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direct water butane extraction tek


equipment :

1. glass bowl
2. turkey baster
3. piece of t-shirt
4. rubberband
5. oven glove
6. old plastic card
7. plant material
8. butane( liquor store bought or the culinary 5x filtered is better)

grind up all your plant material and put into baster, do not pack just tap on a hard surface.  take the piece of t-shirt and place over the bigger opening of your turkey baster and tie in place with rubberband, this acts as a filter letting you trichome rich butane through and keeping back any plant matter. now the lid to your can of butane should hold several differnt tips for the business end of your butane, find the best one that fits the small end of your turkey baster, and push it into the small hole, it should stay stationary while you insert, shoot and remove the tip of the butane can, if not you can put a piece of tape around the tip attachment to thicken its girth. now fill your glass bowl about half way with semi hot water, GO OUTSIDE! put the bowl on a flat surface, put your oven glove on the hand your going to use to hold the baster and put the butane tip in and shoot directly into the bowl of water, do not stop until you have depleted the whole can, you can make circular motions while shooting to avoid building up a hunk of ice that will take longer evaporate. now let it sit until it stops boiling. butane boils at 31 F,let it COMPLETELY evaporate. when it is done, you will see your sweet honey as a film on top of the water,now just scrape this up with a plastic card. this method is much better than doing a double boiler method, where you shoot into one bowl and place that bowl into another bowl of warm water to evaporate, if you have ever tried working with oil you will understand why. now remember you have water in your oil, you can knead it on the card and blow off the water droplets and let it sit, or you can use right away, just know that the sizzle is water not solvent.


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