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Which seeds should I buy?

Things to consider when figuring out which genetics are best for you.

This is ultimately going to depend on a whole heap of variables that must be considered when attempting to purchase the plant genetics that are best suited for your personal goals and growing environment.  We would of course advocate using our forums to ask opinions on seeds and their breeders, but you must remember to ask the right questions. The Strain guide will help you decide what to choose based on real grow reports from actual growers.

When seeking advice regarding which strain or hybrid to grow, consider the following:
  • Are you growing indoors or outdoors?
  • What climate zone do you live in?
  • Sativa or indica?
  • Soil or hydro?
  • Do you prefer an "up high" or  "lazy couch" stone?
  • Are your priorities yield and finishing time, or quality and aroma?

If you just ask "Should I grow Haze or Romulan?", any answer you receive will be an extremely subjective opinion, so much so that you may as well flip a coin!  There is no easy answer to this question, so do your research, know your goals and growing environment, and study the Strain guide.  Good luck!

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