Posted by akonach (04/10/20 01:47 AM)
Do any know for the uses of the medical cannabis for the actual covid19?
They've recommended me that read this website for more information.
Do any know this website?
Posted by thysandre (01/21/14 07:46 AM)
Medical Marijuana with high THC, Ferminised , pain killers/sleeping
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Posted by tim4960 (09/03/10 05:43 PM)
 Hi, My name is tim and last december I was diagnosed with a brain disease, cronic headache syndrom and a sleep and eatting disorded. To date I havent eatten solid food in over 2 yrs and live on ensure. The type of anirexia I have isn't the visual type, I cant swallow once food enters my mouth. Anyways, I started useing MJ for my headaches and it seems to work fairly well, depending on the strain. To cut down on cost and to make sure I have the right plant to do the job I started growing myself. It really keeps me busy and I'm great at it . One of my problems is that the state I live in isn't a med MJ state and the risk is a little higher than normal. Hopfully I'' be moving to Washington St and work on opening a dispencery, Well I am rambling. thanks for having me and as always.....Be Safe and Happy Growing.