Posted by Midgetpawn (05/16/15 08:36 PM)
a documentary I saw recently pointed out that the level of marijuana users has increased while the rate of schizophrenia has remained the same
Posted by GIdoubleB (10/25/10 10:35 PM)

well i didnt read the outcome so I dont know the longterm effects, but the point is if you have some episode or drug-induced mental illness and you havent hit your head and gotting a proper PET scan, then you should probably lay off the weed until it dissapates.
Posted by GIdoubleB (10/25/10 10:20 PM)

Half the people who have schizophrenia, dont have a predispostion somewhere on the 60/40 mark.

Also they are saying the long-term effects of cannibus dosage of someone with schizophrenia are a sign that Cannibus doesn't help.

This is just about effects of weed, no one needs to be alarmed.
Posted by THEBats (09/17/10 04:26 PM)
It should be noted that one does not "recover" from schizophrenia they just move into a state of residual schizophrenia, with milder symptoms.  Also the case with schizophrenia is a predisposition in which cannabis can act as a catalyst for the onset of schizophrenia.
Posted by DJ Scrill (08/19/10 12:04 AM)
lol this may b the case at 1st...jus put em down wit that GDP
Posted by NobodyImportant (08/18/10 12:54 PM)
I blaze with all, schizophrenics included, and although some I have met seem to get sort of messed up ( ex. visual and audible hallucinations ) they still get high and everyone deserves that :) 

Everyone needs their daily cannabis
Posted by SmOakland (07/24/10 09:20 AM)
I have met thousands of stoners.  I have met one schizophrenic.  I frequently read articles from the UK that say that weed causes schizophrenia, but I believe this is the only place that still believes this.