Posted by OreoGrows (02/07/09 04:00 PM)
So diffusers not only make the bong clear much faster, they also create numerous smaller bubbles that have much less smoke that needs filtering.

a diffy doesnt make your bong clear faster. it just increased the surface area of the bubbles, which means theres actually more smoke being filtered and cooled, relative to with a normal downstem with the large single bubbles.

my ashcatcher has 4 downstems that are d-cut diffused 3 times, so 12 little bubbles at a time instead of one. i also totally recommend an A/C for anyone who doesnt feel like cleaning their tube after every sesh.
Posted by OreoGrows (02/07/09 03:52 PM)
IMO about ice
Thats a no go.

oh come on dude, you know thats not true

-For one it just takes up space, so to get the same size rip, you would have to store smoke in your lungs, ruining the satisfaction of clearing the chamber. no? you cant clear it if youre a pussy i guess, but ive got an 18" 5x50mm beaker bottom roor, with a roor 4arm ash catcher, and ive never had a problem clearing it when full of ice... if you have trouble clearing your tube, pack a smaller bowl bro. and about the same size rip thing, it doesnt matter how much volume your pipe has if the amount of weed being consumed is the same, its all going to go into your lungs and at one point, it should all be in there at once.

-Also its gonna melt, and that fills a straight tube fast

no drains in your house :P? just pour some out lol. there are ice cubed shaped mini plastic ice packs that people use instead of ice, keeps it from melting, or if you dont want ugly plastic things in your tube, and theres snow on the ground, i find it works best, since you can literally pack it as tight as it will go, but does not add ANY drag whatsoever. either way ice isnt a must, but to say its a no-no is just..well frankly retarded. i mean do you think ROORs best selling line would be the ICEMASTER if putting ice in a tube wasnt the way to go?

-Plus, I have no facts behind this, but when its cold outside its almost like you can't get a good deep breath, I feel the same way when smoking.

this is because when something gets cold it gets denser, including gases. and again a smaller snapper would remedy this.

Also, what the fuck is a U- Perc, got a pic?? and there are more types of perc than that, like stemless, chubbler, inline, disk perc, and if you go to OPM, you can get a hex-line. im sure there are others