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Ganja Oil & Butter

Butter & Oil

A general rule that I use when making ganja butter is:
1 stick of butter = 7 grams of herb
1/4 cup oil = 7 grams of herb
This ratio isn't written in stone so you can use however much you want. I like to use as much ganja as possible so that I know that the food will be dank. I also try to only use high quality trim or scrappy budlets for cooking.

First I'm going to make some ganja oil to use for brownies.

Here's the vegetable oil. For this batch I'm using just over a cup.

Next I pour the oil and a couple cups of water into a pan and heat it up. I make sure not to boil the mix.

Here's the herb, I'm using an ounce of good trim and bud for the cup of oil.

Here's an awesome trick I learned while making beer. Get yourself a nylon straining bag (used for hops and grains) and put your herb in there so that no straining will be necessary when you're done!

Then I put the bag into the pot and use a spoon to submerge the ganja.

After only a few minutes the oil is already turning into an amber colored elixir!

I use a spoon to mash the herb around and make sure it soaks up plenty of oil. I also pick the bag up and let the oil drain every few minutes. After about 30-45 minutes it should be done. Then I put the bag in a strainer and push the oil out with a spoon. Then I rinse the bag with about 1/2 cup of hot water to rinse any additional oil out.

Next, I pour the oil/water mixture into a pitcher and let them separate for a few minutes in the fridge. What happens here is all the bad stuff stays in the water at the bottom and all the good stuff (THC) stays at the top in the oil

Then I take a turkey baster and carefully remove the oil and put it in a jar. If you suck any water in with the oil, its OK, it'll sink to the bottom of the jar. And there you have it!! Potent ganja oil for your cooking and kitchen needs!

Now for the butter. It's basically the same procedure except I use a little more water.
For this batch I used 4 sticks of butter and about 35 grams of trim.

I stir often and let the mixture steep for about an hour on the stove, be careful not to boil the butter.

After squeezing all the butter out of the bag, the mix is poured back into a pitcher and then placed in the freezer for several hours.

Once the water is frozen, the clump of butter can be popped out of the pitcher. I then quickly rinse it with cold water then dry the butter with a paper towel. Now the butter can be used for cooking or placed the the freezer for later on!

Here's the leftover weed. Its no good anymore so its going to the compost heap.

Bon appetit!! Nothing like warm ganja goodies straight out of the oven!

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