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Information about Supporters
Supporters are indicated with an optional small S symbol next to their names. By subscribing, these members help to support and show their appreciation for the Growery, and also gain access to exclusive features and functionality:
  • Unrestricted Image Uploads
    Supporters can upload as many images as they want, as long as each image is under 5MB.

  • Backup Image Archives
    You can download a ZIP file containing all the images you have uploaded to the forums.

  • Larger Avatars
    Supporters can have avatars with larger dimensions (currently 120x120 vs 80x80).

  • Increased Signature Length
    Supporters can have 1,500 characters in their signature vs. 750 for non-supporters.

  • Custom Username Colors
    Select a custom color or gradient for your displayed username.

  • No Banner Ads
    All advertising can be disabled for supporters.

  • Improved Privacy Controls
    Supporters can prevent their threads from being indexed by search engines, and opt to receive only encrypted private messages.

  • Access to the exclusive supporter-only forums.
    I'm not gonna lie, they aren't really that great. But maybe if you start posting in them, they will be! ;)

  • Ability to Create Custom Forums
    Supporters can create their own forum on our message board, assign their own moderators, customize their forum settings, manage posts, and control access.
If you wish to become a supporter, it's quick, easy and cheap! Just visit our store to get started. :)

The current list of supporters is as follows:
Please support our sponsors.

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