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  • Posted by Ythan
    I got this bong on 4/20 and had it for about a year before it met its untimely end on my tile floor. I wish I still had it!

  • Posted by neuro
    Pipe broke when i was cleaning it, what a shame. It's still largely intact, only the actual spot where the smoke blend goes is broken into pieces.

  • Posted by onepointfive
    [one.5]{Gwendola}This was an awesome color-changing pipe with a humungous bowl until some douche bag dropped her on the floor cuz he was acting stupid. What a mf, right? RIP Gwendola.

  • Posted by opioq
    busted foot

  • Posted by dingleberrysalad
    It was a great nug pipe until it broke :(

  • Posted by Ganja Guy420
    my old bowl that my friends fat bitch mom broke

  • Posted by hmm420
    stupid dog, knocked it off a table!!!

  • Posted by 433w
    • 5.00

    small single blown spoon with a bubble with a shroom in it on the side. it was broken at a party and was taped up and continues to work fine. it is about 4 years old.

  • Posted by fizz7283
    this was bruce. he used to have a glass shark on the bubble, but some stupid bitch hit it against my bed and broke it =( so I sold the tube for 20 bucks which I originally paid 150 for. sad.

  • Posted by underagekatz
    • 5.00

    dropped it in the sink while cleaning.

  • Posted by underagekatz
    my very first piece. broke it while cleaning it.

  • Posted by b-rent420
    December 24, 2004 - March 17, 2007

  • My glass bowl
    This is my bowl.. the handle used to be filled with awesome sparkley blue cooling liquid, but the stopper broke off and all the fluid came out.. I still use it, because it's got a nice sized bowl and the hits are smooth..

  • My bong, Evil Betty
    Just a simple bong.. it's plastic (bummer), but does alright..

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