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Rolling a Blunt

Like the pros

For starters, an absolute must is a Dutch Master, master's collection are the best IMO. Nugs are a must, but middies will do as long as you remove all the prickly stems.

Now typically I just find the end of the leaf, wet the edges where the leaf wraps around, and then carefully unwrap the leaf. Alternatively, you could cut the end off and then find where the leaf begins and unwrap. Then, find the end of the cancer paper (small strip near the end of the blunt) and peel that off. Finally, crack or cut the blunt down the seam.

Once you have a full leaf paper, you can separate the pieces and remove the large veins of the leaf. This makes for a clean-looking blunt that burns evenly.

If you have phillies of any flavor (chocolate's my fav), then just cut or crack the blunt straight down. With experience you will learn where to cut the blunt, so that the outer wrapper (which is just tobacco paper, not leaf, in the case of phillies), comes off without too much trouble. Empty blunt guts in an appropriate location.

Note: Read that last bit over again. Separating the outer leaf or paper from the inside paper is essential to having a good blunt, again, IMHO. And again, with a dutchie cutting or cracking it isn't the way! Unwrap the leaf paper. We'll refer to this again later.

Next, grind or break up your shit, remove seeds and stems, again esp. with middies those dry sharp pricklies that will tear through the blunt paper.

Now, take that underneath blunt paper. If you are rolling a slim blunt with a dutchie and you so happened to cut it along that seam, you can tear off the quarter-inch strip where the paper previously connected (in other words, it's the part where it's double thickness paper).

Take a drink of water. Hydration is always good. Then, lick the inside of the blunt paper to moisten it. Of course, this is in front of the to-be contents of the blunt, evenly spread out. If you have a large quantity to roll, you can use the whole length of the blunt. With a smaller amount, it is possible to just shorten that blunt paper.

And simply move the green to the paper, placing it near the bottom.

Pick up the whole paper with the shit on top, this gets easy with experience. It is possible to perform this blunt rolling on a CD case in any location, if you get it right.

Place your index fingers at either end of the stash and use your thumbs to hold the bottom of the blunt paper. You use your ring fingers to pull the rest of the blunt paper around the trees. If you were to set the masterpiece down right then and take a picture it would look like this:

And you would use your ring finger to hold the top of the blunt paper, so that you could use your index finger of the same hand to roll the blunt, as so:

At this point, start holding the end of the blunt (with contents secured at this point, at that end), with your pinky finger. Then use your ring, middle, and index fingers to roll the length of the blunt in the same manner. Then, using your thumbs, continue to roll the blunt towards the other end of the paper.

When you have about a quarter inch of paper left to roll, wet the length of both top and bottom sides (which will meet when you finish rolling it up). Then flip your thumbs over again. I encourage you to develop your own style, personally each time it is a different experiment. The goal is to get an even inside blunt holding some smoking material. It doesn't have to be perfect though! This is the art of rolling a blunt, and as long as you can get the leaf papers on evenly you can make any style blunt. Take this even-thickness blunt work-in-progress

Hey, I've sometimes rolled the inside paper at an angle to make it like a bob marley joint, but blunt style. This is good for rolling a large amount. Hey, if you do this, just twist the larger end so no weed falls out in the next step.

Now... You have these pieces of leaf. You can get creative but I tend to stick to putting the pieces of leaf back on in the order they were originally rolled. The first piece is a nice triangle with some of the bottom chopped off.

Salivation time. Wet the inside of the leaf. Now, choose an end of our work-in-progress to be the end you smoke from. Wet the area that the leaf is about to be rolled onto, but not too liberally.

Then just line up leaf and blunt-in-progress:

By the way, that's a relatively short dutchie now that I notice.

So you then roll the blunt upwards, like you were rolling a pen away from you on a desk. But in this case you are just using your index fingers and thumbs to roll the leaf onto the blunt-in-progress. When neccesary to ensure leaf stickage, lick along where blunt and leaf meet. Once you have the first paper on, move on to the second piece of leaf you have:

You did save that leaf right? I've had people toss this critical part on me before.

About amount of leaf... If you use all of the leaf on a small blunt like the one pictured, it will burn differently than a full-length blunt with the same amount of leaf. Alltogether, those Master's Collection dutchies burn the longest.

So you add the final piece of leaf as before, but this time lined up with the end of the blunt:

It's as easy as it looks with experience. Those pics are from 2003, I've changed my blunt rolling style and am half tempted to make a video-tutorial some time just for fun.

Oh yeah, don't forget to dry with a lighter, not burn to a crisp but enough to get rid of some of the wetness. Optionally, nuke the blunt for 5-7 seconds before drying.

Light how you like, I guarantee you'll enjoy if you manage to accomplish all of the above.

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