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Easy Butane Extraction

No evaporation dish!

Easy Butane Extraction

Step 1: Build an extraction device

Butane extraction tubes come in a variety of flavors. I personally tend to avoid plastics like PVC and acrylic so I used a chrome bathroom sink fitting that has a threaded end and a non-threaded end.

For the top (threaded) end I used a galvanized cap that screwed onto my sink fitting. I then drilled a hole in the cap that fit the tip of my butane can.

The other end is just a piece of metal screen held on with a worm clamp, which is then covered by a coffee filter secured with a rubber band.

Be sure to look into the reactivity of butane with any of the materials you decide to use while extracting because some materials can leech toxic substances into your final product. Also be sure to thoroughly wash all your equipment before use; preferable once with water and again with high purity alcohol.

Step 2: Prepare your supplies

You will need:
1x Flask (250ml)*1
1x Funnel
1x Can of butane *2 per extraction
~1oz Suitable plant material
1x Bowl *3
1x Final container *4
2x Oven mitts
1x Exacto Knife or pin
~2oz Alcohol *5

*1: Since I have access to a lab I use flasks but any kind of glass container will work, a mason jar would be perfect.
*2: The more pure the butane the better, look for quintuple or more refinements. Colibri and Vector are two that I know work well. Try to get the largest container available, I use 8oz.
*3: Big enough to hold hot water and your flask.
*4: Use a container at least three times the size of the expected final amount. For ~2 oz plant material, I used a 1oz final container. A screw cap is also advisable, they can be obtained at any smoke shop.
*5: High purity ethyl or isopropyl alcohol is used to rinse all equipment to remove residue after extraction.

(Don't mind the test tubes, they were not required.)

Step 3: Extraction

Fill the tube with your plant material. Gently knock the tube to settle the leaf matter but do not push it down because it will become to compact.

Proceed with extreme caution!
-Do all extraction outdoors or in a very well ventilated area.
-Beware of all fire and electrical sparks. Butane is highly explosive, even electric motors can cause ignition.
-Wear proper, snug fitting, attire that will not catch fire or obstruct movement.
-Keep a fire extinguisher on hand at all times.

I will assume no responsibility for personal injury or damage to property through the use of this technique. Proper consideration of all risks is imperative.

Replace the end cap and insert the butane nozzle. Position the screen end over the funnel inside your flask to collect the butane that pours out. Now depress the butane and hold it down until the can is depleted. (This next pic actually shows me using the plate evaporation method from an old attempt. Just imagine that its going into the flask instead of the pyrex dish. :stoned:)

Remember to wear your oven mitts, the tube and butane get very cold.

This is where I deviate from most other butane oil methods, I do my evaporation in a flask instead of an open dish. By not using a plate to evaporate, I don't have to scrape the THC oil up after evaporation. This method will also yeild more than the plate method because you invariably lose some while trying to collect it with a razor after evaporation.

Now we will place our butane filled flask in a hot water bath to evaporate most of the mixture. Do not evaporate all of the butane, leave enough to approximately fill your final container.

Pour the remaining oil into the final container.

You can now gently dip the final container into the hot water to speed up the evaporation, but be sure to avoid boil overs. I was inattentive and let the butane boil over at this stage but look at how pure of a THC polymer was suspended in the water!

After the butane stops bubbling in the hot water inside your container, you should set the vessel out overnight uncovered to ensure full evaporation.

Step 4: Enjoy your work

The final results are remarkably pure.

You can now proceed with smoking the oil any way you please. I suggest ash bongs and Hot knives. This stuff melts like honey! :inlove3:

**Use of this procedure may be illegal in your area, be sure to know your local laws before attempting**

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