Posted by jean richmond1 (04/14/20 06:10 AM)
Top quality medical marijuana for sale,/Call or text us at (319) 435-4030
We do have medical marijuana top grade a   that we do sell at
affordable prices and we do offer fast and discreet delivery to
 below are some of of our available top stuffs
*White Widow===:Grade AA
*Hawaii-Skunk====:Grade AA
*Hindu Kush===:Grade AA
*Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA
*Real OG ;=====:Grade AA
*Super Skunk;====:Grade AA
*AK 47 Kush ;===:Grade AA
*Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA
*purple Kush :==:Grade AA
*SOUR DIESEL:=====:Garde AA
*GRAPE APE ======:Garde AA
*OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA
*BLUE DREAM ====:Garde AA
*GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA
*BLUE DREAM =====:Garde AA
*Grand Daddy,P=====:Garde AA
Call or text at (319) 435-4030 for more info, No stupid offers or time wasters
Posted by thysandre (01/21/14 07:51 AM)
Medical Marijuana with high THC, Ferminised , pain killers/sleeping
We stock a wide variety of medicinal marijuana , pain killers/sleeping
meds to help combat pain, stress and anxiety. So if you're looking to
find high quality Kush, Haze, Northern Lights, Sour diesel or AK47 etc
you've come to the right place. Sourcing great strains from
international cannabis seed banks, we ensure you can choose the right
weed for your need.

Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis all available with Discreet Worldwide Shipping!!

Text or email us for more...
Phone number:(206) 445-7351
Email: ( )