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  • Posted by b-rent420
    Sidecar Bubbler (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by purplestickysalvia
    26" Volcano bong with 2 blue percs, ice notches, diffused stem. (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by supa mario
    welp to the left we got a built in stash jar thats pretty kick ass and then the middle is the main chamber with a bowl in the middle and the female stem going strait down, then it swirls up like a shroom to the mouth piece. perdy schweet. his names supa mario. best bubbla ive ever smoked outa. i'll update a better pic later (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by revised
    My shiity generic pipe (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by bigbird666
    nice little glass mini hookah, bought it for 19$ with a mini bic... it gots a nice little wead peace sign on it, and a nice diamond texture on the back NAAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEN, no choke but it kills ur bowl so fast,1 hit so u dont even need one BRAP WHAT (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by KaMaLeNe
    Need I say more? (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by dj
    After my trip to Mexico, 4 glass, 3 stone, 2 metal, everything here was $60 bucks total, damn that was a deal (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by 420ganjagod420
    i just got this one today but the reason is because 1.) it has great color to it 2.) its very thick alot of glass 3.)(the best reason) when i was lookin at all the pipes one of the owners that i know she said to me and my friends"hey if yer gonna buy a pipe today u should get this one" and i said "why??" and then she started slamming it on the counter and i dont mean like a little sizzy tap i mean she was actually hitting down harder than i would have ever thought possible 4.) it only cost $25.00 DEAL (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by Vorpaltherabbit
    This is Sir Goldfish. He's a mini-steamroller. He packs a fair punch considering he's only 3 to 4 inches long. (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by killiecommie
    my chillum that holds 2grams (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by killiecommie
    it the bigger picture htis pipe holds 2 grams (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

  • Posted by GrateFulDead420
    This is my new bong cost me about 200$ (05/04/07 02:19 PM)

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  • Rate My Pipe
    Rate marijuana pipes, bongs and bubblers. (04/27/07 03:41 AM)

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    Meet with other potheads. (04/26/07 11:57 AM)

  • Marijuana Info
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    Collection of resources detailing cannabis cultivation, processing, effects of consumption, drug laws, activism and more. (04/26/07 11:56 AM)

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