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  • Posted by geokills
    My AromaZap Vaporizer - currently my most used piece for both health and efficiency reasons =]

  • Posted by high times
    Nothin special just my lighter.

  • Posted by suffer
    Good Morning!

  • Posted by yofumotodoslosdias
    • 5.00

    Gravity Bubbler. All glass on glass seals. Incredible. Will end your night just like a good heady indica. When milked is crazy.

  • Posted by navajo
    • 5.00

    Ricken and the Crowded Clownsmen

  • Posted by winonanuggggggz
    sidecar with flame nugget and a bonger

  • Posted by onepointfive
    • 5.00

    [one.5]{Frogger}This is like no other pipe. We named it Frogger because inside the tube there is a stem from the bowl that has a glass-crafted frog on it. On the back of the tube there is a carb hole. Then the color-changing bowl has another carb on the back of the pipe.

  • Posted by crazeelocoone
    Just A lil Group Of my peices.. hehe

  • Posted by Messbu
    • 4.00

    Some sort of twisted mix between a pipe and a bong, this small device delivers huge shotgun like smoke.

  • Posted by absolutezero
    • 3.00


  • Posted by KingPinSkinnyPimp
    • 5.00

    almost all my pipes, these are atleast all my Glass pipes!

  • Posted by onepointfive
    [one.5]{Bazooka Joe}This here is called Bazooka Joe, and what is put in its bowl is usually as sticky as the gum it's named after. It provides a huge rush of smoke after the user releases his hand from the backside of the tube.

  • Posted by onepointfive
    [one.5]{The Collection}This is the entire collection of pipes and bongs that one.5 has accumulated. The collection consists of 3 pipes, a steamroller, and 2 bongs... not to mention the endless supply ganja that is smoked out of them. one.5 regrets the fact that one other pipe has been broken and another pipe has been retired from the collection.

  • Posted by sliderdie
    i made the bong made the hash cookies and i bought the bowl and pipe

  • Posted by lsd_rules
    • 4.00

    made this arrowhead hookah

  • Posted by ReeferHead420
    Just some of our collection

  • Posted by LethalTr1p
    Born and bought in Denver (glendale) Colorado. I have to warn people this high will creep up on you. Within a half hour i'll have to drop someone off at home with ringing ears and the strongest high they've had since they started smoking. Then they call me the next day saying it continued getting stronger another half hour after they got home. It has 4 pipes, and you NEED 4 people. any less section and you'll give yourself a headache.

  • Posted by Twista
    • 5.00


  • Posted by ThreePieceSuit
    • 2.67

    A small nug of some fantastic pot. Smells like bubblegum and pine. About a gram there.

  • Posted by STonerBAshingTIme
    • 2.00

    "Reamer" steamroller 12" by 2" diameter, kicks the shit out of you

  • Posted by midnighttoker23
    This was what my friends and I did last night. The pipe in this picture is the same pipe from my other picture. We had a really good time!!!

  • Posted by detro
    • 5.00

    bub, bong and sherlock

  • Posted by xxx312
    • 3.00

    Two of my chillums. One.5

  • Posted by caroleedawn
    • 5.00

    My pooch Fiona enjoying what mom enjoys best!

  • Posted by xxx312
    Awseome little chillum. Like a mini blunt. One.5

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