Posted by Slag121 (11/04/14 01:25 PM)
that is well done!
I liked the Sink drain pipe. I may have to do that!
if you were to vacuum pump the flask, you will be surprised how much Butane will be extracted.
some people warm  &  "whip" the oil to mechanically flush out micro beads of Butane,'
a Vacuum pump is FAST and SURE to get it all.
No crackles & pops when lighting up!
Posted by encryptor (05/28/09 12:13 AM)
Using PVC would reduce risk of spark or ignition of butane when performing this stunt/skill.  I think it's great!  The result is called honey oil.  I can see how metal keeps the chamber cooler for a better extraction and I thought that might be what you were thinking.