period.
Dot fearing gettin’ shot was all they caught
The Mob Boss Fluid Cost you so don’t do it
You don’t want to see bullets
I pulled fully so everyone a bully
Who still does it like my Cousin is dead from Heroin.

I blow up like the Human Torch
Seen a Scorched Earth Policy
Meth is the only living organism
Left in the Universe
The Hearse pull up
I got a burst of energy and don’t give a fuck
I’m up
Up at bat
Splatter your brains with the gat
Kept fully intact with my hat on
I like to raps bong hits
Serve and fits
Still and say shit
Isn’t lit a Legal thing?
With legal swing?
Nope!  You get the illegal sting
My advice is to legalize Ganja to Save Lives

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859849 - 01/30/23 10:50 PM (1 month, 22 days ago)

You will get high
And experience the firecracker Steroid
Like the Bulgarian System
You pump natural Steroids
Handle it responsibly
That means you stuck inside
If you go out
You gonna serve a fool with drugged Gong Fu
If I was you I’d stop training
I quit blowing glass and smoking pot
And it took me 9 months
To be around people again
It’s the truth that I recommend
You don’t train on drugs
I willing to stay chilling with the thugs

I taught a twig a lesson
Snapped him like one
My profession
The lesson of twig is brittle
You just a little strength
The length of you makes it easy to break
Make no mistake you are a twig
I smoke on a cigarette all day and play
With rhymes
Harmonicas crimes I delay in the 9s
For I slay
I smoked a joint
Forgot the lesson
And stopped stressin’

February First was a 2-1
That’s the lesson of meth and
The suggestion I give to kids
Is light that grill up shoot bids
Do the skids and
Peel big wigs back
Fully intact
Act like a Mac Truck
Rolling over ducks
You stuck without the cannabis
But no one can afford it
So you don’t have a chance!
I answer the call
Of hard drugs and ball

I blow the lid off
The sift saw raw stuff unleaded
Deaded a murder arm embedded
In the etching
Sketching bring the singing in
Bring the chorus in!
We smoke weed!
Chill out indeed!
Fuck speed and all that shit I quit
I almost throw a fit when I lit
I bit a rhyme a crime was to smoke a dime
I rot in line before behind I blind and grow unkind
I rock rewind my bind is evil I teach people
The sequel gets ill I filter each through until
We smoke Weed!
Chill out indeed!
I got the bread
I’m deadhead and clock some medication
No relationship on the inflation tip
I bust vacation rip up shit
Torn it didn’t I went to War simple with
The wrinkled fatigues
I got murder up my sleeve
I clock some cheese
We smoke Weed!
Chill out indeed!
(The chorus repeats 3X each time)

I like the shwag shrooms trip
I got busted a lip on them
I wanted to pollute the system
So I fist in
Execute the twist dance until midnight
All right…
We pickin’ shrooms up in the sector
Pacific Northwesterner
I found these growing in the forest
I’m a great florist and used to buy
Cubensis in California
I was born for Psychedelic
To tell it these shrooms gave me a hell of a hit
I got so lit I quit
Stab in the yard on guard
All the kids need trips
And run out the Yard so hard
I caught a charge and picked
With a razor and plastic bags
To carry it
I picked major weight
I skate on tracks
Murder is just the facts

You haven’t tripped?
Lit in the eye you die fast
Fully tasked with staying afloat
Your boat almost sunk
You dunk in the water now
Like Jesus Baptized
I speak lies
Each teacher dies
Fronting for the size
The victim was stuck in the back when
The sack fully emptied
Don’t tempt me
I cause a fatality
I rally behind the nerve
And all murders served
I to the curb with shit
Fully hit up
Rip the trip up
Your lip shut
Duck or you struck
By flying projectile
You’re in a lower percentile
And I can’t smile
With you around
So hit the ground
I cock it back and give you the Crown
Chakra opening to shock yah
It stop yah completely
Just like defeat be

Can’t compete with the Water
I taught yah torture
To more get it set it forget it
I don’t sweat it I bet it
Leaded edit the credit
Goes to the medic
Who shed skin
Denizen of the Dark
Marked and parked
Stark naked
Break it
Take it high
All made in the dye
In the wool
Bull I clock a null
And void annoyed?
You a sucka toy
Every girl and boy play with
On the A list my brain rich
I stain red in a ditch
Swish his wish is to dish it
Six Seventy lent it to me
Skid rent free
I dent a G
Non competitively
Incentive to approach the bench
For your sentence
I got an adventure
In store
Release you from the War
Want more?
Check out Psychedelics

I scorch on the porch
I have no remorse for city slickers
My name flickers by candlelight
Man I got Man in my sight
I light up right stuff
I might bluff in cards but not martial arts
I clock some shock run the stock went up and down
All around you found people
Like sardines you packed and the equal
Is you act tough but manage stuff diseased freak here full
Of country livin’
Small town given the good friends
We all are
We all know each other and go far to be kind
There’s no crime I rock a rhyme for drug crime
Servin’ time in long line earnin’ dimes
I got inclined to blind with the skip hop and jump
Roll over a punk ass
All the high school kids respect me
The hunters with their rifles are deadly

Ill as ever
Like I was pattin’ down leather
Beat breaks forever
Still it aches to make MCs make
The break it takes to win
Be champion of martial arts
Serious to shoot darts
I top the charts
My parts are coming loose on the deuce
Before you act smart
Get high collect the loot
Homie is fueled
He get the rule skid
And tool and safe bid
I heard he lost every fight
Before he learned
So now he’s all right
I hope tonight he won’t kill his wife
We gonna hype will and Psilocybin
The whole tribe spin the rhythm
With the dis in is prison
I can’t listen to this shit
I got the vision

Coffee diamond chips
Psychedelic Remix
Hip to skip to
This crew release you
We don’t meet crews halfway
We slaughter them wherever they lay
We smoke some hay
They on that shit
Servin’ dick brain
Call it switch lane
My beat stain with blood
Showin’ service in the mud
I pull a dub sack out in the club
Smoke it down with security all around
Now how that sound
I reach the ground floor
You could go down more
Into the basement
The replacement is the freebase
Cocaine laced with PCP
I put the flame to it
Remain screw head
I deaded on tracks
Plus I serve until wax spun
Just for fun I pull my gun
Show it to the Sun
And pray for some
Good crop of Ganja and stop there

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859850 - 02/02/23 10:50 PM (1 month, 19 days ago)

All I need is a dope beat
A hype heat
Something sweet
Catches eat the catfish in batches
Latch this on with matchless
Till the dawn I’m on the set
Bet I don’t sweat forget it Tech leaded
Instead it hit your head deaded
It’s dreaded I fed it medication
Soft like stain blood brain blown out
Pull the plug I rock a dub
You in trouble now
On the double
How that sound I rock it down now
Like brown cow
I been around bow I lounge proud
To be from the Hollywood Hills G
You could head down into the city and they gang bang
And tried to lit me up
I had some trouble with guns and drugs
Knives explosives comatose it’s close to death
Each moment I crept the concrete
On this bomb beat

I’m the Master
Called Blackthorn
Ride the moonbeam down and gleam
The moon seem strange today
It looks gray I decay my day went smooth
And I groove
I have a loose attitude
I clock the boy feud
In the country
Something to see
Cowboy around ploy to get my cattle
I left a decoy to rattle him in his saddle
I said “Let’s Battle!”
At that you’ll pull stunt for front to get enough
Something one on the struck torn
Morning to you
I move easy to this boom bap beat clap snap
I rap I have a lap for victory
To stick with these
Crops caught a disease
No cheese next year
No beer
You could steer down the path and laugh
Trying to get this kind of Cash!

This mushroom boom!
Crush you into your tomb so soon Psychedelic
Help you tell it LSD is visually distorting
More again send you to ends
I bends warps and for sport I rock a court
Of the fort Knox Gold Blocks Bricks
Something thick to quickly rip Gs off
Finding to flow soft I am the boss
On this lost with cost for fish to flesh out
Rep round my pound fell to town spell
The end I lended coin toy in this
Avoid the hitches that flips twist
I hit thick quickly bit sit up to lit tick tuck
I’m in the muck when I stuck I roll up
In the four wheel drive my song’s alive
I thrive and tribe is record for a second
You thought I left it bet hits set trips
To death wish I left it a cinch
Hold it to the stench you wrench up
Contort like it’s a sport I sort through dirty
I work G I hurt be in this for the first feed
Of the business
You witness the distance kept
I slept on it too long I do it until it’s all gone

Your whole crew could grew and not knew enough
About stuff to rough up a custie
I bust beat about beating codes meeting modes of operation
Through the station on vacation there’s no relation
To space ships takin’ off breakin’ the atmosphere clear
Of fear the Cosmonauts are robots now
We have the technology how I bust a growl and prowl
On the Lunar Surface it hurts to explore space for my ace
Is the place the wasteland is Earth the Earth is cursed
By Human and brew man in the stew and you could represent
Your crew and it drew command for a second then we saw you flex it
Now you get your checks bent
I’m an internal martial artist
I dart with fist I rock insane exist with plain flame
My brain is distorted I make a fortune when I torch lit
I extort hit the floor with fit game tight remain in the fight
When others knocked out lights out it’s all about fighting for some
But for me it’s meditation

All I do is drop I beat a cop a beat box in the locks for stocks to top
Out and clock down then the rapper meant to have spent his money
On some gun heat
No rapper is complete without drugs to beat the lump sums for fun
It’s the run with the fun twist the knife is life I rock ice and shot dice
I cold as it roll with fist fat cat hold in the missed you there
Where was you?  Your cuz brew up the stew in the back for the sack
I rap street tough each thug release plug for the reach of the snub
I love a gunshot I roll pot nonstop and hold drop in the air for you to stare at
Realize that we don’t bold stat with the maximum some relax and done
I come from the street the street meet for this greet you at my Sifu’s
Smoke speed grew with true concrete I bomb beats off the wrong seat
For my ticket I stick up the tricks buck down but I out of town for that now
I have to prowl the surface I lurk in the business so what is this?
My fist stuck the bitch bust my nostril I’m hostile I clock rock styles
Profiles I smile every time I pass a crack pipe to my favorite hype my homie
Like dat yo!

He hit up a meth ball
DIrty brawl
Servin’ beef to get with ya’ll
Hold that tall order
You sort of been in it to win it
I begin with fresh knife jabs
Murder stabs
In the back of Taxi cabs
Gettin’ served off of the haps
Flirt with violence perhaps
I flap my wings
A sucka stings
Punk ass brings
The heavy
I’m steady
Ever ready
For the lead heat
I bust complete
Jump you out your seat
On this murder beat
Gettin’ in the fleet?
You bet
Murder is set for flex
Turn it into Techs
I get the sex on X
All of that and then the rest
Still heat hex
And got this for the death
I’m the best

Flippin’ a Indica
To a Sativa
The dream feel seem
Like a beam of light on sight
Came through the night
All right
We got scope chill and coat up
With soap suds we slip through
Hard Drugs
Pull the plugs on thugs who motor tugs
Around the sound further down
The lounge
Pounds of Pot and Hashish
Causes blast heat furnace
You learn it’s the learned but
It’s still cut
With spilled guts
Will and truck heavy
Medley steadily flow readily
Your head will be blown
In the zone
On the phone
For all alone
I got a home style
I all the while
Get it Gold child
The sold style all told I hold on
Tight to the bong

I shock a G off of P
My trip style I see for miles
Coming down the street
I have to greet sweetness with light
My rhymes you bite
I close in tight to fight
I write rhymes
Excite with 9s
You’re blind
Murderers come from behind
To sign the deal
You squealed
I peeled the caps back
G all the sack stash
For fee ya’ll I relax with cash
Got this math done
I spun on murder one charges
My largest is by far the hardest
I charge on meth
To death Crept
Slept on Tech 9s
Get in line punk
Your trip is chump
I kick a rump behind
In a bind
You press rewind
Servin’ fools for a dime sack
That’s whack
We hit up weight
And stack paper that’s fate
For the majors

Let’s drink Tea
Kick it and just be
Chill like G
Gets the folds out your being
Relieving many ills
Gong Fu still spills
I smoke tokes a long time ago
I don’t like to smoke bro
But I eat Hashish
My raps deceased people
With no sequel
No prequel
And no more people left in the steps
Without the Ganja breath
The flames crept
Your Tech struck from the said dust
On lead bust
Still ill and will for a billing top killing nonstop
It’s minimal
Still flow slow
From head to toe
I relax with the old folks
My Silat lock has my swords and spear on top
The lesson is lost
In Tai Chi my style is cool and redefines
What mind is
My mind slid
On this kind of bid
I like to get slid on some shit yo

I’ve got the double mint gum
The Wrigley’s Factory still operates
On top of plates it smells great
To set a date to skate with the great crisp
All nocturnal these herbs will burn you
In the set
Don’t settle for second best
Collect that check
Inspect and respect
Heed the heck out of the warning
You storming in begin to spin kids and shit
Like this
My mic dissed the lips of MCs I take trips
I flips the whole distance with this
My shit sticks in your head
Gone to bed your rap’s red zone
Ill prone to bleed another clone
Smoke the bone and get stoned
I’m all alone
I get a call to ball so I sprawl
They want murder
I heard ya’ll and curve further than the brawl
You used to
With your juice crew
My deuce slew
I call a gang truce
Out the beef stew
To release crews

I’m so sick of stimulants
I got a grimace to bust raw heat with coffee
Off me
You could find G
In the behind the lines
I rot 9s off
Sniff lines soft
Of the Meth
Stainless Steel Knives
Lives takin’
Fake to bake in
I take in to win
Mistakin’ MCs
That flake off
Like dandruff
Rappers act tough
My brand is the rough
Cut diamond
Relax recline with the Ganja
Some time again to send
The Form Mind Style
All filled in file with the children
You get killed in fights with these
Still when disease
Release the whole ruckus
I stuck with a bitch ass in my class
I serve him up Fast
Blow a glass pipe out
And reroute him with Ganja
Just like Yo Momma!

All Shroom
A deuce in your Meth Tomb
You could conflict trips
I rips up to skipped records
For flex it’s just a feeling
I’m revealing
On the M.I.C. wielding
Ceiling fan spin
The plan is to damage the soul
Relax in control of the facts
Plus you stroll
Catch a cold and go fold
Up a sucka ass
Flip him like Grass
I got the Pass
I Outlast in the Stash
We got the Hashish
I task reefer
To teach your kids
Like beaker
Glass Lab
This shit proven they duck the jab
Slip Slide Ride into the Circus
Of Martial Art work this
Kids jerk just to stick with flips
Of the hurt bitch
MCs get nervous
When they don’t got it shot it
Slide by you like a rocket
I tried to fly through
What’s in your stew?

Cannabis Magic
Resulted in tragedy
For your Mafia
Stop to see the hard shit and far as it get
Kids wet up on Ganja cheap
In your seat you can’t compete
So kiss your sweet ass goodbye to greet
Stare you in the eye
I don’t want to see kids die
In the detention center
For writing a letter
I get your kids smoking’ this
Light up crisp struck the wristwatch
All of it got tossed
Call it the boss
Awesome in the sauce when the clock tick
I still in it fit
Thick trips lifted flips all over the last ditch
To twitch stitch up head wounds
Go to bed in the tombs
I said rooms you bled in soon as fed with a spoon
In a cocoon I made the boom
Got this high noon
Rap is a ruin
All crews in deep shit
With that shit peepin’ it
Releasin’ trip
All bleep out the wit of me
Sick to see the shit that be
Written spit in
The kitchen is a dish with cement
I’m bent

Dance with the devil
Released rebel
Made metal by Meth
Tragic to have it crept up
The rep tucked with Tech strut
The street block
Like beat cop
I beat box
Increase toxin
The socks knocked off when
I rock send the forgotten
I shot in the head
Slaughtered dead
Top til he sped through
All brews true as that
Fool in a rap
WIth stool pigeon
Givin’ the livin’ is easy
Breeze flow through trees Gs be
Disease free cough off lead
To ski tree seed planted
Rancid with your drug habit
Stab it grab it flab fifth to duck rich rock the stock switch
Notch in belt well it sell it tell it take a hell of a hit
And cancel twist dance
For a chance romance the plants that money can have
Solid like acid tab I struck thunder in the lab

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859855 - 02/06/23 03:49 AM (1 month, 16 days ago)

Blew my nose
Eat the Chinese Stir Fry case closed
Extra Spicy
Dice rolled heights be controlled might be
To take the toll
I fold up
I gold struck all to bold
What’s up?
Are you truck?
You got the trips?
Dips skips and flips with witch’s brew?
All ill in Gong Fu
Write this who fight twist up the fist
Stuck ignited lighted lightning stripe
Swipe the logo all been told home bro
Release Gold sold and cold hearted
Warm hearted just to get it started
I charted raps darted?
Get your facts
Straight laced in plate hissed like snake
Bake a make a bun sun one poly
Wall heat up by golly
The folly isn’t funny
All gun heat bust complete to stun see
I greet
Meat the topping on the pizza
To freak yah I reach for colored art
I love the Grateful Dead
Live show all in the evening warm glow
Receiving the hold on this poetry

I packed so much taxed heat
Backs beat like spanking
Thanking sagging pants
Gangster avalanche
WIth no chance
I grew up in the dance hall
I called the tall one
Like a beer I solved gun
And revolved from
The wallet with the tender
My gender is male
I beached whale
All inhale the sacred smoke
Ganja broke
To the left the stress left you
Reflex to as check is this who
Come next?
The best food was dressed with the stew
All from new kids on the block to rock
Around the clock nonstop
Not even stopping to fight that’s awesome
Delight in topping the shocking thing
Rock crews ring
My gun sing
I brung it to swing
I get clubbed with the drubbing like a King
And left wing
Always with the follies I jolly good
So shocked it’s understood how I flocked
And got clocked at fast speed
While smoking weed

All cold and bitter
No glitter this is mushroom lit here
Slit fear with rich career in stitch fear
To take the high dose
You close to going down for hours
Towers above the head
Like you bled instead you get dead
Brain go insane refrain from making blood stain again
Rain fell you could tell an LSD
From a tree from a speed line to a rough dime to some rope twine
From cocaine to blow by name go in the fast lane
I’ll explain later skater how to rate fear on a scale
I pale and about to die I bail on the eye I came ya’ll
With the mind to maintain steer around the incline
Mountain fountains of youth up at the peak
Seek these and thou shall release keys
I deceased freeze inhale all the jail bars
Hard and gone tar I’m overdosing
Coming close and this mushroom is no joke and
I the smoking gun who won at the War
Catching the Grateful Dead on tour
Courtesy of YouTube
And I’m chill
In a good mood

Life in a fractal design
Inclined signed sealed sealed dealt heartfelt
Peeled the bell rung
Sung the humming ringing
Bringing swinging the rhythm
Given the position to listen to the Dead Crew
All lead spewed out the gun
From Gangster rap become became
The name of my generation
At the Gas station I freeze froze blow my nose
Lit the rose
Petals dropped once I copped I stock full
I rock pull out the stops cull
The null from the Dead Skull
I Red Bull
I head full of bled ulcerated
Head grated like cheese
Freeze diseased keys like these
I breeze in the trees wind wind
From behind I’m blind I reclined though
Still and flow slow
As long as the creek speak
The water freak me
Make me heat and see
The beat speed seed the stars
Up to par gone afar from the path
Suffered the wrath
No need to ask
If I’m up to task martially
I’m partial to the Grateful Dead
Thanks everyone with a 3rd eye!

All crews formed is normal
To take a wormhole to the edge of the Universe
Ill released like a bursted lung
Tons of drugs was the plug
All tugged on the shirt a kid want some
From home to stone
See UFO flip flow
Tip toe
Through the rows of crops
Stops this
I lock fifths up
To talk shit
I rock lit with top spit off the copped tip
So rip on it
Trip till it gone in the head
Everyone bred for fame is famous
In the lane just to explain to the dust
I catch a flame and to the touch
I feel pain
Burning learning and churning
Constantly mixing tossing costing someone
A ton
For fun run for a humming
Summing one all begun to add mad and radical
I had it fully the bully pulled me
Aside to collide with rawhide
I’m blind I mind in the kind buds
I recline does the rewind because
Of there fuzz trying to bust
I don’t trust anyone
Except my sun The number one
Done type
Off the drug hype
And downs to wear the crowns

All the crips tripped and lit up
Sit up to ripped like duck
On Acid the flask fiddled the task riddled blacks discriminated against
Whence it came
I’m glad I’m not black in white town
Oh wait I am
I scan the area to care for yah
Scare beware of this flair I tear
Get the air cut dropped off of shut
Called cut the sunk ship
Swim down and all around to scrounge up crown
In the lounge I lounge proud to be down
I’m out loud and sound frown
To the town
Got this clown in the lost and found
I found God in a wad of Hashish
My cash beef I smoke reefer creature
That eat your Hashish the teacher
I on LSD I freeze cheese in the diseased breeze like a sneeze
With a cold I golden so old when I scolded I molded then
Bold till I expend the end
It come sum one
The function
Was to munch on the bags of snacks
All murder tax was the acts to relapse
I saps a tree
Relax and free the mind
Unwind completely
Jump out your seat be heated
So beat it skid kid
Put away your heat
Then we can meet up

Cheap rate
Get it hate the Tech
I left the rest with the test for flex
In checks I Mexican Pot Smoking Toking
Choking on bongs
Joking about how gone is open
To spoken about from it route
Shout out
Run down the list
See who twist what’s missed who got dissed
Who should and who shouldn’t
Who couldn’t
You stood up with wood cut
Fully shut I tuck one gun on me son
I don’t pull it unless I see a bullet
It’s fully null and void my toy was gone
When I got employed in the avoided
Soil skidded ridded of the bidded lid flip
Stick trip to rip wrist twist the joint
All high anoint to a point
I got the joint
Little boys coined the phrase
What set you from for days
It stays like this
I don’t have to be psychic to mic the bitch up
Amplify his cut one thousand times and nuts
All the ducks blown out the pond
I never lose my calm
I throw the bomb
I fully on the palm trees
That grow by the beach in Cali

Slaughter was my daughter
My partner had her when I was 16 on Water
I caught Slaughter acting naughty
I caught raw heat off a busted sheet of venom
Stopped wearing denim grow hemp
My rope is hemp I’m dope
I cope with it by flipping broke switches
The misses with the hits flips your trips until you twist
Up reefer
My teacher was Mrs. Ether
Making Gold Hashish Oil
I boil some under the Sun and don’t run from the enemy
I gun down street sounds pops and bangs explosions
Join the crowd
The synonym was a noun
A verb is word up
Heard your truck pull up
I do pull ups
And spun tucked weapons
Slaughter was the lesson as taught by the Professionals
It’s apparent I sit strapped and ripped up rap

Blue Birds in the sky
Don’t act shy you want to get high like the Sun and without a gun you frozen
I chose in my way to stay martial partial to no play now way like Sun Ray
I refrain from blading up kids run lids of grass gunning up was in the past
You assed out of luck to struck I don’t give a fuck
Blue Bird was special word
I cursed and dispersed like the worst kind of time I rhyme inclined to blind
The deaf and dumb relax rewind your head is in a bind from
The deep relaxation the Blue Bird achieves nothing up my sleeves
I fought disease and won
Sun get it numb like opponent stung and bonus bitch was all alone and try to stitch
I wish it would go away
I’m not allowed to kill it so I just don’t top bill it
I still hit I’m lit on tunafish I dissed you
With your fists grew weapons like Blue Bird rep in this for breakfast it’s a festival
The rest I fully undone like the Sun
It’s a catchy tune I hum

I rock for the Order
Won’t say the name like flame on tape recorder
I sort of stare out the window
I catch a glance of kinfolk
I been smoking weed my whole life
I was going to die and picked up a knife
Played with blades all day
Each time I stay at the Holiday Inn
I feel the sin from within I spin around
Rips off the frowns to clock pounds
Of pot
I smoked a lot
I reek of Meth a step of death release my cold breath
Make it hot got a lot of that guy
I don’t wonder why I have the thunder in my eye
I try to stay high all the time I’m blind from the sun run dry as I become
The child of the gun profiled in styles while I file in line
I like a dime on down the ground I got around I been there
Most been square
I dare you to eat an ounce of shrooms
I’ll do it again I consider you a friend
You bend completely unseat G
Leave the Ps frozen
If you chose in you can keep your clothes on
Damn that trip is strong
You got to get it gone

I release crease all grease you had stab you up in the lab
If you grab I like to have you ran through and cut you
Spill blood like some fool who was uncool
I rule
Took you to school now you in a pool of blood
Service through like one run on gun sometime run rhyme
I need to get rich again sink for the stitch and then
Practice Tai Chi while smoking some weed
No speed in the lounge meaning Meth
I like the rhyme the Ganja get my left hand did
I’m branded Wu Tang kid I bid high release the dry eye
I got the fly lyrics round Christmas when Santa brought be presents
Came down the chimney and all that shit don’t kid me
We all know Santa is real he just stay concealed
In the north pole we release stroll off the whole load
I be bold and cold way I scold
But back to the lab yeah
We hit Psychedelics take them jabs I pass the class
With flying colors all duller shades release fades into the distance
So get with this plus hit tons of pot fully shot up like product
With the rock dust I know I trust I grow the Coca
I toke rush blur burn see vision turn incision in the gift and
My homie in prison who turned me on to crack
From rap there’s no coming back
Don’t serve yourself a cap

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859862 - 02/08/23 11:40 PM (1 month, 13 days ago)

I’m in Prison For Life
For 25 to Life
It’s Life Like
I strike Life off
I might gloss on a soft one to hot gun run for fun to spun a murder one
Begun to Sum Suns
Buns bake
From outer space great
Heard in debate that your plate is fake
I will and stay take it butt naked
Some crews shake it make it break it
Always related to Suckas gettin’ faded
I’m bladed
The main limit is the gimmick to trip and hip slip off the cliff and die
Answer Y in the eye I don’t plot shy
My Genius I can’t deny
Between us I get real high
On my kind I blind
In the signed deal
Wielding mics steel crown hype feel down and light it for real downtown
My pronoun was ground steady
Left the Eddie currents
Murder fits in just right here
Over a beer for fear and shed a tear
Most don’t can’t and will not come near

Flying indirect
All the homies connect
With 8 direction steps
Taking the hectic mess
And reflecting the test
Cold checking the set
Making Mexican food the best
Relating stress with the festival
All Techs get pulled
I sulk sully on the gully for full heat
Compete in my seat to greet
At the meeting
Completing Gong Fu defeating
All others reaching the limits
Of the digits I frigid cold dragon
On the wagon I tag in the sag then
Fully amped on kinfolk soaking the rope
I have a gun smoked with my toke
Sativa to be yah I reach hurdle
Jump over third through the lens
I recommend Gong Fu to all crews
You can’t lose
Don’t bruise in your shoes
I dance, romance and take no chance
I’m highly advanced I ants in the pants
Make em fans of the style
Wild profile
I go for miles
My child is the homes
Busting all alone
On the phone with full grown
Making it known
That mind gets blown
I for real in the zone

New to relaxation?
You hit the station up
With vacation tucked away
In the sensation you play
With hay smoke
Eat a mushroom
Drop an LSD tab soon
To spoon drugs is thug shit lit
On the quit hit I sit up to rip truck
Weapon tucked on the scene
The gangster lean is extreme
I clock a bean to smoke
Tropical burns learns the cerebral
My people is searching read through
Magazine new variety
In my city we rarely get it
Don’t sweat it
Worldwide legalization is coming to the
Breakthrough coming who could resist the twist
A joint for to anoint the style my profile I smile
All the while I pile up the record stacks
Listen to music while I wax poetic
I said it there
Don’t get scared
It’s blade tracks coming to facts on

What you find first in my Egyptian Tomb?
A fat crispy sack of shrooms
So in the afterlife I can shoot dice
Play big feel the fear to peel the wig back
I get jacked
I rapped about it sounded down did it again
Came back then
Released the venom I end em with the spread
Fully blown head
Brains all over the road all the goats herded
Word did it vermin skidded right through big with their brew
Messin’ with crews gangs stews they gang bang
My gun rang so I don’t even hang with fools
I’m on the shrooms

Graphic Violence
All Gold sold and told how bold they strike cut pipe swipe the hype
My mic froze in rows it shows how blow is the load lid show his cid and fled
Remain dead on the ground from the pound forever now until he come clown
The crew is down until they bleed multiple stab wounds proceed the shot freed
Some pot smoke the weed indeed rock this speed Meth 8 steps with Techs make 9
Rewind in a bind I recline on the dime smokin’ prime real estate date the greater
Later dude you scooted shouted shot up polluted rock cut with stupid shit
Who’s the fit fluid as thick screw it don’t do it come through it with the rude skid
Your crew hid out when word word of mouth said I was coming as summing
I gunning for the humming fun and it stun and sting oh the horror is this thing
The Horror

Gangsters eat meat
It’s proven that sweet crews eat new in the nude with their Uzi drew
I stock up on tattoo ice cream
It’s a nice dream to double team a chick
I caught a movie flick where this cool dude inserted a big clip
Now I need to do shit just like it
Hype to strike bust dyke bitch for the twice crisp in fact
Your murder game is whack when you aim
You just supposed to slay without delay
Now you causing decay in the orgasm
You cause a spasm in the great chasm slower than a phantom moves
Through the grooves with sweet moves
I’m sick of your sweet crew
Fuck You!

Organic tastes better
It gets you wetter than a high school sweater made of leather
You sweat in, the more the better
Don’t forget to wear clothing
People will see you stroking with all the nude dudes
I shoot hoop and scoop
Coupeville is my favorite place
My favorite ace is a War Veteran
I’m better than them at martial arts but not with a gun, see I’m smart
Like a ton
I know to run from any sniper who’s hyper
I bust a windshield wiper
And dodge viper strikes
I lick ice twice as thick as a brick
And smoke a Thai Stick

Hashish was the sweet
All signs point to it meet me at the crossroads
Till my head explodes from sobriety
I still be trippy and flip heat sticky green weed
Is what I need
I burned out speed and the plastic mentality
Cancel chi session for the fresh in the test of Hashish relief
I briefly deceit see spell it out completely
Like defeat be I nice and easy
Take you down to the ground
Lock you like a clown in a box with his head spinning around
It’s what I pound the round for to crown more
Around 4 pm
I cough up phlegm but still relax when I’m in
A Hashish smoking session in the sector with a vector steady and ready
To head off 20 years of sobriety

I learned Tai Chi
I actually did and it’s not funny
People put money down
And I see it all around
I got the ground floor button hit
To town tore with the hard martial art War
I score and pour soul to roll
I got ahold of untold amounts of Gold
I fold up a mediocre boxer
I talk snot still I write a rock song
Smoke a bong and fully prong out
Tai Chi was the route
Murder is about to happen
It always is the captain
Of spanking walking the plank and tagging along
For the song I wrote I sure hope people listen
And get in a position to at least and maybe at best
Learn basic self defense

Blueberry skip to cherry wine oh so fine
Rich spirits to tears lit by a Vietnam Vet
Who spilled blood and jet back to America
They tearin’ yah up with slugs
Said now he stands the pressure with
Blueberry skip to cherry wine oh so fine
I said I’m crippled yo!
I take life real slow
I shot dice control the soul
No one understands how hardcore I roll
Blueberry skip to cherry wine oh so fine

I harshly deal with the peels who wields the weapons
Get fresh with the feels for wheels on the real yo
I kill slow to show how killing is done to a bro
I head to toe master has the faster caster for parts
I chart and hit history sick story for thick glory I rip roar see
Hit the glory and more heat complete with gore defeat
Any MC who challenge me

Spark better than better than
Go to War for adrenaline
I be lettin’ then to spread fools tend
To cool it like jewel rich in the uncool
Sparkle dark pull out the crystal
With a fistful of cash
And made the dash to the stash house
For Ganja route

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859871 - 02/11/23 11:14 PM (1 month, 10 days ago)

Once you’ve passed the basic level
That’s all there is the rebel
I am
I slam a jam up the man to make him understand
We land ashore and tore your military to killing it
Still in shit get in thick fully equipped to strip the weapon
Get to steppin’ then
Let us in
We love our

I’m a proud chef
To stress with a nice dish
I wish for feasts to share
I’m never scared of the kitchen knife
My life depends on my skill
I prepare for the King
Wing in this with the sticks
I swing begin to cook again

People didn’t fully understand what they were dealing with OK?
I play all the instruments perfect
I’m a one man circus swallowing swords
I get the fork to eat with
I beat chicks up who try to take my seat trip
And speak Hebrew
Who knew?
I glued to the TV set
My rap is fresh
I death wished a fool like Charles Bronson cool!
I go to school still
I can’t pass a fake $100 bill
I have the willpower
To withstand the Tower of Babel
And I smoke the powerful drugs
They call them Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs

My Jesus piece left with the East with the diseased fan of Beast
I creased my khakis I rap sheet
Bust a back beat
Clap on the song makes it complete when you smoke a bong
I wear thongs
So I’m almost like naked
I break it
The anus
I play with the remains dish it up for everyone’s supper
You have to suffer first though
Maintain the thirst glow
For roll
To take it’s toll
I stroll through the folded up rows of clothing in the store
I buy some shit rely on my stupid grip of cash
You get fast thugged
And smoke the powerful drugs
They call them Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs
Kind Nugs

A country boy
Do em all off backwoods style
I seen you smile and burn a spot
Load up the Glock to get on top nonstop
Burn a flock and jerk what’s talk is
Biz is for with these kids to flip this
So witness
I dis bitch
You a trick
And couldn’t handle the country thick
Or thin begin to see
I light it up be
300 miles
Between smiles
You get shot fully stopped up with lead
Servin’ plus you ain’t fed
Swervin’ down the road
All toxic my rhymes rock with
My wit is grit in the city lit with lights
You could see these rhyme fights
A cat splice up Y junction
For the function

I die one day
To say a slayer elected for mayor
He rage your style
With the flavor
He’s your neighbor so you can’t complain either
We need Martial Law
A martial plot all day long against the shots they take
Bake in the sun on water and some Ganja Bud
I like it Southern Comfort in the best country company
Of a nice Chinese Woman this Valentine’s Day
We practice Tai Chi and just let rhyme be

My Mafia connection with Shrooms in college
He was an entrepreneur
His knowledge of the game was the brainwave
Stained with the way
We need Psychedelic dealers
Who kneel before God
And do the job
He sold good Ganja too
But his shrooms had the blue bruised stems
Grown in manure
You could taste it
I got the Ace with that Fungus
Plus I’m a Fungi!
I rely on my shrooms to go boom!
In the rap sung a tune
I hum it and attack back on a flat spoon
For rhythm Many are given prison time for rhyme

It was October 1995
The Shrooms came alive in my brain
My brain lit light up sighted by written down times the times tables all unstable
Made me capable of amazing things in martial arts chill with swings of sticks
I made in the way it did me hid me mine I I drop a dime on drug crime
I bust a line rock a kind bud prime in the mud I crouch like on the couch I lounge
I scrounge up a round to hit I bit bitten sit in the playpen with rain men came and went
I spent a lot of time and money gettin prime so I could rhyme
It’s no jive I get it live on the liveness I thrive go down the list of what knives twist
After sticking in ooh you want to cause pain you insane in the brain

I can see through your psyche
I can see the freedom I read from some
I lead and get it done with the stun from the gun all your heard was number one
Come undone and propose a soma the comatose the bones rotten all ugly
I got the money I run heat like a killing spree some willing to inflict it’s sick
The get a trip on and rip long gone from the song I sing I’d rather bring
The psychedelic friendship with the dead crip that head slip up red blood
Cut from the neck brung respect none of it is like the type the mic strike
I hype up the swipe for the Platinum I relax and chill from I got the ill done
And don’t even have to have fun to have fun

Cops want me to drink beers!
I’m like, you stupid Cop I get Psychedelically flashbacked shot up like my rock cut
When I drink but I won’t hold it against you because you ignant as fuck
I struck a deal with the Gods that peel thunder and lightning
I right in the right on smoke a bong always all day long
Here’s how the song goes:
Blow Blow Blow my house down!  With Coca it increase my crown diameter
I rush and damn chill if I am hype until I bust and like a magic plus the had it
A couple of times I ruffle my rhymes up the times I trucked weight makes me rhyme great
I soldier of fate I busted on the plate and now you laid out like hate it to say it
But I way different from the Psychedelic rain I seen

My gram of meth flew in on a 22 slug
I call it bug
When I hug meth I hype and left pipe to death club rub for type
I Mike I mic up the strike truck heavy
Ever ready and steady for deadly
They come fed me hits so that’s what I spit
My lesson is a glitch in the system switch
I run on the long gone see you later song
Degrade your haters and twitch like I stitch up wrong
I don’t fucking hit people!

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859912 - 02/16/23 04:23 PM (1 month, 5 days ago)

I miss the waves of people on the Venice Beach Boardwalk
What a scene to speak of is gleam
I reek of the crack smoke cocaine loc and brain
Drop LSD explain I detain a Cop who tried to stop me
I box beats and top fleet to deceit for the complete takeover
Lay lower break the bower your flex in sex makes checks
I rest in the arms of the harmless I harness the power of the trip
Take a big sip to a gulp and get beat to a pulp by the fully
Pull heat and greet you to the Venice Beach through
The test like Hollywood Blvd. On a Friday or Saturday night
It’s all right to hit a Football Game and see the crowds
I like to remain on the top of the mountain

You can find your life at the bottom of a bag of drugs
Murdering Thugs surpasses chances to dance this
Rancid Piss from the shit I lit
My rhyme got so bit so I’m on it like fist to follow through
With the twist to tear flesh and squirt blood
I drag your name through the mud I kill thugs
I have a bunch of drugs right now
I try not to OD but something somehow I be ODing
My status G in the event to sent it up like a bent
Thug I rhyme this rug from under you
All dealing with Gong Fu
The Masters are few
And far between but I feel we all on the same team
Get this Ganja Green

I’m from the hood
Doo Doo flex and crew gone X
So who up next reflex text laid sprayed brains and slayed remains a few
They usually run in the stew for brew I do I say to the way I play I gray alien
Remain in it to begin with I don’t sin and shit except I eat tunafish
I catfish the hat trick off a rap stick from knack flip the land is brand to sandstorm
Worn you down I roll around pound command lounge on the range a sage of this Age
I turn the page relax displayed way I did I slid through the big fool and cut his
Tool out of his hand I’m the brand that knew what to do in real fight
I get real in tight close and overdose them on blade spoke played to folks
Get crayons for kids I pull high bids to get rid of kids and shit like this I switch
On a fool fist come uncool for you sue me all you can do legally is push someone
To their knee let them beg before you choke them unconscious with BJJ

Mendo is the dopest the Highest the flyest
Y gets it try bet to Thai Buds and Suds from Craft makers
Bake yours on Psilocybin Shake course the break force is making noise
All across yours for boys and girls Worlds collide show what’s inside I glide
I ride the wave take a slave and behave like a raving maniac
When I’m on crack
Why I smoke a hefty black lung come from the sung song smoking bong
Prolong the high or stay dry?  Never that shy I died bled said fry on this head
My bed’s made I already bladed stay with it fade it imminent to gun threat
From the ruler bet your tool your set got it cool to jet on a mule for no sweat
Carrying heavy loads of Hashish good grief I spell relief with a pot leaf alphabet
More than moves to slay with Tech Meth I get in grooves and don’t Flex
I get the next available Pound of that Mendo Down Home

Ganja and Water oh you get so high you deny you try to slaughter
An enemy eyeball all the dry eyes crawl for the brawl
I serve it Fall Autumn sought men who shot then I got ten mil
I kill I hit a fill and bill the chill I release drill until I clock a million
A billion times my mind has flashed on cash I serve an ass for a Fast on Water
I shot yours down wear the crown and sound pound steady ever ready
To steadily smoke to the melody it’s a felony that Ganja is illegal
All pop in for the sequel
I bleed through my crew is grew grown
From clone the precious stoney Herb
Word to the heard it
I render murders dead with the fed Meth for a purpose
That adrenal shit they flex
Ganja make you stop flexing
It’s the bomb yep

I pull a Night Mission
My bombing run has just begun
I drop a ton of bomb on the so on and so on
Who pack the bong
They smoke it on and on
Everyone loves to smoke
Choke cough Pot passes all the classes
I like Psychedelics but I burned them out
No doubt
I give a shout out to all the childhood stoners
And also those who adult got their salt
I solid I ball it like a wallet call it tall fit
The fall sit and wall to wall install
The Ganja till that’s all

I love a Ganja Bud
It’s all I need to cut off the scrub on my brain
My brain remain abrasively maimed by the main
Threat the murderous Tech 9 Meth lines and kinds of step
I let it bet you set it when you wet it
Kids on Meth never smoked hardly a breath of the Ganja
To get yah and calm yah I wet you
Turn you into a farmer
I don’t cause harm
I alarmed by the rise in the society’s crimes
Meth minds is some kinds I know so well
I gelled and rebelled against the frenzy
And lent heat to defeat what cuts sweet
Through the greeting it’s a meeting with death
Adrenal with every step
Speedfreaks always flex

It’s time for an eight hour meth roll
I turn to plastic gun running drastic
My tool spread all the rule of the land
I brand everyone with the stun
Sand is in command with the branded
I’m spastic I flex like triggers
I’m a bigger pothead than meth so
You know the rest
I need a lot of Ganja to cure me of PTSD
Lure me into the threat for sure bet
I understand a meth head
They bled serve further Feds up with lead
I spread the Ganja Vibes Still I Chill
I like it till I run into meth again
Fuck that shit the lesson never end
I recommend legalization with cultivation
I’m in Washington State
And meth is still the same price as pot
Bang for your buck you’re stuck
You get shot by the meth kids
Release bids so they can skid to a stop
And Chill

I touched by the THC crystal
500 Cannabinoids plus Terpenes
Makes mean Green on the scene
It’s actually nice, kind buds
I rap a rub back in the club
With the fat dub sacks
No Click Clack with the weapons
I’m Silat and Escrima I beam yah up
I dream in the cut
Of smoking Ganja so what’s up?
My case is shut
Ever since I laced the blunt
I’ve been fucked up
I led the truck on Ganja
My connect is so thick
Birdie pull a magic trick
I jump and kick you in the head
Step on your shoulder and dis you
Much bolder I’m a folder
I told yah
I have zero tolerance for violence
I stare in silence at the wall and ceiling
Revealing my feeling
I silk reeling in Tai Chi
I picked up Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi
I like a G and a P for the trees in the breeze
Just let me chill for once!

To all the Police
I want to drink at least a few beers with you
Let me explain the drug game
We got in these drugs for the plugs to pull on thugs
Everyone knew about the thugs
They run shit like bearhugs break backs and sacks of Cannabis
Was the logical first answer
I got into it like cancer
I advanced more and got deadhead
A chill dude on the bedspread getting my head fed
The demons I see remain in the brain
Police came to take me away
Saying I slay dragons and drag down the fountain of youth
I found it and here’s proof
My spoof of the drug scene remain clean
I’m on my own team
WIth my own dream
With my own gleam
I took Psilocybin cream was what it was like
The nectar that hype for vector in life like structure the type
You always remember
I respect Police
Let’s drink a few beers together at least

I tried
To ride
To the Zoo for animal Gong Fu
I imitate the fate of fighting is hateful might swing
On the thing is this people get pissed and cease to exist
I rap this fist up the ass
I master passed the task your stacks up to class that Fast on Water
Your daughter gets laughed at
I mask plaques for jacks to strap fact
Got it?
I shot hit up the product
I rock cut for dock but I loft high
And talk eyeball
My wide tall find ya’ll in the mind to brawl for the War
Get tore to the core
I don’t like to fight but tonight is the night
I write rhymes
I bust time is the Y I’m at sight for the stat I rap
I happen that I sackin’ up fat buds the maximum attack plugs the recipient
Of this ingredient defeat in it the breach of contract eating up each bomb fact
Of the Ganja capped
I love to train with my brain lit on Cannabis
I’m more than just a fan of this it’s the plan I bust with to dust lead
The spread out to concentrate the great play is the way in
Rain coming down from all around

Too peaceful
I release full
And each full
Of the steel
Release pull
Called equal
Sequel is even more peaceful
Fully nulled up
Release truck
You get stuck and froze in your toes
You can’t step
Learn the lesson
Deep breath in
Stop guessin’
Just how I crept
At midnight
For street fight
My rhymes each right
I write rhymes deceased some in tight
With the gun son
My gun is fun to play with
MCs they stay ripped off
I’m the boss
And toss you in the sauce

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859945 - 02/23/23 07:55 PM (29 days, 13 hours ago)

I don’t gas fast I blast and laugh at the task for the plastered on liquor
Fools smoke the sicko lick grown Cuban Tobacco Cigar
I go far in this aim with this rap game with the flame torch explained
On the porch of the farm house
The big white one where they sell Meth and guns
Renumbered stuns the crowd out loud to still down the crown for a pound
I clock ground I bust rounds at the town that scrounge for Police
To decease the beast and fleece a golden bold then told men to extend
I recommend that a splendid lend chi philosophy rocks G to stop and freeze
Busta please you got weak knees and I breeze through you with ease
It ain’t so pretty this rap city go gritty for the buck fifty sit heap of trash
White trash plus racial slurs last time my past crime was to relax smoke a dime of Meth
Now I only smoke Ganja and take Psychedelic
Plus I get higher on martial art discipline

I’m always into the Highs that men surprise men with in disguise
The rep to step you through the grew trees with ease Ganja trees
Up in stat in fact Ganja max the rap screwed in my crew wins I bend
Train 5 hours daily on the daily I play G in the Wu scene with Wu Cream
A busta lean on the dream to triple team the scene of my gleam
I rock rein the cut you speed through I lead crews to disease through
The grand finale a meth head step up to challenge me I got Italians flee
Wreck the room like scream like guess who? 
A rappers glue on the shoe is for fools who lose my tool is big
I take a swig gulp of the Golden pulp scold men to reload the ten mil
I bust at will and kill all for nil clock hundred dollar bills and drum fills
Who chill?  It’s the pothead you need a lot to dead up in the cut

I blaze the new wave Sativa Cigar at the rave I misbehave and blade
Up the laymen cut up and stray meant for head bled a neighbor to death
The rest is up to profess about you you’d come to conclusion lead routed
I doubted that too Meth heads are fools they rust and rule and pray to death
Their best friend I end my relationship with meth and the guns I crept with
Stun set trip rip under the drug that plug a slug in a fool who pack tool
This crack cocaine is fuel now for the few the proud the Marines
All socked in the socket raps I steam and take off like rocket I dock it your pay
Fool stay away from drugs release love and splendor and mellowness you enter
The center for adventure we vent you even more Ganja Smoke to toke
All the rope is made from hemp all products exempt from prohibited
Shit lifts you up in spirit with a tear I hit the Cigar of Sativa from Tropical Paradise
I rock twice at the beach so nice playing in a clean ocean with the potion
Till I shot dice and open my crown I rocks round with the Cacti Peyote

Scattered brains on hype latter day saints might knock pop a top and clock
Shock nonstop rock the top front to back service fact swerve this rap
Curve it’s black headed headed up fed the stuff the ended rap careers
The dentist pissed and lend this equipment to dip with I skip trip and flip
No resistance the shit split with fist pull the trick is the gullible witness
The dis list is complete for Servin’ further feat I got to greet meet so sweet
It’s indeed speeded sped fully head out the smoking gun lead route and shout
I come about to tack stop down rap round found the tap in the lounge for you clown
I top shit down nonstop and flock a pound to drop for the not that fat cat that strapped
I blacked out my first cut strut stuff and love what I do blazin’ Ganja crew

Captain Trips sips in my death glass
My death class was Meth
And adrenaline who could spend the most to folks who roast in torture
Swords plural first hull of seed weed indeed bleed the Meth out
Rep and sounded lounge slid the town the spit you sound like
The ground hype to plant in it around the light called Sun
Where all the crops come from
My Ganja plants is scant hardly a year past freedom once I cement
I read rent out lease the vent indentured servant
Word hit the bent

Curved sent up third
In the girth of worth
It burst on you
Raps wrong stew
My buds grew huge
I master of the flew in capture the tactically fact your key in it to read spinach
I diminished my ego One refer blown at a time
I’m telling you
I’m gelling all crews to selling foods that wrecks your whole gang truce
On a deuce I skid in to slid then I been bitten my rap lyrics fit in
The vast kitchen stance avalanche on the branch gone rancid
And dance the jig

Crackin’ all sets back in the game raps you explain complain about the lane
Roll down it clouds in the sky dark park martial art for a farce I charge on the card
Far down in the Yard I hard on guard for mar up the further sent you went up
Your head duck down hear the sound of gunshots I smoke pot again one day spend
Sunday to defend the play is what lend to fully automatic spray decay and waste away
Taste the grey murder ace and tre no way rappers come delay task that hunt down
Run ground off the lounge sun down the noun for town to stank herb dank nugs word
The kind I find it blinded me with science reliant upon the giant bong I made
Passed glass craft class padded cell relax in it fell a note vote for hell to antidote
Scope the folk who choke on Ganja smoke I cope with the soak dish easy cleaning
Leaning on murder spree again the leader’s den is full of venom they send out
No doubt

I’m a Ganja Enthusiast
If you didn’t know all crew is set
With bled bloody
Muddy waters caught fathers of types running pipes that pipe smoke
I toke and choke cough get it off my mind and rewind
Step behind myself a wealth of steps to keep things fresh I dance Dragon
I bag in the sag pants and chance of the answer skid your man tore lid off
Hid real lost in the cost of fly my guy is rye I try hard on guard
I’m the guardian of the atmosphere make raps clear you fear this
Just a tear flips my jet into method to set trip my left lit now
I pow knock em out and shout about how loud they were
When all rap is a blur I master were you past crews who last fools
Pack tools and school cruel in the womb like a boom from a bomb
But yo stay calm
Ha!  You freaked speaked eight days a week I suffer bleak from you
Get your crew the hell out of my stew

Rap that rock a back clacked clicked with some bit style I smile
All crews child children until they felony murder the villain
I stay chillin’ and ill in the cut building strut the stuff like buff bodybuilders
I fill yours in to begin mocking the rocking back and forth rapping force
Attack of course you lack remorse get the force like Sci Fi
I try a guy out and mind in the spout for time that I scream and shout
Like I was on a dime I got the clout I about it to round it up doubt it
That you do more than run your mouth around hits that come with fits
Lips twitch response I lit I’m the bomb on my connect I reflect select
I in effect rap the Tech 9 yeah I got one raps I’m on some I rock run
The rhyme still it’s a crime to be reliant on Tech 9
My AK-47 is my child I smiled with it wild in the cut got a shotgun too I strut
I basically don’t give a fuck I rock it up the Cocaine still insane no matter
Which way in the rain send the flame extinguished with the blade in the fade
Made men attempt to spray ten then end it I send it out rep for the street
Bout it clowns got founded dead in the asphalt bloody spread with lead

Killed from the peak
Each day of the week is a day to freak with
Speak miss the heat crisp
Leak dis for meet up twist
One up or two or three
Then into the millions G
I resilient
I chillin’
Will in the building with children
And women
Given em the heat true as stung
My lead grew speak a tongue
Like Hebrew
I only just begun
Your shit is see through
Weighs a ton
I need crews to hum along
All that strong rap
Fully bulletproof lack it
Back twitch stitch up
Rich cut
MCs is bitch but
They got the gun
Why I duck out
And don’t hang with no one

Brains blown
Hype in the range
Snow was blow
All blood come
From someone you know
Get it in the control
Cap it patrol to attack rap shit
Sack fifth of an ounce
Bounce and lounge
Scrounge up
The product
Raps raw tucked into folds
Gold hold coldness
The bold fists are sold missed
By crews exist flew in the history
Of glory days
Told your As
To stays made it shade hit
The faded already crazy as lit
Shit spit from the dated
Amazing related off straightening
Late the thing
Cycle bring
The mic flow from human being
Seeing is believing
So I read in
The reach through with sin
Trip relieving the sting
That life bring
My mind cruise as seeing
The real peeling

My mind thugs
Rap about drugs
Take it tugs pulls on the smoke
Choke a folk who just broke through
Crew release brew and slew you know who
I cap and flew fluid fuel screw it duel
With swords my award winning
Spinning grinning beginning
In the shit thing sing you kidding
I’m flipping your written swing
A psycho bring ringing phone
To the group home all alone
In the prone position
My mission is to risk in flight condition
The type
I’m missin’
Crisp with the lens floated tens
Perfect work it
Jerk a true as lit with your crew
The existence of you depends
On how you do
You gotta rhyme true
As blind fool release the tool
To shoot beat and stab you
To death
It’s how a fool rep

I release cap fresh to death with the heat up crept
You leapt into step with the breath that kill left
I set trip about flip for ripping
Sipping on brew clipping call them fools who ain’t drinking
Stinking of death Mexican flood all mud in the river
I shiver cold striking like in the thing they sting
I might bring a right ring up to wing truck
People suck ass at fighting
They freak freeze up and geek with the literature
I sit in the combative type theatre
Of meter run blurring hum
The leader of the crew is whoever flew recently
I read true as tree fluid
Fools get swept up in meth cut
With the 50 cal now allowance for the valiance
Tripping death
I always recommend Ganja and Shrooms
Learn martial arts and cut your blues
Get some self respect and keep fools in check
By laughing at their punk ass without talking trash
The martial life is a blast

I stamped branded a martial criminal out by Atlanta
The vampire expire with damp texture
They flex more and tore you still at will
Power drill for the fill in the drum kick
Light his lit crews get fit in with the kitchen
Black rang the switch in
I system fix and dis men
For servin’ the ten mil all hell is gel
And coagulated up
Like refrigerator trucks in New York for Corona
I tire of fire I’m on the wire for spare tire
Still I don’t admire the guy your claim to fame is eating Pork
I’m like that fool Mork from Mindy
It gets windy in Chicago the breeze blew by Escrima
All lean in the eye is from the texture
Too bleak to not see death more
My rhymes they tore through
Like War before crews morning newspaper
Read for the caper that flavor all ill type behaviors
I’m not in a gang but I slang for Ganja to the major league
WIth Army Fatigues
I get bad dreams in fact all my dreams are nightmares
Just like you rap rep and in tight scheme 

I’m still a bank robber
Even though I got slaughtered in the ill
I take the abortion pill to kill with
I chill sit in the real get peeled?
Never that I steel intact
I rapped about drugs like meth and cocaine
My brain seen many lane
It’s petty to explain this
I flame up twist with the dance I advance
I remember the violence in silence

Once you get the electro thermos
You worm this
Burn twist
Wrist lit with shit
Light up a sit down
Run around town in the lounge
You get lost and found
I ground
Pound the pavement
Like slave went up
Led the truck for it’s payment
I rain check
Stay in slept
Came the crept up
Lame in head they duck
Cause a ruckus
Buck off all nervous
Twitch and firm stitch
Up the famous
My brain just bust
When I came to trust
The simple to explain
In the dust

Cooked food is the barbecue pits
Searing main man
With the Ray Ban Sunglasses
All the classes let out
And still you feel too fresh no doubt
I murder route
I shout out to the loud mouth
From Down South
I got clipped Ouch!
I mountain of couch kick back
Rip raps up like nothing
Fools always bluffing like they something
Cause they gun ring
I run sting op
I build thing pop
The topic stop
I itch my eye socket
I flock to rich and hock chain still in glitch
Life’s a bitch

This goes out to everyone with more than one gun
I sun
I get shit done
We step through run the tech on fools hum
The set you a fool
Release tool in school shooting even
The fruit think he cute
I busted loot after death
In my grave I came correct with behavior for the major league flavor
All read they savior like Christ
Pollute twice I shot dice
Run a nice and smooth operation
My station got invaded before I was bladed
Now I made it
I faded crew whose days were met with gunplay no bet
It’s Sunday and they gun spray all over the place
I got a real firearm and ace
You jet through my place
I confront hunt down bust a round from the pound and lock shit around town
My dope optics are crown royal I boil on the stove Psychedelic to top with
Too intelligent but that’s irrelevant
I’m a grey alien
I stay at the space location from the Nation called USA
I love the Earth and it’s Ganja for what it’s worth on vacation

The flowering buds leaves THC crystals
Pistils unpollinated
Dated on the ray of Sun head baked from
No one thing does it like Ganja bring
I rocked the thing but what gave me that swing was the Herb
Word I curve still until the next time
The next crime perpetrated by the Meth line
I wreck mine shop up to crop dust
Not I smoke organic pot
I fully shot up I’m the product like raw stuff
Just waiting to get rolled up
Into spliff for a dish I bake with Ganja in it
I win the resin
In Heaven we eat Hashish laugh on some kief
Just watch the news at 11
It’s difficult to grow
So sew seeds of all breeds types
And see which one you like
Study the Ganja day and night
You won’t feel uptight you become polite
And your rhyme is out of sight
I like Sativa and pray to the Ganja Goddess Shiva

I hit up the OZ of shrooms just let me be
Punk ass
You get whiplashed by the size of the plastic 9
I rhyme a time before I core stung
Your whore brung War from the store with some you done
Just a little
That’s cool but I solved the riddle I fiddle with the trip pull
Off major contact that blacks out
This rap route is no doubt the finest of the vine that yields wine
I take my time and spot a crime a criminal
It’s minimal the importance of the scorched brain
Feel pain Murderers slain Oh!  What have I became become
I sum the stun I shock I clock
I pop the top and knocked out
I stick a blade in my neck and don’t even sweat it mic check
1,2,3 rotten seed seen by the breed I love variety
In shrooms try to be versatile I pick them wild
I smile when I watch them grow cultivated time lapse
The raps perhaps is greater the more you skate wear
Down the wheels
Get faded off Tequila and Water I had a daughter on Psilocybe Azurescens
Some people lock here to steering column
I solve the problem

Twisting winding coiling at boiling hot temperatures
Adventures soar me up to heights that fight gone
My song is one of peace at least deceased crews
Get reach through the teacher in my few
I fuel crazy always amazing stood on one foot and gazing
At the new moon so soon the harvest come for sum
I done I got the gun but it’s plastic I task flip the saddest trip
My mask got lit I ask for drip brain explain that my lit lane
Was the too untamed for radio the way it blow no need to know
Just flow and sho nuff I rough up the scuff a punk ass
Who want to challenge in real fight I like…
What you rhyme is right kid go get slid after you did done
I got the guns the way I’m from the funds you swear I wear undies
I wear sweats and a tie dye T shirt
All bleep out the cuss words you never heard before
If you tore believe me you don’t ask for any more
Still you want War still I soar high and eyeball from the sky tall
As the NYC be
Go smoke a hundred trees bitch you brainwashed by MMA and
Porno flicks

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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859960 - 02/28/23 03:54 PM (24 days, 17 hours ago)

Most face the charges
The Order case farthest
Of the Dragon I tag in Los Angeles
Like a vandal I risk
Bird up with the twist
You bird fist
I word to crisp
Hit a ditch you whiplash
My cash scratch the math
I fully blast
All I ask is that you take it to task
Unmask and bask
Not in the sun but the cloud
I top down with a bullet
I fully on top of heat that sweet ass
Reach with heat blast
Free cash
Sip the stash I max
Like a rash
I itch burn turn
Lesson learned until you earned it
I firm fit the chick squirm
Exist on the flip side
Ride in the hide the gun from
Someone before you get rung shot
And hum along like you forgot the song

Slip the nine come back with mine own
Rappers sniff blow
Go with the flow on the rush I crush
I serve as such get the busted
I rusty in the gun heat pulled by skully
My fully is full of heat compete with deceit
For complete defeat of the enemy
I send it freely up the G speedway
My ski slay I decay reach into bag relay
With the tag
On the freeway
I lead start the with no flows they go to each his own way
I lost the case ace off and lay soft down
All around I gloss and shine to the town
Local folks who’ll bust you for coke are a joke
I provoke to revoke their license to be alive some
Let me thrive with the gun
Largely unknown to me
I float a freebie I feed my genius with the easiest
Yet most difficult pulled apart
Off the chart hit the heart and kill
In one shot I’m ill like time forgot

I just laugh at punks who attack
Stack maximum for someone to understand
Gun heat is not for the street
It’s for the Military
Shit’s scary to some
I have fun scaring those who scare easy
It’s breezy when a G freeze up while acting tough
Randomly assaulting people on the block nonstop
I rap a rock song
Smoke a bong
Chuck a thong sandal
Got vandalism for prison
Decision lives in the kitchen to sift in while fishing blades from grenades
Pulled the pin countdown to the crown royal
Explosion soil most of the blue blood
I grew up in the mud so I oiled up lubed during combat
I bomb the tracks with facts
I jack up the price dice and crack ice with my mic device
I shot twice and don’t listen to your advice
You gone missing in the action flight of fight
I sold you right it’s not nice
But you take flights on sight with nothing in tight
Stop biting my rhyme

My song is wrong
My triple prong ring the gong
Electric circus that hurt bitch
First thick in it
Lift the Christmas light
All right
I bust a mic
I’m the type to get hype
Definitely ass wipe the lesson
All right?
My profession is none
I’m an expert with the gun
Tool fool pack one
I rap run his ass out backwards
Before he stun
He gun slung slinger
With a finger on the trigger
He think he bigger
Go figure
I just live your dream of cream
Chose till it froze up on lean
Full of steam I beam
Light up the scene at night
On any airline flight

My connect just got checked
He got wrecked they stole all his shit
Including his soul for Satan
He was rocking Cocaine
The brain he got was in the lane
For you to get shot
He top notch
Scotch tape vapor burst the worst
It hurts to talk about what works
At the party
Don’t start me
I sniff lines blind so I got it crime
By the dozen
What wasn’t easy to pull
I breeze through my skull
I like the cheese the cheddar
Nothing better than a celebration
The price of drugs I’m on vacation because
Of the profit margin
I fully hard when I garden
The marijuana stem from the farthest ends
Of Earth
The super Sweet reach each freeze up
Like they need it enough to read it
Roll one up
With no seed in it
I bleed different
My rent sent out the check to collect
Fully inspect my pot
I like it a lot

For the votes it counts
The War Machine down an ounce
Of heroin with tranq
I inject flex and wrecks mics
Without the 1,2 check that’s hype
I swipe my card and garden in the yard
Ganja farmer in charge of the hard burn
Learn to roll up and fold struck
I’m bold I unrolled and unfolded I hold bids
High as a kite I write rhymes I ignite
I fight with a sucka ass buck his task
To mask the odor I light up light Sun Corona
I bone her the ho she alone word
I came in first place
My ace came down from outer space to lounge
I haven’t found enough drugs to do yet
I crept slept on hit the bong
Rip true as long drew the gun new to the game
Suckas shot up I maim and kill
Blame then ill as a shame and still
I chill in the bin with the remaining ingredients
I show obedience I leap the fence
With defense my pretense is to score expensive weed
But now I am growing from feminized seed
I learned horticulture as a little kid
To save the environment

I rock the Meth Cap
Or else you get jack fooled scrap ruled
In the Yard on guard you fully hard up
I chill stuck in the section
My reflection make the connection
I buck best when I see the plastic
To task it
I back flipped clipped a drip
Off hip I release thick
Some rappers suck dick
With the Cannabis Method damn it just fresh in
Shroom Tombs up in the room duck
When you see me
I’m not easy I breeze be flea hoppin’
What’s poppin’?
Got the drop in the lock bend
Clockin’ rocks diamond my times spent
All night laying down pipes and lights
I frighten kids and a sight to rid
The sector of all check yours
I wreck tours on set pours
The Tech more than just a lesson
It’s a profession I fresh again
With the Death Sentence lent my last coin
To employ Mexicans to step through been
Extra fluid I do it to it
I don’t screw shit I flew hit the rule is sickness
With quickness I take care of business

I got the Ganja
The Ganja and the Shrooms
And the Shrooms
I seen moves that make me sick
A trick just ain’t grown enough
To hang and I tranquilize
My mellow eyes realize that not all need dies
I despise
A sucka who aggressive and spend lessons
I just set in my ways
Ganja stays at the top
Of relief for good grief I love a reefer
Your teacher was weaker than the House Speaker
I reek your room up
Some soon to buck
You get stuck in the room while I bend
Ended it defend all the trip I mend
Trip gives you heavy clip
You rendered with head more tore
Than anything I seen before or since
I trip rinse the brain out lain I shout
Out on the method
To trip everyone in a second
I wreck it
I so cool I shoot pools up
And take a dip this dude is uncut

I get ill as that front you chill on
Till dawn on Meth
Death crept up on your set
I got the flavor bet I stranger to the flame your thrower blow her down
Word around is the sound that bound to town like big city crown
Wear it found to tear it I blare hits out the stereo system
I don’t miss them the gang a victim I dis some gang that bang
On me?  You must be crazy G I got amazing freak the martial arts speak
Your prospects are bleak I show my teeth react seep into cracks I meet
Demand with the brand that land hits
I’m a fan with the sand and command stand the hand fists up
All types of fists my mic this itch I’m too hype I’m sick
I wipe a ass off and twitch I like actually love to stitch up in the cut
That rip comes from truck jewels
Fools pack tools and broken down by the rules I school kids
They lunch money is funny they pass it with gun heat
Now at the Track Meet I back my feet up with bread like I said
I’m a red bloody medley that run free smoking trees curing disease

Kung fu flicks get ill and sometimes torture
Make you wanna chill the ball in your court turn
Learn the lesson
Stop guessin’
Get the step in the rep I’m reppin’
My lethal weapon is me
I plan a G funeral for the funeral home I smoke a bone with the mortician
I a magician with lyrics
I tear up rear the fear up it ain’t luck it’s skill coupled with dollar bill
I’m always chill until I break
Make murder like skate on ice a hamburger
Is all you learned to earned through burn your whole crew up
In the mood and stood good I shouldn’t even be in cement
Right now but someway somehow I have to bow
I could eat a cow a steer bull this with pulled hits
Meat make me twitch
I’m eating tunafish and bananas and plan to run thick with the licks
I trips get it wet it up I read true as truck jewel
You lose your cool in after school brawl
All of ya’ll got the Gang War so stand tall

Down to brown and frown out
All around town I sound profound and the pound for dogs is clogs in the system
I just listen and wrist snap back quiz men on rap
Are you a victim?
Do you get sick in the tricks when they turn do you learn?
A sucka earn burning something frontin’ one thing that gun ring
A single mine with the tingle I rat fink fully to pull heat on undercover on the beat
I complete I rock a seat I shock the geeks
Drunks punks homeless blow chunks when I’m alone I crisp tuck the prone to fisticuffs
I rip stuff up you could tell I’m a bell I sell cuts I strut
Murder motherfuckas what?
My burner increase the double dutch increase the peace as further as such
Each week I stand bleak on the corner servin’ foreigner sacks Meth
For death kept in check flexing best thing about it is I’m always about hit

My phone ringing off the hook I took a look
I’m a good cook I shook the frying pan
Bitches crying and they applying fans that brand label to me stable
I’m ready able and willing to make a killing
Collect shilling I’m billing big on charts parts of clubs get dubbed when I rubbed
I troublesome I from the none you get I don’t sweat I got a AK-47 and a Tech 9
For real I’m about my steel gun rhyme I peel caps and done time
I prime for the run rhyme it stun shut with the ladies?
You must be crazy the way I fade heat I come complete with the pussy
Never mistook a hooker for a butcher to chop up cuts of meat
I greet the sweet thing as the stun goal and I’m King
A flavor fling I like to sing command that thing I sad the ding bell
Try to think I sell my ass like her my raps a blur I cash fast and first place
I ace the track always smoking crack my sack is just fat I laced
I off the map but on it the one you saw flipped I rock my wrist and neck icy make no mistake
I break a fool over cake that’s cool I need to rock a pie no wonder why

That’s the LSD that do that
You could flew on crack but black still till it fill you up on a tab
I on the LSD lab with a dab of Hash Oil
It boil and I toil over flame
Then the LSD came on with the famous song I hit the bong
Fully wrong about it some crews doubt it I rounded up
That’s the LSD in the cut I serve it up
I learned some bucks off the churned burnout
The LSD flow smooth route because the Psychedelic was
What we like kid I smooth bid smoke a lid of grass
On LSD Fast tab or liquid on Water I slaughter
Rip out your particle My dart will fill fully
That’s the LSD bully I null heat off sweet people compete
At track meet with the lab complete
To make LSD for free almost my bomb shit comatose off it
I rock shit with the top lit now that’s Meth half to death
I chalk up LSD with the delivery system for the victim I sick then
When fools stick men with blades it’s made in the shade 9 sprayed
Techs layed down not LSD the crown I write lyrics
That double the jive all I thrive on something alive

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