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Registered: 08/21/19
Posts: 12
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
08/28/19 11:15 PM

to the most stoned forum on the internet. Stick around bud :leaf:
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Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 13,457
Came through like he said he would
03/25/17 10:16 PM

Great trader 10/5!
That Guy

Registered: 08/12/08
Posts: 3,117
Loc: Southwestern US Flag
Awesome dude
03/08/17 11:48 PM

Very informative and all around great poster. :leaf:
Always Lmao

Registered: 12/16/15
Posts: 385
Loc: Wonderland
I like you and your avatar,
11/29/16 10:24 AM

keep on keeping on.

Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home
Jump out from behind them and shoot them in the head
Now everybody dancing the dance of the dead,
the dance of the dead,
the dance of the dead
OfflineKing Koopa
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Registered: 06/26/08
Posts: 12,775
Last seen: 27 days, 6 hours
07/27/15 05:51 PM

asdgsdgdfgdfgdf :highdog: on and off
Invisibleoeric mckenna
Pure Indica

Registered: 07/18/14
Posts: 758
Loc: Mars
Cool poster
07/16/15 03:19 PM

I enjoy seeing your posts man. :highfive:
InvisibleChemical Addiction
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Registered: 11/20/14
Posts: 1,681
06/15/15 09:50 PM

the seeds man :highfive:
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Registered: 08/28/12
Posts: 8,668
Loc: █████
Thanks for the
06/04/15 04:24 PM

print man, shit looks wicked!
Oxford comma advocate
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Registered: 11/02/14
Posts: 1,109
Last seen: 2 years, 4 months
Very generous1
02/28/15 05:22 PM

Package came in today with a lot of goodies. Thanks for all the seeds and the extra gift in there man!!! Highly appreciated!
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Registered: 10/06/08
Posts: 24,712
Loc: No where ville, USA Flag
Thank you
02/19/15 07:50 PM

for the stickers. You sent out a good amount for which I am thankful for. Trade with this man!
That Guy

Registered: 12/26/13
Posts: 595
Last seen: 4 years, 2 days
Keep posting bud
01/29/15 12:32 AM

you're pretty cool :heytheresexy:

Registered: 12/21/14
Posts: 254
Last seen: 6 years, 2 months
Cool cat
01/28/15 12:11 PM

Keep posting bud :chillin:
Oxford comma advocate
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Registered: 11/02/14
Posts: 1,109
Last seen: 2 years, 4 months
Keep posting
01/20/15 09:41 PM

relevant info. Good job Bud!!
Invisiblestill beLIEve
State Property..Again

Registered: 04/20/08
Posts: 17,167
Loc: a world thats not my own
01/20/15 08:09 PM

Has been here for a while yet still helps out noobs like myself. Overall great addition to the site.
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Registered: 11/18/12
Posts: 785
Last seen: 2 years, 1 month
Sick Giveaways
12/24/14 02:49 PM

You guys have brought the Christmas Spirit to the Grower. Thanks for offering us a chance to win some awesome seeds.
InvisibleChemical Addiction
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Registered: 11/20/14
Posts: 1,681
Tokes up
12/17/14 08:02 PM

with dad. :thumbup: Stick around bud!

Chemical Addiction responded on 12/17/14 08:56 PM:

Thanks for the warm welcome, I need a few more posts before I can rate you back 5/5

Are my eyes red?

Registered: 11/15/13
Posts: 706
12/10/14 05:18 PM

Thanks for the invite bud. May the universe bless you with grass and ass. Not on you but from an external source...

bEelzeBosS responded on 12/10/14 06:32 PM:


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Registered: 09/26/14
Posts: 29
Last seen: 6 years, 4 months
Thanks for the
11/25/14 05:29 PM

kind words. Stick around and post it up! :highfive:

shr00000oooooms responded on 11/26/14 02:29 PM:

I have stuck around! For 5 years :shocked: (well periodically)
And thank you! :smile:

InvisibleSnook G

Registered: 01/16/14
Posts: 460
10/23/14 01:34 PM

`ll;wkefjawpeiuw049ru v2304uwe9fduj13
Head Manager

Registered: 10/13/14
Posts: 2,005
Loc: Just south of down.
Stick around
10/14/14 07:27 PM

bud.  :potleaf:
GET IT!?? :Aweyea:
The Feminizer
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Registered: 04/21/08
Posts: 6,631
I don't know why I haven't rated you
09/15/14 11:54 AM

yet but here is a much deserve five :leaf: rating. You sir are an inspiration and I respect that.

Littlest pee pee on da block
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Registered: 02/26/13
Posts: 1,555
Loc: murica Flag
Last seen: 5 years, 2 months
Thanks for the help
09/01/14 08:57 PM

You're pretty cool as well. :chillin:
and dazed

Registered: 02/02/09
Posts: 1,783
08/30/14 02:57 AM

peoples. :awesham: :leaf::heart:
Drunk Derelict
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Registered: 04/22/08
Posts: 3,189
08/05/14 10:42 PM

pretty cool man.
Invisiblepoor boy
Village Idiot
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Registered: 06/08/13
Posts: 16,035
Traded with this guy
06/18/14 03:12 PM

all good girl.

Last Edited 03/11/16 10:57 AM

poor boy responded on 03/02/16 10:16 PM:


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