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Extract, Tea

Let those lungs rest, time to Ingest.

Making Herbal Tea:

   I know what a lot of you are thinking, tea thats a womens drink or, why would i waste my herb in tea.
Well it can be a waste if your just looking to get high, Tea is more useful for health and assimilation of the active chemicals.
   Tap or bottled water has many heavy minerals and chemicals which firstly you dont want to drink and secondly that will fill or inhibit the waters ability to hold other chemicals such as ones added in a infusion.
   Use only stainless steel metals because aluminum based metals WILL leave traces of their deadly metals.(flouride is a aluminum production, waste bi-product)

What you will need is:
1.Fire or stove top
2.Water Prefferably Distilled
3.Large jar or pot with a lid
4.Stainless steel strainer
6.A Favorite mug

Here is some tools you will need V

First step, get that water boiling.

Second step, crush that herb.

Third step, Put the herb into the pot, jar or sealable container.

Fourth step, Pour the Boiling water (distilled) over the herb in the container.

Fifth step, Close lid and let sit at Least 20 mins or up to a few days.

Sixth Step, Strain through stainless steel strainer(if hot) into favorite mug and wash tools.

Seventh, and Final Step is to Enjoy drinking it!


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