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Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 18
Last seen: 11 years, 4 months
    #10536 - 04/23/08 01:42 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

so i have a problem with deer/elk

how do i prevent these guys from getting to my crop?? something that wont catch the eye of passer-byers...

i was thinking fish line but that could reflect the sun into someones eyes.... not good... last year i tried peeing everywhere every time i went there but that didnt help....

they didnt do too much damage but the soil got stomped on and a couple plants didnt grow nearly aswell as some of the other because the deer/elk took a bite off the top and kept going...

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Registered: 04/21/08
Posts: 169
Last seen: 15 years, 11 months
Re: animals [Re: riverwood]
    #10569 - 04/23/08 02:01 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

I don't know where you live but if you can get Oleander to grow there the deer won't come anywhere near it. Its poisonous. Maybe do an internet search to see if you there is some scent you can put around the area to keep them away.

If somebody might see your fishing line then maybe your plants are too obvious, no?

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At Peace
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Registered: 04/21/08
Posts: 111
Loc: Quebec
Last seen: 5 years, 2 months
Re: animals [Re: Evan]
    #10580 - 04/23/08 02:07 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)


If you live in an area with a dense deer or elk population, you know how ravenous and destructive these beasts can be, sometimes eating every bud right off the stems.

I've found a few things to help in my situation. I've usually tried them all at once, so I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of each individual precaution.

1) Deer have an excellent sense of smell and try to avoid predators when possible. I like to collect dog hair when I can, spreading a little out each time I visit the grow. I do not recommend using your own hair (only for fear that it could be used as evidence against you.)

2) (This one is weird, I know, but...) I like to fill 20 oz. bottles with my own urine. When I transplant into the ground I like to bury the bottle all the way up to the neck, just under the cap. When I am done planting, I take the cap off (or puncture a hole in the cap) so that the smell constantly wafts out of the bottle. I know this will dilute with rain, but I find that some always remains.

3) When possible try to visit the site frequently. This is particularly easy during planting and sexing, but try to make a few extra trips in between. I think the most effective method of keeping deer away is to make your presence known. My first grow was in a field that had been laid down by deer for years.

From the "Share your outdoor tips" thread, one of only three in the outdoor cultivation forum.:smirk:

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Paramahansa Yogananda.

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Registered: 04/20/08
Posts: 886
Last seen: 10 years, 4 months
Re: animals [Re: Evan]
    #10583 - 04/23/08 02:10 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

urine didn't work at all?  usually it does wonders.

shove some sticks in the ground around the plants, a mini fence kinda thing.  nothing too elaborate.  think of that horse scene in Braveheart, but not as drastic :wink:  this won't stop them from chowing down but it will deter them from walking straight over it and stomping.  I do this on a smaller scale with thorns with my very young plants to prevent rabbits and the like from ending the season too soon.

you must have some persistent bastards if urine didn't deter them.  check out this link for some ideas: http://www.bbg.org/gar2/topics/sustainable/handbooks/tips/37.html search the internet for deer deterrents, there are thousands of home remedies out there. maybe u could also purchase some predator urine from a hunting supply store if none of that works out

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Registered: 04/20/08
Posts: 198
Last seen: 13 years, 4 months
Re: animals [Re: Yrat]
    #10615 - 04/23/08 02:46 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

Coyote urine powder.. you can buy it online.
It lasts longer than the liquids.

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his serene highness
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Registered: 04/21/08
Posts: 463
Loc: Washington DC
Last seen: 11 years, 3 months
Re: animals [Re: erb]
    #10631 - 04/23/08 03:13 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

- Stabbing stick formation mini fence.
- Frequent visits to the site
- Deer repellent ( can be purchased at Home Depot )
- Urine [particularly female urine during her period **]
- Scattered human hair & minor amounts of human fecal matter [if the hair doesn't work , the SHIT will do the trick.]

Although if all else fails i would think spreading anything in the general area [of course not directly on the plants]could deter them. IE Vinegar, Cologne, particularly strong smells.

** the purported female urine story comes from several sources including my mother and a good number of West Virginian campers.

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Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 18
Last seen: 11 years, 4 months
Re: animals [Re: elaspeinreason]
    #10730 - 04/23/08 04:36 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

the crop is not in a spot thats too obvious, if a passer-byer went by they wouldnt see because i dug out spot in a thorn bush patch right in the middle, everyone goes around the thorn bushes and they completely miss the crop, and theres never passer-byers anyway, its just a precaution... fish line would reflect light into someones eyes and they would wonder why is there fish line and go inspect...

i guess the elks dont care, ill try the oleander spray... does anyone know if you can buy bear urine? we have bears around here and that would probably work...

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Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 59
Re: animals *DELETED* [Re: riverwood]
    #11232 - 04/23/08 10:57 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

Post deleted by dumbum39

Reason for deletion: abc

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Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 13
Last seen: 14 years, 11 months
Re: animals [Re: dumbum39]
    #13914 - 04/26/08 10:21 PM (16 years, 1 month ago)

Fence it with deer netting. Its not very easy to see, especially if you have thorny bushes as at least partial cover.


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Registered: 05/05/08
Posts: 52
Re: animals [Re: TODAY]
    #40285 - 05/26/08 07:59 PM (16 years, 21 days ago)

Cages all the way homie:

All you really need is a roll of chicken wire, a pair of wire cutters, a tape measure, a rock and some green stakes for securing them.

What I do first is roll out 30 inches of wire and secure it, and cut through it all the way across. I use a 2ft roll as it is easiest to control. You can use a 4 ft roll, but it is bulky. Depending on the area that you live in, your cages may be up to 4 feet in heighth, depending on food availability. If you use four foot or taller cages you should cut the wire at 40 inches to have a wider base.

Next, you will want to let the wire go into a circle and turn the cut ends of the wire to fasten them together. Notice how the cut ends cross each other and are easy to twist together.

Because I want only 12 inch screens I will cut this in half. It could be left as it is if you have taller plants and need a 2 foot screen.

You now have a screen with a smooth edge and an end that has been cut. You want to put the smooth end down on the ground. Take notice of where I bend outward, sections of the bottom so I have a place to put stakes through to hold the screen in place.

You can now put your plant into the ground, put the screen over it and push the sticks through the tabs you made to hold the screen into place. I usually use 4 sticks and put them through at an angle. If you were using a 4 foot screen, you would want at least six holding the base in place.

The last step is to close the top of the screen and make sure the cut pieces of wire are pointing upward. This will prick the noses of deer and other animals that get curious and decide to sample the taste of the plants. This is why we put the "factory" edge down and the "cut" end up.

Deer do not see well, but they have good memories. They will get pricked, but they will remember and leave them alone. They may stomp them in anger at times, but most times you can just straighten the screens and they will continue to grow into nice plants. When the plant starts getting to tall, you will have to return and open the screen to let the plant out. By this time there is usually enough native food in my area that they will leave your plants alone.

organic growers check out:
basic compost tea guide
organic goodies

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Registered: 05/29/08
Posts: 199
Last seen: 11 years, 6 months
Re: animals [Re: Phish_Dude]
    #43380 - 05/29/08 10:07 PM (16 years, 18 days ago)

hey this is going to be my first post here, I'm going to do a lil bit of helping before posting my own problems because i know i will have some with my future grow of some top 44!!;)

I had the same problem with some purple skunk haze i had and northern lights but the deer ate the plants this was fixed by putting a 240 volt fence around my garden. now I'm not growing there because of the local authorities and the peeps living with me. i found a good spot along the river that is owned by the government, for rec use like taking walks but you can go off the track and go way the fuck back in the woods(hopefully it will work out for me.)

I am going to use fox urine around them you can get it at most gardening supply stores cost like 15 bucks for a gallon i believe. just think if you where a deer and smelled some fox around you'd get the hell out of there.Hope this helps mate and happy growing:)


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