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Homemade pieces

Devices of your own creation for smoking weed.

Home made pieces are alway a staple in your time of need. They can be made of an assortment of various designs and creativity. Its quite a simple process despite some frustration but its all good when you finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Some basic ideas for constructing a good homemade piece are as follows;

a bowl piece (can be made using foil,sockets,screens,bottle cap.)
a bowl stem (optional for gravity bong;yet imperitive for water pipes hookahs and regular pipes)
a bowl connector (can be constructed out a hollowed pen part)

Now lets get specific!


my favorite to make!

there are a few designs out there but be creative its key here!

the designs are as follows; hookah (water pipe with long stem going from the bowl on the cap to a (2 liter;apple juice; or an office water container are all acceptable forms of hookahs just make sure to include so hoses as well wich protrude from the sides usually by the cap) . Water pipes of any pop bottle will really work here i like to use 2 liters because i consider it most ethical in relationship to the weed being smoked (i usually get regs) but anywho it has a stem coming down to the bottom of the bottle with the bowl on top of the pen case (must be airtight) and an optional carburator. Now my 2nd favorite, Gravity bongs! bowl on top like the hookah you could put a stem reaching to the bottom but its rare (just do the original way its easier and more fun ) but heres how, you get a bucket or sink or bathtub all acceptable forms of water, now you want to fill the body of water to about 6 inches from the bowlhead and once thats done load the green most preferably a screen is in order here if your using the socket method in the cap because everyone knows foil sux !anyway from that point just torch it and slowly pull upwards until its filled with smoke to the brim and just take off the cap put your mouth over it and push down fast! ( fucks you up after just one hit!)


ehh kind of worth it if you like the two words high maitenance get it? youll be fixing it constantly especially when you only get one hit out of it

but heres how you do it look up to the top of the text and check out those three components listed there those are essential in all pieces so refer to that  over yonder and use some kind of sealing agent when producing one of those pipes as its got to be airtight except for the bowl and mouth piece of course and ther you have it hope this helps feel free to add or correct anything as needed !

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