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Transplanting Tek

With pictures....By SpaceMokey

This is a tutorial for people who are not sure howto go about doing a transplant. This will also give you an idea of howto do a transplant with more then one seedling in a pot. I did the actual transplant of my 6 seedlings 2 nights ago. Since there has been alot of questions asked about transplanting seedlings, i decided to write this up to help people with this problem.We started out withthis....
And ended up with this

We first need to gather all tools we will need to do this. A small gardeners trowel or large tablespoon for digging your seedlingup. Prepare your soil and fill your new pots a half inch from the top.

Now we have the new container filled with soil, use your finger to create a hole to place your seedling in.

Alright,now we have the containers ready to except your transplant. Now comes the tougher part. We need to dig up the seedling from the big pot and get it planted to it's own container without shocking it.

This needs to be done very carefully and quickly! Your goal is to get the whole root ball of your seedling and place them into the new container.To do this, you need to carefully cut the soil around the seedling about a half inch on any side of the seedling or 1 inch in diameter.(The yellow pipe cleaner represents the space to dig around the seedling)

Onceyou have dug all the way around the plant, the root ball should loosen up and then you can pull it out. Make sure to keep the soil around the roots to limit air exposure time.
Failing to keep the root ball intact can cause plant stress, shock, and possible death.

So now you have your root ball in hand. Take that root ball and place it into the hole we made in the soil of the new container. Try get it as far into the whole as possible. Once in the hole, take a little bit of left over soil and pack it into the hole, covering your root ball. Pack the dirt firmly around the root ball and your good to go. Transplant done! Place your seedling out of direct sunlight for 1 or 2 days to let them get used to their new containers then go about growing like normal.

Like i said earlier in this article, i had done the transplant of the 6seedling i had in 1 pot, 2 days ago. I had 2 more seedlings in this big pot that i used to make this tutorial. Unfortunately I had one that had a deep taproot and shocked the shit out of it. So these pictures will show 3 healthy transplants(left and background) done the proper way and 1 droopy one(front right) that had some of its root cut and exposed to air. The leaves curled upwards immediately and then drooped over.

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