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The basic smoking device

Pipes, spoons,peices, sherlocks, wooden,corncob,stone what ever. Pipes come in all shapes/sizes/colors. Ive had one as small as 2 inches, and one as big as 8.  Pipes can be made out of ANYTHING that can be molded,cut or combined.


Componants of a pipe.

1. Bowl. This is were you place what ever you wish to smoke. Perferable a litlle Marijuana.


2. The mouth peice. This is the end of the pipe that you would place your lips on and inhale.

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3. The carb. For some reason many people find this to be confusing. All you do is cover the hole with your finger and inhale. When you're about to finish the bowl remove your finger and let the air flow in to get what ever smoke is left in the chamber.

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There you have it. The simple yet effective pipe.


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