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Can lights too close cause drooping/curling?
    #703776 - 12/31/13 05:54 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

Two AK47s clones I transplanted to soil a few days ago started are drooping and curling, I noticed this yesterday afternoon. Its pretty cool in there so im pretty sure heat isn't an issue. My lights are 1.5 feet away and I am using a 400w mh running at 75 percent(dimmable ballast).

Soil Growers:
1. Are you growing from seed or clones?clone
2. How old are your plants? had them for 1 week
3. How tall are your plants? 6 inches give or take
4. What size containers are they planted in? dixie cups
5. What is your soil mix? kelloggs
6. How often do you water and what type of water do you use and how much you give per watering? every 3 days until it is saturated
7. What is the pH of your water?7
8. What kind of fertilizer do you use and what is its NPK ratio? n/a
9. Do you foliar feed or spray your plants with anything?no
10. What kind of lights do you use and how many watts combined? (HPS, MH, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent "plant lights") 400w mh air cooled
11. How close are your lights to the plants? 1.5 feet
12. What size is your grow space in square feet? 6 or so
13. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space?n/a
14. What is the pH of the soil?7
15. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space?n just fungus gnats

Plant 1

Plant 2

And one of my master kush's is showing some curling as well.

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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: Deadkndys420]
    #703779 - 12/31/13 06:12 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

Too much light? My clones do that too if I put them in with my other girls. One small CFL is plenty until they take root...from what Ive read anyway...and mine stopped drooping once I started doing this.

EDIT: Never mind, guess they were already rooting if you transferred to soil...reading comprehension fail.


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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: bEelzeBosS]
    #703795 - 12/31/13 07:22 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

I wish I could help you on this but I cant. They don't look pretty though. I hope them come back for ya

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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: GBurger717]
    #703799 - 12/31/13 07:43 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

found this hope it helps :thumbup:

1. Over-fertilizing - the most common cause of leaf cupping aka leaf margin rolling, leaf margin burn, and leaf tip curl/burn is the overzealous use of too much plant food in relationship to factors such as plant vigor and rate of growth. The first unit of a plant to show moisture stress is the leaf at its margins and/or tips, reflected by margin rolling (cupping) or burning. A hard, crispy feel to the leaf frequently occurs as well, as opposed to a soft and cool feel of a happy leaf. When you have a high concentration of salts in solution (in the root medium) compared to the salinity levels found in the plant’s tissue, water is actually drawn out of the plant across the root gradient in order to fix the ppm imbalance. IOW, this is a natural, osmotic response that serves to equalize salinity levels on both sides of the root’s epidermal gradient. Back off on the amount and/or frequency of plant food. Too much plant food can also burn the roots, especially the sensitive root tips, which then creates another set of problems. Note - as soil dries, the concentration of the remaining salts rises further exacerbating the problem.

2. High Heat - the plant is losing water via it’s leaves faster than what can be replaced by the root system. The leaf responds by leaf margin cupping or rolling up or down (most times up) in order to conserve moisture. A good example is reflected by the appearance of broad-bladed turf grass on a hot summer day, high noon, with low soil moisture levels - the leaf blade will roll upward/inward with the grass taking on a dull, greyish-green appearance. Upon sunrise when moisture levels have returned to normal, the leaf blade will be flat. Lower the heat and concentrate on developing a large, robust root system by practicing sound plant culture. An efficient and effective root system will go a long way to prevent heat induced leaf dessication and leaf margin curling. One short episode of high heat is enough to permanently disable or destroy leaf tissue and cause a general decline in the leaves affected, which often occurs to leaves found at the top of the plant. The damaged leaf (usually) does not fully recover, no matter what you do. Bummer in the summer. One can only look to new growth for indications that the problem has been corrected.

3. High Light - yes, it’s true, you can give our faves too much light. Cannabis does not receive full sun from sunrise to sunset in its natural state. It is shaded or given reduced light levels because of adjacent plant material, cloudy conditions, rain, dust, twilight periods in the morning and late afternoon, and light intensity changes caused by a change in the seasons. Too much light mainly serves to bleach out and destroy chlorophyll as opposed to causing leaf cupping, but it often goes hand-in-hand with high heat for indoor growers. Again, back off on the light and concentrate on developing/maintaining an efficient and robust root system.

4. Overwatering - for those doing soil, this practice only serves to weaken the root system by depriving the roots of proper gas exchange. IOW, the roots are not getting enough oxygen which creates an anerobic condition inducing root rot and root decline with the end result showing up as leaf stress, stunted growth, and in severe cases, death. <gasp!> Overwatering creates a perfect environment for damp-off disease, at, or below the soil line. Alot of times folks think the plant is not getting enough plant food (which it can't under such adverse conditions), they add more nutes for a "curative", and just add insult to injury.

5. Underwatering - not only is the plant now stressed due to a low supply of adequate moisture, but carbohydrate production has been greatly compromised (screwed up). Step up the watering frequency, and if need be, organic growers may need to water from the bottom up until moisture levels reach a norm throughout the medium. If the pot feels light to the lift - it’s time to water. Don’t wait until the soil pulls away from the sides of the pot or leaves droop before you water. And of course, leach once in a while to get rid of excess salts.

All of the above issues relate to a plant's internal cell turgor or cell water pressure. If water pressure within the plant's stem and leaf cells are positive, the plant will look strong and stocky with flat leaves that are cool to the touch due to good transpiration from the leaf surface. By the same token, if the water pressure is not up to par, whereby water is being extracted from the plant and not replenished like it should be.... the leaves and/or stems will droop.

Happy gardening,
Uncle Ben

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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: fortheloveofnature]
    #703818 - 12/31/13 09:33 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

My best guess would be some type of ph or overfert issue, and I've read of people having problems with Kellog's soil being too hot, so maybe going straight to the kellogs without it being cut/diluted with a lot of extra perlite was just too much for the clones.

How did you test the ph of the soil? A lot of those soil ph meters (In my experience.) are pretty inaccurate.


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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: resincoatedlungs]
    #703823 - 12/31/13 09:42 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

i got a ph meter but if you dont trust ph meters my suggestion is grab this(it gots a lot of good reviews all over the web)


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First grow (bagseed)

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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: fortheloveofnature]
    #703828 - 12/31/13 09:56 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

It looks kind of like what I've seen as over watering and probably too much nutrients maybe. I'm only guessing based on a few things I read recently though. Don't have enough experience to know for sure.

Be sure to read up on "autoflower"/ruderalis seeds before choosing them. Unless you NEED autos, you might do much better with anything else. No more hoarding ultra genetics! We need more of the best not less!

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Re: Can lights too close cause drooping/curling? [Re: Midgetpawn]
    #703954 - 01/01/14 08:16 PM (4 years, 5 months ago)

Ok, wish I saw this earlier. Back the lights up a bit and tent them or mist. Even though it's not hot the light is causing the plants to demand more then they can bring up threw the roots esp when first transplanted. Once the roots get use to the new soil they will start growing normally. Some strains are pickier then others when it comes to this.


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