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How to clone your plants by johnnyblaze2316 (includes pictures).

this is a great way to continue the existence of a potent mother from a special seed phenotype or to keep your perpetual garden flowing. Cloning is a more common practice than growing from seeds due to the reduction in overall growing time, uniformity of crop and confidence in genetics.

mother plants :

any plant can be a mommy, it can be seed or clone, or clone of a clone. if your mommy was grown from seed make sure pre flowers have appeared before taking clones. i also recomend flushing mommys with clean water a week prior to taking clones to remove N, although this is not always necessary.

clone enviroment :

clones need high humidity to root, if you dont have a clone dome either make one from plastic or wait until you can purchase one. a clone dome is 98% necessary. although ive heard of growers just misting constantly in place of a clone dome, i do not reccomend trying this. clones also need the rooting medium to be a few degrees warmer than the air this can be accomplished with a heating mat on low. their are more ingenous ways to provide the medium warmth, but i reccomend just using a pad. clones need air, so make sure your dome has the slats opened some or the lid lifted, or your homemade dome fulfills this with air holes, not many, just a few. clones do best with floros or cfls or 6ft away from the hid.

equipment :
1. rockwool cubes evenly moist but not soggy
2. scissors and exacto razor
3. coffee cup with cold water
4. rooting hormone (olivias cloning gel* , clonex)
5. spray bottle with weak diluted flowering fertilizer
6. clone dome

taking clones

make a 45 degree cut across a healthy stem and immediatly put in the coffee cup of cold water, this is to prevent air getting trapped in the stem which will kill the clone. when all of your clones are taken and in the water prepare your RW cubes or whatever your using and place in the clone dome. take clones 1 at a time out of the water and cut the leaves in half to lower transpiration rate, also cut a few nodes off so one or two bare nodes are buried and one is above the medium , now dip in rooting hormone and place in medium. i take an extra cube and rip it to stick in with the stem of the clone to keep in place but this is not always necessary. i give my clones 24 hrs of cfl and mist them and the clone dome lid 3 times or so a day. you should see roots within a week, some strains take longer, some are faster. if after 2-3 weeks their is no rooting, i reccomend starting over,  


1clone_resize.jpg  2clone_resize.jpg  3clone_resize.jpg  4clone_resize.jpg 5clone_resize.jpg

6clone_resize.jpg  7clone_resize.jpg 

8clone_resize.jpg  9clone_resize.jpg  10clone_resize.jpg  11clone_resize.jpg

12clone_resize.jpg  13clone_resize.jpg  14clone_resize.jpg

15clone_resize.jpg  16clone_resize.jpg



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