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Bong Info

A little somethin perhaps you didn't know

If your like me, then theres a certain satisfaction you get when you clear a bong.
A deep, smooth rip, followed by an overwhelming high.

The reason is...
Bongs make a concentrated hit. This is possible because THC is non-water soluable.
So when you draw it through water, some of the other stuff is filtered out, thus leaving a better form of smoke( but not everything is filtered)

Another thing the water does, is cool the smoke, which is less stressfull for your lungs.
IMO about ice
Thats a no go.
-For one it just takes up space, so to get the same size rip, you would have to store smoke in your lungs, ruining the satisfaction of clearing the chamber.
-Also its gonna melt, and that fills a straight tube fast
-Plus, I have no facts behind this, but when its cold outside its almost like you can't get a good deep breath, I feel the same way when smoking.
The more dispersed the smoke is, the easier it is to cool, makes sense right.
So diffusers not only make the bong clear much faster, they also create numerous smaller bubbles that have much less smoke that needs filtering.

While I'm on the subject, I might as well touch base with Percolator.
A percolator is a seperate chamber from the Bong, that adds another filtration point, thus further cooling/filtering the smoke. Personally I think, One to two is enough, but I've seen as many as five.

There are three main types or percs. ( i have seen a weird S hook thing, so four if you count that)
Dome percs
Tree Percs
And the New U-percs.
The other two work just fine, Tree percs the better of the two IMO
The U-perc is flawless,
Each draw on the U-Perc will activate all the perc-ports. That's possible because they have many very small ports, which are placed very closely together on the bottom, so when held flat, it bubbles at all points.
So if your thinking about getting a Glass on glass bong,
Its a smart move,
There are so many options/brands/upgrades/acssesories it is crazy
But they can get costly, and remeber just because its alota money doesn't always mean its better 

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