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How to build a Grow Tent

A cheap enclosure for small to medium sized plants.

Due to my limited space I decided to build a fully collapsible, tent for mothers and clones. So without further ado;

Tent Construction:
Part List:

(**All pvc sizes are 1/2" unless otherwise stated**)
8- 90o turns with threaded side out
8- Threaded-push adapters
2- T connectors

4- 2' lengths
4- 1.5' lengths

4- 9" lengths
3- 24" lengths (Not pictured)

20sqft- Black and white Poly film

1- Hacksaw
2- Velcro strips
1- Roll of black duct tape

Build it!:

1) Connect all threaded adaptors to the 90o elbows.

2) Connect the bottom and top frame by connecting the 90o angle joints to alternating 1.5' and 2' pvc lengths.

3) Build the rear pillars and supports by attaching 2x9" lengths to the T fitting.

4) Affix a 24" length between the two T fittings, creating an "H". Connect the "H" to the rear 90oconnectors on the wide side. Now affix the remaining two 24" sections to the front of the bottom frame. Cap the structure with the mirror image of the bottom frame.

5) Wrap the skeletons sides with a 28"X64" piece of Black and White polly.

6)Wrap a second piece 25"x90" from the bottom-->back-->top-->front. Leave the front piece unattached like a flap. Attach Velcro strips to the bottom corners of the flaps.(I forgot to take pictures of this step. Check the completed structure for details.)

7) Cut an appropriately sized hole in the side of the tent for ventilation. I used a 80mm muffin fan, but you can use any small fan really.


The finished product allows me to keep a couple small mother plants around without requiring any space in my cabinet. Best of all, if it's not in use, I can break it down to store it. This style tent can be proportioned in any way you like to hold as few or as many plants as required, just a bit of math.

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