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Buddhist Monk

Registered: 10/07/09
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Loc: Peru
LED VS HPS??????
    #441917 - 07/04/10 08:41 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

this is interesting. i think the led look cooler too. may have to get a 120w or even 180w led instead of hps.

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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: SalviaNshrooms9090]
    #441923 - 07/04/10 08:59 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

lol ya right i wouldnt recommend it, your not gonna be able to flower with ur leds u should just stick with the hid. thats why 90 percent of ppl do.

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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: kickin-two-hundo]
    #441936 - 07/04/10 10:58 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

Really dude, dont get with LED's yet. Its the wave of the future, key word being future though. they arent quite there yet.

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Now with Grow!
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: Lucid]
    #441938 - 07/04/10 11:02 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

Cannabis would stretch like a mo-fo under only red light.

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 User Gallery

Registered: 05/03/10
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? *DELETED* [Re: Lucid]
    #442808 - 07/07/10 03:38 AM (7 years, 10 months ago)

Post deleted by fungi

Reason for deletion: .

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The Rabble Rouser

Registered: 02/12/10
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: fungi]
    #442820 - 07/07/10 03:59 AM (7 years, 10 months ago)

Or maybe there is experience on the growery telling everyone that HPS out performs the LED's when comparing grow logs that have been submitted on this website?

Waste your money on technology that is not readily reliable and stable for the task at hand bro. And maybe try not to get so defensive when people come at you with truth and experience?

I really cant say anything since I am brand new to growing, but I have been watching plenty of the hardened growers and have also seen a few LED grows on here, which have definitely not performed up to par with HPS equivalents.

Pretty sure the final outcome is somewhat based on the end user as well, as it takes lots of experience and care and overall knowledge of this hobby to produce fine quality end result, not just hardware.

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Registered: 05/03/10
Posts: 168
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: SalviaNshrooms9090]
    #443493 - 07/08/10 04:20 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

I've read a bunch of information on LED's. It's very difficult to determine the information because it is so scattered in nature and time. It's interesting the LED lights and hydroponic techniques have been developed and research for growing in Space.

"...Ray Wheeler, a plant physiologist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.."

"Wheeler has done extensive research on lighting, specifically looking at LED lights (like the ones pictured above), which “are very convenient for little space chambers,” he says."


More info and papers to space farming


I can't verify if NASA itself developed LED grow lights, but they sure spent a good time researching them and using them. They like how they instead of using a white light, they use specific wavelengths of light. See the animation below, a prism shows what white light really is; the combination of many colors.

Historically LED research was just a Red and Blue spectrum. The first lights to come out used only 2 wavelengths of light. Now they have 17 band lights available. They first only had very low output LED's, but they now have much more powerful LED's available.

From what I've read, the main concern and issues with using LED lights is during flowering. HPS typically outperforms LED lights in yield. It's hard to make a firm determination, because so many different LED light models exist.

I searched long and hard and found this guy http://www.customspectrum.com/
He seems to have some of the best deals on LED's and some of the best customization available as well. From my research, he is the only person globally selling LED Growing Lights that have 13 light wavelengths and optionally 17.

I'm currently testing an older design, a 120W Quad Band LED in a 2x5 closet filled with plants. It is mounted in the middle of the closet, and I currently have 2 45W CFL's on each side. Tons of pictures located here http://www.growery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/443243

Veg seems to be awesome. I'd almost say the 120W LED is better then a 400W MH. With 2 of this 120W LED fixtures, it must blow away a single 400W MH light for veg. Fact is that MH only has blue, and plants also light red light for veg also.

I picked up a 600W LED fixture from the website above which has 200 3x3W LED's What that means is each LED has 3 diodes in it, powered at 1 watt. He has other units that have a 2 watt and 1 watt diode and a 3 watt diode; the high output and very high output.

I'm going to attempt using it for flowering, and see my results.

Edited by fungi (07/10/10 01:45 AM)

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High Watt Closet

Registered: 02/10/10
Posts: 1,156
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: fungi]
    #443505 - 07/08/10 04:55 PM (7 years, 10 months ago)

I don't know, dude.. I will agree that they are coming further day by day, but that site has some contradictions on it. He also goes on and on about heat and how much you have to do to cool it, thats bullshit. I'm cooling 1200w with one inline fan connected to a carbon filter, and I paid $150 for the combo.

He also talks about how the heat and energy of HID is harful to the plants and adding more will further damage the plant and reduce yields. To the fucking contrary I have never seen anyone add watts to their grow and lose yield. 99% of the time, adding watts,espcially HID watts increases yield.

"The lower temperatures from these lights mitigate pests that thrive in warmth like spidermites and gnats.  "

thats retarded, cannabis needs to be at or around 65-70* for good health, so even if the LED isn't throwing off that much heat, its not like you can run your grow room at 45* to keep pests out. If you give them the oppertunity, they will run amuck in your grow room, LED,HID,CFL they don't give a fuck.

The other thing that gets me about this Custom Spectrum site, they talk about how its 1,000,000,000x better than 1kw HID and all that jazz, if thats the truth why can't he post some pictures. Anyone with half a business mind would be putting pictures on a plant grow light website right away. Even if they were fake chopped photo's..

If you ain't smokin' dro, you're smokin' reggie. :shrug:

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Registered: 03/26/10
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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: DieselB]
    #444354 - 07/10/10 12:13 AM (7 years, 10 months ago)

the led is more similar to a laser-beam system and is therefore superior

buy them all

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Re: LED VS HPS?????? [Re: in_sherman]
    #444420 - 07/10/10 04:47 AM (7 years, 10 months ago)


Good points man. I didn't even read what he wrote until now. I can't say what he is saying is true or false.

It most likely is illegal to grow marijuana where he lives. The website is most likely hosted locally. Technically, if it was a local business, he could be arrested. Which is ironic; given this website and others.

He did mention tighter internodes. I can't really tell if they are tighter or not because it is a different strain, lol. But the 120W I have seems to work pretty darn well; which isn't anywhere near as high end of a LED light as this guy makes. I mean I was compelled to buy this guys LED lights because they were just so much better then all the other LED lights and the price was more realistic as I would state it. I'm sorta surprised this 120W Quad Band light does so well. Maybe that is why they make the claims that a 120W is equal to a 400W MH, because it really is. It's mainly red light, with some blue, little orange and white; and it just kicks ass for veg. If I had a big operation, I mean I guess I'd stick with the 1000W MH, but if you actually pay for the power, lol, then you might consider 600W LED lights. Power prices are all relative though based on so many factors; is it a home, commercial, or ... (they ass raped me for running a 1000W MH 16/8 because I was in a studio apartment and the limit for power was small, but I cheated the system and basically said I was low income; which I would rather cut off my arm then do today).

He says a 300W LED beats a 1000W HPS. I find that one hard to believe, I've grown with a 1000W HPS and 1000W MH and those are insane. 1000W covers a full 4x4 growing area. I know because I had one. The cactus had no idea the light was MH or HPS, because it flowered. Pretty awesome, seeing a cactus flower indoors.

Well I guess I'm the Guinea Pig. I have my doubts indeed. They have the viewing angle for the LED's at different angles, but I think they should just have the light sorta designed slightly differently. The point all the LED's straight down; sure would be nice if they pointed some at a 10 degree angle so light was more evenly spread out. At least with the 120W, it doesn't really cover the 2x5 closet I have, it covers like 3x3, but most of the output is contained within 2x2 feet (or at least that is what it "looks like"). Maybe I'm wrong and it spreads 3x3 feet.

I mean if a 120W covers 2x2 feet, and even seems to have penetration to the lower levels of a 14" plant, who is to say that a 600W isn't good for a 3 foot high plant? My testing will be somewhat biased, as I primarily grow Indica. I highly prefer Indica, Sativa to me sometimes increases my heart rate too much. I don't think my plants that will be flowering will be much more then a foot, but perhaps this one that is 14", will get to 2 ft. That would be a decent test to see if it works.

Edited by fungi (07/10/10 04:54 AM)

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