Posted by feevers (10/30/21 06:18 PM)
Posted by Trichlops (09/06/20 12:16 PM)
From all of my research into budget-priced LED%u2019s  i%u2019ve found that the only ones that are worth it are quantam LED boards. They%u2019re significantly more expensive (I just bought a 1000watt SpiderFarmer LED board from amazon for $170) the problem with the $60 light is that even though it says %u201C1200 watt%u201D it%u2019s actually putting out wayyyyy less light than that, you%u2019d be lucky to get 180watts out of that thing. It will still keep your plants alive, but i highly suggest saving some money and either buy a marshydro LED board or a SpiderFarmer LED board. These are efficent and are actually capable of growing decent plants.