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Cant Make BHo Harden

Cant Make BHo Harden

Hi im a fellow dabber and Ive been trying to make BHo for maybe a month or two and Ive come to a solid brick wall of not being able to get the oil to "budder" up so i can hold it in a ball it just stays in a liquid form and its a pain

My Process is like most i do the tube with vector butane its a glass tube with a metal honey comb mesh at the bottom and i shoot into a white Pyrex dish

Then i take a pot of boiling water off of the stove and put the Pyrex into the pot and let it burn off for about 10 mins until i see the bubbles start to form and the butane being burned down and  its cooled a little and it shows more smaller bubbles

Then i toss it back on the stove at a simmer/low boil and whip slowly and no matter how long i do this i can not get it to harden up any ideas?

Im using shake for the process and i don't know if that may be my problem or if the heat it too high im just not sure any tips or help would be appreciated let me know Thanks

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