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Howto: Rolling a joint

with pictures

Seems a lot of people have trouble rolling a decent joint, though many have no trouble. So here it goes for all those who are interested...

Step 1: gather papers and weed

Step 2: break up weed and lay out a paper with the gum side facing up
(the finer you break it up the better. A grinder is optional but suggested, spacecase ones are nice. They make the weed nice and fluffy, easy to work with)

Step 3: Add and mix-in some tobacco
(OPTIONAL: works well to add volume so you can use less weed, here I use a little to increase the buzz. it def is more relaxing with the combo)

Step 4: Fill the paper evenly as possible
(for first times u can make it fatter in the middle, makes it easier to avoid spilling)

Step 5: Fold the side towards you up and over the weed and gently tuck it slightly under the weed.
Take the pointer and middle finger on both hands and tighten the joint by "pulling" the tucked side towards you using these fingers as it is layed in the picture above. After u have it tightened, roll the joint over a couple times and pick it up (using your thumbs and fingers to hold it closed). Now lick the gummed area and press it against the rolled joint.

Step 6: Now all you need now is a lighter, fire that bitch up up or optionally lace it with hash oil as I plan to do
(HINT: when lacing a joint with hash oil make sure its at least normal fatness so it burns nice and slow. This makes sure you get the chance to inhale the maximum amount of hash oil as when it burns too fast more goes up in thin air)

Questions or comments welcome. I hope I have helped someone out there roll their first j :)

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