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Perfect Cannabutter

The basis for many heady treats.



There are lots of recipes out there for this stuff, but this is the one my friends and I use.

Get together the following items before getting started:


-Marijuana (duh.)

-A large saucepan

-Wooden spoon

-Butter (use the real thing; it comes in sticks, not a tub)


-Rubber bands

-Enough Tupperware to hold the end product


Here we go:


-Put an inch and a half (or two) of water in the saucepan and  bring it to a boil then reduce the heat to medium.

 -Add the correct amount of butter to the water.  You should melt 1 stick of butter for each ¼ oz of weed you’ll be using.

 -When the butter has melted turn the heat to low and add your weed into the mix making sure to saturate all of it.  Its important to keep an eye on the pan while everything cooks, and stir it well anytime it starts to boil/bubble.  Make sure you have a book or a clear line of sight to the television since it’ll take about 3 hours of simmering before you’re done.

 -While the mixture simmers prepare your Tupperware by securing the cheesecloth over the top with the rubber bands.  You don’t want it taught, rather let it sit about an inch inside the top of the Tupperware.

 -When your cannabutter thickens in the saucepan and gets shiny on top you can slowly pour the entire pan through the cheesecloth(s) into the Tupperware(s).

 -When the pan is empty remove the rubber bands from the Tupperware and firmly squeeze the remaining liquid from the cheesecloth into the Tupperware.  Anything that doesn’t make it through the last squeeze, you should toss out.

 -Put the lid on the Tupperware and stick it in the fridge overnight.  By morning, the butter will have solidified and separated from the remaining water; pour out the water and what you have left is solid gold (er…green) cannabutter!  You can use it immediately, or wrap it back up and save it for delicious, heady snacks in the future.


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