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Building Your Grow Room!

Handy and to the point.

When considering growing most people forget the one of the most crucial parts of the journey.
Not the genetics, not the lights, not the nutrients, but WHERE you grow.

Where you grow can determine the difference between a beautiful harvest and a beautiful jail cell (And they ain't that beautiful o.O).

This guide focuses on the indoor growers choices.
Outdoors is a whole 'nother world, however if your doing outdoors ALWAYS check your locations coordinates on the geo-caching websites.
Those bastards put caches EVERYWHERE, you don't want your grow being one of them.

First off, your indoor grow obviously must occur in some part of the house.
Now discard any room that has people trafficking within 20 feet. This includes neighbors!
Second, forget about using any room that is near an entertaining area in your home. Even if you promise yourself NOONE is coming over EVER... trust me, they will.
Next, choose a room thats near a faucet. You can replace the typical faucet with a hose connection for getting water easily to your plants.
And finally, choose a room that has a location for an attic vent.

Also keep in mind to choose a room with a hard floor such as linoleum if possible. OR do as I did and cover everything with black/white vinyl.

Cover all windows with black/white vinyl also so no light escapes!

Choose a room wih at LEAST two outlets.

Also screw 2x2 wood portions into the ceiling struts to mount your lights. This save you from making a bunch more holes in your ceiling that you can instead make into the 2x2.

LOCK THE F*CKING ROOM! If the doors have those stupid proof handles with the hole in the center to unlock them with a screw driver DITCH THEM. Spend $30 and get two sturdy entrance door locking sets.

Lastly, its good to have a closet in the room to use as a clone/veg area.

The best choices would be a basement or a bedroom that's located towards the rear of the house.

You all are lucky that I'm dedicated to helping people and therefore taking the risk of posting my own room for your benefit!
I hope this helps give you all ideas for your own secure grow room for your medical marijuana!


Cover the windows with vinyl to keep light in and eye's out!

You can use short fat screws to screw the vinyl into your carpet without damaging it!

Seal doors that arent used! The door below will be covered with black/white vinyl also.

Screw 2x2 blocks into the ceiling struts so you dont make a bunch of holes and ruin the ceiling. You can use the blocks to mount your lights.

A closet can be put to good use!

I hope you enjoyed my guide on choosing and outfitting a good grow room. I will update this as I continue further progress.

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