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Mariju-olive Oil

A twist on the traditional cannabutter.

Mariju-olive Oil


Butter is handy for baked goods, but if you want to saute some savory cannabis dishes, olive oil is another way to go!

The process is similar to making cannabutter, with a few minor differences.


What you’ll need:

-Bud (yep…marijuana)

-A saucepan (choose the size based on how much oil you’re making)

-A wooden spoon

-A thermometer that will go to (at least) 400 degrees Fahrenheit

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-A mesh hand strainer (optional)


How it’s done:

-Into the saucepan, pour whatever amount of olive oil you will be using in your recipe.  Turn the stovetop on medium and bring the oil up to 325 degrees.  Remove the oil from the heat but keep watching the thermometer; the temperature will continue to rise.

-When the thermometer reads 350 degrees add your cannabis. Most recipes that use olive oil don’t use a lot of oil, so I recommend a half ounce of weed per six ounces of oil…if your recipe uses a significant amount of oil cut that to a half ounce per eight ounces of oil.

-Give the mixture a thorough stir, then return it to the heat and bring it back up to between 300 and 325 degrees…when you can first smell the marijuana vapor it is done, if you cook it any longer, it loses its potency.  What you’re looking for is a nice, dark green oil; if it turns brown you burned it.

-Give the mixture another good stir then let it cool for 5 or 10 minutes.  Skim out the solid buds with the handstrainer if you don’t want it floating in the oil, or if you don’t mind it, simply funnel the entire mixture into an oil bottle and cap it with the pour spout.

You can add this to pasta with a little crushed red pepper and chicken or shrimp, or simply get a great artisan bread and dip it in a plate full of the oil mixed with a little balsamic vinegar or  just dip the bread in oil and fresh-cracked pepper.


Note:  If you make more than you need for your recipe, I recommend putting the remainder in the freezer to prevent loss of potency.  When you’re ready to use it just take it out and let it come to room temperature before adding it to your next treat.

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