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$30 Marijuana grow

Grow maryjane indoors for under $30!

$30 Marijuana Grow!!

This grow design is something that I created and have had success with. It has one simple purpose other than to grow: to be CHEAP. It is not going to grow pounds on one plant, but allow you to grow one or two plants discreetly, within a 3 foot square space, and have enough smoke for you and some buddies for a good few weeks :) Furthermore, all the things needed here can be bought at your local Wal-mart or other superstore, in one visit.

The lights used are going to give off essentially the minimum amount of light needed to grow. However, they will use the least amount of electricity possible, and not run up your electric bill(possibly tipping off the 5-0).  Remember, these are the essentials, the bare minimum. This can be set up in almost any room and not be that noticeable. Great locations include the storage area under some stairs, or a garage, or a section of a closet if used correctly.

Things you need:

2 fluorescent light bulbs    ($16)
A timer  ($3)
Extension cord   ($2)
Fabric  ($3)
Black Gold Soil  ($6)
Empty milk jugs or any other container about that size

The fluorescent bulbs are really easy to get. In the lighting section they'll have fluorescent bulbs, and they'll even have some that are attached to a device that allows you to hang it anywhere you like and just plug it in. These are the ones you want. Most of the time they'll have some specifically designed to grow plants. If you can, get these. They shouldn't be more than 16 dollars for the both of them. If they are, swap 'em out for regular ones. The timer is going to be an electricity timer. These are found in the home improvement sections.  If you get the right one, it will nearly eliminate all maintenance. These simply plug into a wall, and the into your lights. They have two movable dials on them. One sets when the lights come on, and one sets when they turn off. Fairly easy to understand, and it might even come with instructions. The extension cord is most often the cheapest one available. These are the ones that are just a cord with a small plastic part that  allows you to plug in one item on one side, and another on the opposite side. While these are unsafe, the electricity levels are not really enough to cause the breakdown of the product. You need one with TWO plug-ins, so you can plug in both of your lights. Fabric can be various, but must have a light-proof barrier. This is just to pin up around the front of the setup to help with being discreet. This may not be necessary if your place is already light-proof or doesn't  need to be hidden. The size just depends on your individual need. Black gold soil is the one to get because it's organic, and fairly common to find in stores. It also comes in smaller sizes some times, so you can get just the amount you need.


This setup is really easy. Put up some nails in the top of the space you will use. hang the lights by string or with the little connectors on the bulbs. If you use string, you can adjust the height to bring the light closer to your plants. And since these are fluorescent, you can get them right up on those plants and not worry about burns. Once the lights are secure plug them in to the extension cord and run it to the timer. Plug it into the timer and then the timer into the wall outlet. Next you should pin up that fabric, if necessary. I put it on the inside of the grow room so you can't see it when you close the cupboard/closet/ or anything doors. If you wanted to spend an extra $5 to get a cheap little fan as well, it would help, but again not absolutely necessary. Put the soil in the planters and water well.

And that's it!!! Plant you seeds and watch them grow. Like stated previously... this is not intended to get large bud or anything. This is just any easy way to get your foot in the door of growing mary-jane.  All you need now is a little love, and water every few days.



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