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How To: Build a Carbon Filtered Herb Dryer

No Smell Drying!

I'm sorry I didn't make a pictorial like I ALWAYS do!!


1x  3" to 4" Reducer
1x  4" Plastic Cap
1x  Wide Mouth Quart Jar Lid and Ring
1x  Roll of 1/4" Hardware Cloth
1x  Piece of 3" (duct) Pipe
1x  4" Plastic Cap (plumbing section at Lowe's)
1x  Pair Panty Hose (color optional ;))
Long Zip Ties
Carbon (from pet store)
Poly "quilt filler" (from craft store)
Sheet Metal Screws

If your familiar with computers, you should be able to find a tunnel that goes from the computer door over to the CPU so that air is drawn directly to the CPU for cooling.

(picture from VelocityReviews)

As you can see, this has 3 parts. The fan, the outer part, and the inner threaded part. I took off the outer part and tossed it. I went to Lowe's and found a 3" to 4" reducer. That reducer fits perfectly with this CPU fan tunnel.

First cut your 3" piece of duct pipe. Cut your piece of hardware cloth to fit around the 3" pipe leaving a 1" overlap. PULL IT TIGHT.

Next screw the hardware cloth to the 3" pipe leaving 1" at the end of the pipe clean. This way it will fit into the 3" to 4" reducer.

I used zip ties to tie the hardware cloth down in a few spots so it doesn't snag the panty hose. I also added a Ball Wide Mouth Jar Lid to the other end of the inner core to seal it off.

Pull your piece of panty hose over the whole unit. Now insert this INTO the CPU tunnel. Now push it firmly into the 3" to 4" reducer. Its a VERY VERY tight fit.

The INNER CORE is complete.

Next, push poly fill into the space between the 3" to 4" reducer and the filter core.

Then cut your piece of hardware cloth to go around the 3" to 4" reducer and screw it on. I used zip ties again to secure the hardware cloth.

Add prefilter. (makes carbon last longer)

I used zip ties to secure it on both ends and in the middle of the filter.

The OUTTER CORE is complete.

Place the INNER CORE into the OUTTER CORE and screw them together. Add the carbon and put 2 layers of the prefilter material under end cap, and add the 4" plastic plumbing cap.

Of course you want to measure the tub you will be using before building the filter. I had to cut mine down 3 times to make it fit. Just do it right the first time

I then took a soup can that was the same size as the fan and place my filter in the tub. I drew a circle around where the fan met the tub. I then set it on the stove to heat up. I took the can off the stove using a glove and pressed it smoothly and evenly into the tub where the circle was drawn. Cut out a perfect hole. Screwed the filter to the tub and added a grill to the outside.

I also went back to Lowe's and got the equipment to make 3 different size screens to fit the tub.
Bottom screen.

Middle screen.

Top screen.

No smell drying!

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