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Extract, Tincture

Using Vodka base to extract active plant chemicals.

Cannabis Tincture:
1.Obtain items:
- Container/Glass Jar
- High% Vodka alcohol
- Plant material
-Cheese cloth/strainer, hydrolic press or Omega type juicer.

2.Finely chop or grund up the plant material.

3.Pack the plant into the container.

4.Fill container above plant material level with your vodka.

5.Let sit in dark place 2 weeks try to shake it at least once a day.

6.Once you are done waiting  prepare another (a bit smaller) container to put the tincture liquid into.
Now pour the mixture into cheesecloth a strainer a hydraulic press or certain juicers to pull as much
liquid out as possible leaving behind dry plant material.

7. Use this extract in small amounts for desired effects.


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