Posted by Dr. Siekadellyk (12/01/09 08:12 PM)
Posted by jhot369 (11/22/09 08:15 AM)

it hits smooth especially when i take the time to put some fresh ice cubes , so smooth that the people i blaze with tht take pussy hit get merked because they dont know how much they intake till they start coughin up a lung

A few quotes after they hit it:
" My E-sofagus is burning" K.P.

" Like omg. i need my drink, where is it ?! (panic) Ugh its downstairs No ! brb"  R.C.

"Holy N*****"  T.P.

"Oh-My-Gawd" E.D  <-----  P.s   1 Hitter Quitter

"Thats that shit." J.P.

Many more...

Personal Fav*
"Wheres your bathroom i need to throw up" M.B.

, personally , 1st BP  in it i cleared and it was some mango diesel; and i admit it even merked me a little bit for a few seconds. haha
Posted by Cannaboid (11/17/09 06:56 PM)
How well does it hit? Man that thing looks sweet. :drool:
Posted by jhot369 (11/15/09 09:36 PM)

apreciate it keep the comments comeing everyone

~ Ty

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Posted by volcomstoner (11/14/09 02:03 PM)

that peice is Sick! the design on it kicks ass
Posted by jhot369 (11/14/09 11:15 AM)

thanks man
Posted by Inverted (11/13/09 06:37 PM)
Damn that's a nice setup!