Posted by gary123 (06/14/10 01:33 PM)

thank you very much!!!!! i was thinking on how i can do something like this and you just made it alot easier for me my freind!!!! you the man!!! lol
Posted by azshroomer (08/15/09 05:13 PM)
Keep an eye out for my upcoming "Build your own true grow room".
It will be spectacular!
Posted by azshroomer (07/20/09 01:41 AM)
Thanks all!
Ill keep this thread updated as I develop my room!
Posted by Hughtoxin (07/19/09 12:26 AM)
i bet this is going to turn out well!
Posted by DesertSolitaire (07/18/09 11:14 PM)
nice work man...keep up the contributions...they are appreciated