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Perpetual Harvest

Have a constant supply of the danky dank!

Perpetual Harvest Method

With the indoor grower in mind, the perpetual harvest method harnesses two commodities of marijuana cultivation; the bonsai mother and cloning. Utilizing the two and with a little help from Father Time, perpetual harvest (PH) creates an ongoing, continuous cycle of harvest determined by you, the grower, and your needs or preferences.

First, to begin the process, you must have a female cannabis plant. To get one, buy a clone from your local Medical Marijuana clinic, or grow it from seed. **Unless you have feminized seeds, I suggest you grow out 2-4 plants to ensure a female in your stock!!** If grown from normal, "unfeminized", seed, you must determine the sex of each plant while it's still in its vegetative stage by cloning it and inducing flowering to the clone(s) then sexing it/them. To do this, you must designate a grow area specifically for flowering clones ONLY; this will now be known as the Flowering Station (FS), which will be separate from your bonsai mother and clone rooting grow area aka Vegetative Station (VS). To induce flowering in the FS, you must maintain a 12/12 light regimen with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark; make sure you systematically schedule your regimen to make it most convenient for you. Once your clone(s) begin to show sex: If male, toss it; if female, the original "mother" plant will now become your bonsai mother!

To learn how to cultivate, maintain, and clone a bonsai mother: CLICK HERE

Now that you have a bonsai mother, and one or two viable clones, you are ready to start your own PH schedule. Depending on how often you want to harvest, you need to carefully plan when you want new clones to be put in your FS.
Example: If you want to harvest every week, put new clones in your FS every week, and you'll start harvesting every week after the first week of harvest!

Also, you should habitually and strategically make new clones from your bonsai mother in your VS and allow them to root in the VS. **Be sure to make clones before you plan on putting them in the FS so you can allow them to develop a good root system**

Now that you understand the gist of PH, you need to personalize and customize your own PH grow.
Try to incorporate micro- and stealth grow methods, such as SOG and SCROG, as they work perfectly in accordance with PH.

Some good grow diaries to learn from:
- a huge scale SOG method of PH
- a large scale SOG
- a micro scale SOG

- THINK SMALL: because you'll be working with clones, you can use a small area for your FS, and you can pot your clones in small 16-20 oz. bottles, allowing you to ultimately utilize the space in your FS.
        ~ no need to go big with lights here either; you can use flouro's for the VS and CFL's for the FS
- don't forget to help maintain your plants' health by monitoring the temperature, humidity, and/or pH (if growing hydroponically)
           ~try going organic; it keeps the plants healthy in an almost carefree environment; use materials like perlite, vermiculture, chicken compost, peat, worm castings, bat guano, kelp, etc.
- I like to use rockwool cubes for clones, it keeps the process nice and simple.

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