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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solar Nexus]
    #857623 - 07/14/22 08:05 AM (2 months, 15 days ago)

Gold is good
All flipped in Hollywood
You wear Gold Chains
Rearrange aims
To scope jewels
Broke fools try to
Jack you for your shit
Rap more now that’s it
Philly Blunts burn down quick
When you fiend and
The team score A+ sticky green
What you mean you don’t do cocaine?
Every other brain here is lit
And Coke is it
OK I smoke a hit
Fold in 5th Gold so crisp
Air out action stare down
Mansion with the twist
Coke numbs the lips
Crack I come back for attack
On some Mic
Hype so swipe the ice
Roll dice
Get hot twice
Gold did nice to me
Soldier see
All bold to G

I extend a welcome
To back and forth hell came
Magic spell aim
Flame up
Rainbow tucked
I’m in luck
The draw
Said you saw
Pull up paw
Law is in effect
Wreck savage
Caps bandaid
I man slayed
Sun ray behaved
By law
That’s all that you saw
Bust a jaw
Knock out know
The talk route
The soldier
Doubt you fold yours up
You get stuck
Pull a plucked
All fucked up
Some smoke shit up
And been struck
For duck

The whole tribe
Ingests the Psilocybin
N***** get live in
The ride spin
Around the block
Don’t get checked
By the Glock
Why I spy
An eye with rye
Die in it High
Begin in
The sin you saw
Law all to crack jaw
What’s a law look like
Everyone psyche up
The killing tucked weapons
Get in the section
To rep some
Go straight up hum
Like erection stick the
X in
Reputation for nation
Inclination gets sensation
Bet your play in the station
All over the World stay makin’
Money it ain’t funny
It gets sunny on the block
Don’t talk
Real shit topped
By second to none gun
Speed with the iron lung

Unveiling the chronic Meths
I puff up chest
And go straight to cardiac arrest
It’s worth it for the best
Poor man’s cocaine
Everyone on the chain
Sucker catch a name
Like husband of gay
Fuck that n****** play
I H in the Tre
Murdering suckers every way
Go to hospital
Rap is profitable
I get the knock send pull
Off of wool
All the rappers gullible
I throw shovel full
Of dirt on the cannabis transplant
I need it score the ant
You don’t have a chance
I do the dance on the plantation
It’s the sensation sweeping the nation
Just like masturbation
You get chased in the winds
Of sins
Best to begin with smoking pot
You almost forgot the
Hot chicks

As I chill
All uphill
Render to still
Rip hits
Stick with
The shit it’s
The fit in
Sit in
The flip
Off tip
Get a grip
Let a hip
Make em dance
Prevent a chance
Collect ransom
Been handsome
I stands done
Like lance stung
For answer brung
I got Cancer
Of the lung
I can’t break it
So make it
Right wing
King of the

Oh Man I really did it man
With my own two hands
Some weapons
Ganja effective for
Cleaning out Perception
Of shit
That left with 20 or 30 hits
Life’s a bitch without drugs
When they want to pull the rug
Over you
Chosen few
Dose your whole crew
Substance lead askew
Something deadly
Was it a dream?
I hope everyone made the team
Deadly to be in touch
Something such as that
You can trap
Slap cap a rap up like
A sweet little buttercup
Nothing stuck
I shut the fuck up

Edited by Solid Log (07/16/22 02:25 PM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #857652 - 07/19/22 12:05 PM (2 months, 10 days ago)

All famous
Claim set aimless
Flame jets flame this
I came with
The anus tight
All right
I light up lights
Fight all the fights
Delight in all the delights
I write rhymes in the night
I swipe
I like to like
Hype so Hype
Dyke flow show ho type
Of hold your own
Glow in the morning
Without warning
I’m swarming
I got it mourning
The dead
Edit Ed
Special Fred
Uncle Ned and the rest
I’m undressed
At my best rock the time left
Bastard hex
Blowing up spots
Holding fat knots
Gold in fact tops

Edit Spice One
Dead his lung up
Said hit spliff
Twist you missed
Back crisp
Had this gift
For linking thinking
Blinking Stinking Weed
Gone to seed a bet
You bet next year I rep
The production
All function
For somethin’
Got it pumping up in
The gym
Get buff swim
Had this been
Up to snuff
Rough like tough stuff
All clock dead
You heard what I said
I bled high
Hot fry
The 3rd eye
Instead you might die
Polite like a science
Of compassion all splashin’

Get it on MDMA
Murder in the sway
Gat put to head
Blow out brains instead
I get eyes red
Smoking weed to my head
Popping Molly
Wally called and said sorry
Brain in a fog
It’s folly
I’m jolly about the all E
Party this Mardi Gras
I sop up the law
For jaw clench
Murder stench
Left entrance
I’m the dentist
I get relentless
Just in time for breakfast
Bitch you best fix
Me I’m a fiend
Team seem like dream
All that plus cream
You know what I mean?
I demean all the mean
Savage for the cabbage
Money it’s funny
My gun heat
For your defeat

Picking through pounds of Marijuana
Flora Fauna
Soma Sauna
Go in Goner
Stone in lawn chair
Air thick with smoke
Prepare careless folks
For their test chokes
On tokes
Take pokes
Loc get it
Broke don’t set it
You might regret it
For you headed
Eat breaded
Get fed up
WIth Ganja law
All that jazz raw
Tear the air
Savage stare
Red eye glare
Something fairly barely
There for the marriage
Smoking joint disparage

I want a knife
So I can be one of the hardcores
In store is G
For me it’s easy to kill
Bust at will with a gun
But a knife is more fun
I just injected meth
Death on my mind
Some say leave it behind
But I must unwind YES!
I’m fresh stylin’
One day
This dude in my way
I ask him nice not to
Ice my cake
He sounds fake gangster
And thanks to the amps
I blur my words
To slurs
Pack out furs
Fine leathers
But back to the lecture
He pulls the gun so I
Turn the barrel
Elbow him in the aerial
View you can tell it’s Kung Fu
Pull out my knife and stab
Him two times
What I’m supposed to think
About humanity
Damn the G died
At least I tried

This is the one
For the Ghetto
On the Sun
And Ghetto hum
Ghetto songs
Ghetto fogs
By the Ocean
Ghetto slow motion
Ghetto potion
To get the Ghetto open
Ghetto tokin’
All choke in
The Ghetto spoken
Ghetto rings
Ghetto things
Ghetto sings
The Ghetto is
The Ghetto biz
That’s business
The Ghetto is in this
Making crime
Drugs and I’m on the plugs
For Ghetto time
Ghetto rhyme
Ghetto I’m
Gonna get out
In the Ghetto they shout
Ghetto loud
Pump a system
And Ghetto down
When Ghetto rounds
Ghetto play
Ghetto stay
Ghetto slain
The Ghetto brain
The Ghetto remain

Ghetto comma
Puts Ghetto pause
In Ghetto drama
The Ghetto I’m a
Ghetto kid
Shooting Ghetto bid
For Ghetto skid
Row Ghetto know
The Ghetto blow
The Ghetto show
Ghetto always grow
In the Ghetto know
The Ghetto flow
Ghetto Hos
Get pregnant
Ghetto arrangement
For Ghetto abortion
The Ghetto portion
Of the pie
Isn’t Ghetto high
The Ghetto denied
Ghetto help
Ghetto yell
The Ghetto bell
Of Sun
In the Ghetto run
Get shot
The Ghetto hot
For Ghetto knot
Dopeman command
On Ghetto land
Take a Ghetto stand
No one listens
The Ghetto position
Is Ghetto dis in the
Ghetto mission

Hit the dank spot for sacks of dank
You never know where the sacks flow
You look up the pros bros with toes in it
They show finished Grateful Dead diminished
Yet still slang sacks like old business
They got doses opium shoot up heroin
But mostly dank share a grin
Got what it takes to win
They flip sacks out the backs of VW busses
They trust it’s the dust that itch
A cinch off the bench I come off with dank stench
Set off fire alarms at college dorms
I borrow a room to toke heavy before
I go outside and practice steady
The Dead Kids who slang sacks of dank
Don’t understand how to thank me
I make dank famous and tank be rolling armory
Hit up the shark tank the seed
Carrying a short stick got my sandals
Vandals causing scandals don’t do as much
Damage as I do my weed dissolved just as mute
I’m the one man army I slink and slide past
The mind my eyes in wind I bind to contract
I’m stacked high with 9s and fifths
I rips air where I tear and crush my dragon is hush
I dust you up get a rush without causing such
I muster must just bust bore I must core
Solid follow hits I swallow bits of Hashish and last leaf

Take a speed flight
Spread your wings
And be light
Drink all night
As you fly around the area
Nuthin’ scarin’ yah
Life is a daring adventure
So censored others
Brothers get covered
With ice
Twice you dice up
A nice cut of meat
I beat to be complete
Suck a Dutch
I bust out the bucks
And untucks
Any luck as the sun come up
I’m still rolling holding up
Cold in guts
Fold in shuts the fuck up
Gold be rough to touch after
The Master
Of no disaster
Lucky to be stuck G
I cluck free after birdie
Word G
You heard me
Cut that shit out
Fucking violence no doubt
I bust a route and shout
What it’s about
A 20 sack fold and lay flack
Got my back
I got your back
Click Clack a weapon notice
I don’t stay kept in the tone def

One day I will grow again
The stone
Get gone from
The full blown
Crisis torn
To toke
Broke the record hope
To set it higher
I did some wire
And retire
I got fire
Chime in dime been on the
File your
Way is the stint
Broke up dark tint
Got a hint
I got to get the gat
I’m sick of that
Get everyone on the map
Play that way
Experience life in the choke
Get the hope
That votes to
Broke through
Get it coat to
The whole crew
Knows what to do
Searching for clue
Is done
I’m the herbalist NUMBER 1

I got a Magic
Hashish habit
I grab it
Nab bits of
Rich Creamy
Dreamy when I sail off
To Sea
I be rolling in waves
I shaves points off
My loss
Is boss
It cost too much
People can’t afford
To board and brave
The waves
Become Pirate
Steal your shit
Deal don’t quit
I real peeled back and lit
All the time
I use it to rhyme
And practice crime
I shift on dime
Relax recline
Shine on
My mind mud
I prime to
In the hood
It’s good for disease
It brings cheese
Lucky flavors
Nice to be neighbors

Edited by Solid Log (07/23/22 11:42 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #857667 - 07/25/22 02:14 AM (2 months, 5 days ago)

The wood the fire locks
The Dragon/Crane box
The tops got in stock
For the clocked time
Rhyme rocks with the
Spliff up lit plus some shit
Like Ginseng or Fo-Ti
I rip shit trip
Zip up blocks
Street IQ impossible to clock
We rip rock
Everyone in the flock
Got the talk
Stalk of the crop
We light shocked
Blocked up Qi flow
Needs you need know
The needles
I listen to Beatles
I watch insects
I like reptile pets
Words about the puppy
And kitty kat I rap raps
About that
Stay out of trap
Got the sapped out lap down
Clap clowns?
We been through that now
Town painted red
All of them Deadhead
And said that shit
Fatal with the 88
Ways you fell

I poison myself with pizza at the party
I grew up artsy fartsy
I have carts of G
I cop plea
I see far
I be barn raised
Caged in animal crazed
I’m not amazed
I blazed up shit
I can’t quit
Still I land hit
And brand slit
The throat
I coat most
I boast
I rock toast and chose
The flows
That land blow
I knows this
Still I flow twist up reefer
My teacher said
I might be dead
In the head
She’s jealous cause kids
Relish my blood, cussing
And suds drinking

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InvisibleGrandmas Boy

Registered: 05/23/14
Posts: 164
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #857682 - 07/28/22 06:45 PM (2 months, 1 day ago)

Your rap sucks, I clap your slut
Cheeks slapping I tap my nuts on her butt

Grandma loves you

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Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/19/19
Posts: 771
Last seen: 21 hours, 56 minutes
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #857684 - 07/28/22 09:56 PM (2 months, 1 day ago)


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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Jenny]
    #857703 - 08/05/22 06:53 AM (1 month, 24 days ago)

He hit the cannabis dream
To clean
The speed from his head
Plus the bloodshed
He witnessed
Serve his sentence
You can bet tense
The Ganga chills you out
Know the route if you don’t
You missing out
Some people hit up coke or smack
Shoot it till it comes back
People think the herb is whack
I don’t understand
I grew up smoking underhand
The gangs deal
Feeling like peeling off caps

I learned to make a ball smoking herb
The chicken I ate makes me weight
Perturbed off the 8 Dragon
Saggin’ pants I glance off the hands
Rub club dub sub a trouble for double
The fun in the sun make number one
I skill done in the come my way stay
And play for the day and night
I might be right but I doubt it out loud kid
Down South bid the route slid by chance
Deny the answer is to get high off Sativa
I leave a impression for the lesson that sets in
My profession I’m still guessin’ at by my skill
Hat I get the session fat

I want organic
I love buying poison
My boys in the hood
Must not know what’s good
Fools pack tools and blast
The Produce last time
Didn’t rhyme
I love fumigated
Room it smell great in
El Salvador
With outlawed pesticides galore
I love apple wax
My crew jacks for sacks of it

Edited by Solid Log (08/05/22 08:53 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #858329 - 08/19/22 06:10 AM (1 month, 10 days ago)

I want more pot plants
I do the pot plant dance
The Ganja Gods bless me with messy sticky
Filthy icky resinous
Blessed just
Trust I flesh smoke buds
What I want is simple
A bud plant that has
The jazz right in it
Spin it into hash and kief
Ganja is a relief

I do a sword dance
I don’t kill people with the sword
Or stay for the sequel or get bored
Or ignored by the lord god
Of busting off the soft stuff
I man enough but any woman
Sword dances and shouldn’t
Feel competitive with men
I wouldn’t then sweat anyone
About a sword dance for fun
I do a run sometimes or take
Times off and write rhymes

I love a night mission
I smoke weed and live under the kitchen
The dishin’ done by me G is hard to believe
I gots a lots to agree that my tasty is the
In your face place to be when it comes
To eating meat
I split and took a seat on the log in the field
Under the trees while smoking my trees
Getting ready for the job
It’s a five hour jog your terrible violence
The sickness is in silence
I put my pipe, keys and weapons in one spot
So I never lost a shot
I juggle weapons and empty hands
My brand label is the secret I stay stable with
I’m able width to bust through bitch
But I put up with shit like you just couldn’t quit
Not believing
I try to reason with The Order
To get you more drugs so you could sort through your life
They want drugs illegal to keep you as a slave
I know it’s unbelievable

Edited by Solid Log (08/25/22 02:27 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #858853 - 08/31/22 06:59 AM (29 days, 21 hours ago)

I got electrocuted
8 seconds later straighten
Money made it
Faded out the doubtful
Some about full
My clout should
Would and Coulda
I stood a mark for 10 seconds
Then left him reflective
On the street and bisected
Shit gets hectic when I spread
I spent money once
And it wasn’t funny
I don’t like gun heat
A handle to mangle with my hands
All fans of martial arts departed
I started some shit with
A gangbanger who threw a fit
My razor is it
I flavor it and sit
Catch breath
10 seconds left before death
Get a X on my report card
I stress to guess jeans
All a sucka seems like

I straight with the weight
New York tip bomber equipped
Bailed out and got tortured in France
My only chance was to die
I cussed at the Nazis that got me
It wasn’t enough
Now I’m straight
I don’t sell weight
I have to wait
It was fate
I’m from the Order
To some for others for a sum
Like brothers we reach out
And touch someone
I pack a gun
For fun in case someone wants to run up
I stunned a duck just by looking
Hooking up Cooking such as I want
I front of the bus must grill
Ice twice and bust
An E pill

I’m breaking bad ass tricks down
To sticks and stones
Clones I Jones for is the kind that has the
Blind Left End
Service send fly the friendly skies
All Rise and await judgement
I smoke a bone and say fuck it
It’s rugged what I do with the crew
A whole slew of murders leave them clueless
I chew on this
And get new on tip
My dragon breath rip
No one can hold a grip steady
I’m ever ready to knock out steady
Because I’m deadly
I sing a simple melody
Of violence free silence G
I need to smoke a joint
Get the head to the spot that tend
To fertilizer fed well it spread chi
That’s all that I need

Fool thought he was cool with his
Ride inside the mind he had the track
Full on fact here rap fear for gun claps
Case of Beer
Rate through tear
A skater who is queer
A theory of searing heat
Bust some meat to eat
Vegetarians get scared within
I spin the thing is
Handle biz got the whiz
I servin’ fizz
Sucker ad libs his shit
And still can’t hit
What a trip
Murder comes thick
When you on tip
And have a sick outlook
Drop LSD and drop out for good

From the cancel culture some hawk like vulture
Hawk on Cannabis Talk the Spanish quit and top stalk
Out grows the Crown Cola.
Once I got a Crown Cola in a Pound of Mexican Pot
With no Pistola
By far the hardest to roll yah
I screech chalk on the blackboard soldier
Fold your gold up and cold tuck
The weapon
Neophytes with rights to bear arms
And still farmed mutant like Godzilla puking
Some material specimen of the real thing you
Fin you shoot thing
To throw up set when you close chuck bring
The firearm and get out of harm’s way
Before you put on display
As an example of Urban Decay
I smoke a joint for the underdog to the point
To relax and that’s the facts

All hella
Light up a blaze for jella
To sing acapella
Raps relevate
I ate the whole sack
Skate on the whack song
Hardcore till the dawn
Pawns lost
So I flow flossed out
Roll around town
With my soul ground
I buy a pound
Of pot stupid
I don’t fuck with cupid’s arrow
The sparrow hawk
Flow stalk
Out wheelbarrows
The scare crows
Froze up kids
Servin’ straight bids

Edited by Solid Log (09/01/22 02:56 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859016 - 09/09/22 10:17 AM (20 days, 17 hours ago)

The Azurescens is difficult to cultivate
Reports are it’s eight times as potent by weight
As Cubensis
It likes to grow on wood
If you should get some
You smooth out your step son
Each lung filled with Ganja smoke and THC
You rip for free until you P up
The professional struck tip tucked in
Murder win the battle until you rattle
Come serve a farm like cattle
Anyway yeah you hit up the eighth of Azurescens
You break under pressure learning lessons
Like your father beat you
Retreat crew eat too much and suffer as such
Hitch murder plus for further than word up
To dust I bust on shrooms I like moons
Stars Planets get far out like Star about to shine
For what’s mine drop a dime and commit crime
I got the line on it inside job got flaunted

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Sex Machine
I'm a teapot

Registered: 04/19/22
Posts: 78
Last seen: 17 days, 15 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859041 - 09/10/22 03:24 AM (20 days, 39 minutes ago)

Nice one.  I like the MF Doom punctuation flow thingy you’ve got going on it comes off nicely. :thumbup:


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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: 1234go]
    #859054 - 09/10/22 08:22 AM (19 days, 19 hours ago)

I got busted for sales of Cocaine
I freestyle rapped and busted the cop’s ass
He fully fast turned and ran but his ass man!
He ran into a trashcan and tried to spam my I am
The tyrant methodical monster master G expert
It hurts cops when their busts don’t work
I hate female cops with the provable movable
Futile energy to expend to the ten on a C note
Yeah I sold Cocaine and hope you get some lame

Gravestone read it
Sedative work the full on
Roll along
On meth
You get ill breath
Like Seth
I left
The rep
Is to step
Leapt up
And dance struck
The fans pluck
Muck at the bottom
We got em
Show hot then
Flow and lock send
The rhythm
My mission
I dish in
The end
All tend
To send
What spend
I best blend
I recommend The Dead

Fantastic pieces
Each one easiest to sum with
Gun with they run trip
Stumble Fall
Murder is all becoming
Something someone said
And further gun flows red blood
What you said what?
You ain’t dead cut?
My murder shut all the doors
When it rains it pours
I tore this and that
Fat lyrics sat and crushed trips
Hear this
Pops heaters rocked your ace
Fully taste every day I makes
Sure my gun talk is pure for the
Fewer each day
Blood run and the hay I smoke
Was the first piece I broke
The society
So don’t try to be hard when you smoke Yard
I cop a shotgun on some mushroom
Each soon to see the bullet freaks
Make peaks and burn for weeks

I crab a MC
Like Crabtree
They try to nab me
Dip Dab me
Flow off the anger beat
Must meat cook for the look?
I took further hook
And shook all the cooks
For dirty nooks
My take on the place
Is from Outer Space
I got a degree in G and P
I like to flow free
The candy cotton mouth smells rotten
If you got ten to spend I always make ends
Further I recommend skipping the trend
To micro dose
Hit up the most and you come close to God
Pull the odd job off the robber
You stop that slobber and corn on the cob burn
Ganja in the pipe
Don’t be a Hype, Junkie or Pill Popping Flunkie

Edited by Solid Log (09/12/22 12:07 AM)

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OfflineSolid Log
Mystal Creth
Registered: 03/02/22
Posts: 138
Last seen: 3 days, 2 hours
Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859105 - 09/12/22 06:15 PM (17 days, 9 hours ago)

It’s the return to the 36 Chambers
It comes in all flavors checks ill type behaviors
Get sick on some trip thick sword clouds
Coming down to the ground from above
It’s all love
Curve a path learn on behalf
Of past masters
You hasta train
Open your brain and Chakras
All types of pot I bust
To dust I train make paths
Pure classic classes
In Magic
It gets tragic when they don’t make it
No mistake it’s the main thing I take stake in
I’m breaking down through town
And got the keys to Tai Chi
Harsh lessons taught in life it’s beyond me
How I’m going to lead not follow
I wallow in misery with injury
I meditate and wait for Heaven to set it straight
Learn swords it’s never too late!

It’s strange to have royal blood
There are stranger things but toil
Brings blood to a boil when
Boy will tend to grow up to man
And plan to understand how can
Someone and his sometime shine
All frontline soldiers
Cold yours told bold before
It got old to mold fold yours gold
I like Platinum I be rappin’ sometime
I rhyme
I ate a cheeseburger
I lurch like served dinner beginner
It’s a winner every time
With every rhyme
I clock crime and unwind
The prime deal reveal the steal
Until you kneel and get dubbed knight
For real

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OfflineKing Koopa
 User Gallery

Registered: 06/26/08
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Re: poem [Re: Solid Log]
    #859110 - 09/13/22 01:21 AM (17 days, 2 hours ago)

I read every word in this thread

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

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grammer natze

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Re: poem [Re: King Koopa]
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This is a step up from the usual solid logs.


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OfflineSolid Log
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Re: poem [Re: remix]
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I’ve got the Buds!
I hit up Kali at midnight
I’ve got a lot of Pot!
I rock a thought till I kill it learning real shit
I fit bongs into my case
I smoke till ace get a taste
Man I love smoking weed
I burned out on speed
What you need?
I know you need weed
Here plant a seed and smoke for free
All busters be wanting my cannabis head
But they want heroin more till they dead
They want to amp speed
Ganja is the bomb your momma on ya
Like Don Godfather
Mom a cradle robber
Take a swab of your saliva
It’s sweet I’m a Vegan Freak
And chill off old geek shit
Smoking lung busting hits
I’m Peacenik.

Battlefield War style
Soul Child
Not everyone made it alive
Magic Carpet Ride
Evacuate the bloody side
My thought is suicide
I hide from the ride gun
My 9 spun
Don’t all everyone run from gun?
Under the sun
My veggies grow
I throw a show off
Born to get scoffed at
Rollin’ Fat Cat
Servin’ hat
Diggity Dat
Got this rap clap
To beat seat
So fleet
Die Something neat
I got greetings
From outer space
Takes place on my ace
I taste death
Servin’ fools till there ain’t none left

Sex is an act sacred
I learned it getting naked
On sex trip faked it the orgasm
Bitch couldn’t give me a spasm
The chasm must be dictated against
I go in for the final rinse
Vinyl tints on the seat
Must compete for each
One done son I rung brung become
A dick prick sick sticking chicks
I rip a chick’s pussy when I pull out
I have fresh clout about how I bout it
Doubt it?  Man I land a cut rounded
Off cost the boss a toss up
Fly design each time be mine
Recline the design is business
Pimp the bitches witness the distance I keep
For peeps I sleep on it freak horny
Seek the morning time lay
The best stay all day in the way of sex

Who would win?
The Mac 10 vs. The AK-47
In Laurel Canyon that’s the question
Rival Canyon crews taught the lesson
Mac-10 was later on the scene
But damn that shit beam
AK-47 Gleam
Most who boast of Wu Tang
Hang with the AK as true rang
The Mac-10 crew knew what to do
Except they slept on Psychedelic
12 O’clock set the tone
Smoke a bone and train remain
Slayin’ except not that way in
The Laurel Canyon damn men
Spit on Mac-10 rap battles end
The Mac 10 tend to sound superior except
Slow and steady win the race
You could chase after highs
In disguise all night
Platinum light
Sack some sight off the plight
I pack the AK and like it that way
It’s Laurel Canyon all day
Old Hippies the set I claim!

My rock cut send you free product
Lock it shut
Top some guts off it
Law stalk the raw balk
Off jaw clench
Stench of death coming from
The ends I made
I slayed rappers
Mastered and Captured
The feeling of the real thing
I steal ring of fire
Require top hat and suit and tie attire
My admirer is secret
I bust a freak quick
I stuck in cement
I invent new rhymes each time I climb up
And I’m flustered like custard
I solid my wallet fat
For rhyme rap
I Gold captain turning Platinum
A block of light sight unseen
I got the gleam

All the ice picks
Make Mike’s dick look big
A ice pick rig the system
Get variety
Some die to be eye like G
Ice pick quick to stick
Smooth nerve on the damage
Handle manage with care
Air wave radio tower of power
You shower in the amps
Lamps light ignite at night
It’s all right
You outta sight
I might make an ice pick
It’s a trick I know a bit of
I lit glove condom love
Fond of dove peace
At least I carry the East Wind
Suckas they bleed dig
I swig off the bottle full throttle
Slow control the glow
Fully hold onto roll
I told you I pack punch
After lunch I get an ice pick
To dunk in the drink
Man I spice some Ganja
I think without blinking

If Ganja was cheap!
Bleep!  You heard that
Chirp bird fly
Word I might cry
My eye in this has seen
All the pain exist
I knew it was for me
The Ganja can’t you see
I dealt with illegality
And all costs
I tossed and turned in my sleep
Wanting Ganja my heart was weak
I hooked up with major Ganja!
It was the bomb I control to stay calm
My mom smoked all the time
I rhyme about dime sacks
All the way up to weight LBs
I like it green without seeds
We moved tons
Murdering stuns the Ganja crowd
Unheard of murder is way too out loud
Serve further you might get tight bound
In a prison
Why I’m on a mission to legalize Ganja

Pick Wild Mushrooms
Stop getting served sacks
And be assured
As an independent
Free Rap Deadhead
You Dead Your Head
When you fed shrooms
Consume as much as you want
When you on the hunt
Witch’s Brooms are a front
For the Mushrooms Magic
I had it with drug dealers
I put out feelers for Pounds of Weed
And Shrooms the only two I new
To Potion Stew score
I rule raw all that you saw
Was my apparition
On a mission from God
I make contact and I’m sacked up
I like to eat fresh
Even infested with insect!
Picking keeps you in check
I expect ego death to be rampant
In areas with the alien Shrooms

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