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Ringlers DAB recipe (wax/bho/errl/budder)

extraction method

Ringlers bho extraction method

-material (bud,shake,trim), 5x butane, extractor, coffee filters, 2 pyrex pans, big pot (for boiling water), scraper (paint scraper or blades) and skillettools for  whipping

when i begin doing my runs, i usually have my material buds/trim (full nugs better/purer extract) in the freezer (to freeze thrichomes) while im setting up my work station. i begin by grinding/hand breaking my material up into the extractor (honeybee extractor) with 2 coffee filters. while doing this i start heating up my water ( for the double boil/hot water bath). i proceed to outside to blast the butane until the bottle is empty (1can for 14-28g's). once i have blasted the butane i go inside and pour in my hot water into the big pyrex while sitting the smaller pyrex (with bho in it) inside of it. i usually have the water temp at 120-150 for the intial evaporation of the liquid butane. once the liquid is mostly gone and there are a bunch of large bubbles, start to scrape/collect them together in one spot to start whipping ( at this point the water should be no hotter than 115degrees to preserve flavor terps). give it a good whipping (stirring around) before you proceed to either throw it into a vacuum chamber to purge or (you can keep refilling the hot water bath with 115degree water while your bho sits and naturally purges under the heat) <- cheaper way in my opinion but it will take far longer than if you had a vacuum pump. with whipping and purging at 115degrees and having a good strain you should acheive (crumble/budder/brittle) bho earwax hash. this process has worked great for 2yrs hope this helps out with some questions

In addition i would like to my (honeycomb method). once i scrape my bho into i centered spot on the pyrex and or oil slick pad i proceed to whip until you have a nice light color. i allow it to "goo" down before i whip once more ( all being done at 115 degrees). after the final whipping "stirring" i allow it to just puff up?purge up on account of the 115temp and allow the temp to gradually recline while not touching the bho it should turn out to be honeycomb once all of the bubbles have popped.

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