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Sexing your plants!

so you don't get seedy weed!

                                           Sexing Your Plants
Marijuana plants are either male or female . The male Marijuana plantsproduce pollen which pollinates the flowers  of  the  female  Marijuanaplant, which once pollenized, produce seeds . If the female Marijuanaplant  isn't  pollenized  (if  there  are  no  male  Mariuana plants nearby  producing pollen), the flower/buds continue to develop andproduce THC. Female Marijuana plants  which  are  not  pollenized  are referred  to  as sinsemilla (without seeds). Usually 30-50% of theMarijuana plants are male.

                                              Flowering times
Floweringtimes are an indication of how long it will take the plant to matureindoor after flowering has been induced by changing the lights to 12hours of darkness. This will be affected by the environment to somedegree, but is pretty much fixed in the plant. Indicas are fasterflowering than sativas and hybrids are in relationship to thepercentage of each they contain.
Equally important in the processis vegetation time, or how long you grow them before flowering isinduced. Sativas grow very quickly and if we wait too long to flowerthem they will outgrow the limits of the space and will not fill out.On the other hand, if an indica is not grown for long enough, the yieldcan be greatly reduced. In the scheduling of the process they can oftenboth end up taking about the same amount of time to grow and mature.

                     Female Flowers

Female Pistils - notice the sac and the feathery frond-like structure. Usually after five days to two weeks you will begin to see a pair of tubular nodes. Hopefully they will have white hairs protruding from them as this denotes a female plant. These little hairs are known as pistils and they are the first sign your plant is flowering.
Female Cannabis – The female cannabis plant, unlike the male, is grown to produce marijuana. Premium marijuana is produced in seedless form by eliminating all pollen sources from the growing environment. Seed production reduces the value of marijuana dramatically by lowering the yield and potency of the flowers.
The female flowers appear as two long white, yellow, or pink pistils protruding from the fold of a very thin membranous calyx. The calyx is covered with resin exuding glandular trichomes (hairs). Pistillate flowers are borne in pairs at the nodes one on each side of the petiole behind the stipule of bracts which conceal the flowers. The females are recognized by the enlargement of a symmetrical tubular calyx (floral sheath). They are easier to recognize at a young age than male primordia. The first female calyxes tend to lack paired pistils (pollen-catching appendages) though initial male flowers often mature and shed viable pollen. In some individuals, especially hybrids, small non-flowering limbs will form at the nodes and are often confused with male primordia. The female plants tend to be shorter and have more branches than the male.

                                              Male Flowers

Outdoor male plants will begin to produce their flowers and pollen asearly as mid July for varieties acclimated to this climate. Varietiesfrom more southern climates, may not start until mid September. Thisdifference depends on the budding cycle of your variety, some plantsstart to bud earlier than others, so the exact time to cut the maleswill vary with the strain. If you are using a variety of differentseeds it may be necessary to visit once a week from July 21 throughSeptember 15. The timely identification of a male plant is crucial tothe success of the harvest. If the weather is exceptional during thetime a male starts producing its flowers and you missed seeing thefirst signs during your last visit, you could wind up with a lot ofseeds and little of the fine herb. A female can either generate a largeseedless bud, a large bud with a few seeds, or a large bud that isalmost totally seeds. The first case is achieved by removing all themale plants before any of their flowers open. The second case occurswhen a few male flowers have opened but you remove them before any moreopen. The third case occurs when you miss-time the flowering of themale. This can be devastating if you have big female plants because youcould loose 90% of the smokable herb to seed production. This lastscenario may not always be bad though. If you are short on seeds forthe next growing season, it may be prudent to let one or two malesstand and fertilize a portion of the females. Good seeds are hard tocome by, so if you have a strain you like, make sure to plan ahead andhave at least a few hundred seeds for the future. The spotting of malesis one of the most difficult of things to explain to a person that'snever grown since it really takes careful attention to how the tops ofmale plants look at this stage of development. Even experienced growerswill be unsure at times and will have to wait till the next visit to besure. When a male enters the stage of flower development, the tips ofthe branches where a bud would develop will start to grow what lookslike a little bud (little balls) but it will have no white hairs comingout of it.
Females will have no balls and will have small white hairs.


An hermaphrodite, or hermie, is a  Marijuana  plant of one sex that develops the sexual organs of the other sex. Most commonly, a flowering female Marijuanaplant will develop staminate flowers, though the reverse is also true.Primarily male hermaphrodites are not as well recognized only becausefew growers let their males reach a point of flowering where thepistillate would be expressed.

Hermaphrodites are generally viewed with disfavor. First, they willrelease pollen and ruin a sinsemelia crop, pollinating themselves andall of the other females in the room. Second, the resulting seeds areworthless, because hermaphrodite parents tend to pass on the tendencyto their offspring.
Please note that occasionally specious staminate flowers will appear in the last days of flowering of a female Marijuana plant. These do not drop pollen and their appearance is not considered evidence of deleterious hermaphroditism.

EARLY SEXING :Cannabis Marijuana seeds Growing Guide
It is possible to tell the sex of a plant early, and thus move male plants out of the main growing area sooner by covering a plant is lower branch for 12 hours a day while it is in a constant light vegetative state. Use a black paper bag or equivalent to allow for air flow while keeping out light. Be sure to set up a regular cycle for these covered branches. If light is allowed to reach them during the dark period, they may not indicate early at all.

Use a magnifying glass to look at the early flowers sex type. A male plant will have a small club (playing card) looking preflower with a small stem under it. A female flower is usually a single or double pistil, white and wispy, emerging from an immature calyx.

Some people like to pre-force plants when they are 8" tall, in order to weed out the males. When growing outdoors, many growers do not wish to devote time, space or energy to male plants. Just put the plants on a 12 hours light cycle for 2 weeks, separate the females from the males, then revert the light cycle back to 18-24 hours to continue vegatative growth for the females. Keep in mind, this is a time consuming process and can put the plants back 2 weeks in growth. Do not pre-force plants unless you have lots of time. Just cover one branch per plant with black paper (light tight, breaths air) 12 hours every day under constant light to force pre-flowers and differentiate early.

Female and Feminized Seed :During the 1960's and 1970's some cannabis breeders took to experimenting with Colchicine. Colchicine, a powerful mutagen for both man and beast, stops cell duplication, while the cellcore   duplication continues the same. The end result is a doubling or more of the chromosome set. This treatment can be beneficial to cannabis because it enforces many properties such as higher production of thc and resistance to disease. What also resulted, when gender chromosomes doubled, is that male or female chromosomes appear manifold, called Hermaphrodites. What's the plant to become? It becomes all at once. The result is called feminized or effeminate seed.
Genetically, a cannabis plant is more or less predisposed to become male or female. This is regulated by 2 chromosomes everyone knows as the X and Y chromosomes. A plant with 2 XX chromosomes becomes female. A plant with an X and Y turns into a male. Plants have hormones that regulate it's functioning, of which gender is one of those functions. The hormone balance is genetically determined, and partly influenced by environmental factors. An example is when plant roots get damaged. The roots will produce a substance that in turn slows down leaf growth. The result is male flowers. When discussing hormone balance you get FEMALE SEED: a female is a plant with XX or only female chromosomes.
When you have a seed with just X chromosomes, you are certain this seed will grow into a plant that is genetically female. To achieve the XX only plant: a female plant is forced by a hormone called Gibberellic Acid to produce male flowers, the pollen created contains only X chromosomes, when you offer this pollen to another female plant you can be absolutely certain to get seeds which are 100% XX. Once again this seed is called FEMALE SEED. Gibberellic Acid can be found in online. It takes years for an individual to achieve the proper plant hormone manipulation to get 100% female XX seed. Supplies therefore fluctuate and there are many different strains available worldwide.

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