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Make your own Aeroponic Cloner!

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Well, by coming here you have found the culmination of many days of research, reading, browsing green forums, my own blood and sweat , a few hundred dollars at home depot and the local hydro store, a few joints , maybe a bong rip or two , and lots of patience .

Right on! Here's what you'll need

20ft 1/2" PVC (Home depot has for $1.80 per 10ft)
3 1/2" T's
4 1/2" Elbows
1 1/2" threaded/slip (to screw into the pump)
EZ-Clone Misters (.50 ea at your hydro shop)
35 2" net pots
35 2" neoprene collars
PVC glue
Weather stripping
18Gal RUBBERMAID ROUGHNECK (Don't use anything else. IT WILL LEAK)
396GPH pump

Got all that?
Great, now here's the tools you'll need!

Power Drill
Sharp pocket knife
2" hole saw
Masking tape
PVC Cutters
Needle Nose pliers
11/64 drill bit

Use the masking tape to do your measurements without leaving a permanent mark on the lid! ;)

Once you have all this, your set!

Start off by placing the nets onto the tote lid to get a good idea of where they will end up.

Next, start making your measurements!

Pro-tip: Have odd numbered sites, that way you can start with a hole in the center!

Remember, that with a 5 x 7 setup like I did, one net will be in the direct center of the lid. This makes it easier to align all the others.

Pro-tip!: "Measure twice, cut once!".

Next, measure out your PVC and plan out your loop on the top of the lid.

Pro-tip: When cutting, leave an extra 1/4" or so. Mistakes happen!

All planned out!

Pro-tip: If you get your loop perfect and tight, you may want to glue the outside so you don't have to take it apart and back together! If you do, skip the next gluing parts.

Glue it all together now!

Pro-tip: Be carefull. This shit sets FAST.

Walah! Next we want to mark the mister points to achieve full coverage!

Now drill the holes and screw in your misters!

Pro-tip: Drill with the 11/64 bit, and then take a screw and run it through all the holes to set some threads for the mister heads.

Now put on your weather stripping! Don't want leaks do we?

Now test out how it fits in the tote.

Pro-tip: Glue a 1/4" piece of PVC under the end of the pump to support it. This way it wont lean at all!

Now, cut the bottom halves of all the nets off. Yup. It will make sure the cuttings roots don't get tangled in them. That way when you move them to veg you wont destroy the root systems you've worked for!

Now put some water in that bitch and see if it works!

And now you've got a perfect clone box with 35 sites that will pwn the shit out of anything sold online and you can do it yourself!

I've got roots in 4 days!

Now time for a blunt of some dank homegrown bud!

Any q's or comments feel free to post em!


P.s. Look for my other upcoming Grow The Growery topics! :)

Its been a  few months and Ive gained some more experience.
If your planning on using aeroponics from start to finish, then dont cut the bottom off the netpots. Just use 2" throughout the grow.
Second, you dont need weather stripping. Leaks seem to be caused by the height of the sprayers. If your having leaks, shorten the height of the sprayer assembly by cutting the PVC that comes up from the pump.

Also, dont use nutrients in the cloner. just run straight tap water PH balanced at 5.8

For lighting I recommend using a 2 foot 2 lamp PL-55 High Output fixture.
It uses 110Watts and puts out 10K lumens.
Definitely best bang for the buck here.

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